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High Level Design flows for the future classroom licensed to ractice in T!" #10 is the code for Government$ states %ut wants to move to "igeria or Ghana & the onl' thing that ma(es an' sense a%out this ) would %e the architect is "OT licensed to ractice in *+ States, So- to reall' get e. erience and erha s- %uild one thing %efore he dies- he has to /ourne' to a lace of the lowest standards ossi%le, 0here the' don1t chec( credentials and don1t verif' %ac(grounds ) li(e degrees or e. erience2 where he would not need references and recommendations,

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* Introduction
*,* Sco e8 7inding a chea er wa' to do things- doesn1t mean com romising the most riceless of all ) education8 As the academic 'ear winds down- a record num%er of Chicago schools are re aring to close their doors for good in the largest mass school closing ever in one 9,S, cit', Last wee(- the Chicago 4oard of !ducation voted to close :+ of the cit';s u%lic schools in a move that will im act some <+-+++ students- around 90 percent of them African American, #The 74I1s riceless chim & Chicago Ma'or Rahm !manuel$ has ushed for the closures in order to save the cit' more than =:++ %illion- half of its deficit, >Rahm !manuel actuall' does not have an educational lan- he has an economic develo ment lan-> sa's our guest Diane Ravitch- who served as the assistant secretar' of education under 3resident George H,0, #Hot 0inded$ 4ush, 3ro onents sa' the closures will hit schools that are %oth under erforming and underutili?ed, 4ut a vocal coalition of arents- teachers and students has fought %ac(- warning that the closures will lead to overcrowded classrooms and endanger those students forced to walk longer distances to their new schools. 0e go to Chicago to s ea( with @esse Shar(e'- vice resident of the Chicago Teachers 9nionwhich hel ed lead the cam aign against the school closures, >The' are ma(ing a ver' massive- radical and- fran(l'- irreversi%le e. eriment here on other eo le;s children-> Shar(e' sa's, 0ith the use of the digital classrooms ) students receive their curriculum via digital te.t or email to their com uter, To save mone' ) give students a com uter and internet connection and a log in and assword %efore 'ou close the school otherwise send them to "igeria or Ghana where the' can ractice and learn to %e an'thing the' want /ust %' watching someone else do it, Listed %elow are the reAuirements for the new Digital Classroom8

ReAuirement8 * B <

Definition8 S'stem must %e designed to give all students access to their curriculum, S'stem must rovide students the a%ilit' to set u a rofile that the teacher will recogni?e, S'stem must %e set u li(e AD3 i3a' where students can view transcri ts from rior 'earscurrent test scores- current curriculum and current reAuired homewor(, S'stem must dis la' teacher1s email address, S'stem must rovide students with the a%ilit' to download Afro&Centric Architecture, S'stem must rovide students with the a%ilit' to u load documents, S'stem must rovide students with the a%ilit' to send instant messages to teachers, S'stem must rovide students with the a%ilit' to send %ac( homewor( and get immediate feed%ac(, S'stem must rovide student with the a%ilit' to time&stam when homewor( was sent in, S'stem must rovide students with the a%ilit' to have access to the same education s(inn' children get,

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