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Klaus POV The floral,fresh, sweet smell of a new human being entering precisely in that moment on the door.

How lucky could I be ? For us, that meant nothing but fresh blood to drink, nothing but a hunt or at least thats what I thought before I could spot the redheaded girl that walked right in, looking a little bit confusing. I took a deep breathe, enjoying her lovely perfume, before I took a glimpse at her. She was wearing a brown top, a white coat over it, a pair of skinny jeans and red high-heels looking absolutely stunning in that outfit. The hallway was vibrating under the pressure of her steps moving towards the principales office. I could sense the blood rushing through her vains, hear her palm easily slapping her leg while walking , more like a way of calming herself. I was staring at her, when one guy whistled at her. Instead of turning her head she just walked off, proving me I was right . She was used to the attention . She dissapeared from my visual field, slidding her slim body into the principales office. I went by the door, waiting her to get out. When she finally stepped out, I caught myself wanting to taste her blood, but I somehow resisted the powerful craving and went in front of her, pausing her graceful walk. Hello. I am Klaus. As it seems , you are new around here. I know who you are. And no, Ive been living in this city my entire childhood. She avoided my oustreched arm, passing by me and walking down to her new locker. I followed her, trying to hide a grin. May I ask you, how come you know who I am ?. She turned around, facing me, her curled hair fluttering in thin air, revealing her white and soft shoulders, making my craving come to the surface once again. Only that time I realized he coat was gone. I couldnt help myself but look down at her neck, tracing the lines of the diaphragm down to her breasts. She caught me looking and she came closer to me, pushing her body against mine. I could feel her breath on my lips when she spoke. People talk, you know ? Youre Klaus, the most redoutable enemy slash vampire, slash the hybrid slash the guy that has a thing for my cousin Caroline. When my eyes became bigger of surprise she smiled and took a step behind Told you Ive been living my whole childhood here. She slammed the door of the locker, leaving me and the rain of my thoughts alone.

Dianas POV As I thought, Caroline has already found out about my close-up talk with Klaus by lunch. I saw her coming right towards me. Before I could even catch my breathe she began shouting at me, apparently forgetting we were into an educational institution. I got my bag off the chair and went straight to the gym. I pulled the door wide open and I invited her to enter the enormous room. The moment Ive followed her flash-backs of someone elses mind began to hit me. Elena. Elena was running on the hallways. She bumped into Klaus, who brought her back her, making Stefan kill her, but she ran again. I

shook my head in desperate need of getting rid of those awful flash-backs. Luckily, I managed to focuse on the present situation before Caroline figured out what had just happened to me. Go on. Shout all you want here, but you know it wont make any difference, right ?. I spoke first, trying to avoid eve contact. You dont get it Diana. Klaus is bad. He is the devil himself. You, being close to him , isnt going to be good for any of us. Because of him and his actions, most of Elenas relatived are death and Jeremy is away because she tried to protect him. Try and understand . You have to stay away from the danger. Its what my mum and you agreed on before you moved here. You know too well it wasnt my call to make. They took my parents away from me. What was I supposed to do ? Stay in the same house it all happened ? No, you know I never said that. Its just , that.. her voice fade away at that point. I came closer to her, putting my hand on her shoulder. Yes. I know. You want me to stay away from trouble, to never reveal I am a witch because he might use me to fulfill his purposes. I got that. I will use my powers only if its sometihing extreme. Ive been reckless before and it never turned out good, so Im cured. Ill try and stay away, but you know, troubles follow me. We both chuckled, when we heard steps entering the gym. Its Klaus I heard before I saw Carolines worried face. Go. Ill handle him. When she stood right me, I knew she would argue with me but I mothed at her Get out. We dont have time to argue now. In a second she flew out of the gym, leaving me alone with Klaus that has not made himself visible yet. I went by the wall and I took a basket ball in my hands and went to the basket and threw it. After 5 failures I heard someone moving behind my back and soon felt to hands grabbing me and the ball from behind. Here love. Let me show you how is done. Klaus corrected my posture and my way of holding the ball and he shot. The ball went straight into the basket, making the whole gym resonate at the noise it made touching the wooden floor. There you go love.He removed his hands from my hips , letting me go after the ball. When I returned, he had a smirk on his face, something suspicious about him that I didnt like. What made you think I didnt know how to get the ball in the basket, love? I sarcastically said. The smirk on his face wiped off, being replaced by a curious and serious look. Ive been observing you for a while now. You failed 5 times love. Has ever crossed your mind it might be a diversion , something to turn you around maybe ?. I was switching hands while throwing the ball in the air and back in my hands. His eyebrown raised, while he clench his teeth. A distraction from what ?

From what happens around you. Klaus couldnt control his anger anymore and swep me off my feet, pushing me against the nearest wall. A groan escaped my lips, as my back has been hurt. My heart started racing, my pulse went crazy , my chest going up and down while bearthing in and out. What do you mean by that? Klaus shouted, his fresh breathe hitting my lips. See? It worked. He took me by the throat, but before he could lift me up we both heard a voice coming from behind him. Let her go. She has done nothing to you. You barely know her Klaus and shes Carolines cousin. Are we messing with others families? Adding one more victim on your list ? . As he saw Klaus wasnt giving him an answer, he spoke again Go on then. Kill her. Drain her out of blood and leave her body behind, but shes Carolines cousin. Youre into her, right ? Or actually, who do you like more ? Caroline or her?. His voice was ironic and kinda kinky. I took a glimpse at him. Two gorgeous blue eyes looked at me behind Klaus. The two eyes came with a full-pack and a brow hair, completed by a constant smirk on his. Damon. Caroline told me everything about the sarcastic, always looking for danger guy. I took my eyes off him and glanced at Klaus, letting him know Im not afraid of what he might do. He finally took his hands off me and let me go. I made a few steps towards Damon, when Klaus rushed to him, punching Damon , tackling him to the ground. Everything happened so fast that I only heard groans and moans when other flash-backs hit me like a lightning . I felt down on my knees, my hands automatically went to my head. The fight stopped,but they didnt approach, keeping their distance . I began screaming in pain. Make it stop. Make it stop. Please. Elena again. Right in that gym. She said or done anything, something so bad that it got Klaus mental he hit her. She felt on the ground. Caroline was there. The excruciating pain of the slap and the emotional one of watching all this, unable to get involved, was too much to take for a human being, when for a vampire it was 100 times harder because their feelings were amplified. All of the sudden, it all stopped, leaving me breathless on the floor. My head was pulsing. While fighting my way through breathing , mostly panting, I managed to look up to see Damon and Klaus staring at me, unable to explain what happened. I began shaking and Klaus made a few steps forward, still shocked of the scene he just witnessed. I jumped up, trying to avoid him,but his quick moves and agility were hard to dodge. When Ive found myself facing him, I gasped trying to keep my calm, but I my heart was racing. Unaware of what my powers could do, I pushed him away, but instead of staying still like a stone, he was flown on the other side of the gym ruining the floor. My eyes came bigger in shock. So was Damon. He backed off a little bit. When Klaus came and tackled me to the ground , the look on his face was demonic . What have you done? What are you exactly ? He yelled at me. I dont know. Im sorry. I dont know. I dont believe you. Im telling the truth. I swear.

You dont fool me. His eyes became black, the veins under his eyes sprang and his fangs came out . He started going up from my breasts to my neck. I closed my eyes, waiting for the bite, the pain , that never came. Suddenly I felt his body weight lifting off me and I opened my eyes. Stefan was fighting Klaus, while Damon stood there watching. I focused , trying to split them . After seconds that seemed hours I finally managed to push them against the wall, unable to move. They both tried to move, but the spell I cast on them was too powerful . Stop it. Both of you. Stefan, Ive known you since I was a little child, through my visions. You were a kind, almost human, respectful vampire. What happened to you? I paused a little looking at Klaus Oh right. Klaus happened. His tricky, horrible and awful ways of terrifying people, taking away everything they have , making them curse the day they were born. I know how that feels, because he took away my parents many years ago. That day I swore Id get back at him, but after years of holding this grudge on him, I realized hes worthless and doesnt deserve my suffering. His time will come and at that precise moment, Ill be there. I wont fail , either interfere. I know you want to kill me, Klaus, but get in line. I wont end your life now or ever, because its not your time. Neither is Elenas or Stefans or Damons. Its not even my time to end things with life. Youll understand someday that its not your decision to make who dies and who lives. You have to grow up and look beyond your ego. Until then, you are cursed to be punished everytime you kill someone. Not physically, because nobody can really hurt you. Emotionally. Where have these murders brought you ? Nowhere. You used to have friends, people that cared and loved you, but now you only have enemies or slaves. People that are around you because they must be or you will end their lives. Where is the great friendship between you and Stefan ? Gone with the wind because you wanted to kill the love of his life. You are lonely, vindictive, surrounded by strangers, heartless, careless, selfish and mostly, a monster. Youve put at end to so many lives and hurt so many people even you lost count of. And for that Klaus, I am truly sorry. You even killed your family. I am sorry for you and your soul. I took the spell off, letting them fall on the floor while I crashed my body on the nearby bench, panting. The spell exhausted me. Klaus didnt move, as I expected too, but Stefan came and took me in his arms carried me out of the gym, leaving Klaus alone in the tensioned,semi-dark room .

After weeks and weeks of no sign, no call, no threath from Klaus I began to doubt my words. Maybe Ive been a little too harsh on him. As the days went by, Damon and I became closer, as Elena and Stefan seemed to have gotten back together. Ive caught myself wondering many times if my words have had such an impact on Stefan that made him take the right decision. Somehow, I was happy to see them back together, taking care of each-other, but deep down I always faced the rough part of things. Generally speaking. Damon was hurt and I was trying to do my best to keep him on track. That implied dinners, breakfasts, parties, even a sleepover.Seeing him down wasnt easy for any of us. Elena knew it was because of her , but I advised her to stay away for a while. Surprinsingly she did. As I knew her, she would never have backed off.

One day, after we had lunch, Damon drove me to my ballet extra class. Ive been doing classic dance since I know myself. Waltz, ballet , combined with a little bit of modern dance. I got out of the car, ran up on the stairs and went into the changing room. As Ive found my way to the dancing room, I felt a weird hunch, like someone was looking at me. Instead of running , I just kept calm and walked down to the room. As soon as I entered, it all went away. Ive started doing my routine and practicing the parts I knew I had to work on more. We had a show coming soon, so I had to be in the best shape. Okay. Good everyone. Go home and get some rest. Be here tomorrow at the same hour. The teacher said. I think Im gonna stay here for a while, if you dont mind. I really have to work on this routine. I interrupted her. Oh darling. Always a perfectionist. She smiled at me, throwing the keys towards me. I caught them with one hand Yes. Ill close here. After everyone left, I turned the music back on and started with some basic moves. A plie, followed by a tendu . Ive watched my reflection in the mirror , gracefully moving on the floor. Ended with a pirouette. A black reflection, other than mine and Jacks , my partener caught my attention. I looked in its direction to spot Klaus, easily making his way into the bright room. Stalking much? I asked. No. Just admiring. he responded with a playful smile on his face. I turned around to see Jack getting ready to catch me. At this point in our coregraphy, the girl was supposed to jump into the guys arms, legs wide open, upright , your hands on his shoulders and try to keep this position while he turns around with you for two times. The whole scene ends with him, getting you and your feet with a delicate move. I ran towards Jack, but when he was ready to lift me up, his arms gave up, the weight of my body being too heavy for him, causing my fall. Instead of hittin the ground , I felt two other poweful hands lifting me up, like it supposed to do. He turned around two times and easily let me on my own feet . My body curved after the shape of his own, allowing me to feel his breathe going on my cheek, my lips, down to my chest, that went up and down. I could feel the heat in my cheeks , the bloom becoming more vivid second by second. He bend over, moved his hand on my cheeks and pressed his soft lips on mine. Surprinsingly, Ive found myself kissing him back , getting on my tiptoes. After he pulled back , I stood there in stock, unable to say or move. I shook my head,going out of the dancing room straight to the changing room. I had Damon on speed dial so I called him. While waiting, I was wondering what Klaus might have been doing but I wasnt capable of going out of the room and see if he remained in the dancing room, left or stood right in front on the door behind which I was standing. When I heard the sound of a car pulling over I turned the latch without making any noise and I went by the front door. Fortunate for me, Klaus already left the building. I went into Damons car and he drove off. As soon as I realized what I did, my heart began racing, making me nervous and inpatient.

Dont take me home. Im afraid of what might be there. Damon stared at me for a couple of seconds, but he turned down on the street heading to his place. As soon as we arrived I opened the door and went into the living room, where he poured in some scoth for himself. I was bitting my nails, trying to get rid of the dark thoughts that took over my mind. I approched Damon, took his glass off his hands and tossed off the drink he had. He looked at me and gave me another drink. Thanks. I could use one more drink right now. Why ? What happened back there ? You sounded pretty worrying. Has Klaus done anything to you? No, no.Thanks god. I paused, exhaling. HeHe kissed me. And I kissed him back. Damon looked amused,rather than furious or mad. Dont laugh at me. I dont know what to believe. Does he like me?Does he want to use me? Well Damon came closer to me, put his drink away and all of the sudden he gave me a little peck . Was something like this or more like this ?. He put one of his hands on my back, while the other was on my cheek. He got closer and closer, until he pressed his lips on mine. The kiss got more passionate, his tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth, while his hands were freely moving on my body. He pushed me on the nearby couch, taking my drink away . Ive got my hands through his hair, ruffling it. Damon took my top off, caressing my white, soft skin. He crossed his fingers over my ribs, making me giggle. While he took his shirt off, I unbottoned and unziped his pants letting them fall on the floor. He did the same to me. He looked me in the eyes before he got rid of my underwear. I looked up at Damon, just to see the hesitation in his eyes before entering me. He got faster and faster, pushing his full erection into me. We were both moaning and sweating. Weve hit our climax together. Damon moved next to me, arching his hand for me to get my head on his chest. I wasnt quite sure what just happened and certainly neither did he.

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