Chris looked at his watch. "Yeah, I guess we have enough time for a quick race. I got to be home by 11:00 though, so it has to be quick." "Okay, fair enough, it won't last too long, we'l! go up the highway to the gas said with a grin on his face.

"We're coming with you Chrisl'} Kyle said, acknowledging Martin as the other person included in
the term



Kyle was considered by many as

s right-hand man. Wherever Chris went, Kyle

followed. Martin came from time to time

"Okay, fine, get in the car then. Martin can take the front seat since he'll scream less/' Chris said, walking towards the car. Kyle was a good driver, and rarely took part in street races, but Richard
went too far by saying that his car could go faster than Kyle's. If it was one thing Kyle had, it was confidepee, and he wasn't about to be talked down to by an "ignorant pig" as Kyle often referred to him as. Kyle's girlfriend, Asia, came running up to him, he blonde hair trailing behind her thin frame. you sure you want to do this Chris?" she whispered into his ear. Asia was one of those girls who liked to do everything by the book and not break any rules. ThatJs one of the things that Chris liked about her, she always acted the same, she was one of the main constants in his

"Don't worry," Chris whispered back, "It'll be a quick race that will shut 'Richy Rich' here up, and
we all want that. 1I Asia grinned as she leaned in quickly and pressed her lips against his. "Just be careful, okay?" She said sincerely looking up at him.

IIAren't I always?" Chris then pretended to trip over his own feet. Asia giggled in the

"Hurry up and get in the car you lazy ass
shouted out of the front window of Chris's car.

never get out of here before 11." Martin

Chris got into the car and slammed the door shut. He then rewed up the car and parked next to Richard. "You ready to gO?" He shouted over to Richard whos window was open, showing his arrogant smirk clear as day despite the lack of street lights. "Depends, is your mom ready?" he retorted back, using one of the most repetitive phrases that he could think of. "Dude, you really have to work on some new content," Kyle sighed. "Okay," said a brunette girl who Chris had seen before, but didn't know the name of. She was most likely on Richard's list of 'Playboy bunnies'. liThe first racer to the gas station at the end of the highway after I drop this tissue is the winner. Do both racers understand the rules?/I She asked, her skimpy skirt flapping in the cool, evening breeze.

"I understand, I don't know if big head
Richard continued on with his arrogant grin.

here had enough time to think it over though,"

Chris laughed, "Qh I'm fine, thanks for the
mutter, "Stupid loud mouthed prick.

his breath, Martin heard him

The brunette in the short dress, who Martin seemed to have a fixation on, pushed her leg out further in front of her, revealing more skin. Alright. On your

Chris gripped his steering wheel

harder, trying to lose the sweat on

palm. "Get set," Chris looked over at Richard who was showing a

surprising amount of vulnerability. ((GOI" Chris then, as the saying goes, "slammed the pedal to the metal" and the car lunged forward, making Kyle shout with glee, or possibly it was horror.

"He's beating us so far man. Hurry up!" Martin said rather loudly. He was right, Chris was behind
Richard, but he wasn't too worried since they hadn't reached the exit yet to get onto the highway. Once

on there, he would be able to pass Richard, and take the victory/'
"Chris is a better driver than this douche anyways,lJ Kyle came to Chris's defense as usual.

Leaning forward he said to Chris that he had money on this race so he had better win or there goes

They were now speeding down the exit and on the highway. Chris was in the lane directly behind Richard. He wanted to get as close to him as he could, destroying his self confidence, and then speed by him in the other lane. "Cutting it a little close aren't Martin said in a stern voice, referring to the space between

Chris's car and Richard's bumper.

"No, , think we're
soon as he did this, "Qh

Chris said in a rather un-assuring voice. "Hold on guys, this could get went through his head as he realized that 2 giant lights were heading by a quick crushing feeling against his head,

slightly bumpy.1I Then Chris sharply turned into the next lane, crossing the double sided yellow line. As towards him. There was then another flash of light then there was silence as Chris fell unconscious. Chris, weary, opened his to an overwhelming amount of light. ('He's coming around!" One voice shouted. "He may just be dreaming," another said. Chris fully opened his eyes to find himself in what appeared to be a hospital room" Immediately to his left was Lisa and to walked into the room. / was his parents. They all stared at him in silence, and then a doctor

the doctor sighed in what appeared to be relief, IIChris, nice to meet you, I'm doctor Nakins./J Chris started to bring his hand up into the air, but couldn't. lIyou had a rather nasty accident. I don't really know how to explain this to yoU. '1

At this point, Chris's mom began to cry. "What's wrong with me doctor? Why can't I move my
arm?'} Chris asked, beginning to panic. "That's just it son," the doctor then looked away from Chris, "The crash was horrific. On impact

it appears that you greatly injured your spinal cord. If you didn't
anything from the neck down, depending on where it breaks."

know, this is essential to move

The doctor continued to talk, but Chris already realized what he was saying. Despite his poor science marks, he knew that he was in trouble. He completely froze up, wondering how this could have happened to him.

"You were rather lucky I must say Chris. Luckily, your cord is only slightly disturbed, and we should be able to fix it with some simple surgery." The doctor continued to explain. Chris began to tune out at this point, wondering when he would be able to play 'World of Warcraft' next. Thinking that he was about to get enough experience points to hours. I'll leave you to talk to your parents." There was a brief silence that was broken by Asia. "I'm going to go and see how Kyle is doing," and with that she left the room. Kyle laughed as she closed the door to his Kyle? He's probably just being over dramatic as fled the room. "What's wrong with her?" Chris asked. "She's just a little upset. Chris, I should tell you that Kyle suffered a brain hemorrhage on impact. Right now, his brain is swelling, and the cranial pressure inside his head is almost to handle." Chris's dad explained all of thiS to him without making eye contact./' much for his head private hospital room. "What's wrong with At this point, Chris's mother who had been level 65. HOkay Chris, I'll be back in a couple of

sitting quietly next to his bed, focused on him, let out a slight weeping sound, then covered her eyes and

lilt doesn't matter. He'll be alright. What about Marty?" Chris brushed Kyle aside.

IIMartin suffered the worst damage, breaking his neck when you hit the oncoming truck," this
brought back slight memory to Chris. He recalled seeing two headlights coming at him, and then he passed out. Then an image of a paramedic came into his head, standing over him in the dead of night. "Worst of all, since Martin died with you at the wheel, the police are now pressing charges of manslaughter." you hired

a lawyer for me yet?"

Chris asked his dad.

IIYes, the trial wilt take place 3 months from now depending on your condition," his father replied, still looking away from Chris. 1I0kay, and when do I get out of here?" Chris asked again, getting the question he really wanted answered off of his chest.

"In 5 days they will operate on you, fixing your arms and legs. After that you will be in
for about a week, then you're free to go.JJ This thought gave Chris a great amount of comfort.

by his mother on his way to work. Chris went in and got his usual bottle of Coca-Cola and bag of salt and vinegar chips, and went on his way,
Chris was dropped off at the local convenience store walking around the town. He hadn't been around town too much since he had gotten out of the hospital 2 weeks ago. He hadn't seen70any people either because it was July, and for some reason, nobody had stopped by to see him. Chris suddenly found himself walking by the Saint Andrews Catholic Church. Having nothing better to do in such a small town, he decided to walk through the cemetery. He always enjoyed finding the graves of his ancestors who lived in the town decades before his time. He walked by the large

section devoted to the Mead family, who founded their town. The graveyard looked incredibly peaceful
with the trimmed grass flowing in the slight summer breeze. Suddenly, something caught his eye.

Martin Skye, 1991-2008. Kneeling down, Chris began to feel the engraved letters with his
fingers, ensuring that they were real. He had been wondering where Martin was lately. He missed his

sarcastic comments, as Martin would have been making fun of how long it took for Chris to recover. He suddenly understood that Martin was gone, and Chris just froze. He didn't know what to do, he just sat there, staring at Ma7inl name. Then, leaning forward, he embraced the stone that represented his friend, and wept.

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