Feb 24th, 2014



1] They say: 'Our party cannot collect and remit a sales tax on cannabis' Under Freedom of Contract, our federal EDA can collect a tax on cannabis, because we are an A ency in a federal body under the Elections Act, and our EDA incor!oration license actually directly says we can" 1. #UT in order for this tax to be a reco ni$ed defence in a court of law, means this tax needs to be 1st collected by our federal EDA A ency , and then remitted to either the %ro&ince or a City" 1. 'ur offer to issue a tax is in fact: an Essential Element of (!ositi&e law(, under the rule of law 2. )f the courts don(t acce!t this offer is not my choice" )f no body acce!ts this tax means the !ro&ince is not !re!ared to defend 'those classes of persons' that will be abused under s*++ of the CD,A -] They says: 'The City cannot accept our sales tax on cannabis, but the Province might be able to' This would be the only o!tion, if #C &oters had acce!ted the #C Ci&ilians Assembly of -../, but that was soundly defeated" This means in #C, 0unici!alities cannot be con&erted to be 1ust %rinci!alities, 2li3e it is in most of the other !ro&inces]4 This means under ,ec56-7 CC, we should start the !rocess at the City le&el 1" 8ad #C &oted this reform in, would ha&e re!ealed 3ey !ro&isions in the 19:1 Colonial Act 1" Under The 19++ City reform, The 0ayor was not submissi&e to the A;, when it comes to administerin the affairs of his 0unici!ality, because he holds the Chair on the %olice #oard -" )n our case, we choose to as3 the City first, because there is case law !recedents for this * 2all be it * En lish case law] and if a #C ,u!reme Court tells us we ha&e to offer this remission to the %ro&ince under our !resent archety!al form, means we still win either way" 2. A co !e "to!e o# o$ %e#e!ce &" th't: O$ EDA &" "t&(( )o*e !e% $!%e Sec + ,,, -1.//0 1" ,ec 5617 CC is the Territories Act4 it defines Canada as bein under common law 1urisdiction, and o&erned under the ,u!remacy of the law, under our Constitutional rule of law 2DC<] 1" The Elections Act is the only Act left that stands under common law, A=D that means, we 2as 'fficers and A ents under the Elections Act] can contract with a City to !rotect our %arty(s RU1RI, under ,ec 5 CCC common law 1urisdiction, under Freedom of Contract 1" 8o!efully, #EF'>E the 8ar!ster sub&erts this cornerstone, with that =ew Elections Act" -" Fran3ly the Territories Act is the only Act that actually can defeat the 8ar!ster(s tyranny -" ,ec 56-7 CC states that after 19++, any le al defence that has ne&er been done in Canada can use En lish case law !recedent" This defence of a <oyal '!!osition remittin tax to a City or %ro&ince has ne&er been done in Canada4 T8E>EF'>E our ,cot Free case law defence and ?ohn <oc3e(s article on tyranny can be a!!lied, as a ci&il remedy to enact a %eaceful ma3e*o&er 1" Under old !recedents, the 0unici!ality collected the tax, because it was its %olice De!artment that defended the ri hts, therefore the City collected the remuneration " :" ,ec 56:7 CC is a listin of all common law defences and excuse in law, 3nown to man" 1" @e are standin under the defence that it(s (an offence un3nown to man( for anyone to defend their beliefs to be (a reco ni$ed !ri&ate indi&idual(, under Freedom of Contract" /" ON THIS: <awyers 2since the 1995 %olice Act] cannot use ,ec 5 CC as a defence for their clients, because the term (ordinary resident( was not reco ni$ed in Canadian law, until this Act started im!lementin our !er&asi&e %olice ,tate 2this erosion started with the 195- Charter] 1" #ecause, under defacto law: any lawyer A1ud e Aco! 2etc] can be disbarred for not bein submissi&e to the fact that ,ec 5 CCC does not actually a!!ly to any (ordinary resident in Canada(, anymore A=D the Charter only !rotects (!ri&ate indi&iduals(, so we joined their club 1" Let's face it: Cor!orate slime robbed e&eryone(s ri hts thru straw*man bullshit, and our federal EDA A ency is reclaimin our inalienable ri hts, with better straw*man bullshit -" @e can 2and are] standin under ,ec 5 CCC because the Elections Act still stands under ,ec 5 CCC4 we do this so that e&ery officer and all our a ents, in our EDA are no lon er (an ordinary resident(, or (those classes of !ersons( any more, once and far all" 2a ain] :" ,o!"t&t$t&o!'((2 o$ EDA3" %e#e!ce &" b$((et45 oo#. Fran3ly we are only -1 days in, on a short calendar, #UT we still can(t et !ast the City Cler3(s des3, because we cannot !roduce a lawyer to ne otiate on our behalf, because this lawyer could be disbarred for 1ust ta3in a retainer to do so" )t(s another bric3 in the wall, in di&idin the 8ouse that Albert %i3e built" [Lu e!!, "att!#, $om!%, &saiha'()

A PROPHET IS 1Y 6HAT A PROPHET DOES. Authority and es!ecially lawyers, 1ud es, !olice, cler y are terrified of me, because i 3ee! hammerin them to do their !art in fulfillin biblical !ro!hecy, of ood first fruit, The Christian Churches ha&e told me flat out that they shunAhate me, because they thin3 i(m the lawless one, who is doomed for destruction, of -Thes-, and i(m the first to admit that this 1ust mi ht be the case, if no one in Authority lifts a fin er to hel!, or rebel" 1. The fact is that: all 3inds of !eo!le in hi h !laces belie&e that i(m a ma1or end times !ro!het, #ECAU,E it really is hard to refute my credentials of bein (the one( with the abnormal birth of 1Cor1+, 2that ma3es me the one before ?esus Christ returns] and coincidentally, this abnormal birth landed /:. years after The Act of ,u!remacy, which i(m challen in : 2that ma3es me the one called Abraham(s ,eed, and the ,on of 0an comes shortly after this messa e is re&ealed]" 2. Across the last decade, i(&e fulfilled all of Daniel(s time*line !ro!hecies, of bein (the Anointed one(4 ?esus refers to me as the Ad&ocate, %aul refers to me as the one, and )saiah refers to me as the end times 0essiah4 Thomas( ;os!el says i(ll 3now immortality for re&ealin the 0ystery of the #ible itself" =A0E<B: The =ew Co&enant will ascend those who 3now and those who now belie&e that our ci&ili$ation is bein offered the ways and means for collecti&ely enterin into the realities of ;od(s Cin dom" ;ettin the messa e is our tic3et to >a!ture A=D there(s no substitute for ood first fruit" 1. @hat !art of ;od(s !romise of all !ast sufferin will seem insi nificant don(t you etD 2>om 5on] 2. it(s an offer, i(m deli&erin the new Co&enant4 the offer is to do ood and all lory will be bestowed u!on those who sei$e the moment, 2as to >om] the offer is bein made with thru the courts, yet the offer can and ine&itably mi ht be refused, by those who fear the one in authority 2>om 1:]" 3. Fran3ly the !ro!hecy says (some will ne&er want the new Co&enant(, and a reat di&ide ha!!ens 4. Absolutely nothin can sto! this )= T8AT DAB e&ent, and neither the an els nor the messen er 3now when it will ha!!en, but for now, i 3now they fear the &oice from the west" 3. )(&e easily fulfilled 1..*!a es of end*times !ro!hecy, by construin them to ha!!en" 2li3e this time] 4. As i see it: Daniel(s E.*se&ens is comin around for a second time, this s!rin and this time it seems to be firmly attached to Daniels 1-, this summer4 A=D i(m ready for anythin that comes my way" 5. Coincidentally, my UCC birth F is ...GG+ 2the one before the #east]4 i(m (the nobody( 2of )saiah :*/]4 i(m the one who follows a !ath that ne&er been followed 2of )saiah /.*/:]" )(m (the one( who will de!art with the articles of my <ord, if this initiati&e fails 2of )saiah +/*++]4 and i(m now !ressin the &oice from the west 2of )saiah +9*G.] and authority could ta3e me out of the way to fulfil -Thes-" 6. Ta3e your !ic3" )(m not shrin3in , because it(s im!ossible for me to deny the 8oly ,!irit within me" 0y !resent situation is that the City, the !ro&ince and the feds are filled with lawyers, who refuse to tal3 to me, because fran3ly they are almost all masons, who sim!ly can ne&er tal3 to me because it would be on the testimony of -or: witnesses" They are enterin a tra!, where either <u3e 11 or 0att 1- occurs 1. The #A>(s refusal to s!ea3 to me and my iron clad !ublication ban is actually a >om 1.A11 !ro!hecy There sim!ly will be no miracles before the si n of ?onah4 without <o&e, it really will be a resoundin on or clan in cymbals 21Cor1:] The world cannot handle the first comin 2a ;rand Awa3enin ] that ha!!ens in the twin3le of an eye 21Cor1+] without <o&e" ?esus Christ died for nothin , if ?acob and )srael 2oath holders] can(t start a rebellion, for ser&in the dar3 forces of the under worlds" 2. After this awa3enin , we all shine on li3e the moon the stars 2each with their own luster] and the ,on" HorI we face : days of dar3ness, for failin to sei$e a moment, and a har&est of bad weeds occurs, 1. A=D if nothin ha!!ens from this initial !ush, i(ll be ha!!y, because unless someone re!ents 2starts a rebellion] before )= T8AT DAB occurs, means only a remnant of oath holders are sa&ed" ;ood first fruit can only occur, by re!entin , and there is no substitute for ood first fruit" 2!eriod] if not now, then when? if not here, then where? Ta3in a chance that all can be sa&ed surely beats e&eryone !erishin 1" ;ood first fruit is about the destruction of the e&il in man3ind, all sin is for otten in a metanoia" -" Authority 3nows the ma3e*o&er is not only ine&itable, but !ressin 4 why not now? #ut then i(m re!eatin ?esus( lament of (if he could tri er this e&ent, he would ha&e, in a heartbeat"( 1" 8e !lanned the timin , too3 his shot, and lost, and in this way 8ebrews 9 was chan ed to read “Almost always a New Covenant requires a blood sacrifice” * )t(s a &alid offer of returnin to the mindset of the ancients that 8ebrews 11 defined as Faith, and 1Cor1: defined as <o&e" *o be it

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