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CCNA Boot Camp

Three self-paced course manuals which contain: - Cisco Hardware and the IOS - Cisco IOS; Managing the IOS on a Router; Router Configuration; Network Management; Advanced LAN Design; Configuring the Router with Cisco ConfigMaker; Using a TFTP Server for Router Configuration Storage; Basic Router Troubleshooting - Introduction to Networking Network Basics; Protocols; Network Devices; The OSI Model; Layer 1-Physical Layer; Layer 2-Data Link Layer; Layer 3Network Layer; Layer 4-Transport Layer; Layer 5-Session Layer; Layer 6-Presentation Layer; Layer 7-Application Layer Protocols and the Network Protocols; TCP/IP; IPX/SPX; WAN Protocols; LAN Protocols; Routing Protocols; Routing Novell IPX; Routing AppleTalk A reference manual which contains additional networking and routing content: - Network Cables and Devices - One Interactive Learning CD-ROM for CCNA that includes: - Digital Videos to reinforce key concepts and provide a step-by-step walk-through of complex technical procedures - NEXTSim simulations including job scenarios that allow realistic practice with built-in guidance and feedback - Challenge! Interactive sample test prep questions CD-ROM based router simulation and corresponding exercises to provide hands-on router experience Pre-camp expert mentoring to prepare for the Boot Camp Pre-camp skills assessment Access to Wave Online University (WOLU) Boot Camp Essentials guide Expert instruction by certified instructors On-site testing Toll-free technical support for one year Access to material updates for one year

Course Length 5 days with 6 weeks of pre-study Product Code 510005 Related Exams # 640-607 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exam

Product Specifications
Wave Technologies offers a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Boot Camp designed to:
Prepare students for the CCNA Certification Examination. Teach students how to install and/or configure a network. Teach students to optimize a WAN through Internet access solutions.


Key Topics
Ciscos Internetwork Operating System (IOS) Software The OSI Reference Model LANs and LAN Switching Network Protocols: Understanding the TCP/IP Suite and Novell NetWare Protocols Routing Network Security WAN Protocols, Point-to-Point, Frame Relay, and ISDN

Students who want an internationally-recognized credential as a competent Cisco networking professional Individuals currently preparing for the CCNA Certification exam

List of Job Titles:

Network Engineer, Technician, Architect, Analysis System Engineer and Administrator Telecommunication Specialist

Extensive networking experience Some experience with routing and switching

Materials and Services

Students receive Waves Student Resource Kit upon enrollment. This includes: A Getting Started manual that ensures you get the most from the materials A CCNA Study Guide designed to help candidates prepare for the exam

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Course Outline
Day One
Understanding Cisco IOS Introduction Router case studies Router elements IOS Router command modes Router help, command history and editing features Lab #1 IOS Familiarity Console Login Router Configuration Introduce TFTP server and configuration file management Router set-up mode and router POST Lab #2-IOS Configuration IOS image management techniques IOS commands for IOS image management Lab #3-IOS Upgrade Load new IOS Challenge! Interactive Understanding the OSI Reference Model OSI Model and origin Seven layers of the OSI Model Define purpose of each OSI layer

LAN segmentation, switches and routers Switching methods LAN encapsulation Virtual LANs/VLANs Catalyst 1900 configuration Review Challenge! Interactive Understanding Network Protocols TCP and UDP ARP and ICMP IP addressing basics Advanced IP addressing with subnetting CIDR Optional after-class advanced IP addressing discussion

Day Four
Understanding Network Security Review Day 3 Access Lists Standard IP Access Lists Extended IP Access Lists Named IP Access Lists Lab #7-IP Filtering Standard IPX Access Lists Extended IPX Access Lists SAP Access Lists Challenge! Interactive Obstacle Course Understanding WAN Protocols Leased lines HDLC PPP Frame Relay Configuring Frame Relay ISDN Configuring ISDN Lab #8 Frame Relay Lab #9-HDLC/PPP Lab #10-ISDN Configuration Challenge! Interactive


Day Three
Review of Day 2 Configuring IP on Cisco routers Encapsulation Lab #4-IP Configuration IPX Configuring IPX on Cisco routers Lab #5-IPX Configuration Review Challenge! Interactive Obstacle Course Understanding Routing Distance Vector Routing Protocols Auto Summary & Route Aggregation Lab #6-RIO and IGRP Configuration IGRP Routing SAP and GNS requests Configuration and monitoring of IPX Dial on Demand Routing (DDR) Multiprotocol routing IP tunneling classless routing Review Challenge! Interactive

Day Five
Objectives Review Review of all 60 objectives Obstacle Course CCNA Exam #640-507

Day Two Review Day One Routing in relation to the OSI Model Switching and bridging Data Encapsulation Connection-oriented and connectionless services MAC address Review Challenge! Interactive Obstacle Course Understanding LANs and LAN Switching - Transparent Bridging - Gigabit Ethernet

CCNA Boot Camp