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Benjamin Franklin

Lesson Plan #2:

Grade: 5th Social Studies Strand: Technology
Submitted By: Corrina Spidell Partner: Kendra Cope
EDEL 453: Teaching Elementary School Social Science Nevada State College Spring 2014 Instructor: Karen Powell

Lesson Plan #2 - Technology

Summary of the Lesson Plan:

submitted by: Corrina Spidell

As a class, we will learn about the fascinating inventions from our founding father. Students will be able to utilize technology (Computer Lab) to do research on the inventions and the inventor. This lesson uses the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies textbook United States & History Volume 1 (pg.186-193).

B. Basic Information: Grade Level: 5th grade Time to Complete this Lesson: 50 Minutes Groupings: Whole class discussion, small groups for activity and independent assessment

C. Materials: Vocabulary pgs. 192-193 (Example ) Book pgs. 186-193 Paper & Pencils Computer Lab

D. Objectives: o

NV State Social Studies Standards H1.5.6 - Identify individuals and groups responsible for founding and settling the American colonies. H3.5.4 - Explain how technologies in U.S. history changed the way people lived. Student-Friendly Standards I can identify and explain the inventions of Benjamin Franklin.

E. Vocabulary Battery used as a source of power. Odometer an instrument used to measure distance travelled by a vehicle. Lightning Rod a metal rod used to make lightning strike the ground. Bifocals seeing glasses. Pennsylvanian Fireplace a safe place to keep fire.

F. Procedure:
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Lesson Plan #2 - Technology

1. Explain: the Venn diagram and how to organize it.

submitted by: Corrina Spidell

2. Call Students Attention: KWL Chart (Know. Want to know. Learned. Have students fill in the K and W with information on Benjamin Franklin. 3. Identify & Discuss: Students will read independently (pg.190-191) 4. Introduce: Vocabulary (Battery, Odometer, Lightning Rod, Bifocals, Fireplace) 5. As a class Read: Pages 192-193 6. Challenge: Group students (in 2 or 3) to create Venn diagram (pg. 192) 7. Ask a Question: Which of Benjamin Franklins inventions do you think is the most useful? Why? (pg.193)

G. Assessment: What will you use to measure student understanding? Students will create a quick graphic organizer, from memory, stating the invention as well as how it has improved technology today. (pg. 193)

Explain how you will know students understand the concepts from the lesson. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the different and varied uses of Mr. Franklins inventions. Student will make the connections between the past and present models of each invention.

H. Closure:
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Lesson Plan #2 - Technology

submitted by: Corrina Spidell

Fill in the L on the KWL Chart as a class. Review and discuss. Ask the class, does anyone want to add any additional things to the chart?

Nevada State College

EDEL 453 - Spring 2014

Karen Powell- Instructor

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