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AR 609

Integrated Software in the Architectural Office
Section 4154 Thursday 6:00 - 8:30 PM 3 class hours, 3 credits V 834B

Course Description: The course is designed introduce the student to the variety of software that is being used in an Architectural Design Office. The student will be provided with the guidelines for better implementing AutoCAD into the office environment and integration of specialized software into all aspects of the architectural profession. The world of computers is continuously growing, with new technology appearing every day. The intention of the course is to teach the student to open their eyes to this growth and to provide ways of keeping up with technology so that they may provide the Design Firm with up to date information about the world of computers. Prerequisites: Suggested Text: AR 561 Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature By: Matt Kloskowski Amazon Price: $26.39 The Adobe Illustrator CS3 Wow Book By: Sharon Steuer Amazon Price: $34.64 Materials: Format: . Attendance policy: A Flash Drive.... The course will be a series of lectures and class discussions followed by participation of students in weekly individual and group projects. For a class that meets once a week - Two (2) absences. Two late arrivals [more than ten minutes] are equal to one absence. If a student exceeds the absences he/she may fail the course. 30% for Group Presentation 20% for e-Portfolio 50% for Assignments Professional presentation and punctuality in meeting deadlines will be stressed, as one would expect in a work environment. Projects are due on the date assigned by the instructor. A student will receive a penalty of 1 full grade for each date the assignment is late. If the project deserves an A but was delivered two classes late, the student will receive a C grade. [From A to B to C] This penalty will be enforced even if the student is absent from class on the deadline day. Do not stay home from class if your project is not ready, it does not pay.


AR 3609 Integrated Software in the Architectural OfficeSpring 2007

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Course Requirements:

Each student is responsible for turning in a project even if he/she is absent on the day the assignment is due. Projects should be submitted in the proper format, for example, original print outs or emailed files as directed. It is the student's responsibility to have the telephone numbers of a few members of the class, or if possible to see the instructor to find out what was assigned for the following class.


Upon the successful completion of this course, the students shall be able to: 1. Demonstrate a basic proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, Illustration, image editing and scheduling software. 2. Identify the similarities that exist between various software programs and how to incorporate new software into an office environment. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of Internet search engines and incorporate the information into research and analysis. 4. Demonstrate basic knowledge of other computer software that may be used in an Architectural Office.

Course Outline: Week 1 (Jan 31st) Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Demonstration and overview of the basic components of Microsoft Word 2007 focusing on general formatting, page layout and design issues. Assignment 01: Emailing a Resume Microsoft Excel, Part One Demonstration and overview of the basic components of Microsoft Excel focusing on basic formulas and formatting issues. Assignment 02: Cost Estimate Microsoft Excel, Part Two Using Microsoft Excel to create a formatted schedule. Assignment 03: Project Schedule Adobe Illustrator. Part One Overview of Illustrator tools and vector artwork concepts. Assignment 04: Rendered Floor Plan Adobe Illustrator. Part Two Group Project Assigned Importing Autocad and PDF files. Microsoft Powerpoint Using Powerpoint with Autocad, Illustrator and Photoshop. Assignment 05: Presentation Formats Rhino 3d Introduction to 3d concepts and technical modeling Assignment 06: Canopy Model Rhino 3d Integrating with Autocad and Basic Rendering Assignment 07: Canopy Rendering

Week 2 (Feb. 7th)

Week 3 (Feb. 14th)

Week 4 (Feb 21st)

Week 5 (Feb. 28th)

Week 6 (Mar. 6th)

Week 7 (Mar. 13th)

Week 8 (Mar. 20th)

AR 3609 Integrated Software in the Architectural OfficeSpring 2007

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Week 09 (Mar. 27th) Adobe Photoshop, Part One Introduction to Photoshop Assignment 08: Photographs Week 10 (Apr. 3rd) Week 11 (Apr. 10th) Group PowerPoint Presentations Adobe Photoshop, Part Two Layers and masking Assignment 09: Gallery Wall and Perspective Matching ePortfolio review of final requirements. 80% In class review Adobe Photoshop, Part Three Color correction and Image editing concepts Assignment 10: Page Layout and Design Adobe Photoshop, Part Four Advanced and new features of CS3

Week 12 (Apr. 17th) Week 13 (May 1st)

Week 14 (May 8th)

Week 15 (May 15th) ePortfolio In Class Presentations Each student presents his or her ePortfolio Website

AR 3609 Integrated Software in the Architectural OfficeSpring 2007

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