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The Plural
collective meaning not used with a,an idea of singular -- a piece , a loaf of a piece (a slice) of bacon (cake) a loaf of bread a piece (lump) of sugar a piece (lump) of coal a piece (roast) of meat a bar (piece) of chocolate a piece of soap a sheet of paper a stick of chalk a piece of land a strip of land a piece (an item, an article) of furniture a bit of grass a blade of grass a piece (a word ) of advice a piece (an item) of information (news) an item (a bit) of work a bit (an amount) of interest an attack of fever a fit of passion a flash of lighting (un fulger) a crash of thunder (un tunet) a piece of nonsense (o prostie) advice sfaturi knowledge cunostinte progress (progrese) strength (puteri) nonsense (prostii) Only plural Only singular -Bowels, entrails, loins, giblets -Measles, mumps, rheumatics, blues, dumps, fidgets, glooms, hysterics -Braces, breeches, clothes, drawers, knickers, overalls, pants, shorts, tights, trousers, flannels, nylons, robbers, tweeds -binoculars, compasses, eyeglasses, nutcrackers, pincers, pliers, scales, scissors -billiards, cards, dominoes, ninepins -Aesthetics, astronautics, cybernetics, diplomatics, dynamics, economics, electronics, ethics, gymnastics, linguistics, mathematics, mechanics, informatics, physics - he Alps, the !arpathians, the "ighlands, the #etherlands, the $%A -doings, feelings, earnings, lodgings, proceedings, savings, shortcomings, surroundings, winnings -antics, betters, bitters, chemicals, comestibles, commons, drinkables, news, odds, riches, valuables -auspices, contents, customs, damages, effects, manners, means, remains, summons Measles (mumps) is&& Billiards is &'' (games) (thics is &&' (sciences) he $%A is &&' #ews is &&'' copper cotton nylon sand bread meat tobacco mai)e rice happiness peace tuition barley Pluralia tantum glasses (a pair of spectacles) pants, panties scissors, shorts, suspenders, trousers

Two plurals with different meanings !olour !ompass !ustom *amage *rawer (ffect +round Manner Minute ,remise -eceipt -eturn %crap %pectacle erm %cale %pirit pain !olours (culori, drapel) !ompasses (busole, compas) !ustoms (obiceiuri, vama) *amages (avarii, depagubiri) *rawers (sertare, indispensabili) (ffects (efecte, bunuri mobile) +rounds (motive, )a.) Manners (moduri, maniere, purtari) Minutes (minute, process verbal) ,remises (premise, incinta) -eceipts (chitante, incasari) -eturns (sosiri, venituri) %craps (bucati, deseuri) %pectacles (spectacole, ochelari) erms (perioade, relatii, conditii) %cales (sol)i, cantar) %pirits (fantome, bauturi spirtoase) ,ains (dureri, efort)

; Nouns with identical singular and plural *eer moose sheep bison salmon pike trout fish swine %eries species ,roof proofs Belief beliefs !hief chiefs -oof roofs -eef reefs %heriff sheriffs Latin and Greek nouns 0ormula formulae Analysis analyses 4nde5 - indices A5is - a5es Matri5 matrices Basis bases !risis crises (mphasis emphases *atum data "ypothesis Bacterium - bacteria "ypotheses %ymposium - symposia 6irus viruses7virii !actus cactuses7cacti ,henomenon Memorandum phenomena memoranda !riterion criteria Millennium millennia Bacillus bacilli %tatus status %timulus - stimuli "ippopotamus hippopotamuses7hippopotami medium - media curriculum curricula (nglishman (nglishmen ( he (nglish) (nglishwoman (nglishwomen ( he (nglish) 0renchman 0renchmen (the 0rench) 0renchwoman 0renchwomen (the 0rench) %cotsman %cotsmen (the %cots) %cotish people %cotswoman %cotswomen (the %cots) 1elshman 1elshmen (the 1elsh) !hinese !hinese (!hinese people, the !hinese) 2apanese 2apanese (2apanese people, the 2apanese) %wede %wedes (the %wedes, the %wedish)3 0inn 0inns (the 0inns, the 0innish) (cho echoes "ero heroes ,otato potatoes omato tomatoes 6olcano volcanoes Mos8uito mos8uitoes 9ero )eros7)eroes ornadotornados7tornadoes Motto mottos7mottoes %alami salamis %ki skis a5i ta5is %tudio studios -adio radios %tereo - stereos ,iano pianos (go egos :ilo kilos %olo solos ango tangos %oprano - sopranos :angaroo kangaroos %hampoo shampoos attoo tattoos 9oo )oos


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