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CONCEPT OF HUMAN NATURE Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting,

that humans tend to have naturally, i.e. independently of the influence of culture.

Religion and biology encourage human to find their fundamental needs such as food, house and relationship.

Human nature also influenced by their physiology, for example they are people who work hard to reach their ambition because that ambition might give the person emotion of happiness. Then the similarities can be found in religion where we are taught when people who really want achievement, they must keen and work hard for that and religion never prohibit person to gain something more that fundamental needs. DIFFERENCES

Every person must have good mind and good behaviour where every action that taken will not harm to other people. Furthermore, religion taught us every people must avoid sinful deed because it will lead us to suffer in the hell.

Every action that human did was actually influenced by our brain where the political thinking and behaviour are controlled by brain. Then a person cannot control their action because of the brain genome.

Religion taught us to get full control to our emotion; we must be patient and confident in every action. Every person must gain access control to their action.

Researcher has proved that characteristic of human was influenced by parenting style on a person childhood. For example parents who talk a lot to their children have kids with better language skills.

The God create the human as the best creature in this world, human can empower many abilities and talent. Every human capable to improved their abilities and talent.

Some person cannot do the thing that everybody else can do because the factor of genetics. For example, research shows that intelligent and talent can be also inherited from parent to their child.

Men are God's creation.

Every man is unique and is the most valuable creature created by Allah S.W.T.

-All religion believes that a man is born with good characteristics.

The uniqueness of man covers all aspect in life - economics, social, education, religion, tradition and so on. Man is capable to use his potentials to the maximum capacity.

The human brain is a gift from God that differs from other creatures on earth.

Nature of human man refers to the strength of human to reveal the truth of the religious and God as their creator

Nature of human from the biological perspective shows that genetic and environment influence the development of human beings. This will leads to the development of personality and behaviour of an individual.