Habit Loop

The Habit Loop Experiment

11/26/2013 10:40:00 AM

Routine: Stop masturbating Craving for relaxation: Meditation Intellectual stimulation = reading book/learning Expression = journaling Endorphins = exercise Entertainment = music

Cue: Location – Room Time: 12:39pm Emotional State: Boredom Other People: Alone Immediately Preceding: Using the laptop

At 12:30pm when I’m tried/cranky, I will lie down in bed and listen to relaxing music for 15 minutes. Cue: Location-Room Time: 7:20pm Emotional State: Bored/Tired Other People: Alone Immediate Preceding: Using laptop When I am bored/alone using a laptop, I will listen to 10 minutes of relaxing hip hop music. Cue: Location – Room Time: 6:55 AM Emotional State: Bored/Cranked

I will listen to 10 minutes focusing on relaxing to hip hop music When I am bored/alone using a laptop in a room for around 30 minutes.Other People: Alone Immediate Preceding: While using laptop for around 15 minutes When I am bored/alone using a laptop in my room. . I will M-100 exercise to EDM of 2 sets.

I ate water crackers Cue:      Location: Room Time: 7:12pm Emotional State: Bored Other People: No one Immediately Preceding: Using the laptop for a long time . eating potato chips Cue:      Location: Room Time: 11:52pm Emotional State: Bored/Hunger Other People: Mom Immediately Preceding: Watching videos on laptop At 11:55pm bored and hungry. I will spend 10 minutes journaling about my day Routine: Going to sit down in front of a laptop.11/26/2013 10:40:00 AM Routine: Stop eating junk food  Craving for relief: meditation  Endorphin: exercise  Entertainment: music  Energy: walk breathe  Pump: dance EDM  Social: Talk to friends  Learning: 20 min new Cue:      Location: Room Time: 8:55pm Emotional State: Calm/Bored/Hunger Other People: none (mom asleep) Immediately Preceding: Shower/Bath At 9pm when I’m Bored.


Focused  Other People: no one  Immediately Preceding: Sitting at my desk .11/26/2013 10:40:00 AM Routine: Studying 2 hours  Craving sense accomplishment: Smile and “I’m King”  Craving for entertainment: one episode of TV Cue:  Location – My Room  Time: noon  Emotional State: Calm.

I will dance to EDM music for 10 minutes . waiting Time: 12:45pm Emotional State: Boredom Other People: Alone Preceding – Opening laptop At 1:25pm when I’m bored.11/26/2013 10:40:00 AM Stop FB/Youtube  Craving for distraction: Book 1 chapter  Entertainment: music  Relaxation: calming meditation  Stimulation: learning new  Expression: Journaling Cue:      Location – Room.

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