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This work is only a part of the

description of Inguilpata, my hometown;
this work is organized in five paragraphs
that in each one I describe how is the form
of life of the persons and some
characteristics of the place. For that this
work was realized by the purpose to give to
know all people of our around about the
customs, tourist places, and some products
that exist inside Inguilpata that these make
it best known, for that way all people visit
and know the tourist places and enjoy its
Visiting all the districts in Amazonas
typical food that my hometown offers.
Region we can find many places that
this I hope that by
known you people.
visit Inguilpata
On Luya
and enjoy all thethere
Province thingsis that it has that
a place and is
offers to you.
Inguilpata, my home town that offers all
visitors many things such us: customs,
tourist places, and some products that
exist inside Inguilpata, that these make
it best known and these are used by the
population’s benefit. Inguilpata; is a
place where we can develop tourism
with its tourist places, and we can know
more about the disctric to give to know
all people. If you want to visit it, this is
your opportunity to discover the
mysticism that involves my hometown.
Origins: Origin of the district’s name, in what time began like
a district.

Customs: The customs that has the people in the district?

3.1. Typical food: The food that are most known and
most consumed in the district.

3.2. Typical clothes: The typical clothes that people

use in Inguilpata.

Tourist places: The tourist places that exist and are more
visited by the people in the district.

Products: The products that have or produce the people in

the district.

5.1. Flora: The wild and domestic plants that there are
in the district.

5.2. Fauna: The wild and domestic animals that exist in

the district.

5.3. Minerals: The minerals that there are in the district

for the population's benefit.

5.4. Industry: The things that the people produce in the


Inguilpata is a small place known by many people; the

name of the district comes from two Quechuas voices:
and PATA that means CERRO, of there it becomes the
name “INGUILPATA” that means “FLOR DEL CERRO“.
Inguilpata limits by the North with Lonya Chico district
separated by a little rivulet that is called Urita, by the
South with Colcamar district separated by a ravine called
Tosan, by the East with Chachapoyas province separated
by the Utcubamba River and by the West with Conila
district separated by a hill called Shike. Of this way the
Inguilpata district finished with the creation for law Nº
9633, of October 21, 1942. In the actuality is very known
by many people by its customs and tourist places.
Inguilpata is a place best known for its customs like
typical food; some food that is most known and consumed
by the people in the district are: Dotard with potatoes is
a food made with dotard and potatoes; it is prepared to
cooking the dotard and the potatoes, after mixing these.
Soup of chochoca with beans, it is prepared to milling
and cooking the chochoca and the beans, after mixing
these. Stew is the parboiled of potatoes and yucca. The
shipahsmute, it is made with corn and beans. Tamales
are made with peeled, milled corn and with parboiled
meat. These are some typical food that has the district and
are more consumed by the population and the visitors.
In Inguilpata the people always use their typical clothes
such as: The women, use hat of palm, white blouse, black
shawl, dark blue skirt, red center, a strip of colors in the
waist and llanques. The men use hat of palm, white shirt,
poncho of brown wool, dark blue pants, a strip of colors in
the waist and llanques. These are the typical clothes that use
the people in the district to protect of the winter and the
Inguilpata also has some tourist places for
which it is known such as: Dushac is an
archaeological complex that is represented with
sarcophaguses and tombs that are located in
diverse levels of a highland at 90º of inclination.
Potrerillo is a funeral place located in the
formations and natural rocky cavities that have
been located through the construction of stone
walls. Idul is a rocky place where it is observed
pictography and tombs along the walls of the
highland. Tabacal is a highland that is located in
the high lands of the Utcubamba River in those
that one observes some paintings repeaters.
These are the tourist places best known and best
visited by many people in the district.
Inguilpata also has some products that are produced
by the population and their own benefit inside it there
are: Flora, here there are some wild and domestic
plants like as corn, beans, large beans, potatoes, wheat,
barley, peas. Fauna, there are some animals like as
domestic animals, cattle, wool-bearing, porcine,
domestic fowl, hens, ducks, turkey, and wild animals
there are deer, bears, pumas, and many birds.
Minerals, there are some products such as small
quarries, clay, and white earth. And inside industry
there are some products like as the elaboration of rum,
brown clayed-sugar, cheese, textile of wool and cotton,
saddlebags, ponchos, blanket. These are the products
that have the district and these are used by the
population’s benefit.
In conclusion about this topic I can say that you are the
protagonist and as you can see Inguilpata is a great
and beautiful place that it is best known by its
products, customs and tourist places, after this small
description I hope that you visit Inguilpata and enjoy all
the things that it has and offers to you, If you want to
visit it, this is your opportunity to discover the
mysticism that involves my hometown.