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Incentive: 2 percentage points will be added to your final grade. A maximum of 3 articles is allowed per student.

Example 1: Final Grade without incentive Add Total Example 2: Final Grade without incentive Add Total : : : : : : 81 (equivalent to a 1.5) 6 (assuming 3 articles were submitted & accepted) 87 (equivalent to a 2.5) 65 (equivalent to a 0.0) 6 (assuming 3 articles were submitted & accepted) 71 (equivalent to a 0.0; reminder: the passing grade is 75)

Directions / Guidelines / Requirements: 1. Select a research paper obtained published from a reputable academic journal. Working paper(s)/conference paper(s)/paper(s) written by your FINMAN2 professor will not be accepted. The following are the topic assignments: FINMAN2 K34 (0940-1110) 1 2 3 Sharpe ratio Information ratio Sortino ratio FINMAN2 K35 (1120-1250) Holiday effects Weather effects Day-of-the-week effect

2. You may choose from one or several topics assigned to your section. 3. There is no constraint re: time frame of article(s). 4. One accepted article is worth 2 percentage points to your final grade. Reminder: a student is only allowed 3 accepted articles. 5. For all sections concerned, please note that credit goes to the person who submitted first. Thus, any duplicate (from all sections concerned) will not be accepted. 6. A student with a rejected article may submit another article provided that the article is submitted within the deadline & that the article is not a duplicate (from any section). 7. A student may opt to submit one or several articles at any one time. However, to be fair to all, a student may submit a maximum of 3 articles at any one time. 8. Print the article using clean & short bond papers. Use black colored ink. 9. For each article, write your name (in CAPITAL letters), subject, section, the web address (or online database used) or full reference citation (for photocopied article), & the date the article was retrieved (for those using internet). 10. Submission is during class hours only. No article should be submitted on January 15, 2014. 11. Deadline (print-outs): Janaury 20, 2014 (during class hours only). Other Notes / Directions / Guidelines / Requirements: 1. This is an individual incentive. 2. The faculty reserves the right to reject any submission. In other words, a submission does not guarantee that the incentive points will be given. 3. For emphasis, do not use news articles, blogs, etc. A research article generally contains an introduction, a review of related literature, methodology, result(s), & conclusion(s)/recommendation(s). 4. As given in the examples above, the incentive may prove to be useful (refer to Example 1) or useless (refer to Example 2) to your final grade. 5. Not following any other instruction/direction(s) means no credit.