Creative Story: Dorko One day, Dorko walks into a popular fast food joint for reason than

that is where his feet took him. Taking haphazard ites !ustomer"s food, he !rookedly makes his way to the line at a register. Of !ourse, the a!t of getting in line was a !omplete a!!ident. at the menu$ he stares at the employees$ he stares at a man pi!king po!kets. no other from other !ash #e stares his

%&eed help'% start Dorko, %#ere, it makes things a lot easier if ( just hand you my wallet. )refera ly with you holding a gun to my a!k so as to s!are the di!kens out of me. *ut of !ourse, you would e easily !aught in a !rowded pla!e like this. +ould you like to go outside' +e !an sit around in an alley until it gets dark out. +e !ould stage the perfe!t a!t of random violen!e. +here are you going' Stop running,% Dorko stood in line for a out a half hour. &ot e!ause of the lun!htime rush, ut he just didn"t know to move forward. -inally, after a ni!e shove from an angry !ustomer, Dorko had his !han!e at the register. %#ello, how are you doing today'% asks Dorko. %.ou know, it"s a funny thing. ( was feeling just fine, ut now ( want to lose my lun!h,% replies a ald, fat, sorry, weight impaired lady ehind the !ounter. %+ell, what will it e'% %+hat will what e'%

%#ello' /re there any !onne!ted synapses here' Tradition says that now is the time you tell me what you would like to order. Then ( respond y telling you how mu!h money shall e0!hange hands and you wait for a thum twiddling long time for us to get your food.% )ointing his finger, Dorko says, %+ell then ( will a!1uire one of those, that, this, and some of these.% #aving lost her patien!e many a minute ago, the lady says, %2ook dork, ...%

pla!e of employment. +ell..% Time passes without so mu!h as a reath. 2et me take a minute to think this over. &ow. where were we' Oh yeah. %#oly #eaven have mer!y.56 .. time passes and Dorko eventually makes his way to the front of the line. %#ow goes things'% %#ello amusingly moroni! idiot.%That"s Dorko.% 2et us riefly take a !ouple se!onds out of the main story to noti!e that Dorko is not wearing a wat!h nor does he know how to tell time. Sorry for the in!onvenien!e. unless this o server knew Dorko.% thinks the register lady aloud. %." 3ake it fast e!ause there is now a line of a out fifty si0 people ehind you. Okay. in whi!h this a!t would not in the least way surprise the person.. look at the menu ehind my fat head and tell me what you would like to order. %he"s a!k with a vengean!e. please. . "3inus the onions. ( have a jo to do.. whi!h !ir!led the uilding. you simply say. Suddenly Dorko !ontinues the !onversation.% Confusion sets in. for e0ample. Then if you would like anything taken off the urger. assuming you !an read. Dorko seems to e having a staring !ontest with the a!k of his hand. /n o server would e !ompletely dum founded y this a!t of aimless stupidity.. and found a new spot at the end. %2ook Dorko Oh. my order.% %#ello amusingly sar!asti! lady.% says Dorko.% %Thank you very mu!h.57 . perhaps ( will !ommen!e the ordering pro!ess.% Dorko now gets out of line. as mu!h as ( like to listen to you say !ompletely stupid dialogue.89. +e will now pro!eed with the story..% Order or get the he!k out of my %Sin!e my stoma!h"s arrow is starting to point to "4".

76.% Shaking her head in her hands. The lady stared at Dorko$ Dorko stared at the lady$ The lady stared at a man su!!essfully pi!king Dorko"s po!kets. %-or the syrup ("ll just give you a )epsi. / large what'% %/ large what what'% %. Throw in a !ouple pa!kets of ket!hup and that leaves us with only one pro lem left. She said nothing of the in!ident and was a!tually 1uite happy of its o!!urren!e...% /nd give me eight of %.% The lady !heers up a it. the lady says. take that off too. Se!ondly.% said the lady in her %( just give up% tone of voi!e. you !an give me a large. .. you !an give me a !ouple of lits. ("m pretty hungry. ( would like a !heese urger.. ut ( will have to wait it out. -inally. almost in tears. %Oh. eight urgers :personally poisoned. +ell to drink ( would like some syrup.ou want a !heese urger minus the !heese and sardines. %("ll just give you a large fry. +hat"s two plus two'% %<reen. %Thank you.%. think ("m starting to figure you out.% .% %+ell.ou said you wanted a large. See you (t has to e a large something.% %&o ( don"t like ham.% The ne0t minute or so passed in the all too familiar silen!e that seems to follow many of Dorko"s order. %That will e =>7. (n fa!t mu!h of it was not understood y the employees either. She pressed a !ouple of uttons that would seem <reek to the average person. -irst.. you mean *2T"s.. only enough to !ompletely s!rew up even the simplest of orders. ne0t year. them. pra!ti!ally the same thing. &e0t was the !ouple of lits'% The lady thinks for a few se!onds. minus the !heese and sardines.. te!hni!ally a ham urger.Okay. with ket!hup please.% remarks Dorko.% ( %( knew you"d say that. %2et me get this straight.

. On his return a!k dorko left the uger joint a out his food. not the ye. +hen he got home Dorko found three ro ers taking all of his things.. Dorko yelled e0tremely loud %STO)% pea!ing the ears of the ro ers.. -or years Super 3an Ar. Dorko said :it really slipped of the lady"s finger when she got his money out.99 ill out of his wallet his food.. and fight !rime. #e got into his !ar and drove a mile down the road. and stopped mid?word. #e gra ed his a!k po!ket and realized there was a ring in his a!k po!ket.% The lady got really mad and rea!hed into Dorko"s Dorko just wat!hed as the lady took a =@9.%&o. %#ow did this get her'%. #e got out and to his surprize there was nothing on his seat. said Dorko. %( guess it was my imagination%. So. +hen he put it on his finger all of a sudden everything egan to e !lear to him.% yelled Dorko.. ("m parked in the middle of the road.. Dorko stopped right in the middle of the road e!ause it still was othering him.% started the lady. Dorko emediately got into his !ar and drove home.. a!k po!ket. %Oh my. Dorko de!ided to !hange his name to Super 3an Ar. %+ell%. and gave him had to go to for geting all +hen Dorko sat down in his !ar he felt like he was sitting on something. Out of sheer fight the three ro ers ran. 1ui!kly realizing the uselessness of an e0planation. Dorko liked it a lot. that was the pri!e. #e used his super psy!hi! a ility to send mopha mem ers to jail with little or no eviden!e :everyone elieved in Super 3an Ar. stopped ad guys and sent them to jail. Dorko was truly amazed he wondered if he was the son of Super 3an or something. #e loved his jo and everyone loved him. /s he walked to the eating pla!e he suddenly realized he the restroom.

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