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Year 7_1, 2 & 4 Camp

Monday 24th February Wednesday 26th February

Year 7_3, 5 & 6 Camp

Wednesday 26th February Friday 28th February

Swimming Sports Carnival

Friday 28th February

ACE Information Evening

Wednesday 5th March @ 7pm



2 1 ST F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 4


Year 12 students took part in a two day learning conference on February 6 and 7. Thursday's event involved an excursion to the Summit, Trafalgar East to participate in a range of challenging and team problem solving activities. Highlights including walking on a bed of nails, handling a snake, swinging in pairs on a 30 metre giant swing, laying on a wire 10 metres off the ground, negotiating through a cave in the dark and working in teams to complete a river challenge and a bush challenge. The over-riding message from the day was setting a "TARGET", "STRETCH BEYOND" and then "SUPER STRETCH" Friday's session was devoted to focussing on improvement. Key note speaker, Hannah Farah spoke at length about being good and getting better. Her focus was

largely on habits creating outcomes, so changing habits will result in changing outcomes. Students were exposed to the Looking After Our Mates program, a VicRoads DrinkDrive initiative. Staff presentations from Mrs. Ridsdale and Mrs. Park focussed on dealing with stress, and managing time, including study, work completion and preparation for exams. Over the next week, students will complete a survey on their thoughts of the program so it may be rened and improved for the future. Eric Bott

A Proud History, a Bright Future

Getting Ready for Year 12 Summit/Fountain Room
It was great to see the Year 12 students challenging themselves and supporting one another through a range of adventure and team building activities at the Summit on Thursday 6th February. The level of encouragement and support for one another was apparent and is a good sign of the way they will respond to the challenges of VCE. Day two at the Fountain Room at the Arts Centre was a little more sedate with a selection of speakers and activities aimed at getting organised and motivated for Year 12 with one eye rmly on next year and the future that beckons beyond school. Thank you to the Year 12 Team and in particular Eric Bott and Graeme Miller for their organisation and home group teachers Robyn Ridsdale, Tavis Longmuir, Jan Park and Tracey Collie for their help over the two days. a powerful speaker and his story of his search for the truth about what happened to 150 of our soldiers in World War One is a compelling story. A big thanks for Tim Whitford and RSL members Ron Blair and Noel Tucker for helping organise the talk.

Common Assessment Tasks (CATs)

One of the key tasks we have set for ourselves this year is to get all students to complete all Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) in Years 7-9 or School Assessed Coursework (SACs) in Years 10-12. These assessments are the compulsory part of the curriculum and are used to generate achievement levels for AusVELS and VCE grades. The other key use of these assessments is to identify students who need extra support or those students who are not making progress as well as being feedback for students on how well their learning is progressing. Over the course of 2014 teachers will be asking students to attend catch-up classes or after school homework classes when they have not completed set work within the timelines given. On these occasions parents will be contacted and your support in getting students to complete these assessments will be invaluable. In cases where students still do not complete CATs or SACs a support group meeting will need to be arranged with the student, parents and teachers to determine what extra support is needed to help the student to complete the set assessments. More detail about the processes that will be used to encourage students through this process will be presented in future editions of Worth Reading. The key message for all students is that learning at Warragul Regional College is not by invitation, we expect all students to learn. Rob Juratowitch Principal

Guest Speakers
Over the past two weeks the English/Humanities team have organised two wonderful guest speakers for students in Years 8 and 9. In Year 8 the students were given an interactive presentation by the CFA Rapid Response team. Students enjoyed listening about re behaviour and the CFA responses. The timing of the presentation was obviously very important given the recent res throughout our local area. Thank you to Trevor Cox for organising the CFA to speak to our Year 8s. Our second speaker, Tim Whitford, gave a presentation to Year 9 students about the lost diggers of Fromelles. Tim is


School Photos
School photos were taken on Monday the 17th, this week. As in recent years, Aussie School Photos was the photographer. Thank you to all parents and guardians that supported their children in preparation for the day. It was good to see nearly all of our students smartly dressed and in full uniform. For many of us, school photos are an important and treasured memento of our time at school and are important for school records. Class photos in particular are highly valued by students and their families for years to come and I'm sure when you look back on your own photos you will appreciate the extra care individuals have taken in their presentation and appearance on the day.

Ordering your photos

Students should have received a pre-payment photo pack that was distributed at Home Group Meetings on the 10th February. This should have been returned with payment to the photographer on the day. If however, you forgot to send payment along with your child or were yet to make a decision regarding the purchase of school photos there is still an opportunity to order online. Photographs were taken of all students that attended on the day, for school administrative purposes. Each student was given a unique on-line log-on code on photo day, by the photographers. Parents/ Guardians can use this code to go on-line to view the images taken, choose the image preferred and create a package to suit personal needs for content and price. Please note; the service the photographers provide is directly between families and the photographers. All enquiries regarding payments and services should be made directly to Aussie Customer service. Ph: (03) 9707 6653.


To ensure photos are included in the bulk delivery to the school, online orders should be made within 14 days after photo day. No order form: Students who were unable to place an order on photo day will be sent a PORTRAIT PROOF photo together with a second chance order form, with school photo delivery. Parents can then place a late order via the Aussie School Photos website Shared parenting situations: Aussies ordering system has been programmed to accept multiple orders for any one student. If required additional order forms can be collected from the general ofce, completed, and returned to Aussie Photos directly. All multiple orders will be delivered to the student with school delivery or marked hold at ofce if the package is to be collected by a second parent. Our data tells us that many of our school community use Compass on a regular basis, while differing in frequency. Because we recognise that the best learning occurs when there is good communication and strong partnerships between parents, student and the school, we will continue to improve and expand the services provided through Compass throughout the year.

Compass Information Night 18th March

To encourage and support parents/guardians in their use of this system we will be running an Information Night on the 18th March, beginning at 7:30pm in the Flexible Learning Centre. The information night will cover the basic functions of Compass in detail and highlight some new tools. Technicians will be on hand to assist any parents with password difculties. Compass Parent Portal provides live, up to date information regarding your child's progress and we encourage as many parents as possible to make a commitment to check the service at regular intervals that suit you circumstances and your access to the web. Smartphone users might also like to look at the Compass App which is available to download for free.

Introducing Compass to new and returning users

The Compass Parent Portal
As you are probably well aware, Warragul Regional College makes extensive use of a internet based communication tool known as Compass School Manager. This system is provided free of charge to all students and their families and provides vital communication between families and the school by giving parents/guardians the online ability to: View your childs timetable Report and monitor absences Change contact details View school notices Email Teachers Book parent teacher interviews Print excursion notices View and print student reports Monitor student learning tasks.

Trafc in and around the school grounds

A number of concerns have been raised by staff, students and members of the community regarding the ow of trafc and pedestrians in and around the school at pick-up and drop-off times. While, thankfully there have been no injuries there have been reports of some worrying behaviours of both pedestrians and drivers. The principal team has been observing the ow of trafc over the last week and have noted that the period of congestion is related to a small time period immediately prior to and immediately after bell times. After this initial rush, trafc returns to more manageable levels. There are no sure solutions to this issue, however all parties have a role in insuring an incident is avoided. To students: We remind you of your responsibility to use appropriate crossing points entrances and exits when travelling to and from school. We ask that where possible you avoid walking between parked cars as this makes you very difcult to see and we encourage you not to run onto the road to board vehicles not yet parked. To drivers: If possible and time permits, consider dropping off and picking up your child/ren 5 mins earlier/later to reduce the trafc ow at peak times, observe road signage and speed limits. Please be patient in pick up lines, and do not weave in and around trafc and avoid driving through parking spaces in the middle of car parks. Finally please remember the behaviour of younger children in particular is not always predicable. Cameron Nicholls Assistant Principal

User names/Passwords
New students to the college will shortly receive a letter containing a unique user name and password to access this site. We recommend that you change/personalise your password when you rst log on, and also check whether the personal details recorded for you are correct (address, phone numbers, etc.) For parents of existing students feel free to contact the school if you have forgotten your password.

Communicating with the school.

Warragul Regional College recognises that the use of computer based and internet services are not the preferred method of communication for some people. As a school we will continue to provide information through a range of mediums such as standard mail, telephone, SMS and email. Unlike traditional mail, one of the strengths of Compass is that we are able to gather information regarding who has used the service. This is important in assessing our communication strategies and determining whether or not people are accessing the relevant information regarding the learning of their child/ren.


Its not okay to be away ... nor to be late to school
Regular school attendance is a prerequisite for improved participation and educational outcomes and is the responsibility of everyone in the school and wider community. We know that students with irregular and poor attendance often struggle at school and the value they receive from their education is greatly diminished as a result. When kids miss school, not only is their academic progress impeded, forcing them to catch up on missed work (which some never do), they often miss important interactions with their peers which can compound issues of social isolation and low self-esteem. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your child has a bright future is to make sure he or she goes to school every dayand gets there on time. It sounds simple, but its true. The correlation between school attendance and childrens achievement levels is well-established. The more time kids spend at school, the more likely they are to experience school success. Its now commonplace for children to stay away from school for reasons that would have been unheard of just twenty years ago. These include staying away to celebrate their own or a siblings birthday; being absent because they stayed up too late watching television; going shopping for clothes; an extended long weekend; and kids not wanting to take part in a sports day or special school event. This type of absenteeism sends a strong message to kids that parents dont really value learning or their childrens school experiences. Australian kids only spend 15% of their total time at school. They spend more time asleep than they do at school. So we need to maximise every day to get full value. That means turning up to school every day, on time. As a parent: Commit to sending kids to school every day. Make sure kids arrive at school and class on time. Inform the school when they are away, sending medical certicates and other evidence of genuine absence. Consider catching-up on missed work. Make kids who are away stay in their bedroom that is where ill kids should be. If a child misses 15 periods, equivalent to 3 school days in a semester with unapproved absences he/she will be spoken to by their Home Group teacher. If a child misses 30 periods, equivalent to 6 school days in a semester with unapproved absences he/she will be interviewed by their Year Level Team Leader and parents will be notied. If a child misses 45 periods, equivalent to 9 school days in a semester with unapproved absences a parent interview will be required with the Year Level Team Leader. If a student misses 60 periods, equivalent to 12 school days in a semester with unapproved absences a student support group meeting will be arranged. This meeting will involve the student, parents, Year Level Team Leader, Student Wellbeing Manager and a member of the college Principal Team.

We saw a large improvement in our attendance data in 2013 due to the introduction of this policy and the use of our COMPASS attendance package and of course the support from the parent body. We thank you for your ongoing support in this very important aspect of your childs schooling.

Thriving at school
What are some of the main issues that children face at school, which parents may not be aware of or consider? I think we forget just how social and emotional school is. Children are placed in age-cages, where one day can determine which 'year' you are in, who you mix with and what you will learn. Children need to mix and feel connected. This isn't always going to be a smooth and happy journey. Learning can be difcult learning social skills and emotional intelligence means there can be upset. But they are just as important in the development of kids as learning the traditional 3Rs Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic. These new 3Rs Respect, Responsibility and Relationships - are important for our kids' futures. In classes, parents sometimes forget that their kids are being cared for by adults who are neither family nor close friends and these people are professionals. Sometimes we forget just how much experience of children our quality teachers have they have a history of hundreds of children. Where parents see the world of their child, teachers see the world of 'their' children. I also feel that parents are much more focused on 'success', which can be based on how my kid is doing against other kids in the same class. You hear some parents say "he has to catch up, he is slipping behind". This makes learning out to be a race. But it isn't. A plant that grows quicker doesn't have a better ower. What are the personal qualities that can help a child succeed at school? This is really entering into the world of emotional intelligence the personal growth and development of

\The College has implementing a new attendance policy last year called:


a good and happy learner. These qualities are not just for school they are for life; after all that is what we are really trying to develop in school. This is the domain of social emotional well-being. We nd that the real qualities are the new 3Rs: Respect - Everyone has the right to be respected. Respect comes from appreciating something for what it is not what it can do for us. Respect means having regard for others by accepting that other people are different but just as important as you are. Respecting yourself means that you stand up for yourself and don't let yourself be talked into doing things that you know are wrong or make you feel uncomfortable. Responsibilities - We must take responsibility for our actions - for our learning, for possessions, for following rules, and for being kind. We become responsible by gaining satisfaction in knowing that what we do is appreciated. Parents must respect that schools have to assert rules to ensure all kids act responsibly. Relationships - Once respect and responsibilities are understood, good relationships follow easily. This is probably the most important element for happiness in a life. The most important relationship we should strengthen is the one with ourselves. How we relate to 'us' is fundamental for social and emotional well-being. For it is this relationship that offers us the greatest platform on which to build success, to increase our condence, to tackle change.
Excerpts taken from Thriving at School: A practical guide to help your child enjoy the crucial school years (2nd Edn), by Dr John Irvine and John Stewart.

year 7 - 9 reaDing program

This year the English Domain is introducing a new reading program for all students in Years 7 to 9, designed to specically improve each students reading comprehension. Once a week as students have their timetabled reading session in the Library, they will start the class by reading a selected card from a given Literacy box. The reading comprehension level of every student has been determined by analysing test results. Warragul Regional College is the rst school in this area to utilise this program and student progress and engagement is being continually monitored. These literacy cards feature imaginative, informative and persuasive texts from a wide range of genres across the Australian National Curriculum. Throughout the year students will work their way through a Literacy box which incorporates comprehension, word study and grammar questions in a multiple choice format. Separate answer cards allow the students to work and progress at their own rate while keeping a record for their own and teacher reference. Once the student has read their card, answered the questions and self -corrected, they will be able to choose a novel from our extensive collection. We encourage all students to read widely and borrow a book or two to take home for recreational reading purposes. As well as the students undertaking a reading program at school, there are ways families can help students build upon their reading skills at home. Some easy ways to practice reading skills at home are: Reading the newspaper together and discussing current events Discussing books your child is studying at school. It is always helpful to have a knowledge of the novel Playing board games such as scrabble Hearing your child read Joining the local library Kay Frost Penny Jewell Curriculum Leader 7-9 Library/Resource Manager

The College has a strict uniform policy in place and it is expected that all students follow this policy. I seek parent support in this issue to ensure that your son/daughter wears the appropriate uniform to and from school. In the future students who continually attend school out of uniform may be sent home to change into the correct uniform. We have had a very good start to the year in terms of uniform compliance and we thank the parent body for their support in this area. The main issue with uniform at this time is the number of students who continue to wear incorrect footwear to school. The school dress code and uniform policy states that black leather school shoes or boots (girls shoes must be of T-Bar design at the very least) must be worn. Could we please ask all parents to insist that the correct shoes are worn to school? If you are having nancial difculty we can offer you support through the secondary schools relief fund. Please contact our Chaplain Mrs Donna Hunter to organise this support. Les Ponton Assistant Principal

Guest speaKer at WRC Finding the lost diggers of Fromelles

A guest speaker from the Shrine of Remembrance Gippslander Tim Whitford recently held Year 9 students from Warragul Regional College spellbound with his presentation about the Battle of Fromelles. This conict on the Western Front in France on July 19th, 1916, saw Australia suffer its heaviest losses from a single day of warfare in this nations history. Our 5,533 casualties on that one date (killed, wounded or missing-in-action) were equivalent to Australian losses from the whole of the Boer War, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. Despite the massive number of casualties involved as Tim Whitford explained nothing had been known about the location of the remains of Australian soldiers lost at Fromelles for almost a century. Using photographs taken during World War One, plus a range of other pieces of evidence, Tim gave fascinating details about his groups detective work in tracking down the graves of the missing Diggers of Fromelles. He spoke with a special passion about being able to set to rest the troubled heart of his beloved grandmother the persistence of Tim and his team had helped to locate the body of her uncle, Tims own great-uncle, Private Harry Willis. Representatives from Warragul RSL were every bit as enthralled as students and staff from Warragul Regional College by Tims fascinating talk. Thanks to Tim Whitford and his colleagues, a sense of identity and dignity has been restored to Australian soldiers left for almost a century in an unmarked mass-grave near the French village of Fromelles. As a result of Tims presentation organised by Humanities teacher Mr Trevor Cox Year 9 students at Warragul Regional College now have a much greater appreciation of sacrices made by Australian servicemen during wartime. Rodney Williams Year 9 English-Humanities teacher

Push Over

is a fully supervised festival coming to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Monday 10th March 2014. This festival is for all ages, and proudly a drug, alcohol and smoke-free event! It is not for prot and aims to highlight emerging Australian talent. It has been running for 22 years and is managed by youth music organisation The Push. Most importantly, it provides a safe festival alternative over the boisterous Labour Day Weekend.

WHO: Allday, Bam Bam, Buried in Verona, Chance Waters, Citizen Kay, Cub Sport, Deez Nuts, Dream On Dreamer, In Hearts Wake, Johnny Third, Lucianblomkamp, Make Them Suffer, Outright, PEZ, Remi, Luca Brasi, Saviour, Sierra, The Bennies, The Smith Street Band WHEN: Labour Day Public Holiday,
Monday 10th March 2014

TIME: Midday 8.00pm VENUE: Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne TICKETS: $45 +bf via Ticketmaster

MORE INFO: (03) 9380 1277


If you are interested in undertaking work experience with the Baw Baw Shire this year you will need to meet a number of guidelines. This year the Baw Baw Shire has introduced cut-off dates for applications to assist in streamlining of the process. Students should access the Baw Baw Shire website (details below) to see what opportunities might be available at council. If you identify a placement opportunity that interests you, please contact one of the Careers staff who will assist you in completing the application requirements outlined below

How to Apply
All requests for work experience placements require a minimum of one month notice and applications close as follows: Placement between March- June: applications must be received by the 15 March. Placement between July Feb, including summer vacation period: applications must be received by 15th August. Work_Experience
The West Gippsland Arts Centre team has already agreed to host one student from each school in the district on the dates provided by the Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN. One Structured Workplace learning (SWL) Placement Yr 11/12- 1 day per week for 10 weeks is also available at the West Gippsland Arts centre Students with an interest in the Arts/Theatre production(backstage)/ Business Admin/marketing are encouraged to apply. Please encourage your students to apply asap following the process on the Website. Other departments across council are currently considering what placement opportunities may be available.

Note: It is not always possible to place all students who request a placement due to the number of requests, the work load of departments, the availability of a staff member to supervise the student, or the availability of work space.Council endeavours to place as many students as it can. Applicants wanting to apply for work experience are required to complete aWork Experience Request Form and return with a resume to the Learning and Development Advisor. Applications will then be referred to relevant departments and the applicant will be advised if a placement opportunity is available. If a position is available, applicants are required to attend an interview with the relevant supervisor.

Baw Baw Sustainability Network invites you to a MOVIE night

Trashed where Jeremy Irons looks at waste around the world and how third world countries are dealing with the problem. Opportunity for discussion at conclusion of documentary. Thursday 27th Feb 2014 @ 7.30pm REstore, 79 Princes Hwy, Yarragon Light supper provided ($5 members, $7 non-members) RSVP: Mon 24th Feb E: W:

9 7


SWPBS is an evidence based framework comprised of practices and systems for establishing positive school cultures, learning and teaching environments and individual behaviour supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students.
In a recent edition of Worth Reading I explained in simple terms the framework that is school-wide positive behaviour support. I thought now would be an appropriate time to give you a progress report and briey outline our plans for 2014. In recent weeks the entire College staff has undertaken an on-line EBS (Effective Behaviour Support) survey which examines the status and need for improvement of four behaviour support systems: Both Surveys produced very similar results, and gave us a clear picture of the goals we need to construct for 2014, which are:

Dene Expectations ~ what do our College Values (Community, Achievement, Respect, Effort) really mean? What do those values mean or look like in different settings?

School-wide discipline systems Non-classroom based management systems Classroom management systems Systems for individual students engaging in chronic problem behaviours
Additionally, working with Anne Outhred (Educational Consultant), we have conducted a SET (School-wide Evaluation Tool) survey of both teaching and non-teaching staff and students at all year levels, which is designed to:

Teach expectations explicitly ~ introducing, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important step of a students educational experience.

Recognise and acknowledge ~ positive social behaviour is the key to our success.

Assess features that are in place Determine annual goals for SWPBS Evaluate ongoing efforts toward school-wide behaviour support Design and revise procedures as needed Compare annual efforts toward school-wide effective behaviour support

Correct inappropriate social behaviour in a positive manner through the re-teaching of the appropriate behaviour.

When a student cant spell........we teach When a student cant read.........we teach When a student cant count........we teach When a student cant behave......we dont punish..we TEACH
Iain Luck Assistant Principal ~ Student Services


What Next?
An information session for parents and educators of young people with disabilities or learning difficulties in secondary school

Door Prize

Wednesday 26th March 2014 5:00pm- 7:00pm Community College Gippsland

McMillan Campus 71 Korumburra Warragul Road, Warragul

Wednesday 29rd May

Who should attend this session?

Students with a disability or learning difficulty and all those who support and advise them.

What is the focus of the session?

This session focuses on options and supports that are available with information about:

pathway planning post school funding tertiary education apprenticeships employment volunteering day programs

Free Sausage Sizzle

RSVP: For catering purposes by

What is the sessions structure? From 5.00pm: Finger food and sausage sizzle provided on arrival 5:30pm: Welcome & Brief presentation providing an overview of the services and support offered by Futures for Young Adults and Centre Link followed by a panel discussion with information on how and when to connect to the wide range of supports available. 6:00pm: Individual transition story a perspective on a young persons transition journey. 6.15pm: Time for individual questions with Exhibitors Representatives from employment agencies, apprenticeship centres, further education, funding providers, day programs and others will be in attendance. 6.30pm Door Prize drawn

Wednesday 19th March 2014 Enquiries: 56 250 217

Free Finger Food



Community, Achievement, Respect, Effort

Preparing Learners st for the 21 Century

You are invited to the Warragul Regional College


Wednesday 5 March 2014 commencing at 7:00pm in the Flexible Learning Centre


for families of current Year 5 & 6 students
Tuesday 22 April 2014 commencing at 7:00pm in the Flexible Learning Centre
Contact Jai Law 5623 9900 for personal tours by appointment

55 Burke Street Warragul 3820 | Ph: 13 (03) 5623 9900 | Fax: (03) 5623 4473




O 1 F

9E 1 D 1 U

1 IO 0 2T -A C

N 1


C ommunity A chievement R espect E ffort

Quote of the week

I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions. Lou Holtz

Diary Dates
Mon Wed Wed Fri Tues Wed Fri 24-26 Feb 26-28 26 Feb 28 Feb 4 Mar 5 Mar 7 Mar Year 7_1, 2 & 4 Camp Year 7_3, 5 & 6 Camp Chaplaincy Meeting @ 5:30pm Yr 8 Inter Cricket Knock Out Competition Swimming Sports Carnival E Learning Training Wellbeing Meeting @ 5:30pm ACE Information: Evening 7pm Senior Cricket Knock Out (Gipps) Fri Wed 21 Mar 26 Mar RR Tennis/Volleyball/Softball/Baseball Chaplaincy Meeting @5:30pm Yr 7 Cricket Knock Out Competition Mon Wed Tues 10 Mar 12 Mar 18 Mar Public Holiday - Labour Day Swimming (Gipps) Compass Parent Information Night @ 7:30pm School Council & Finance Meeting @ 6:30pm


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2014 bell times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am 9:05 am 9:13 am 10:10 am 11:07 am 11:34 am 11:39 am 12:36 pm 1:33 pm 2:13 pm 2:18 pm 3:15 pm Locker Bell Homegroup Period 1 Period 2 Recess Locker Bell Period 3 Period 4 Lunch Locker Bell Period 5 End of Day Thursday (Extended Homegroup) 9:00 am 9:05 am 9:30 am 10:27 am 11:24 am 11:44 am 11:49 am 12:46 pm 1:43 pm 2:23 pm 2:28 pm 3:25 pm Locker Bell Extended Homegroup Period 1 Period 2 Recess Locker Bell Period 3 Period 4 Lunch Locker Bell Period 5 End of Day

eDucation maintenence allowance reminDer

A reminder for families who are eligible to apply for the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), all applications must be submitted by Friday 28th February. Sorry, no late applications can be accepted.
P.O. Box 213 | 55 Burke Street Warragul 3820 | Ph: (03) 5623 9900 | Fax: (03) 5623 4473 | Web: E-mail: | A.B.N. 19 320 417 831 | CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K




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