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Subject Class Date / Day Time Theme Topic Focused Skills Integrated Skills Learning Outcomes

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English Language Year 5 30.06.2011 / Thursday 9.10 am 9.40 am World Of Knowledge Life - Cycle Of A Frog Speaking and Reading Listening 1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct intonation and word stress of phrases, expressions and sentences. 2.1 2.3 3.4 Speak clearly by pronouncing the words accurately. Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made. Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence patterns.

3.6 3.8

Acquire a wide range of vocabulary. Read and understand simple factual texts for main ideas, supporting details, sequence and cause and effect.

3.9 Curriculum Specifications :

Read widely and independently.

1.2.2 Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions with the correct stress and intonation. 2.1.3 Repeat phrases and expressions with the correct intonation and stress. 2.1.4 Ask questions with the correct intonation. 2.3.3 Talk about the things heard, seen or read. 3.4.1 Read aloud words and phrases correctly and with the correct pronunciation. 3.6.2 Group words according to categories.

Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to: i) ii) iii) Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions with the correct stress and intonation. Talk about the things heard, seen or read. Group words according to categories.

Educational Emphases

CCTS Moral Values

Giving & getting information To love and not to harm any animals

Language Content Grammar

: :

Sentence patterns Common Nouns Sound System Vocabulary -

Wh question words

1,2, & 3 syllable words. appear, vanishes, tadpoles, life cycle, pond

Teaching Aids

i) ii) iii)

Picture of a frog Picture of life cycle of a Frog Word Cards on common Noun Pupils have seen, heard, and read about the frogs in previous years. Pupils also had learned about common nouns in year 4.

Previous Knowledge

i) ii)

Stage / time


Teaching & Learning Activity



Instructions : Teacher has a jigsaw here. I want you to complete this jigsaw to form a picture of an animal. Set Induction ( 5m) Questions : 1. What is the name of this animal? This is a frog. 2. Where does it live? It lives in the water and on land.

1. Teacher gives a cut out of a picture of an animal and asks the pupils to arrange them to form an animal. 2. Teacher asks questions about the frog. 3. Pupils will answer those questions.

- To have the pupils attention for the lesson.

-a picture of a frog

- to know the previous knowledge about frogs

- questions & answer session. - Speaking Skill

Read with appropriate stress on the 1st & 2nd & 3rd syllable 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. pond arise allow arouse intention lay eggs jelly balls tadpoles later

1. Teacher pastes some words on the board. 2. Teacher reads the words with the correct pronunciation and appropriate stress. 3. Pupils repeat the words with correct pronunciation and appropriate stress.

- to guide the pupils to read the words with the correct pronunciations and appropriate stress.

- reading Skill - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd syllable words.

Presentation Step 1 (8m)

Paragraph Life Cycle Of A Frog List of words : 1. rain 2. pond 3. frogs 4. tadpoles 5. eggs Presentation Step 2 (8m) Common Nouns : - are general names of peoples, places, animals and things. Other examples : 1. jelly balls 2. fish 3. water

1. Teacher selects 2 3 pupils to read aloud the paragraph while the pupils read along with them. 2. Teacher discusses the paragraph using that shows the life cycle of a frog. 3.Teacher pastes a few word cards on the board and asks the pupils to identify the word group. 4. Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. 5.Teacher gives an explanation on common nouns. 6. Teacher asks the pupils to give some other examples of common nouns that can be found in the paragraph. - to ensure that pupils understand the paragraph.

- Reading texts

- Reading Skill

- Pictures showing life cycle of a frog - to emphasize common noun

- speaking skill

- grammar

Presentation Step 3 (6m)

Quiz Between 2 Groups Some Of the Wh-questions that will be be asked is : 1. What will happen to the

1. Teacher divides the pupils into two groups for the quiz. 2. Teacher asks some questions and pupils answer the questions.

- getting information by scanning the factual texts.

- CCTS - Listening Skill & Speaking Skill

water level after the rain ? After the rain, the water level in the pond will rise. 2. Which animal will come out to the pond? Frogs will come out to the pond.

3. The groups which answers the most questions correctly will be the winner. 4. Teacher asks the pupils to repeat the Wh-Question words that has been used in the questions and some other Wh-question words they had learned in the previous lessons.

Wh questions Wh questions words

Closure (3m)

Moral values

Teacher emphasizes on the -to emphasize on moral moral values that everyone must value. love the animals and they cant do any harm to them.

-Moral value