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Tony was killed because of Polly.

This was pointed to me by Vsevolod Vorotintsev and i would like to share it with you. 1. Chase himself said: "The walrus was Paulie". This is from Beatles Glass Onion . "The Walrus was Paul". John Lennon wrote it pointing to Lewis Carrol's poem " Walrus and the carpenter" where walrus is a traitor. In the Beatles song it is p ointing to the fact that band was broke because of Paul Maccartney. Chase gave u s a clue that Tony was killed by Paulies order. 2. When Chris was shot in second season he said that Mikey Palmisy in hell said to him: tell Tony and Paulie three o'clock. Tony was shot from a three o'clock d irection. When Paulie woke up at three o'clock at night in the house of his goom ar there was ringing of the bells. 3. In Funhouse Tony had a dream where Sylvio told him: Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself. After that he sees in binocular that he kills Paulie and black screen appears for a few seconds. This dream is similar to Testdream where Tony B kills Phill Leotardo. In reality it is Phill who basically gave order to kill Tony B. So Funhouse dream pointed to Tony that Paulie is his true enemy. 4. After Paulie found out that Nucci is not his mother he says to Tony: I'm not who i am. 5. In Italy Paulie greets David Chase: Commendatory! But Chase didn't even resp ond to him. 6. In Remember when Tony and Paulie drive in the car. And camera shows us a roa d sign:HITCHHIKERS MAY BE ESCAPING INMATES. Than camera shows us Tony and Paulie . It is Paulie who served a little time in one of the previous seasons. 7. Paulie served time because of a gun that police found in his car. In Made in America Tonys councelor tells him that a gun accusation is always in his head. A lso there was a gun accusation for Tony but we know that case was dead. Subconsc ious tells councelor that danger for Tony will be connected to a gun accusation. 8. Paulie brings to Satrialles barber scissors. In the previous episode Phills c rew is discussing Tonys murder in the Beauty salon. 9. In that beauty salon they discuss who they need to kill. On of the guys says Paulie Gultiery, who is one of the captains but Butch sais No. And tells Bobby B accala instead. Paulie has already flipped. 10. In Remember when Paulie sees a dream. He saw Pussy in his kitchen. But look closer: this is Pussys head with Tonys body. Subconscious tells Paulie that Tony may rat him out to FBI. After that in the airport Paulie saw that Tony has a me eting with FBI. 11. In the last episode Paulie says to Tony about the price of cauliflower: 3.99 . for lb. Remember Funhouse? Fish Pussy tells Tony that the price of fish is 4 d ollars for lb. and that his weight is 8 lb. 8 4 = 32. This is 30 silversmiths of Judas. 12. In the last episode when Paulie doesn't want to accept Carlos crew. Tony say s: i'll give it to Patsy. Looks how scared Paulie becomes! He agrees because if Patsy becomes in charge he could tell Tony about Paulies betrayal. 13. Paulie also gets scared when Butch says to Tony: You do what you gotta do. a nd when Walden loudly puts his gun on table in their safehouse. 14. Paulie snitched Vito out to Phill.

15. Paulie sees Phills Caddillac on the petrol station but doesn't say hothing. 16. Paulie and Patsy organise the hit on ukrainians instead of Phill. If Murmur didn's see that in newspapers Tony would have been killed in Bing by Patsy Paris i. Tony fills Patsys wineglass in the last episode like Patsy is the boss. Patsys w ife with her two fingers on the plate is pointing 3 o'clock direction. 17. On the Lyvias funeral after Pussy is seen in the mirror reflection, we see P aulie. 18. White shoes on Bert Gervasy who flipped to New York. In remember when we see Paulie packing a coule of pairs of white shoes in his suitcase. And later Tony sais: Maybe I am waiting another shoe to drop? 19. Paulie also knew that joke about Jinny which he told to Johnny Sack will tur n bad for him after the yacht scene in Remember when. 20. This is Paulie who told about every profite deal of his family to New York 21. Paulie WALLnuts. His father name was RUSS. WALLRUS!