8Printed on paper containing 30% post consumer material
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I. Lxecut|ve Summary
Slnce Lhe release of Lhe º8eady Lo Launch" plan ln !anuary, Lhe clLy has made slgnlflcanL progress Loward
Lhe goals of creaLlng Lhousands of addlLlonal free, full-day pre-klndergarLen seaLs, and creaLlng Lhe
sysLems needed Lo ralse quallLy LhroughouL Lhe sysLem. ln shorL, Lhe clLy ls on Lrack Lo fulflll Lhe promlse
of enabllng each famlly of a 4-year-old Lo access hlgh-quallLy, full-day free pre-klndergarLen, lf Lhe
resources are Lhere Lo fund lL.
Whlle many speculaLed abouL Lhe clLy's ablllLy Lo ramp up qulckly, Lhe clLy wenL ouL Lo publlc school
prlnclpals and communlLy-based organlzaLlons, and asked Lhem Lo propose amblLlous buL reallsLlc plans
for expanslon ln Lhe nexL year. As parL of Lhese appllcaLlons, schools and C8Cs musL ldenLlfy space for
Lhe program and puL forLh a comprehenslve plan for ramplng up for SepLember - lncludlng how Lhey
wlll ldenLlfy, Lraln and supporL Lhelr Leachlng sLaff. Many organlzaLlons LhaL applled already provlde
some uÞk, and all programs, sLarLlng from Lhe Llme of appllcaLlon, musL meeL and susLaln rlgorous
quallLy sLandards. 1eams of uCL sLaff have begun revlewlng wrlLLen appllcaLlons and slLes Lo ensure any
program servlng 4-year-olds dellvers hlgh quallLy servlce.

1ogeLher, publlc school prlnclpals and communlLy-based organlzaLlons from roughly 930 slLes
creaLlng more Lhan 29,000 new seaLs - 8,000 more Lhan needed Lo meeL Lhe º8eady Lo Launch" LargeLs
for SepLember 2014. lurLhermore, Lhe ueparLmenL of LducaLlon (uCL) plans Lo run addlLlonal
sollclLaLlons LhroughouL Lhe year. Whlle Lhe clLy musL compleLe Lhe revlew of Lhese proposals Lo ensure
LhaL Lhey meeL quallLy sLandards, and LhaL Lhe space Lhey propose Lo use ls sulLable and susLalnable,
Lhese resulLs glve reason for sLrong confldence ln Lhe clLy's ablllLy Lo achleve Lhe plan's goals on Lhe
proposed Llmellne.
Leaders on Lhe ground, ln publlc schools and communlLy-based organlzaLlons have puL forLh proposals
for servlces Lo be offered ln classrooms sLarLlng Lhls SepLember.
Commun|ty-8ased Crgan|zat|ons
C8Cs submlLLed proposals for 647 slLes, represenLlng approxlmaLely 20,000 poLenLlal new and
converLed full-day seaLs. We have recelved proposals from nelghborhoods across Lhe clLy ln all flve
boroughs from organlzaLlons as dlverse as Lhe clLy Lhey're proposlng Lo serve. Cur call for Lruly unlversal
pre-k has ellclLed a Lruly unlversal response.
ln addlLlon Lo Lhe 8lÞ, Lhe uCL surveyed 307 exlsLlng uÞk C8C provlders wlLh uCL conLracLs Lo gauge
lnLeresL and capaclLy for provldlng full-day pre-k Lhls fall. Þrellmlnary esLlmaLes suggesL LhaL Lhe uCL
could poLenLlally secure 6,000-8,000 more seaLs by engaglng half-day uÞk provlders from survey
respondenLs who dld noL submlL an 8lÞ. 1o furLher expand Lhe C8C pool, Lhe clLy wlll survey an
addlLlonal 330 slLes LhaL offer parL-day uÞk wlLh Chlld Care and Pead SLarL Lhrough an LarlyLearn
conLracL wlLh Lhe AdmlnlsLraLlon for Chlldren's Servlces Lhls week.

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Þub||c Schoo|s
1he day afLer Mayor de 8laslo lald ouL hls pre-k plan before Lhe new ?ork SLaLe LeglslaLure's [olnL
budgeL hearlng, Schools Chancellor Carmen larlna senL a memo Lo all prlnclpals, encouraglng Lhem Lo
apply. WlLhln Lwo weeks, roughly 280 elemenLary school prlnclpals expressed lnLeresL. uurlng
lnformaLlonal calls led by Lhe uCL's Cfflce of Larly Chlldhood LducaLlon, prlnclpals expressed exclLemenL
for supporLlng lmplemenLaLlon, glven hlgh demand for full-day pre-k ln Lhelr communlLles.
As wlLh Lhe C8C 8lÞ, Lhe publlc schools ln our appllcaLlon plpellne come from communlLles across all
flve boroughs, surpass our responses from lasL year, and lnclude enough seaLs Lo meeL ?ear 1 publlc
school LargeLs. 8ased on resulLs of Lhe publlc school appllcaLlon survey, schools are proposlng roughly
9,000 new and converLed full-day seaLs.
new ?ork ClLy's unlversal pre-k plan, aL lLs core, ls abouL ensurlng all chlldren across Lhe clLy have access
Lo hlgh quallLy full-day pre-k. CuallLy ls essenLlal and non-negoLlable. Cur chlldren and our clLy deserve
more Lhan [usL access Lo #+% pre-k program. 1hey and Lhelr famllles deserve an enrlchlng and
welcomlng learnlng envlronmenL, ln whlch chlldren acLlvely explore, dlscover, make frlends, use new
vocabulary ln meanlngful ways, develop foundaLlonal llLeracy and maLh skllls, and Lhlnk crlLlcally Lo solve
problems. 1he selecLlon of hlgh quallLy pre-k provlders wlLh space Lo accommodaLe sLudenLs ls
Lherefore a plvoLal drlver of successful lmplemenLaLlon.
Cur emphasls on quallLy means LhaL noL all appllcanLs wlll be accepLed. 1haL sald, beLween Lhe 29,000
seaLs proposed Lhrough Lhe C8C and publlc school appllcaLlon processes and 6,000-8,000 addlLlonal
seaLs ldenLlfled Lhrough Lhe uCL space survey, we wlll meeL SepLember LargeLs, even lf noL all appllcanLs
are approved or some appllcanLs recelve fewer seaLs Lhan requesLed. uCL ls prepared Lo run an
addlLlonal C8C mlnl-sollclLaLlon Lhls sprlng and addlLlonal publlc school appllcaLlon rounds, as has been
done ln Lhe pasL.

1he number of programs and classrooms needed Lo supporL clLywlde expanslon of full-day pre-k ls no
longer an absLracL number of poLenLlal classrooms. Leaders on Lhe ground, ln publlc schools, and
communlLy-based organlzaLlons have puL forLh proposals for servlces Lo be offered ln classrooms
sLarLlng Lhls SepLember. CurrenL esLlmaLes puL new ?ork ClLy well on lLs way Loward meeLlng ?ear 1
LargeLs, and we have Lhe Llme and lnfrasLrucLure needed for securlng addlLlonal provlders and space, lf

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

II. 8ackground

1he followlng paper ouLllnes speclflcs on benchmarks meL Lhrough our C8C 8lÞ and publlc school
appllcaLlon processes.

"keady to Launch:" key Ieatures of the UÞk-N¥C Þ|an
• 73,230 4-year-olds Lo be served, up from 20,000 recelvlng full-day pre-k currenLly
• Plgh quallLy opLlons for famllles ln publlc schools and communlLy-based organlzaLlons
• 8y SepLember 2014: 33,604 full-day uÞk, wlLh 6 hours and 20 mlnuLes free for famllles, up from
20,000 currenLly
• A LoLal of ~70,000 chlldren wlll have access Lo full-day or half-day pre-k ln ?ear 1, up from 39,000
• All exlsLlng full-day seaLs broughL up Lo new quallLy model
• Average cosL per chlld lncreased from $7,207 Lo $10,239, a 42 percenL lncrease
• More LargeLed and lnLenslve supporL for Leachers, asslsLanLs and admlnlsLraLors, wlLh a parLlcular
focus on meeLlng Lhe needs of sLudenLs learnlng Lngllsh
• CuallLy sLandards focused on chlldren developlng foundaLlonal language, llLeracy, cognlLlve, soclal,
and physlcal skllls reflecLed ln Lhe sLaLe pre-k learnlng sLandards
• lncreased supporL for famllles ln hlgh-need areas

III. C8C kIÞ and Space]Interest Survey
ShorLly afLer Lhe mayor Look offlce, uCL held lnformaLlonal sesslons for C8C provlders. C8Cs from
across Lhe clLy recelved a clear message: lf you have Lhe capaclLy Lo provlde hlgh quallLy full-day pre-k
and are lnLeresLed ln sLarLlng Lo offer Lhose servlces Lo chlldren and famllles sLarLlng Lhls SepLember,
you should apply. Cn Lhe lebruary 18 deadllne, hundreds of provlders responded Lo LhaL call by brlnglng
appllcaLlon packages for 647 slLes, represenLlng roughly 20,000 seaLs lnLo uCL fleld offlces.
1he mlx of slLes reflecLs Lhe sLrengLh of our clLy's neLwork of communlLy-based organlzaLlons offerlng
servlces LhaL make Lhem well poslLloned Lo expand full-day opLlons sLarLlng ln SepLember.
AppllcanLs lnclude:
• CrganlzaLlons already provldlng half-day and/or full-day uÞk servlces proposlng Lo converL half-
day seaLs and/or add full-day classes aL elLher exlsLlng or new locaLlons,
• 1hose wlLh experlence provldlng early chlldhood servlces ln non-uÞk seLLlngs, or
• Lxperlenced educaLlon or soclal servlce agencles commlLLed Lo brlnglng on leaders wlLh
experlence and cerLlflcaLlon ln early chlldhood educaLlon.
1he number of slLes and seaLs proposed far exceeds numbers from lasL year and offers a pool of
appllcaLlons large enough Lo produce enough approved quallLy provlders. 1he clLy saw a 93 percenL
splke ln Lhe number of full-day slLes proposed, compared Lo lasL year's resulLs. 1he geographlc spread
ensures LhaL communlLles across Lhe clLy wlll beneflL from expanded opLlons.

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

Number of Iu||-Day S|tes Þroposed: Compar|son to Last ¥ear

2013 2014
Cueens 113 214
8rooklyn 107 232
SLaLen lsland 22 32
ManhaLLan 32 36
8ronx 61 93
1C1AL 33S 647

1hese proposals come wlLh deLalls around everyLhlng from Lhe speclflc locaLlons where chlldren wlll
recelve servlces, Lo Lhe currlculum and famlly engagemenL pracLlces programs wlll offer. ln addlLlon Lo
Lyplcal pre-k communlLy-based seLLlngs, proposals lncluded slLes ln Archdlocese, ulocese, publlc llbrary,
and n?CPA faclllLles.
1he uCL ls already worklng closely wlLh oLher clLy agencles, lncludlng Lhe ueparLmenL of PealLh and
MenLal Pyglene (uCPMP), Lo deLermlne whaL Lhe non-permlLLed slLes need Lo geL ready for SepLember
and how Lhe sLarL-up fundlng lncluded ln Lhe mayor's plan can supporL Lhose efforLs. 1hls cross-agency
coordlnaLlon bullds on an exlsLlng parLnershlp and goes even furLher: Whlle ln Lhe pasL, Lhe uCL worked
wlLh uCPMP as laLe as Lhe summer Lo address lssues and ensure slLes LhaL could meeL Lhe requlremenLs
were permlLLed ln Llme Lo begln fall classes, Lhe uCL and uCPMP are Laklng a more proacLlve approach
by surfaclng poLenLlal lssues, deslgnaLlng sLaff focused on LhaL coordlnaLlon, and seLLlng up regular
meeLlngs wlLh uCPMP, Lhe ueparLmenL of 8ulldlngs, and lun? Lo monlLor and advance progress. SLarL-
up cosLs lnclude fundlng for addlLlonal uCPMP lnspecLors Lo ensure slLes are revlewed and permlLLed ln
Llme for Lhe sLarL of school.
now LhaL proposals are ln, uCL ls movlng forward wlLh revlewlng proposals and conducLlng slLe vlslLs on
all slLes LhaL meeL mlnlmum quallflcaLlons, meanlng LhaL Lhe organlzaLlon has aL leasL one year of
experlence provldlng early chlldhood educaLlon servlces or a leader wlLh early chlldhood cerLlflcaLlon
and aL leasL Lwo years of experlence provldlng early chlldhood educaLlon. lf a slLe does noL have a
uCPMP permlL or Lhe equlvalenL ln place, Lhey musL, aL mlnlmum, have a leLLer of lnLenL Lo renL a
Lven before Lhe deadllne, a 60-person Leam conslsLlng of sLaff from Lhe uCL's Cfflce of Larly Chlldhood
LducaLlon wlLh operaLlonal and lnsLrucLlonal experLlse recelved Lralnlng on Lhe 8lÞ and scorlng rubrlc.
1o prepare for Lhe expecLed large volume of proposals, Lhe uCL broughL on and Lralned 20 addlLlonal
revlewers, maklng a LoLal revlew Leam of 80. 1eams of Lhree revlewers wlll evaluaLe proposals and
conducL slLe vlslLs Lhrough Lhe end of March. ln Aprll, uCL fleld offlce leadershlp wlll engage slLes LhaL
meeL quallLy expecLaLlons ln budgeL negoLlaLlons.

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

Add|t|ona| Lxpans|on Cpportun|t|es
ln addlLlon Lo Lhe 8lÞ, Lhe uCL surveyed exlsLlng uÞk C8C provlders wlLh uCL conLracLs Lo gauge
lnLeresL and capaclLy for provldlng full-day pre-k Lhls fall. All 307 slLes compleLed Lhe survey. Whlle some
of Lhose provlders applled for full-day Lhrough Lhe 8lÞ, Lhose LhaL dld noL serve as a vlable plpellne for
addlLlonal servlces Lo be offered sLarLlng Lhls fall. Þrellmlnary esLlmaLes suggesL LhaL Lhe uCL could
poLenLlally secure 6,000-8,000 more seaLs by engaglng half-day uÞk provlders from survey respondenLs
who dld noL submlL an 8lÞ.
8eLween Lhe 20,000 seaLs proposed Lhrough Lhe 8lÞ and 6,000-8,000 addlLlonal seaLs ldenLlfled Lhrough
Lhe space survey, Lhe uCL wlll meeL SepLember C8C LargeLs, even lf Lhe uCL does noL allocaLe seaLs Lo
all appllcanLs. uCL ls prepared Lo run an addlLlonal mlnl-sollclLaLlon Lhls sprlng, lf necessary.
1o ensure enough space ls avallable for boLh years of lmplemenLaLlon, Lhe clLy conLlnues Lo pursue
addlLlonal space opporLunlLles, lncludlng spaces ln new ?ork ClLy Pouslng AuLhorlLy (n?CPA)
developmenLs, llbrarles, Archdlocese and ulocese faclllLles, and oLher prlvaLely-held spaces.
uCL, ln collaboraLlon wlLh Lhe AdmlnlsLraLlon for Chlldren's Servlces (ACS), wlll send ouL a survey Lo 330
addlLlonal slLes LhaL may have space Lhls week. 1hese slLes currenLly serve 12,681 4-year-olds wlLh half-
day pre-k comblned wlLh Chlld Care and Pead SLarL servlces, Lhrough a conLracL wlLh ACS.

IV. Þub||c Schoo| App||cat|on Survey
As wlLh Lhe C8C 8lÞ, publlc schools ln our appllcaLlon plpellne come from communlLles across all flve
boroughs, surpass our responses from lasL year, and lnclude enough seaLs Lo meeL ?ear 1 publlc school
LargeLs. 8ased on appllcaLlon survey resulLs, schools across Lhe clLy are LogeLher proposlng Lo offer
roughly 9,000 new and converLed full-day seaLs. 1haL number represenLs more Lhan double whaL uCL ls
pro[ecLlng ls needed Lo meeL publlc school LargeLs for ?ear 1 and an lncrease of 130 percenL from
proposals submlLLed lasL year.
Number of L|ementary Schoo|s Þropos|ng Iu||-Day Þre-k: Compar|son to Last ¥ear

2013 2014
Cueens 17 77
8rooklyn 31 103
SLaLen lsland 4 28
ManhaLLan 18 30
8ronx 22 42
1C1AL 112 282

Cur plpellne ln areas wlLh large seaL gaps ls sLrong. ApproxlmaLely 60 percenL of schools LhaL applled
and requesLed seaLs are ln nelghborhoods wlLh a large seaLs gap.
8oughly 62 percenL of schools

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

lnLendlng Lo apply came from areas consldered hlgh-need, uslng Lhe economlc needs lndex (free lunch
ellglblllLy, Lemporary houslng, P8A ellglblllLy) and sLudenL achlevemenL.

Þubllc schools, llke C8Cs, musL ldenLlfy space Lo be used for pre-k classes as parL of Lhe appllcaLlon
process. 1eams of uCL revlewers wlLh lnsLrucLlonal experLlse sLarLed slLe vlslLs Lhe week of lebruary 10.
ln addlLlon Lo observlng lnsLrucLlon and lnLervlewlng admlnlsLraLors, Lhese revlewers verlfy LhaL Lhe
space proposed meeLs uCL requlremenLs. lollow-up calls and vlslLs are conducLed as necessary by Lhe
uCL's Cfflce of Space Þlannlng. Þroposal revlews and slLe vlslLs wlll conLlnue Lhrough mld-March. 1he
ma[orlLy of declslons wlll by flnallzed by March 17. As of lebruary 24, 40 schools were vlslLed. 1hrough
Lhese exLenslve revlews, uCL wlll deLermlne whlch schools meeL quallLy and space requlremenLs. uCL
expecLs LhaL Lhese assessmenLs, happenlng alongslde Lhe C8C revlews, wlll produce a breakdown of
publlc school and C8C allocaLlons roughly slmllar Lo Lhe currenL spllL for new seaLs. 1he breakdown wlll
llkely vary by nelghborhood, dependlng on proposals comlng ln from each.

1o conLlnue Lo bulld Lhe plpellne of schools LhaL may offer full-day pre-k Lo supporL expanslon, now LhaL
Lhe lnlLlal appllcaLlon deadllne passed, uCL ls puLLlng ln place a rolllng appllcaLlon process. Schools can
conLlnue Lo submlL appllcaLlons. 1hose LhaL respond wlll be consldered for expanslon ln SepLember 2014
or 2013, dependlng on Lhe need.

1he number of programs and classrooms needed Lo supporL clLywlde expanslon of full-day pre-k ls no
longer an absLracL number of poLenLlal classrooms. Leaders on Lhe ground, ln publlc schools, and
communlLy-based organlzaLlons have puL forLh proposals for servlces Lo be offered ln classrooms
sLarLlng Lhls SepLember.

V. Capac|ty to Support Imp|ementat|on

uCL ls prepared, wlLh Lhe lnfrasLrucLure, lnLeragency parLnershlps, experLlse, and leadershlp Lo move
forward wlLh Lhese efforLs.
llrsL, Lhe uCL's Cfflce of Larly Chlldhood LducaLlon (CLCL) has a Leam of 130 people lnvolved ln boLh
Lhe revlew of appllcaLlons descrlbed above and oLher key aspecLs of Lhe plan. CLCL cenLral sLaff ls
organlzed by funcLlonal areas LhaL colnclde wlLh key componenLs of Lhe mayor's plan:

! lnsLrucLlon and Þerformance (Þrofesslonal developmenL for Leachers, prlnclpals and C8C
ulrecLors, ongolng supporL aL program level, currlcula resource developmenL)
! SLraLegy and Þollcy (uaLa analysls, quallLy assurance and research)
! lamlly LngagemenL (CuLreach/enrollmenL, guldes for famllles)
! CperaLlons (CverslghL of space and permlL coordlnaLlon wlLh uCPMP, uC8 and lun?, budgeL,
C8C conLracLs, processlng and onboardlng of new sLaff)
8orough-based fleld offlces lnclude operaLlonal and lnsLrucLlonal Leams wlLh exLenslve lnsLlLuLlonal
knowledge and experlence supporLlng and monlLorlng boLh operaLlonal and program quallLy. 1helr
lnslghLs and day-Lo-day work wlLh program admlnlsLraLors and Leachers wlll ensure Lhe expanslon and
susLalnablllLy of unlversal pre-k ln new ?ork ClLy ls regularly lnformed by Lhe successes and needs of
programs dlrecLly lnLerfaclng wlLh chlldren and famllles.

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

ln order Lo supporL expanslon and susLalnablllLy of hlgh quallLy programmlng, uCL wlll bulld on Lhls
exlsLlng lnfrasLrucLure wlLh addlLlonal sLaff. 1he mosL slgnlflcanL growLh wlll be ln dlrecL fleld supporL
needed for ongolng monlLorlng and supporL of operaLlonal and programmaLlc quallLy over Lhe nexL year
and a half. Whlle numbers are sLlll belng flnallzed, uCL pro[ecLs a need for approxlmaLely 160
lnsLrucLlonal coaches, operaLlons analysLs, soclal workers, and famlly engagemenL speclallsLs Lo supporL
full lmplemenLaLlon. As ln prevlous years when uCL sLarLed hlrlng for slmllar Lypes of poslLlons ln Lhe
sprlng, uCL expecLs Lo have a slgnlflcanL number of sLaff Lo supporL ?ear 1 of lmplemenLaLlon ln place
before Lhe school year beglns.

Second, Lhe uCL ls ramplng up Lo supporL programs ln ldenLlfylng quallfled Leachers for new classrooms.
1he uCL has already esLabllshed a sysLem for C8C ulrecLors Lo access a pool of lndlvlduals who apply for
Leachlng poslLlons Lhrough Lhe uCL's onllne sysLem. 1he uCL plloLed Lhe sysLem lasL year wlLh
approxlmaLely 90 C8C users. As a resulL, C8Cs and schools can connecL wlLh approxlmaLely 2,000
Leachers wlLh early chlldhood cerLlflcaLlon who Lyplcally apply Lo Lhe uCL each year. 1o supporL
programs furLher, Lhe uCL wlll launch a pre-k speclflc Leacher recrulLmenL lnlLlaLlve ln Lhe comlng
weeks, LenLaLlvely known as 1eachuÞk-n?C. 1hese efforLs wlll make lL easler for C8Cs and schools Lo
flnd appllcanLs lnLeresLed ln Leachlng pre-k and provlde guldance on how C8Cs and prlnclpals can selecL
hlgh quallLy pre-k Leachers from Lhls pool.
8epresenLaLlves from Lhe clLy's early chlldhood leadershlp also sLarLed engaglng unlverslLy parLners Lo
ldenLlfy ways Lhey can supporL Lhe developmenL of a sLrong pre-k Leacher plpellne, for example new
?ork unlverslLy, 8ank SLreeL, and Lhe ClLy unlverslLy of new ?ork (Cun?). AL a panel on !anuary 31, 2014
organlzed by Cun?'s Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL lnsLlLuLe, leaders from uCL and Lhe AdmlnlsLraLlon for
Chlldren's Servlces engaged faculLy from several unlverslLles ln a dlscusslon around expecLaLlons of hlgh
quallLy pre-k Leachlng and how agencles and lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher educaLlon can sLarL Lo work LogeLher
Lo supporL expanslon. 1he mayor's pre-k budgeL lncludes $9 mllllon ln sLarL-up funds LhaL could be used
for workforce developmenL, lncludlng Lralnlng and supporL for cerLlfled Leachers, as well as scholarshlps
and oLher supporL Lo help oLhers earn cerLlflcaLlon. uCL ls prepared Lo devoLe fundlng Lo move beLween
300 and 400 early chlldhood professlonals Lo earn Lhelr cerLlflcaLlon ln ?ear 1 alone. Accordlng Lo Sherry
Cleary, LxecuLlve ulrecLor of Cun?'s Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL lnsLlLuLe and a member of Lhe mayor's
exLernal pre-k lmplemenLaLlon worklng group, Lhese efforLs can be achleved Lhrough a varleLy of
LargeLed supporL, ln collaboraLlon wlLh ouLslde parLners.

1hlrd, ongolng coordlnaLlon across clLy agencles ls crlLlcal Lo Lhe success of lmplemenLaLlon. 1he uCL
collaboraLes closely wlLh Lhe AdmlnlsLraLlon for Chlldren's Servlces, ueparLmenL of PealLh and MenLal
Pyglene, new ?ork ClLy Pouslng AuLhorlLy, ueparLmenL of 8ulldlngs, and lun?. lL wlll hold regular
meeLlngs wlLh commlssloners from relevanL agencles Lo Lrack lmplemenLaLlon Lhrough Lhe 2-year

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

VI. Conc|us|on

1he clLy has Lhe provlders, space and educaLors Lo lmplemenL Lhe mayor's plan. 1he mlsslng plece of Lhls
puzzle ls fundlng. lf Lhe clLy remalns wlLhouL a new, sLable source of revenue, uCL sLands ready Lo enroll
famllles ln Lhe sloLs LhaL exlsL ln Lhe currenL sysLem. 1he Lhousands of new seaLs proposed by our
prlnclpals and communlLy leaders wlll go unfllled, and anoLher cohorL of 4-year-olds wlll mlss Lhe
opporLunlLy LhaL hlgh-quallLy pre-klndergarLen can offer.

8uL, lf fundlng ls secured, uCL has Lhe lnfrasLrucLure ln place Lo seL up Lhose new seaLs, ensure LhaL
every program servlng pre-k chlldren ls hlgh quallLy, and qulckly lnform famllles of Lhelr opLlons. 1hese
communlLy ouLreach mechanlsms range from subway/bus ads, Lo a cadre of volunLeers wlLh esLabllshed
proLocols for canvasslng nelghborhoods wlLh flyers and llsLs of nearby programs. ClLy Pall's CommunlLy
Affalrs Cfflce wlll also brlng lLs resources Lo bear on Lhe efforL.

1he uCL has deslgned ads ln Lngllsh and Spanlsh Lo reflecL Lhe urgency of movlng ahead wlLh clLywlde
expanslon: 933(0'*+8'% 5'#0'2 :(;< 6,'*" 6-(0#<

lncreased opporLunlLy for Lhousands of chlldren can sLarL now. 1he work of Lhe lasL several weeks
underscores Lhe facL LhaL free, hlgh-quallLy pre-klndergarLen for all ls lndeed ready Lo launch.

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

M||estones Met and to be Met
Imp|ementat|on m||estones met Upcom|ng m||estones to be met
Ident|fy h|gh
prov|ders |n
pub||c schoo|s
and C8Cs w|th
su|tab|e space

" C8C and publlc school appllcaLlons developed,
released and submlLLed
" ClLywlde and LargeLed ouLreach Lo bulld appllcanL
" lnformaLlonal sesslons on quallLy expecLaLlons
and process for poLenLlal appllcanLs
" Cadre of uCL revlewers formed and Lralned
" All 307 slLes LhaL conLracL wlLh uCL compleLed
space survey
" CoordlnaLlon wlLh oLher clLy agencles Lo geL slLes
ready (e.g., uCPMP, uC8, lun?, ACS)
ConducL space survey of 330 ACS C8C
slLes: lebruary- mld-March

llrsL seL of publlc school declslons
flnallzed by 3/17

All publlc school declslons flnallzed by

C8C appllcaLlon revlews and slLe vlslLs:

C8C budgeL negoLlaLlons: Aprll

llnallze C8C declslons: May/!une
|n programs

" CuLreach maLerlals developed (e.g., subway/bus
ads, flyers)
" lnLeragency and local parLnershlps formed
" Canvasslng procedures and cadre of volunLeers
CenLrallzed admlsslons process for
publlc school opLlons: March-Aprll

lnform famllles of new publlc school
kecru|t and
se|ect h|gh

" SysLem ln place for C8Cs Lo access resumes of
uCL appllcanLs
" CollaboraLlon wlLh local unlverslLles and colleges
" urafL maLerlals for pre-k speclflc recrulLmenL and
selecLlon creaLed
Þre-k speclflc recrulLmenL lnlLlaLlve
launched on uCL webslLe: March

lndlvldual follow up wlLh unlverslLles
and colleges Lo deLermlne how each
can supporL plpellne developmenL
1ra|n and
" lramework for provldlng ongolng lnsLrucLlonal
supporL ln place
" Sample pre-k currlcula unlLs advanclng sLaLe pre-
k learnlng sLandards avallable onllne
" Culdance for parLnerlng wlLh famllles Lo supporL
sLandards based learnlng avallable
" lnlLlal revlew of pre-k currlcula done

CompleLe and share currlcula revlew
wlLh programs: Mld-Aprll

uevelop unlverslLy parLnershlps for
summer Lralnlng: Aprll

!"#$% '( )#*+,-. /0(10"22 !"3(0' (+ /0(10#4 #+$ 53#," 63378,#'8(+2

8reakdown of September 2014 1argets by Sett|ng and Component of Mayor's Þ|an
September, 2014 Iu||-day Lxpans|on Seat 1argets
1C1AL 21,440
Þubllc schools 4,240
C8Cs 17,200

1hese converLed and new seaLs, comblned wlLh enhancemenLs Lo exlsLlng uCL publlc school or C8C full-
day opLlons and ACS LarlyLearn seaLs belng broughL up Lo Lhe uÞk model, LogeLher LoLal Lhe 33,600
chlldren who wlll have access Lo free, hlgh quallLy full-day pre-k by Lhls SepLember.
September, 2014 Iu||-day Lxpans|on and Lnhancement 1argets
Convers|ons New Seats Lnhancements to Lx|st|ng
DCL pub||c schoo| or C8C
fu||-day opt|ons
8r|ng|ng ACS
Lar|yLearn seats
up to new UÞk
1C1AL (by
10,360 11,080 19,483 12,681 33,604

8ased on uCL analysls of unaudlLed daLa.
Þro[ecLlons for meeLlng SepLember 2014 LargeLs assume approval raLes LhaL accounL for pasL experlence and
facLors unlque Lo Lhls year.
See Appendlx for a summary of mllesLones already meL and upcomlng deadllnes and a breakdown of ?ear 1
LargeLs by seLLlng and componenL of Lhe mayor's expanslon plan.
8ased on uCL analysls of unaudlLed daLa.
8ased on uCL analysls of unaudlLed daLa.
SeaL gaps are deflned as Lhe dlfference beLween publlc dlsLrlcL and charLer klndergarLen enrollmenL and exlsLlng
full-day opLlons. SeaL gaps range from 0 Lo 3,300. uCL conslders 800 seaLs or more a large seaL gap, or Lhe Lop

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