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Genesis is a digital platform that makes it easy for your students, faculty and allumni to connect, collaborate and share knowledge.

Three ways that Genesis will impact your institution

Student Engagement & Career Resilience

Genesis facilitates a new learn by doing ethos where students are given the platform to collaborate on real world projects. Course modules and assignments are complimented with bitesized resources and access to a network of faculty, allumni, business experts and fellow students. Genesis makes it possible for students to shape their own experience, and by doing so they will build the essential digital and people skills necessary to thrive in the new economy.

Pedagogical Insights & Real TimeSupport

Genenis allows provides all members with profiles where they can tag their learning styles, interests, passions & personality types. As members use the platform we will be able to report on trends and insights about when and how your students learn best. You will also be able to reward the faculty who provide the most engaging content and the most effective support. The power of genesis lies in the real-time peer-to-peer feedback loops that it can facilite between students and faculty.

Allumni Participation & New Revenue Opportunities

Genesis goes far beyond a conventional virtual learning environment. We see genesis as a lifelong learning platform. When students graduate we can simply upgrade their account to allumni, so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits of their education throughout their careers.This also presents potential revenue opportunities as alumni could be charged annual membership fees. It is also possible to publish targetted featured posts via the platform. For example, employers may wish to promote jobs and events to the community.

Genesis empowers your institution to operate like a startup, using real-time data to deliver more value and relevant support to your students and faculty.

Heres How We Work

Consulting & Stakeholder Engagement

Finalised Platform Designs & Project Processes

Platform Development, Content Co-Creation & Staff Training

Platform Launch & Ongoing Support

Impact Measurement & Progress Reviews

We provide a Platform as a Service solution. Which means we are with you every step of the way, from design to development to launch and beyond.

Why Genesis Matters

The cost of higher education is increasing faster than inflation The value of a degree is falling as content is becoming openly accessible The global economy is changing and graduates are struggling to get the best jobs

We forsee a paradigm shift in higher education. A shift that moves away from just delivering courses and towards nurturing lifelong learning communities.


Course Sequence of Modules Passive Consumption Individual Tutors Pretend Assignments

Community Bitesize Resources Active Participation A Network of Mentors & Peers Real World Projects


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Bitesize Learning Resources

(co-created with your faculty & external experts)

A catchy title
Fundraising & Securing Investment
Posted on 12th February 2014, 366 page views, 25 contributions.

Fundraising is not about selling or pitching, its all about communicating your vision and building long term relationships.
Specific Learning Goals: This resource will help you to...

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The Core Concept

A sentence that summarises the core concept A sentence that explains the problem / pain point Three specific learning goals Acknowledgement and Biographies of the Resource Creators.

- Transform your networking style from a selling approach to a giving approach. - Get influencial and busy people to open your emails. - Play to your strengths and leverage your assets.
Acknowledgements: Creators, Curators & Contributors

We would like to acknowledge: Anton Chernikov, Bob Hill and Anna Steel for curating and Plus others... added over time...

Contribute. Help us make this resource even better.

- Send us your feedback. - Share additional links and files. - Leave a positive comment / testimonial at the bottom of this page. - Share a case study (annonymously or publically) so that we can all benefit from your learning.

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Collaborate. Start or join a mastermind group.

Learning alone is hard and having friends and collaborators to share the journey with is a great way to stay motivated.

A call to action to get members to provide feedback and add to the resource. A call to action to get members to put their learning into practice.

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Lets get started...

A 2-5min video that explains the core concept through a series of stories, scanarioes and case studies.
Text Summary of the Video (transcript or key points)

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You write the script, we edit & design visuals to go with the script. Then we record the audio, add the visuals and publish the video.

Additional Links
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Link Link

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Summary of link & how it can be useful...

Additional Files
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Ideas & Suggestions for how you can start putting this learning into practice...
1) Find a startup that you believe in then offer to fundraise for them at a 1 or 2% no win no fee comission. Document the journey and share your insights with us. 2) Go to a networking event and see how many follow meetings you can get. Document the process and share your insights with us.

Additional Links and Files so that members can dive deeper and get a diverse perspective. Creative ideas for how members can test this learning and put it into practice. Comments & Testimonials

Got a good idea? Get in touch and we will add your suggestion to the list

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Juan Guerra
CEO & Founder at StudentFunder

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London, UK




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Socially minded professional who fundraised his way into higher education. Juan has since journeyed through SME and Microfinance, Insurance and Fintech to remove financial barriers to success. Goal: Maximising returns on capital and labour for all stakeholders (born and unborn), Causes: access to education and financial inclusion. In other words: erradicating poverty, improving the quality of the wold's leadership and disintermediating the financial system. Specialties: Crossing the Alps in an elephant costume. Hustling.

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Juan Guerra
CEO & Founder at StudentFunder

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We just raised 100k for our clients using the leverage your assets technique.
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