A selection of work by Brent Brooks

Updated November 16th, 2006

“Personal, human, simple”

Allstate Anonymous automobile insurance quoting tool - 2006 During 2006 I lead the concept and creation, as well as the interaction and visual design, of Allstate’s anonymous quoting tool. This tool utilizes asynchronous communications and DHTML to create a keyboardless and pageless experience. (Launch Q1 2007)

Allstate Anonymous automobile insurance quoting tool - 2006

“Direct, functional, structured”

DuPont General site redesign - 2004 While leading DuPont’s interactive account we pitched, won and designed DuPont.com’s business, government and industrial facing side. Recreating Dupont.com allowed for the integration of DuPont’s 26,000 product confederacy to be united under a single branded site.

“Modern, clean, bright”

DuPont Consumer site redesign - 2005 While leading DuPont’s interactive account we had the opportunity to design and develop consumerfocused templates for DuPont.com’s consumer side, starting with DuPont’s countertop portfolio.

“Simple, light, modern”

DuPont Worldwide communications styleguide - 2005 Working with BIG (Brand Integration Group) at Ogilvy and DuPont, I lead the creation of an online repository for the entirety of DuPont’s global brand identity and styleguides: online, offline, on-air, as well as print-based campaigns.

“Aspirational, luxurious, interactive”

American Express Cruise Travel Site - 2005-6 While at Ogilvy I lead the team developing the concept and design of an American Express prototype introducing members to cruise travel. The challenge was to invent a new approach to cruise travel online. Some of the components were: an introduction to cruising; featuring a browsing tool based on personal interest, travel guides, and a VIP section.

“Open, clean, simplified”

Cisco Cisco.com innovation and website redesign projects - 2006 As a key member of the team that developed the roadmap for cisco.com 2.0—a project that will take cisco.com from a static website to a collaborative workplace—I was instrumental in the research, prototyping, and redesign detailing currently in use on Cisco’s million plus page website.

“Functional, clean, efficient”

Lilly Connect Creating an extranet of sorts for Doctors using Lilly pharmaceuticals - 2005-6 I lead the conceptual, visual and interaction design segment of the lillyconect extranet. We used DHTML and clear visuals to create an unobtrusive framework for the site and a centralized repository for all of Lilly’s products.

“Luxurious, focussed, clean”

Lenovo Redesigning lenovo.com - 2005 In 2005 my team modernized and updated lenovo.com while working within their existing design constraints. The challenge was to align the site with Lenovo’s new brand identity and incorporate the recent ThinkPad acquisition.

“Personal, positive, human”

American Chemistry Council Redesigning of AmericanChemistryCouncil.com - 2005 An Ogilvy 360 project working to reposition the image of “chemical” companies, our interactive group lead the online segment of this project spanning email, rich media, and the website.

“Warm, luxurious, colorful”

Starwood resorts Various Projects (honeymoon shown) - 2003 During my time at Merkley I was responsible for the design of numerous Starwood sites including the honeymoon site (featured above) which showcases many of Starwoods exotic and romantic locations.

“SImple, straightforward, clean”

Lipitor Lipitor.com, cholessterol.com - 2003 While at Merkley I created rich-media banners and targeted emails for Lipitor the number one cholesterol-reducing drug in America.

“Friendly, personal, positive”

Novartis Femara.com, and RibbonofPink.com - 2004 I lead the redesign of Femara.com, the ‘breakthrough’ breast cancer drug produced by Novartis. In addition to the design of the unbranded site RibbonofPink.com providing information about Femara.

“Functional, clean, efficient”

KPMG - UK HBoS, Diageo - 2001-2 While working for Metrius in London, I had the opportunity to work on several large-scale program management tools and prototypes.

“A few more examples”