comprehensive prevention measures and a state of constant preparedness are absolutely indispensable to ensuring fast and effective assistance in the event of a disaster. which has made Deutsche Post DHL an important player in the worldwide humanitarian community. Disaster management (GoHelp) A partner the United Nations can depend on Smart. we support global relief efforts by volunteering our logistics expertise. our air logistics experts work closely with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to prepare airport officials and government disaster management authorities for the logistical challenges of a disaster response operation. encourage others to get involved for the first time. our global network and the personal commitment of our individual employees. 73 . At the core of the Group-wide GoHelp program is the strategic disaster management partnership with the United Nations (UN). Through our Group-wide programs GoHelp and GoTeach we focus our CR activities on disaster management and education.CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP A valuable contribution to society As part of the communities in which we conduct business. PREVENTING AIRPORT BOTTLENECKS (GARD) Ensuring the sustained success of GARD training With our Get Airports Ready for Disaster (GARD) program. We actively support existing employee volunteer efforts. the extensive experience of our employees and the power of our global network. Along with financial support. We also conduct thorough risk assessments of airports in disaster prone regions. we also contribute our know-how. our Corporate Strategy includes a commitment to social issues beyond the boundaries of our own operations. When called upon by the UN. and collaborate closely with non-profit organizations around the world.

The primary aim of the course is to help deepen the integration of the initial workshop results. more than 120 employees took part in a total of four DRT trainings. On call for deployment in the Americas. These courses include training in disaster management fundamentals. Over the course of the nine day deployment. We also conducted a refresher course – called “GARD plus” – for the first time in 2012 at the Beirut airport in Lebanon. With such agreements in place. the Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. eight employees provided support to a local relief organization over a four day period. once our support has been requested by the United Nations. The DRTs provide logistics support such as unloading cargo planes and warehousing and inventory of the incoming relief supplies at no charge. the Philippines and Armenia. We offer regular training courses for our DRT members to ensure that they are deployment-ready and able to meet UN standards at all times. In the reporting year. Chart. as well as one GARD plus. the governments can also contact us directly to request the services of our DRTs. our DRT teams can be on the ground and operational at a disaster-site airport within 72 hours. As part of a deployment in the Philippines. For the coming year. We currently have bilateral memoranda of understanding with 11 countries in disaster prone regions. In 2012. the UN and the participating relief organizations. future DRT deployments can be executed without bureaucratic delays. warehouse management and any other focus areas identified by Deutsche Post DHL. As stipulated in the memorandum of understanding. 59 of our employees helped handle 70 tonnes of relief supplies. three workshops were held in Lebanon. we have established a global network consisting of over 400 specially trained employees who volunteer their time to be a part of our Disaster Response Teams (DRT). DISASTER RESPONSE: ON THE GROUND WITHIN 72 HOURS On-site logistics support when disaster strikes (DRT) In cooperation with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Through their work. one of our DRTs was deployed to Guatemala. food and medication to those in need effectively and quickly. we are planning at least one training for each DRT region. No new memoranda of understanding were signed in the reporting year. our teams make sure that disaster relief organizations can get warm blankets. Turkey and Indonesia for approximately 80 participants. Disaster management (GoHelp) in 2012 74 .Over the course of the reporting year. For 2013 we are planning workshops in El Salvador.

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