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[] +ebruary% 4 516 ):) 78 7onnect Small 'roups 3ath"ays 9hurch 9hil(ren&s Ministry : Mi("ee/ ;lementary

This .ee/&s Scope

Bible Story: In the Nic of Time (Jesus teaches Nicodemus) John 3:1-21 (Supporting: John 7:49-51; 19:3840) Bottom Line: When I believe who Jesus is, Ill live with God fo eve ! Memory Verse: "#aith is bein$ su e of what we ho%e fo ! It is bein$ ce tain of what we do not see!& Hebrews 11:1 !"r# Life App: #aith'believin$ in what (ou cant see because of what (ou can see! Basic Truth: I can t ust God no matte what! In this wee)s *ible sto (, Nicodemus has +uestions about how he can have a elationshi% with God (John 3:11! ,u%%o tin$- John .-/01234 30-561/7)! ,ince Nicodemus is a eli$ious leade and has been teachin$ %eo%le about God fo (ea s, he thin)s he )nows God! *ut Jesus teachin$s a e une8%ected and disa$ ee with some of the eli$ious t aditions! Nicodemus lea ns that Jesus is the ,avio and onl( th ou$h 9im can we live with God! :u *ottom ;ine is- "hen # belie$e "ho Jesus is% #&ll li$e "ith 'o( fore$er) <ven the eli$ious leade s of 9is time didnt unde stand eve (thin$ about Jesus! *ut Nicodemus believed Jesus and as)ed +uestions to unde stand mo e! ;i)e Nicodemus, we ma( not unde stand eve (thin$ about Jesus, but we can as) +uestions to lea n mo e! Jesus answe s tau$ht that an( of us who believe in 9im will live with God fo eve ! The monthl( memo ( ve se is- *+aith is bein, sure of "hat "e hope for) #t is bein, certain of "hat "e (o not see)- Hebrews 11:1, NIrV We mi$ht not clea l( see and unde stand eve (thin$ about a elationshi% with God! We can as) +uestions and ead ou *ibles to lea n mo e! *ut faith is believin$ that what God sa(s is t ue, that we will live with 9im fo eve , even when we cant see eve ( detail about how it ha%%ens! This .ee/0s Memory Verse- "Jesus answe ed, =I am the wa( and the t uth and the life! No one comes to the #athe e8ce%t th ou$h me!& John 3/->, NI ? 1e2t .ee/0s Memory Verse- "<ve (one has sinned! No one measu es u% to Gods $lo (!& @omans 5-A5, NI ?

Small 'roup: .elcome

Gathe (ou child en in a ci cle and ta)e attendance! Bs (ou as) them thei name, if the( b ou$ht thei *ible, if the( emembe ed thei memo ( ve se and if the( b ou$ht a f iend to chu ch to also as) about thei wee)! What e8citin$ thin$s the( didC Dids will ea n DEash %oints as follows2%ts F Bttendance 37%ts F * ou$ht thei *ible 32%ts F Gemo iHed thei memo ( ve se! 27%ts F * ou$ht a f iend 3lease remember to turn in your atten(ance sheet before ,oin, to your first rotation) DEash sto e will be o%en followin$ se vice howeve the )ids must have thei %a ents with them to claim thei %oints!

78 Small 'roup Sche(ule Time >-57 1 >-/7 >-/7 1 .-77 .-77 1 .-32 .-32 1 .-57 .-57 1 .-/2 .-27 1 6-77 7:


3r( < 6th 'ra(e ,mall G ou%- Welcome ;a $e G ou% I aise J Wo shi% in ,tadium

;2tra =otation

*ible ,to ( K DL Elubhouse Bctivit( 1 ,tadiumK:utside E aft 1 ;ion @oom

E aft1 ;ion @oom *ible ,to ( K DL Elubhouse Bctivit( 1 ,tadiumK:utside ,mall G ou%- @eca%KI a(e

Bctivit( 1 ,tadiumK:utside E aft 1 ;ion @oom *ible ,to ( K DL Elubhouse

>iscplinary 3roce(ure #i st :ffense- Ehild is info med that what the( a e doin$ is unacce%table and to sto%! ,econd :ffense- Ehild moved awa( f om the situation! (ie moved to a diffe ent s%ot in the ci cle o oom) Thi d :ffense- Iasto Eh is o Nate is made awa e of the issue and the( will s%ea) with the %a ent!

9raft : Lion =oom

1ic at 1i,ht (review the Bible story / great for active learners / salvation message) .hat ?ou 1ee(: "#in$e Iu%%ets& (Bctivit( Ia$e), safet( scisso s, c a(ons, ta%e, *ible .hat ?ou >o: Give each child a set of fin$e %u%%ets and invite )ids to colo them! Guide )ids to cut them out, % ovidin$ hand1ove 1hand assistance as needed! When the( finish, hel% them ta%e the tabs to$ethe , com%letin$ the %u%%ets! :%en (ou *ible to John 5 and ead the %a a%h ase of the *ible sto ( below, $uidin$ the )ids to ma)e thei %u%%ets d amatiHe the sto ( as (ou ead! :ne ni$ht, 1ico(emus snuc) awa( to see Jesus) 1ico(emus had hea d about the mi acles Jesus had done, and he had +uestions about who Jesus was! Jesus told Nicodemus, "No one can see the )in$dom of heaven unless the( a e bo n a$ain!& "9ow can this beC& 1ico(emus as)ed! 9e didnt unde stand what Jesus was sa(in$! Then Jesus said, "<ve (one who believes in 9im can live with God fo eve !& Jesus went on to sa( to 1ico(emus- "God loved the wo ld so much that he $ave his one and onl( ,on! Bn(one who believes in him will not die but will have ete nal life!& .hat ?ou Say: "When Jesus said, =<ve (one who believes in 9im can live with God fo eve , 9e was tal)in$ about 9imselfM Jesus was sa(in$ that [ !!ly" "hen "e belie$e "ho @e is% "e&ll li$e "ith 'o( fore$er) "Im not su e if Nicodemus unde stood eve (thin$ Jesus said on the ni$ht he met with Jesus, but I do thin) Jesus $ave him a lot to thin) about! I wonde if, afte Jesus died, Nicodemus emembe ed Jesus wo ds- =God loved the wo ld so much that he $ave his one and onl( ,on! Bn(one who believes in him will not die but will have ete nal life, (John 3:1$ !"r#)%

"Just li)e Nicodemus, [ !!ly" you may not un(erstan( e$erythin, about Jesus no"% either) That&s o/ay) The important thin, is to /eep learnin, about Jesus an( to /eep as/in, Auestions about "ho @e is) [#ersonali$e" *There "as a time "hen # ha( Auestions about "ho Jesus is) (Briefly share yo%r own salvation story& Be s%re to %se wor's the (i's can %n'erstan'&) ",o emembe , [Im!ress" "hen # belie$e "ho Jesus is% #&ll li$e "ith 'o( fore$er)-

Acti$ity - Sta(ium
) Baby Bu, .hat ?ou 1ee(: B %la(in$ ca d fo each )id .hat ?ou >o: * in$ all the $ ou%s to$ethe ! ;et the )ids each choose a %la(in$ ca d! Tell them not to eveal what the( have! <8%lain that whoeve $ets the "two of hea ts& (o whateve ca d (ouve chosen ahead of time) is the )id who has the "*ab( *u$&'a medical condition that tu ns an(one the( touch bac) into a bab(! 9ave eve (one scatte a ound the oom! Inst uct the )ids to wal) a ound and be$in sha)in$ hands with othe )ids! Info m the $ ou% that when the( sha)e hands, the )id with the *ab( *u$ will sc atch the inside of the othe %e sons hand! Then that %e son been infected with the *ab( *u$! ,he must silentl( count to ten and then instantl( tu n into a bab(! ,he must be$in to wal), tal) (c awl), and act li)e a bab( f om that %oint on! If a )id who hasnt (et cau$ht the *ab( *u$ thin)s he can identif( the %e son with the *ab( *u$, he should aise his hand and the $ame %auses while the %e son unde sus%icion eveals his o he ca d! If its the two of hea ts, the disease is cu ed and the $ame ends! If not, the $uesse is out of the $ame! Ila( until the )id with the *ab( *u$ is evealed! Eollect the ca ds and e%eat the $ame as time allows! .hat ?ou Say: "Itd be su%e f ea)( if we could somehow tu n bac) into babies! Ean (ou ima$ine how confusin$ and messed u% that would ma)e thin$sC Its im%ossible, i$htC [)ransition" Let&s ,o to Lar,e 'roup an( fin( out "hat Jesus tau,ht about bein, born a,ain) #t may surprise you "hat @e says)-

Small 'roup: 3rayer

3ray an( >ismiss : As/ for prayer reAuests) This is a ,reat time to ,et to /no" your /i(s)