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Pak-China Relations

China-an all weather friend, time tested ally of Pakistan.

Chinas Involvement in the Development of Pakistan 1. MoU 2006: Up gradation of Karakuram Highway which runs from Kashgar, Xingjian to ilgit in Pak. !trategically, a "ery important highway. #nce this project is completed. $he transport capacity of this strategically significant highway would increase three-folds. %ore than &' ( of its e)penditure is afforded *y China. 2. Ga a!a": a. +t has *een de"eloped *y China. +t could *ecome an international trade once the security situation in !outh ,sia is pacified. *. awadar would gi"e an access to the west +ndia, China to reach out to C,-! resources and meet their appetite for energy. +t would pro"e e)tremely *eneficial for the economy of Pak. c. awadar sea port is around ./''-.0'' Km from the southern pro"inces of china. 1hile these pro"inces of China are around 2/'' Km from its own sea ports. , *etter option for china to trade through compara*ly less de"eloped pro"inces of China. d. awadar is ine"ita*le for China from its security point of "iew. +t could easily control the ,ra*ian !ea and +ndian #cean through awadar. %usharraf said in .''2, 3if our security is threatened, China would *e welcomed to make control o"er the ,ra*ian !ea4. awadar, and to de"elop the

#. $ilate"al %"a!e: +n #cto*er .'55 Pak- China trade was &./ *illion dollars. +t was aimed to project it to 5/ *illion *y the end of .'55 *ut this could *e achie"ed due the rise of se"ere im*alance *etween the e)ports and import of Pakistan. #cto*er 5/, .'5', Pak and China agreed to dou*le the *ilateral trade and to strengthen ties in economic, defense and energy sector. P.% China promised to support Pak agriculture. &. 'ne"() *e+to": a- Pak-china launched first e"er 6oint 7nergy 1orking energy crisis in Pakistan. *- 7sta*lishment of 8ational 7lectronic Comple) in Pak that would cast 9'' million dollars. c- China would plant two new ci"il nuclear reactors in Pak each ha"ing the capacity of producing .'' %1 electricity. China has already planted three ci"il nuclear reactors each producing .'' %1 electricity. d- China has promised to assist the 8eelum 6ehlum hydro electric power project and other hydropower projects in ,:ad Kashmir that would produce around 0''' %1 electricity. 1en 6ia*ao has retreated his go"ernment pledge to help Pak in *uilding medium and small si:e dams. e- ;ongfong 7lectric Corporation <;7C=, one of the largest state owned Chinese conglomerates has *een associated with Pak 1,P;, and -ailways and made "alua*le contri*ution to the de"elopment of energy infrastructure and -ailway transportation capa*ility of Pakistan. f- China has contri*uted to the de"elopment of hydro power project. ,. %"anspo"tation: a. Karakuram Highway. *. +n railway sector ;ongfong 7lectric Corporation completed ?@ high Auality ;iesel electric moti"es and 59'' high capacity foreign 1agons at a much cheaper price. ha:i >arotha project, 6innah roup to resol"e the ilani and P.% 1en 6ia*ao discussed measures to carry out projects in -ailways, -oads and #ptic fi*ers.

?. . %oUs signed on space concessional loan, space technology and alternati"e energy. $he successful launching of P,K!,$-+- satellite sets yet another manifestation of PakChina strategic partnership. 0. Chinese personals presence in ,:ad Kashmir who are *usy in completing different projects and +ndiaBs o*jection o"er it. +ndia feels that China is hurting the +ndian feelings as ,:ad Kashmir is a part of +ndia. &. ChinaBs Kashmir PolicyC 3chinaBs Kashmir policy remains to *e consistent. Chinese spoke person says, 3$he Kashmir issue is a matter of left o"er from the history. +t should *e resol"ed properly? through dialogue and consultation *etween +ndia and Pak4. Defense ties: +n the midst of immense security challenges faced *y Pakistan like so"ereignty "iolation e"eryday going down Pak-U! ties, etc has forced Pakistan to turn towards the 7ast <China and !C#= in order to ensure its security. #n the other hand China needs a secured Pakistan due to the following factsD a- $he importance of awadar from trade and security point of "iew. *- $he creation of greater >aluchistan means the permanent stay of the western powers, particularly U!, in the region and their control o"er the C,-! resources. Ultimately no or less share of China in it. c- $he creation of reater >aluchistan also means the encirclement of China is complete. $he consolidation of U! in >aluchistan means its control in the ,ra*ian sea through awadar. $hat certainly curtail the Chinese role in the +ndian ocean. Pak- China *e+-"it) +olla.o"ation: 5- $he Pak-China joint "enture of 6E-50 $hunder is under production in Pakistan ,eronautical Comple). .- %oUs signed to hander Pakistan 6-5' medium role com*at aircrafts, K-& jet trainers, E-0 aircraft, $-&/ tanks etc. 9- China also colla*orated with Pakistan in *uilding Hea"y mechanical comple), ,eronautical comple) and other defense units. 2- +n 5@&'Bs and @'Bs China pro"ided Pakistan with eAuipments and technologies to enhance PakistanB nuclear and *allistic missile programmes.

/- +n 5@@., China pro"ided Pakistan with 92 short range *allistic %-55 missiles and also colla*orated to de"elop the 0/' km range solid fuelled !haheen-5 *allistic missile. ?- ,ccording to ,*dul Fadeer Khan China supplied Pakistan with significant Auantity of low-enriched uranium that helped Pakistan in 5@&'Bs to accelerate the weapon grade uranium. 0- ChinaBs supported Pakistan in its war against +ndia in 5@?/. &- >esides Chinese premier 1en 6ia*ow "isit to Pakistan and his 1en 6ia*ow speech to the 8ational ,ssem*ly in Pakistan where he sent a clear ,message to the international worldD 3 $he international community should not consider Pak alone4. He further saidD 3,n attack o"er Pak would *e considered an aggression against China4. ;uring 1enBs "isit 5/ *illion trade agreement and 9? *illion dollars %oUs were signed during his "isit to Pak. 1enBs speech to point parliament of PakC 3$o ad"ance the all-weather strategic partnership o cooperation *etween China and Pak is our common strategic Choice4. 1en supported PakBs role in war on terror. He saidD 3$he international community should gi"e great support as well as respect in the path of de"elopment chosen *y Pak4. Pak /m.assa!o" in China sai!: 3Premier 1enBs "isit had three o*jecti"es, namelyD $o consolidate and strengthen our strategic partnership including in the defense area, to deepen economic and trade cooperation and to promote people to people contacts and cultural ties. ,ll three o*jecti"es were achie"ed4.