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Acknowledgment & Objective Introduction i!tor" Current !cen%rio Sco&e' com&etition %nd le%der! Sco&e in rur%l %re%! -uture &ro!&ect!


S/OT An%l"!i!


0%rketing mi1 in t2e 2otel indu!tr" 3


12(13 1$(1#



/e t2e !tudent! o9 T:40S ; 4 would like to e1&re!! our !incere t2%nk! to (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9or giving u! t2e o&&ortunit" to work on !uc2 %n intere!ting &roject. /e %re gr%te9ul to 5.<%"%r%m%n' T2e =er!onnel 0%n%ger' > 7e&t' T2e 6eel% 5em&in!ki' 0umb%i 9or tre%ting u! wit2 2o!&it%lit" & giving u! overw2elmimg re!&on!e.

/e %re t2%nk9ul to 0r. S. ?id"%!2%nk%r' T2e A!!i!!t%nt 0%n%ger' > de&t' T2e :ATT >egenc"' 0umb%i 9or giving u! 2i! &reciou! time & 9or t2e &o!itive re!&on!e. /e 2o&e t2%t u 9ind our &roject intere!ting %nd u&to t2e m%rk.


To %n%l"!e! t2e role %nd need o9 o!&it%lit" & C%tering %! it i! %n u&coming er% o9 o!&it%lit".

To know 2ow o!&it%lit" c%n be bene9ici%l in growt2 o9 Indi%n econom". To know %bout t2e emergence o9 o!&it%lit" indu!tr" in Intern%tion%l m%rket.

To under!t%nd t2e n%ture o9 !ervice! rendered %nd v%riou! 9%cilitie! &rovided b" o!&it%lit" Indu!tr".

To know %bout t2e recent trend! & !ervice! o9 m%in o!&it%lit" &l%"er! in Indi%. To under!t%nd t2e 9uture &ro!&ect! %nd c2%llenge! 9%ced b" o!&it%lit" Indu!tr" %ctivit".


INTRODUCTION GLOBAL HYATT CORPORATION T2ere %re 21# "%tt 2otel! %nd re!ort! @over ,.'... room!A in $3 countrie! %round t2e world' o&er%ting under t2e "%tt' "%tt >egenc"' 8r%nd "%tt' =%rk "%tt' "%tt re!ort!' "%tt &l%ce' "%tt v%c%tion club %nd Summer9ield Suite!. 4r%nd!. Currentl"' t2ere %re %n %ddition%l 3+ "%tt 2otel! %nd re!ort! under develo&ment' including 13 new 2otel! in C2in%. "%tt Cor&or%tion @dome!tic B.S.' C%n%d% %nd C%ribbe%n 2otel!A %nd "%tt Intern%tion%l Cor&or%tion @intern%tion%l &ro&ertie!A %re !ub!idi%rie! o9 C2ic%go(b%!ed 8lob%l "%tt Cor&or%tion. 8lob%l "%tt Cor&or%tion i! %l!o t2e owner o9 "%tt ?%c%tion Owner!2i&' Inc. @time!2%reA' "%tt ECuitie!' 6.6.C. @2otel owner!2i&A' %nd B.S. -r%nc2i!e S"!tem!' Inc.

HISTORY OF HYATT CORPORATION "%tt Cor&or%tion o&ened it! 9ir!t 2otel on Se&tember 2)' 1,#). "%ttD! 9ir!t &ro&ert" %t 6o! Angele! Intern%tion%l Air&ort w%! origin%ll" n%med "%tt ou!e. T2e owner o9 "%tt ou!e w%! % loc%l entre&reneur b" t2e n%me o9 "%tt >. von 7e2n. "%tt 2otel! e1&%nded %ggre!!ivel" %long t2e /e!t Co%!t during t2e ne1t dec%de. owever' it w%!nDt until 1,*)' w2en "%tt Cor&or%tion o&ened t2e worldD! 9ir!t %trium 2otel t2%t t2e "%ttE n%me bec%me known worldwide. T2e 2otelD! 21(!tor" %trium tower lobb" %nd dr%m%tic de&%rture 9rom tr%dition%l 2otel %rc2itecture c2%nged t2e cour!e o9 t2e lodging indu!tr". T2e c2%llenge to 2otel %rc2itect! w%! no longer to elimin%te e1tr% !&%ceF r%t2er' to cre%te gr%nd' wide(o&en &ublic !&%ce!. 4" 1,*,' t2ere were 13 "%ttE 2otel! in t2e Bnited St%te!. T2%t "e%r' % !ub!idi%r" o9 t2e newl" 9ormed "%tt Intern%tion%l Cor&or%tion o&ened t2e 9ir!t intern%tion%l 2otel' t2e "%tt >egenc" ong 5ong. "%tt >egenc"E 2otel! %re t2e core br%nd o9 gue!t! o&&ortunitie! to bro%den t2eir 2oriGon!. "%tt otel! & >e!ort!E' o99ering

T2e 8r%nd "%ttE %nd =%rk "%ttE br%nd! were introduced in 1,+. to 9urt2er identi9" %nd m%rket t2e diver!e t"&e! o9 "%tt otel! & >e!ort!E worldwide. 8r%nd "%ttE 2otel! !erve cultur%ll" ric2 de!tin%tion! t2%t %ttr%ct lei!ure %nd bu!ine!! tr%veler! %! well %! l%rge(!c%le meeting! %nd convention!. =%rk "%ttE 2otel! %re t2e com&%n"D! !m%ller' lu1ur" 2otel! de!igned to c%ter to t2e di!crimin%ting individu%l tr%veler !eeking t2e &riv%c"' &er!on%liGed !ervice %nd eleg%nce o9 % !m%ll Euro&e%n 2otel. T2e" o99er % !en!e o9 !%nctu%r" %nd lu1ur". Since t2e o&ening o9 "%tt >egenc" 0%ui in 1,+.' "%tt otel! & >e!ort!E 2%! become known %! % le%der in t2e cre%tion %nd o&er%tion o9 dr%m%tic lu1ur" re!ort! %! well.


Economic liber%liG%tion 2%! given % new im&etu! to t2e 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr". It co!t! %n %ver%ge o9 BSH#.(+. million to !et u& 9ive(!t%r 2otel! wit2 3.. rent%ble room! in Indi%. T2e ge!t%tion &eriod i! u!u%ll" between t2ree %nd 9our "e%r!. 0ovement! in re%l e!t%te &rice! 2%ve to be w%tc2ed' t2oug2 t2e" 2%ve !t%biliGed in t2e &%!t t2ree "e%r! or !o. Non(9ive(!t%r 2otel! %re obviou!l" c2e%&er %nd 2%ve 2%d !m%ller ge!t%tion &eriod!' but intern%tion%l c2%in! %re e1&ected to go into t2e 9ive(!t%r c%tegor". T2e Indi%n 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr" i! growing %t % r%te o9 1# &ercent %nnu%ll". T2e current g%& between !u&&l" @*1'... room!A %nd dem%nd @,.'... room!A i! e1&ected to widen 9urt2er %! t2e econom" o&en! %nd grow!. T2e government 9orec%!t! %n %ddition%l reCuirement o9 2..'... room! b" t2e turn o9 t2e centur". A r%&idl" growing middle cl%!!' t2e %dvent o9 cor&or%te incentive tr%vel %nd t2e multin%tion%l com&%nie! into Indi% 2%! boo!ted &ro!&ect! 9or touri!m. Indi%D! e%!" vi!% rule!' &ublic 9reedom! %nd it! m%n" %ttr%ction! %! %n %ncient civiliG%tion m%ke! touri!m develo&ment e%!ier t2%n in m%n" ot2er countrie!. 0%n" 9oreign com&%nie! 2%ve %lre%d" tied u& wit2 &rominent Indi%n com&%nie! 9or !etting u& new 2otel!' motel! %nd 2olid%" re!ort!. T2e entr" o9 0c7on%ldD!' =e&!icoD! 5entuck" -ried C2icken' 7ominoD! %nd =iGG% ut 2%ve given %n intern%tion%l glitG to t2e 2o!&it%lit" !ector. Sever%l intern%tion%l c2%in! including S2er%ton' olid%" Inn' Intercontinent%l' "%tt' >%di!!on' 4e!t /e!tern' 7%"! Inn' ilton' Iu%lit" Inn' >%m%d% Inn' 0eridi%n' 5em&en!ki' -our Se%!on! >egent' Accor' %nd 0%rriott Intern%tion%l %re entering or e1&%nding t2eir 2otel network in Indi%.

T2e 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr" i! &rob%bl" t2e worldJ! 9%!te!t(growing' job(cre%ting &ro9e!!ion' em&lo"ing one in ten &eo&le worldwide. In t2e B5 %lone' t2e indu!tr" em&lo"! over 1.+ million &eo&le. It i! e!tim%ted t2%t t2e indu!tr" will reCuire 3.'...(3#'... tr%ined &eo&le %t m%n%gement %nd !u&ervi!or" level "e%r on "e%r until 2.1.' i9 it i! to 9ul9il it! &otenti%l. T2ere %re currentl" too 9ew !tudent! t%king college %nd univer!it" cour!e! in 2o!&it%lit" to !u!t%in t2i! reCuirement. :ou c%n im%gine' t2ere9ore' t2%t t2ere i! enormou! !co&e 9or t2o!e w2o w%nt to &ur!ue % c%reer in t2e indu!tr"' &lu! % 2uge r%nge o9 em&lo"ment o&&ortunitie! %cro!! t2e v%ried !ub!ector!. :ou mig2t w%nt to m%n%ge % 2otel' run % re!t%ur%nt or become t2e ne1t <%mie Oliver' or m%"be "our intere!t! lie in %ccount%nc" or in9orm%tion tec2nolog". :ou m%" w%nt to !t%rt "our own bu!ine!! or be &%rt o9 %n intern%tion%l one. /2%tever "our t%lent!' t2e 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr" o99er! v%riet" %nd o&&ortunit".

COMPETITION FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1. Shortag o! "#$%% & '(%o) "* One o9 t2e gre%te!t c2%llenge! &l%guing t2e 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr" i! t2e un%v%il%bilit" o9 Cu%lit" work9orce in di99erent !kill level!. T2e 2o!&it%lit" indu!tr" 2%! 9%iled to ret%in good &ro9e!!ion%l!. 2. R ta$+$+g ,-a%$t) .or#!or/ * >etention o9 t2e work9orce t2roug2 tr%ining %nd develo&ment in t2e 2otel indu!tr" i! % &roblem %nd %ttrition level! %re too 2ig2. One o9 t2e re%!on! 9or t2i! i! un%ttr%ctive w%ge &%ck%ge!. T2oug2 t2ere i! boom in t2e !ervice !ector' mo!t o9 t2e 2otel m%n%gement gr%du%te! %re joining ot2er !ector! like ret%il %nd %vi%tion. 0 Shortage of rooms: T2e 2otel indu!tr" i! 9%cing 2e%v" !2ort%ge o9 room!. It i! e!tim%ted t2%t t2e current reCuirement i! o9 1'#.'... room!. T2oug2 t2e new inve!tment &l%n would %dd #3'... room! b" 2.11' t2e !2ort%ge will !till &er!i!t. 4. I+t +" /o'( t$t$o+ a+& $'ag o! I+&$a* T2e indu!tr" i! witne!!ing 2eig2tened com&etition wit2 t2e %rriv%l o9 new &l%"er!' new &roduct! %nd new !"!tem!. T2e 1

com&etition 9rom neig2boring countrie! %nd neg%tive &erce&tion! %bout Indi%n touri!m &roduct con!tr%in! t2e growt2 o9 touri!m. T2e im%ge o9 Indi% %! % countr" overrun b" &overt"' &olitic%l in!t%bilit"' !%9et" concern! %nd di!e%!e! %l!o 2%rm! t2e touri!m indu!tr". A! Indi% i! emerging %! % de!tin%tion on t2e glob%l tr%vel m%&' e1&ect%tion! o9 cu!tomer! %re ri!ing. T2e com&%nie! 2%ve to 9ocu! on cu!tomer lo"%lt" %nd re&e%t &urc2%!e!.
5. C-"to' r 2( /tat$o+"*

T2oug2 mo!t re&uted c2%in! 2%ve IT en%bled !"!tem! 9or &ro&ert" m%n%gement' re!erv%tion!' etc.' %lmo!t %ll t2e d%t% w2ic2 %ctu%ll" m%ke t2e com&%n" work %re 9illed in m%nu%l log book! or %re !im&l" not tr%cked.
1. Ma+-a% 3a/#4 +&*

Some o9 t2e !ervice! reCuired in t2e touri!m %nd 2otel indu!trie! %re 2ig2l" &er!on%liGed' %nd no %mount o9 %utom%tion c%n !ub!titute 9or &er!on%l !ervice &rovider!. Indi% i! 9ocu!ing more on w2ite coll%r job! t2%n blue coll%r job!. T2e !2ort%ge o9 blue coll%r em&lo"ee! will &o!e v%riou! t2re%t! to t2e indu!tr".
5. H-'a+ r "o-r/ & 6 %o(' +t*

Th To( P%a) r"7 L a& r8 I+ Ho"($ta%$t) S /tor I+/%-& Th Fo%%o.$+g3

K ITC otel! K Indi%n otel! Com&%n" 6td. @T2e T%j otel! >e!ort! & =%l%ce!A K Oberoi otel! @E%!t Indi% otel!A K otel 6eel% ?enture K A!i%n otel! 6td. K otel Cor&or%tion o9 Indi% Some O9 T2e 0%in -e%ture! O9 T2e Indi%n otel Indu!tr" Include T2e -ollowing3 K T2e indu!tr" i! more de&endent on metro&olit%n citie! %! t2e" %ccount 9or )#L to +.L o9 t2e revenue!' wit2 7el2i %nd 0umb%i being on to&. K T2e %ver%ge room r%te @A>>A %nd occu&%nc" r%te @OCA %re t2e two mo!t critic%l 9%ctor! t2%t determine &ro9it%bilit". A>> de&end! on loc%tion' br%nd im%ge' !t%r r%ting' Cu%lit" o9 9%cilitie! %nd !ervice! o99ered. T2e occu&%nc" r%te de&end! on ot2er !e%!on%l 9%ctor!. K Indi% i! %n ide%l de!tin%tion 9or touri!t!. A&&ro1im%tel" $.$ million touri!t! vi!it Indi% ever" "e%r. T2u! t2e growt2 &ro!&ect! %re ver" 2ig2. K In t2e 2otel !ector' % number o9 multin%tion%l! 2%ve !trengt2ened t2eir &re!ence. =l%"er! like -our Se%!on! %re %l!o likel" to enter t2e Indi%n m%rket in t2e ne%r 9uture. 0oreover' Indi%n 2otel c2%in! %re %l!o e1&%nding intern%tion%ll". A combin%tion o9 %ll t2e!e 9%ctor! could re!ult in % !trong emergence o9 budget 2otel!' w2ic2 could &otenti%ll" lower t2e co!t o9 tr%vel %nd rel%ted co!t.


. M T2e New Touri!m =olic" rele%!ed in 0%" 2..2 2%! outlined t2e 9ollowing &olic" initi%tive! 9or t2e touri!m !ector3 M T2e new &olic" i! built %round t2e )(S 0%ntr% o9 Sw%%g%t @welcomeA' Sooc2%n%% @in9orm%tionA' Suvid2%% @9%cilit%tionA' Sur%k!2%% @!ecurit"A' S%2"og @coo&er%tionA' S%nr%c2n%% @in9r%!tructureA %nd S%9%%i @cle%nline!!A. M T2e new &olic" envi!%ge! m%king touri!m % c%t%l"!t in em&lo"ment gener%tion' we%lt2 cre%tion' develo&ment o9 remote %nd rur%l %re%!' environment &re!erv%tion %nd !oci%l integr%tion. T2e &olic" %l!o %im! to !&ruce u& economic growt2 %nd &romote Indi%J! !trengt2! %! % touri!m de!tin%tion t2%t i! bot2 !%9e %nd %t t2e !%me time e1citing. M T2e &olic" &ro&o!e! t2e inclu!ion o9 touri!m in t2e concurrent li!t o9 t2e Con!titution !o %! to en%ble bot2 t2e centr%l %nd !t%te government! to &%rtici&%te in t2e develo&ment o9 t2e !ector. M No %&&rov%l i! reCuired 9or 9oreign eCuit" o9 u& to #1 &er cent in touri!m &roject!. En2%nced eCuit" i! con!idered on % c%!e(to(c%!e b%!i!. N>I inve!tment i! %llowed u& to 1..L. M A&&rov%l! 9or Tec2nolog" %greement! in t2e 2otel indu!tr" %re %v%il%ble on %n %utom%tic b%!i!' !ubject to t2e 9ul9ilment o9 cert%in !&eci9ied &%r%meter!. M Conce!!ion r%te! on cu!tom! dut" o9 2#L 9or good! t2%t %re reCuired 9or initi%l !etting u&' or 9or !ub!t%nti%l e1&%n!ion o9 2otel!. M #.L o9 &ro9it! derived b" 2otel!' tr%vel %gent! %nd tour o&er%tor! in 9oreign e1c2%nge %re e1em&t 9rom income t%1. T2e rem%ining &ro9it! %re %l!o e1em&t i9 reinve!ted in % touri!m rel%ted &roject. M A&&roved 2otel! %re entitled to im&ort e!!enti%l good! rel%ting to t2e 2otel %nd touri!m indu!tr" u& to t2e v%lue o9 2#L o9 t2e 9oreign e1c2%nge e%rned b" t2em in t2e &receding licen!ing "e%r. T2i! limit 9or %&&roved tr%vel %gent!Ntour o&er%tor! i! 1.L. M otel! loc%ted in loc%tion! ot2er t2%n t2e 9our m%jor metro citie! %re entitled to 3.L deduction 9rom &ro9it' 9or % ten("e%r &eriod. M T2e e1&enditure t%1 2%! been w%ived in re!&ect o9 2otel! loc%ted in t2e 2ill!' rur%l %re%!' %nd &l%ce! o9 &ilgrim%ge or !&eci9ied &l%ce o9 touri!t im&ort%nce.

4ENE-ITS TO CBSTO0E>S Since t2e econom" o&ened u& in 1,,1' !ever%l 9oreign c2%in! 2%ve entered t2e Indi%n m%rket' including "%tt' -our Se%!on!' ilton' >egent' >%di!!on %nd olid%" Inn. T2e re!ult i! t2%t t2e Cu%lit" o9 !ervice 2%! im&roved. T2e over!e%! &l%"er! 2%ve broug2t in e99icient !"!tem! %nd !ervice !t%nd%rd! 9rom Euro&e %nd t2e BS. Com&etition 2%! 9orced Indi%n 2otel grou&! to im&rove t2eir !t%nd%rd!. T2e cu!tomer 2%! bene9ited in m%n" w%"!. T2e in9lu1 o9 9oreign &l%"er! 2%! led to m%jor &rice w%r! in t2e indu!tr". In %n %ttem&t to woo cu!tomer!' Indi%n 2otel! 2%ve reduced t2eir t%ri99! !igni9ic%ntl". According to one 2otelier' OIndi% 2%! become % norm%l m%rket (; like ot2er! in t2e /e!t or in Sout2e%!t A!i% ; wit2 dem%nd %nd !u&&l" determining t2e &riceO.


F-t-r t +"
TRENDS IN HOSPITALITY SECTOR Trend! T2%t /ill S2%&e T2e -uture O9 o!&it%lit" Sector Are3 1. 6ow Co!t C%rrier! 2. 4udget otel! 3. Service A&%rtment! $. Tec2nolog" #. 6o"%lt" Tr%vel Lo. /o"t /arr$ r"* Tr%veler! in gener%l %re more &rice !en!itive to %ir9%re t2%n t2e" %re to 2otel room r%te!. O9ten % low %ir9%re will !timul%te dem%nd 9or tr%vel even i9 2otel &rice! %re incre%!ing. 6CC! %re % good o&tion 9or bu!ine!! tr%veler!' %! t2e" 2%ve %dv%nt%ge! like low co!t!' more o&tion! %nd connectivit". 0ore t2%n #. &er cent o9 occu&%nc" o9 % m%jorit" o9 2otel! come! 9rom t2e bu!ine!! tr%vel !egment. T2e %ver%ge room r%te @A>>A re%liGed 9rom bu!ine!! tr%veler! i! norm%ll" 2ig2er t2%n 9rom lei!ure tr%veler!. eig2tened dem%nd %nd t2e 2e%lt2" occu&%nc" r%te! 2%ve re!ulted in %n incre%!e in t2e number o9 budget 2otel!. Some o9 t2e new &l%"er! entering into t2i! c%tegor" o9 2otel! include ometel' 5%m9otel' Court"%rd b" 0%rriott' Countr" Inn! & Suite!' Ibi! %nd -%ir9ield Inn.
2. <-&g t hot %"* 0. S r6$/ a(art' +t"* T2e

conce&t o9 !ervice %&%rtment!' t2oug2 % recent &2enomenon in Indi%' i! %n e!t%bli!2ed glob%l conce&t. ?ill%! in S&%in' 9l%t! in t2e B5 %nd %&%rtment com&le1e! in t2e BS 2%ve %ll cre%ted % vi%ble m%rket 9or t2o!e w2o w%nt more t2%n ju!t % room in % 2otel. Service %&%rtment! %re t2e l%te!t trend in %ccommod%tion' o99ering t2e com9ort %nd convenience o9 % 2ome wit2out t2e 2%!!le! o9 2%ving to m%int%in or look %9ter it. Ide%ll" !uited 9or medium(to(long !t%"ing gue!t!' !ervice %&%rtment! %re % n%tur%l c2oice 9or cor&or%te


4. T /h+o%og)* Tr%vel %nd tec2nolog" 2%ve become in!e&%r%ble. Tec2nolog" i! m%king it! own %dv%nce! wit2 2ig2(tec2 video con9erencing 9%cilitie!' web c%mer%! %nd virtu%l re%lit" mode o9 con9erencing. On(line booking!' e(ticketing' /i(-i Internet

connectivit"' e%!" %cce!! to in9orm%tion' etc. %re ju!t % 9ew %re%! w2ere tec2nolog" 2%! com&letel" c2%nged t2e t2e w%" we tr%vel. 5. Lo)a%t) tra6 %*Tod%"' %irline(credit c%rd com&%n" tie(u&! 2%ve broug2t % w2ole r%nge o9 bene9it! to t2e tr%veler!. T2e!e include in!ur%nce cover' u&gr%de!' 9ree ticket!' %cce!! to e1ecutive lounge!' %nd % 2o!t o9 ot2er goodie!.



STRENGTHS 1. Nat-ra% a+& /-%t-ra% &$6 r"$t)* Indi% 2%! % ric2 cultur%l 2erit%ge. T2e Ounit" in diver!it"O t%g %ttr%ct! mo!t touri!t!. T2e co%!tline!' !unn" be%c2e!' b%ckw%ter! o9 5er%l%' !now c%&&ed im%l%"%! %nd t2e Cuie!cent l%ke! %re incredible. 2. D 'a+&4"-((%) ga(* Indi%n 2otel indu!tr" i! 9%cing % mi!m%tc2 between t2e dem%nd %nd !u&&l" o9 room! le%ding to 2ig2er room r%te! %nd occu&%nc" level!. /it2 t2e &rivilege o9 2o!ting Commonwe%lt2 8%me! 2.1. t2ere i! more dem%nd o9 room! in 9ive !t%r 2otel!. T2i! 2%! led to t2e r%&id e1&%n!ion o9 t2e !ector. 0. Go6 r+' +t "-((ort* T2e government 2%! re%liGed t2e im&ort%nce o9 touri!m %nd 2%! &ro&o!ed % budget o9 >!. #$. crore 9or t2e develo&ment o9 t2e indu!tr". T2e &riorit" i! being given to t2e develo&ment o9 t2e in9r%!tructure %nd o9 new touri!t de!tin%tion! %nd circuit!. T2e 7e&%rtment o9 Touri!m @7OTA 2%! %lre%d" !t%rted t2e OIncredible Indi%O c%m&%ign 9or t2e &romotion o9 touri!m in Indi%. 4. I+/r a" $+ th 'ar# t "har * Indi%D! !2%re in intern%tion%l touri!m %nd 2o!&it%lit" m%rket i! e1&ected to incre%!e over t2e long(term. New budget %nd !t%r 2otel! %re being e!t%bli!2ed. 0oreover' 9oreign 2o!&it%lit" &l%"er! %re 2e%ding tow%rd! Indi%n m%rket!.

1.Poor "-((ort $+!ra"tr-/t-r * T2oug2 t2e government i! t%king nece!!%r" !te&!' m%n" more t2ing! need to be done to im&rove t2e in9r%!tructure. In 2..3' t2e tot%l e1&enditure m%de in t2i! reg%rd w%! BS H1#. billion in C2in% com&%red to BSH 21 billion in Indi%. 2. S%o. $'(% ' +tat$o+* T2e l%ck o9 %deCu%te recognition 9or t2e touri!m indu!tr" 2%! been 2%m&ering it! growt2 &ro!&ect!. /2%tever !te&! %re being t%ken b" t2e government %re im&lemented %t % !lower &%ce.


0. S-"/ (t$3% to (o%$t$/a% 6 +t"* T2e intern%l !ecurit" !cen%rio %nd !oci%l unre!t %l!o 2%m&er t2e 9oreign touri!t %rriv%l r%te!.

OPPORTUNITIES 1.R$"$+g $+/o' * Owing to t2e ri!e in income level!' Indi%n! 2%ve more !&%re mone" to !&end' w2ic2 i! e1&ected to en2%nce lei!ure touri!m. 2. O( + "#) 3 + !$t"* /it2 t2e o&en !k" &olic"' t2e tr%vel %nd touri!m indu!tr" 2%! !een %n incre%!e in bu!ine!!. Incre%!ed %irline %ctivit" 2%! !timul%ted dem%nd %nd 2%! 2el&ed im&rove t2e in9r%!tructure. It 2%! bene9ited bot2 intern%tion%l %nd dome!tic tr%vel!.

1. F%-/t-at$o+" $+ $+t r+at$o+a% to-r$"t arr$6a%"* T2e tot%l de&endenc" on 9oreign touri!t! c%n be ri!k"' %! t2ere %re wide 9luctu%tion! in intern%tion%l touri!m. 7ome!tic touri!m need! to be given eCu%l im&ort%nce %nd me%!ure! !2ould be t%ken to &romote it. 2. I+/r a"$+g /o'( t$t$o+* Sever%l intern%tion%l m%jor! like t2e -our Se%!on!' S2%ngri( 6% %nd Am%n >e!ort! %re entering t2e Indi%n m%rket!. Two ot2er grou&! ( t2e C%rl!on 8rou& %nd t2e 0%rriott c2%in ( %re %l!o looking 9orw%rd to join t2i! r%ce. T2i! will incre%!e t2e com&etition 9or t2e e1i!ting Indi%n 2otel m%jor!


Mar# t$+g '$2 $+ th hot % $+&-"tr) *

A modern 2otel i! % m%jor e!t%bli!2ment' m%nned b" tr%ined &er!onnel 9rom 2otel !c2ool! %n in!titution o9 commerci%l 2o!&it%lit" %nd % building or %n in!titution w2ere t2e gue!t e1&ect re9ined be2%vior' e1cellent !ervice! %nd &er!on%l %ttention

In order to m%rket % 2otel &roduct t2e combin%tion o9 di99erent !ub mi1e! i! ver" im&ort%nt. T2e combin%tion o9 core %nd &eri&2er%l !ervice!' t2e cre%tive &romotion%l deci!ion' t2e &ricing !tr%teg" t2%t will en%ble t2e 2otel to m%int%in t2e commerci%l vi%bilit"' T2e &l%ce %nd t2e &eo&le %re t2e im&ort%nt deci!ion m%king %re%! in t2e 9orm%tion o9 !ound mi1 9or 2otel indu!tr". T E =>O7BCT3 T2e core !ervice N &roduct o9 t2e 2otel indu!tr" w2ic2 !%ti!9ie! t2e b%!ic need! o9 t2e cu!tomer i! t2e room!. T2e role o9 t2e indu!tr" i! to &rovide b%!ic %ccommod%tion 9%cilitie!. A&%rt 9rom t2i! t2ere %re ot2er t%ngible element! t2%t %re %dded like room !ervice' l%undr" etc t2e ot2er !ervice! t2%t c%n be %dded %re c2ildc%re' b%rber ' b%b"!itting' boutiCue!' currenc" e1c2%nge ' in room tele&2one !ervice ' e1&re!! c2eck in ' e1&re!! c2eck out' 9lori!t' 9ront de!k ; 2$etc. =>ICIN8 7ECISION T2ere c%n be com&etition b%!ed &ricing or dem%nd b%!ed &ricing. O99 !e%!on di!count! c%n be clubbed wit2 2ig2er rte! during !e%!on %l!o. 7i99erenti%l &ricing c%n %l!o be %do&ted b%!ed on t2e t"&e o9 client t2e 2otel c%ter! to. =>O0OTION 0IP =romotion !c2eme! !2ould c%rried on regul%rl" &romoting t2e 2otel' t2e %dverti!ing !2ould be done t2roug2 %ttr%ctive &icture! t2roug2 tr%vel %gent!' t2roug2 2o%rding!' &%m&2let! etc. %dverti!ement! c%n %l!o be given on tr%vel guide! w2ic2 %re &ubli!2ed b" t2e govt %gencie!. =6ACE T2e &l%ce in c%!e o9 2otel indu!tr" mu!t &rovide e%!" %cce!!ibilit" in term! o9 &ro1imit" to r%ilw%" !t%tion!' %ir&ort! etc. it mu!t be % !%9e %nd convenient loc%tion. T2e clo!er t2e &l%ce! to !uc2 im&ort%nt &l%ce!' t2e gre%ter %re t2e c2%nce! o9 bu!ine!!. 1#