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I am much thankful to Almighty Allah the most beneficent, the most mercy full who has given me strength to complete this task. I am also thankful to Mr. Muhammad Arshad and Mr. Muddassar Ahmad Bhatti, Branch Manager and Operation Manager respectively of Mee an Bank !imited, "ulshan#e#$avi Branch, !ahorewithout whose guidance and support it would not have been possible for me to accomplish this assignment.

%urther more, I am indebted to the staff of Mee an Bank !imited, "ulshan#e#$avi Branch,!ahore from whom I have gained much e&perience regarding operational work of Bank is concerned. 'he last but not the least I convey my credit and thankfulness to (irtual )niversities Authorities without whose well in time support and guidance it would be much difficult for me to achieve this task successfully.

Executive Summary
Mee an Bank !imited *MB!+ *the holding company+ was incorporated in ,akistan on -anuary ./, 011/ as a public listed company under the companies ordinance, 0123 and its share 4uoted in5arachistock e&change. MB! was registered as an 6Investment financing company on August 2, 011/ and carried on the business of investment banking as permitted under 7$O 828*I+92/ dated -uly 0:, 012/ in accordance and in conformity with the principle of Islamic sharaih. A certificate of commencement of business was issued to MB! on 7eptember .1, 011/. MB! was granted a 67cheduled Islamic commercial bank; license on -anuary :0, .<<. are formally commenced operations as a scheduled Islamic =ommercial Bank >ith effect from March .<, .<<. on receiving notification is this regard from 7tate Bank of ,akistan *7B,+ under section :/ of the 7tatement Bank of ,akistan Act, 018?.

Mee an Bank !imited has ... branches in ?: cities across ,akistan and it became the 00thlargest Bank in ,akistanin term of branch network. Mee an Bank !imited being an Islamic Bank offering its products to its customers strictly in accordance with the shariah compliance. It is doing business in =orporate Banking, =ommercial Banking, =onsumer Banking, retail Banking, Investment Banking keeping in view the all norms and standards of Islamic in@unction. Auring the period of my internship from 2 May, .<00 to . -une, .<00, I worked in =ustomer 7ervice 7B=, =learing C $emittance and Account Opening successfully and ac4uired a lot of knowledge and e&perience while interacting with staff of Mee an Bank !imited. As for as different ratios of Mee an Bank !imited, they all give a healthy sign regarding financial position of the Bank as well as operation results of the different financial years. All ratios are fully in accordance with the banking Industry;s standard and norm which is a yard stick to measure the performance of any bank. 'hese ratios depict and indicate that the financial strength of the Bank is on a higher side and future prospect of the Bank is brighter. =onclusion and $ecommendations are an integral part of this report. Bibliography regarding data collection and references where from informations have been obtained.


Banking plays a very significant role in the economic development of a country. After ,artition of India and ,akistan British "overnment;s commission distributed the reserves between,akistanand India. In August 013/, various Banks transferred their head4uarters and funds to India. Before partition of ,ak#o#Dind, some Banks were operated which were =hartered Bank, "rind#lays Bank, Imperial Bank of India, Australasia Bank and Dabib Bank. After the independence of ,akistan, Muslim =ommercial Bank !imited, Bank of Bahawalpur !imited, ,un@ab Eational Bank and Eational Bank of ,akistan were providing banking facilities to general public. 'he 7tate Bank of ,akistanwas inaugurated by our great leader Muhammad Ali -innah. On 0st-uly, 0132. Australasia Bank and Dabib Bank were providing facilities to the ,akistan;s nation. After some period, Australasia Bank !imited was converted into Allied Bank of ,akistan. 7tate Bank of ,akistan is a =entral Bank of ,akistan. Other Banks are =ommercial Banks, 7peciali ed Bank and Investment Banks. Eow a days in ,akistan, fifty four banks are operated with thousands of branches. Banks are providing Banking facilities to their customers and clients by offering different services and packages. ,akistan;s banking sector consisting of Islamic Banks, ,rivate Banks, ,ublic 7ector Banks, and Micro %inance Banks. 'hese Banks are doing =orporate Banking, 'rade %inancing, !ease %inancing and some Banks are providing online banking facilities, A'M facility and money transfer facilities also. Banking sector is a back bone of our economy. If this sector is making progress than whole economy is also growing a lot. Our Agricultural sector, Industrial sector, Mining sector, F&port sector all depend on the banking industry because Banks provide long term funds as well as short term funds to all these sectors to meet out their short term as well as long term re4uirement. Dence, banking progress is necessary indeed.

Vision statement:
Fstablish Islamic banking as banking of first choice to facilitate the implementation of an e4uitable economic system, providing a strong foundation for establishing a fair and @ust society for mankind.

Mission Statement:
'o be a premier Islamic bank, offering a one#stop shop for innovation value added products and services to our customers within the bounds of shariah, while optimi ing the shareholder value through an organi ational culture based on learning, fairness, respect for individual enterprise and performance.

Product line
De osit roducts
Mee an Bank offer the largest range of $iba#free Aeposit Accounts for ,ersonal Banking

$upee =urrent Account !abbiak 7aving Account

$upee 7aving Account Aollar 7aving Account Furo 7aving Account ,ound 7aving Account Mee an Bachat Account Business plus Account

!erm "erti#icates $%i&a' #ree !erm De osit "erti#icate(

Mee an bank provides a complete range of short term and long term deposit certificate with the fle&ibility of monthly, 4uarterly, semi#annual and annual returns

=ertificate of Islamic Investment Mee an Amdan =ertificate Monthly Mudarabah =ertificate Aollar Mudarabah =ertificate

"onsumer )inance
=onsumer finance provides for construct a home, purchase a car, etcG

Fasy Dome =ar I@arah !aptop Fase

Electronic *anking
Flectronic Banking provides non#stop banking convenience, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

(isa Aebit =ard Internet Banking A'M Eetwork Mee an Buickpay 7M7 Alerts

.39/ =all =enter

Mee an Bank is dedicate in its efforts to provide a 4uality banking e&perience to our customer via a range of uni4ue Banking 7ervices

!abbaik 'ravel Aasaan Online Banking 2 to 2 Banking !adies Banking Dome $emittance >estern union Money 'ransfer

"om etitors
'he ma@or competitors of Mee an Bank !imited are Bank Islami, Aubai Islamic Bank ,akistan !td, Albarka Islamic Bank. 'he other competitors are Bank Al#%alah !imited, Bank Al Dabib !imited, Askari Bank !imited, )nited Bank !imited, Allied Bank !imited, 7oneri Bank !imited, %aisal Bank !imited.

Introduction to All De artments

Mee+an *ank ,imited has &een divided into #ollowing divisions:

Assets Management %etail *anking Division ,ia&ility Division "ommon Assets Division "redit Administration Division -uman %esources Division )inance Division !reasury and International Division In#ormation !echnology Division "or orate *anking Division . eration Division

"redit %isk Management Division "ontrol and "om liance Division Esta&lishment Division !raining/ %esearch/ "ommunication 0 Pu&lic Division "onsumer *anking Division "redit Policy Division Audit 0 Ins ection Division 1eneral Service Division ,aw Division

Asset Management
'he Bank invest funds on behalf of its customers *shariah compliant investment product+ and gives them access to a wide range of traditional and alternative product offerings. %or e&ample open end funds, pension funds and closed end funds

%etail *anking Division

In this division bank deals with customers and e&ecute their transaction directly. Bank provide the service of savings, checking of accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards and A'M cards.

"redit Administration Division

In this division, banks deals with the credit, banks gives loans to individuals ans to the corporations.

Audit 0 ins ection Division

'his department of the bank conduct audit of all the branches and submit its reports to the top level management to take corrective measures.

-uman %esource Division

'his division performs the duty of hiring the employees, training the employees as well as retaining the employees and if necessary, firing the employees.

)inance Division
'his division controls the overall activities relating to finance i.e. monitoring the investment activities, financing activities, Aebit and =redit of funds and reasons there of with proofs.

!raining/ %esearch/ "ommunication 0 Pu&lic Division

'his division makes research about the new product, imparts training to newly hired employees as well as old employees for innovation as per the rules and regulation of 7tate Bank of,akistan.

. eration Division
'his division controls the whole operation of all the branches and controls the cash activities, che4ues, account opening and other things about operations.

,aw Division
'his division engages the lawyers and gives them the power of attorney to protect the bank to in courts of law where cases have been filled by the bank against defaulters of loan as well as against the bank by the general public.

In#ormation !echnology Division

'his division provides the relevant systems for working in the bank and protects the data in computers at central place and controls the overall online system on daily basis.

"omment on organi+ational structure

'he organi ational structure of the Bank consists of top level management, middle level management and lower level management. 'he top level management comprises of president, e&ecutive vice president, and divisional heads. 'he middle level management comprises of departmental heads, 7(,s and (,s. 'he lower level management comprises of A(,s, Managers, and Operation Managers. 'he reporting system at hori ontal level is much effective and successful. 'he reporting system at vertical level i.e. from lower level management to middle level management is also accurate, timely and complete. 'he middle level management gives information to high level management at which decision are made, rules and regulations are amended keeping in view the present scenario.

!raining Program: Mee+an *ank ,imited 1ulshan'e' %avi *ranch/ ,ahore $2345(
Mee an Bank !imited opened its branch at %#1, "ulshan#e#$avi, !ahore in .<</. 'he code of branch is <.08. 'he branch incharges consist of a Branch Manager and Manager Operations. Manager Operations control the whole staff. 'he staff consists of branch system administrator and operational staff *include "rade#0 officer, "rade#. officer, "rade#: Officer and three cash officer+ I started internship on 2th April, .<00 which ended on .nd -une, .<00. 'he duration of the internship was about 2 weeks. 'he staff of the branch was much cooperative. 'hey imparted me training in all departments of the branch i.e. =ustomer 7ervice # 7B=, =learing C $emittance and Account Opening. %rom 2th April, .<00 to .:rdApril, .<00 I worked in =ustomer 7ervice where from I learnt a lot regarding attention given to customers by the staff of branch. %rom .8thApril, .<00 to 0?th May, .<00 I worked in =learing C $emittance department where at I learnt about Inward =learing, Outward clearing, 'ransfer of %unds. %rom 0?thMay, .<00 to .nd -une, .<00 I worked in Account Opening Aepartment in which I learnt how to open an account, how to close an account and how to operate an account.

!raining rogram
>ith the name of Almighty Allah, I started my internship with Mee an Bank !imited on 2thMay, .<00 which continued till .nd -une, .<00. On first day, the Branch Manager called me in his office and asked some 4uestions about my studies and teachers. De told me some basic rules and regulations about banking operation and introduced me with other staff members of the Bank

Service 6uality De artment

In this department I worked from 1th April, .<00to .: April, .<00where from I learnt a lot about floor time management and 4uality assurance affairs in branch.

)loor !ime Management

>hile standing near the main gate we ensure that customers coming into MB! are properly looked after. >e also create a sense of ownership of service 4uality and also develop a service mindset and ultimately a 4uality service culture at MB!. %urther more, we mange the sale and service area of the branch to provide ma&imum opportunities to our clients as well as provide a sense of comfort and personal attention.

%es onsi&ilities o# )loor !ime Management

>e maintain and file daily working sheet of %loor 'ime Management and record customer;s complaints in the =$M. >e monitor daily log of 'A' sheet and put up it to Branch Manager. =omplaint handling and its follow up is made on daily basis. Modifications and improvements are suggested in the system and process. 'ry to make coordination between branch and Dead Office regarding service 4uality. !ead %loor Manager is assigned duty first of all.

%es onsi&ilities o# ,ead )loor Manager7 )loor Manager

!ead %loor Manager welcomes all the customers and introduces himself with a smiling face and checks branch cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere in the branch. De also checks availability customers stationary at proper places as well as maintain the notice and assist in 7B. Individual customers are provided comprehensive services. De moves around the banking hall and cash counters area to ensure that every customer is looked after properly.

"learing and %emittance De artment "learing:

After learning in 7ervice Buality Aepartment, I worked in =learing Aepartment from .8thApril, .<00to 08th May, .<00. I learnt their about =learing of different che4ues and remittance handling. I was told there the main ob@ects of clearing. I received all the clearing che4ues and made a schedule of these che4ues after making entries in outward and inward clearing registers and sent the same to main branch where at all the che4ues were sent to EI%' $8ational Institutional )acilitation !echnology(


EI%' stand for Eational Institutional %acilitation 'echnologies. =learing Douse of 7B, has shifted a part of its work to private institution named EI%'. EI%' collets =he4ues, Aemand Araft, ,ay Order, 'ravelers =he4ues, etc. from all branches of different Banks within city through its carriers and send them to the branches on which these are drawn for clearing. EI%' prepares a sheet for each branch and send it to each branch as well as to 7tate Bank of,akistanwhere accounts of Banks are settled.

!y es o# "learing Inward "learing

>hen che4ues of other Banks are deposited in our bank, after clearing these che4ues through EI%' by the other Banks on which these are drawn. Accounts of the customers are credited.

.utward "learing
>hen che4ues of our bank are deposited in other Banks and these che4ues are sent to us for verification, we debit the of our client after verification their account

$emittance department transfer the funds from one bank to another bank and one place to another place. In this department collection takes place. MB! makes payment of only open che4ues at the counter and prohibits the payment of crossed che4ues. MB! transfer money from one place to another place by way of payment order, demand draft, inward collection, outward collection.

Account . ening De artment

Account . ening Procedure
I worked in Accounts Opening Aepartment form 0?th May, .<00to .nd -une, .<00.

Account . ening )orm

'his department relates to open new accounts =ustomers approach to Bank and an Account Opening is given to him for completing and signing the same. After completed account opening form in all respect and checked by the bank officer and properly signed by the customer which is also verified by the Operation Manager. 7pecimen 7ignature =ard are got signed form the customer and after verifying the information written their in, =ustomers are given account number and all these informations are saved in the system.

"om letion o# the )orm

After completed account opening form in all respect and checked by the bank officer and properly signed by the customer which is also verified by the Operation Manager

S ecimen Signature "ard $SS"(

7pecimen 7ignature =ard are got signed form the customer and after verifying the information written their in, =ustomers are given account number and all these informations are saved in the system.

Signature Di##erence )orm

'he signature of the client is taken on a signature difference form if his signature differs from the =EI=.

"om uteri+ed "hecking

After filling in the form, the officer connected via internet to the EAA$A website checks the record of his customer;s social life. If the record of the person is ok, then the officer of the bank authenticates the record under his signature and stamp and send it to the Branch Manager

Account 8um&er
After completion of all formalities, final approval for opening of account is taken form the Branch Manager and an account number is allotted to the customer and all the informations are recorded in the computer. Account number is written on the che4ue book re4uisition. After completion of all procedures, the bank prepare a letter and send it to the client at his postal address to pay gratitude to the customer.

"he9ue *ook Issuance

=he4ue Book re4uisition for first che4ue book is send to Dead Office, 5arachi for issuance the same. 'he che4ue consists of .8 leaves and no charges are deducted from the account the account of client. 'here after bank sends a recommendation for .8, 8< and 0<< leaves with different prices and charges are deducted from the account of clients.

Procedure #or "losing o# an account

>hen ever a customer wants to close the account, he fills up an account closing form and signs their in, account balance should be ero, approval is taken from the Branch Manager specimen card is taken back and is attached with the form and account is closed.

,ocker . erations
!ocker facility is also available at all the branches of MB! for keeping the valuables their in and this facility is only for account holders. As for as privacy is concerned, lockers are located in a specially designed area protected with strong room doors and grills under the control of two officers, operated by use of Master 5ey and =ustomers 5ey supplied to the customer at the time of locker is rented out. !ockers are three typesG 7mall, Medium and !arge lockers. 7ecurity fee of locker is $s. :<<< which is refundable and charges for 7mall $s. 0<<<, for Medium $s. 08<< and for !arge $s. .<<< per annum. A separate application form is complete and signed by the customer along with 77 =ard and a copy of =IE= with two photographs. After completing all the formalities a locker is allocated to the applicant and 5ey is given to him with locker identification card.

Procedure o# issuance o# *ank Statement

%or issuance of bank statement a re4uisition slip is taken from the customer duly signed and the period form which the customer wants to take the statement. After verification of signature Bank 7tatement is issue to the customer and $s. 88 are deducted from account of customer

Procedure o# Sto Payment

%or stopping the payment, we take sign of the customer on stop payment form where in account number with date and amount of che4ue is written. =ustomers also mention the reason of stop payment then we mark that che4ue as stop payment. =harges of stop payment are $s. .8<. Eow the bank will not make payments of these che4ues.

Procedure #or A!M7PI8 Issuance

Mee an Bank limited provides the A'M facility to its =ustomers and they can withdraw their amount at any time through A'M. %or issuance of A'M, customer has to sign an A'M form and Bank office make an entry in the system and with in 08 days bank receives A'M card from Dead Office which is given to the customer. %or issuance of ,IE and activation of A'M customer has to call the help line *000#::0#::0+. After verification of customer, a ,IE number is issue to him and his card is activated.

As for as business of the bank is concerned it is 4uite up to the mark keeping in view the standard of banking industry. Bank is located in "ulshan#e# $avi where Bank Al Dabib, Dabib hank limited , Dabib metropolitan bank limited as well as Allied bank and M=B are also doing business in the same area but Mee an Bank limited is competing with all these banks and increasing its clientele. Bank is giving better services to its customers as well as better farcicalities to its employees, its employees are making an untiring effort to increase the profit of the company on year to year basis as well as time their best to increase the wealth of the shareholders. Bank is offering many products to its customers which are increasing the margin of the bank. As for as ,rofit Margin, "ross ,rofit Margin, Operating ,rofit Margin and $eturn on F4uity is concerned, it is much satisfactory keeping in view the standard of industry. %i&ed Assets 'urnover, 'otal Assets 'urnover, $etune on 'otal Assets, Farning ,er 7hare and ,rice Farning $atio are as too much satisfactory and 4uite up to the mark of industry which shows that financial health of the bank is very much sound and it will be a

going concern for and indefinite period. Its profit from operation is seems to be reasonable and showing an increasing trend on year to years basis. %urther more "ross ,rofit Margin is also reasonableH ,rofit Margin is also showing a healthy sign. Bank;s future is future to much secure and it will flourish and grow in the days to come.

As for as I have observed during my training, the bank should improve the services given to the customers so that they may feel satisfied. Bank should increase its products in order to enhance its margin so that it may compete in the market. %urther more employees are the assets of the bank which must be motivated by the management of the bank. Fmployees should be given incentive in the shape of cash award, increase in pay, promotion etc. if the customers of the bank are satisfied and employees of the bank are hardworking as well as loyal, the bank will make progress by leaps and bounds. Management of the bank must try its best in order to satisfy the customers as well as motivate the employees. As for as ratio are concerned, its current ratio is much below the standard which needs to be increased in order to grow in the market. >orking capital is the life of every organi ation, in .<<2 working capital is in negative but in .<<1 and .<0< working capital is positive but below the standard. >orking capital must be increased by the bank so that the bank may show its short term solvency to meet out its short term debt. Aebt of the company is <.1.11 in .<<2, in .<<1 is <.11?< and in .<0< is <.1.23 which shows that the Bank is highly levered. Aebt of the company is on higher side which must be decreased to show it long term solvency. Eet profit Margin on sale although increasing on year to year basis but is much below than the standard of industry which also need to be increased in order to grow in the markets.