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Ja ran Rava J enderarsudi'#il, rakarla 1 027 0
|; ?llr'*rlfi Bu"

Nomor : 273 lD1.3lcl200g Jakarta, Zfl Januari Z00g

Lan-rpiran : 1 eksemplar
Perihal : Penalaran Training Plogramme in EducationalPlanning and Management

Yth. Pimpinan Perguruan Tinggi Negeri

di Iingkr.rngan Depdihnas

Vlenunjuk surat Kepala Biro Kepegar,vaian Setjen Departemen Pendidikan Nasional

Nonror: 2070lA4lKPl2009 tanggal 19 Janr.rari2009 perihal tersebut pacla pokok sr-rrat di
atas, dengan ini kami sarnpaikan surat pena\,varan UNESCO Nomor:
Ref.llEP/Prg.TEP/2008 .7 62 tanggal 1 5 Desember 2008.

jiha ada dosen dari lir-rgkungan pefguman tinggi Saudara ada yang berrninat
agar lnengiriml<an langsung kepada penyelenggara dengan ternbusan ke I(omisi
Nasional Indonesia untLrk INESCO.

Demikian untult diketahui dan atas perhatian Saudara kami ucapkan terima kasih.

Sekretaris Ditjen Pendidikan'l'inggi

Suryo Hapsoro TriUtomo

NIP. 131471476

Ternbusan Yth,
1. Sell'etaris Jenderal Depdiknas
2. Kepala Biro Kepegar.vaian Depdiknas
T'nta t1saha Firri piman
NOI qg n\,IENT/fiXT/20S9

TGL: 09 .- of -2oog
fnternational fnstitute for Educational planning
Institut international de planification de l,6ducation
Tel (direct line): + j3.
Int ernet : d. atcho ar en a@,i i ep. unes co. or g

Ref IIEP/Prg. TEP/2 008. 7 6 2

15 Decernber 2008


Subject: Invitation for candidatures to the 45th

session ofthe
Advanced rraining Progt'amme in Educational Planning
(1 September 2009 _ 30 June 2010)

The mandate and mission of the l:rternational Institute for

Educational plaruring (iIEp) is to
help trNESCo Member states s$ngbhgn their capacities to plan
and manage education. The
Advanced Training Programme (A
to the development-of national capacities. since i965, more than u,",
1400 specialists from over 150
trNESCo Member states have been trained through the ATp.

I have the honour- of informing you that IIEP is inviting candidatures

the Advanced Training Programme in Educational Pla,rning for its 45th session of
and Management, scireduled to take
nt-eltu"t -10.09.1139
proresstonaL progralrune at thEMaBtEis Jry:2.%o This proglanure has now been estabtished as a
levelJhereby invite you to present qualifred candid,ates
be considered for admission to our kaining ptogrum-L by the to
large number of applicants, we have r""d that each couatry
IIEp Selectio' il" cJ*riiffi**
.r;J ; maximurn of--four-
lppJtoatlogs' Furthermote, in order to increase the access or-wome#to-;d;"gramrne, Member
States are strongly encouraged to propose applications from
female candidates.

The enclosed official Announcement provid,es you with

full infonaation on the progranune
a'd the qualifications necessary for application. candidates
admitted to the programme wiil
participate, on a fuIl-time basis, in the rottowlng two phases
of the progru**",--

Ministers of Education
Member States of LINESCO


7-9, rue Eugdne Delacroix, Z 5l l 6 Paris, France

International Tel; (33) 1.45.03,27.00 - (33)
- Nafiornl Tel: 0l.45.A3.77.00
i::!i:rrr:r_r,riL._ .,--


In-Country Phase (l-30 September 2009)

In their home cou:rtries, prior to coming to Paris, participants will study self-teaching
materiais sent to them by IIEP' They will prepare a diagnosis of their particular
education ,yrtd
and will identify a topic for their Memoir/disiertation. fue would be grateful
if you could ensure
that admitted candidates are freed from their usual duties in Septemb &
zoog in order to
the preparatory work leading to the t'aining at IIEp in paris. "o*ft.i.
Training at IIEP (1 October 2009 to 30 Jrtne 2010)

The training in Paris is comprised of a Common Core and a Specialization phase.

programme also includes two study visits, in France and in a Member State
of IINESCO, and the
submission of a Memoir/dissertation.


The Advanced Training Programme leads to the participants obtaining the IIEp Master's
degree. Depending on the results, certain participants obtain the iIEP Diploma.
All parricipants
obtain a certificate of participation.

Selection process

Application: *" examined by a Selection Committee which takes into account the
applicant's academic qualifications, age: professional experience, and an assurance
by the present
employer that up'in completion of the progranune, the participant will be reinstaterJ
in hislher job.
The Committee strives for an equitable geographical and linguistic distribution among Member
States and pays special attention to applications from women and least-developed
Candidates are informed of the decision of the Selection Committee as of
May 2009 through
the National Commission for LTNESCO. Ali admitted candidates are expected
to report to IIEp on
Thursday 1 October 2009.

Costs andJinancing

Although IIEP covers most of the training costs, partial financial participation is
nevertheless requested to finance certain pedagogical costs, as well as living i' paris
repreqenting a total of €22,4A0 (twenty-fwo thousand four huncired Euros). Please"*p"rrr",
fild aftached the
Financial Appendix for details. In addition, participants must foresee the cost incurred in a round-
trip air ticket.
, Page3

As the process of obtaining fellovg5ftip5 is often long and

recommended that fellowship requests, to the coicerned
complex, it is strongly
agencies be made well in ad.vance
authorities presenting the candidaies (piease see by the
the attachei Note orz Fellowships).

Deadlinefor applications - 2 March 2009

In order to allow for the normal process of review,

selection and notification, application
forms' duiy completed and bearing uo official declaration
(Employeratrational commission), must reach
by the national authorify
IIEp by the 2nd of March zflag.
Should you need additional clarification, I shall be pleased to provide you with further

Accept, Sir/I4adam, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Mark Bray

Enci.: 3 copies of the Official Announcentent

3 copies of the Application Form
3 copies of the Financial Appendix
3 copies of the Note on Felliwships