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Mayor Watson, Members of Council and File/N° de fichier: Members of the Transit Commission "ent "ir# atric#, City Mana$er Trans ortation %afety (oard safety Date: February *+, *,-. ad)isory letters

The ur ose of this memorandum is to ad)ise Members of Council and of the Transit Commission that earlier today, the Trans ortation %afety (oard /T%(0 sent t1o safety ad)isory letters to the City of 'tta1a follo1in$ a re)ie1 of a number of re orted incidents that occurred at the Transit1ay2rail crossin$ in (arrha)en3 4s has been the case throu$hout this in)esti$ation, the City of 'tta1a a reciates the coo erati)e 1or#in$ relationshi bet1een City staff and the T%(3 %afety of the crossin$s in (arrha)en and all across the city is a riority3 5n the area of the collision, the City has re)iously reduced the s eed to +, #m/h and 1e are currently in the rocess of installin$ an amber early 1arnin$ si$nal for northbound Transit1ay traffic to ro)ide an ad)ance indicator of oncomin$ train traffic3 4s 1e ha)e &ust recei)ed these letters, 1e 1ill re)ie1 the content thorou$hly and continue to 1or# 1ith the T%( and 654 7ail to address matters that ha)e been raised3 That said, 5 can tell you this 1ill include s ecifically: 5nstallin$ an amber early 1arnin$ si$nal for southbound Transit1ay traffic8 7e)ie1in$ otential s eed reductions8 and 7e)ie1in$ the byla1 that $o)erns the o erations of )ehicles on the Transit1ay3 The City of 'tta1a is al1ays monitorin$ and im ro)in$ safety measures at all rail1ay crossin$s3 'C Trans o o erators are rofessional staff that recei)e formal trainin$ and testin$3 They are committed to safety on all fronts3 Measures that ha)e already been ta#en by 'C Trans o include: Written directi)es to o erators remindin$ them to: - Follo1 the Highway Traffic Act and exercise safe and defensi)e dri)in$ ractices8 - Watch for rail1ay crossin$ flashin$ li$hts /si$nals03 5f the li$hts are flashin$, sto safely and 1ell before the rail1ay trac#s8 - 4l1ays follo1 the osted s eed limits and, 1hen a roachin$ the rail1ay crossin$s, ho)er o)er the bra#e edal and 1atch for train mo)ement in both directions of the rail1ay trac#s3 9roceed 1ith caution8 and, - 4l1ays be re ared to sto 3

Daily internal radio announcements to o erators to remind them to exercise caution 1hen a roachin$ a rail crossin$, and to adhere to the osted s eed limits8 Transit %u er)isors and % ecial Constables ha)e underta#en roacti)e s eed monitorin$, and conduct routine monitorin$ of bus o erations at this and other locations3 This o eration is erformed throu$hout the year at )arious locations on our system, as art of our safety ro$ram8 7ail safety is co)ered in all Ne1 (us ' erator Trainin$ includin$ a minimum of three )isits to rail crossin$s8 4ll ne1 bus o erators )isit the Transit1ay crossin$ at Fallo1field as art of the rail and Transit1ay trainin$8 :icensin$ testin$ for all o erators is sanctioned by Ministry of Trans ortation and includes a field test o)er a rail1ay crossin$ to ensure com liance 1ith all re$ulations and trainin$8 The im ortance of adherin$ to and bein$ familiar 1ith all as ects of rail crossin$ rocedures is addressed 1ith o erators in all em loyee assessments8 ' erations :ifesa)er, 7ail %afety ' erations 9ro$ram or an e;ui)alent is bein$ assessed for o erator trainin$8 % ecial Constables and Fare 5ns ectors ha)e been certified to resent ' eration :ifesa)er resentations for the ublic, 1hich is a rail safety education ro$ram 1ith the $oal to re)ent collisions bet1een trains and motor )ehicles8 and For any crossin$ incident, re ortin$ rotocols are clearly established so that staff in the 'C Trans o control room has direct contact 1ith 654 7ail and their contractor, 7ail Term, in order to res ond a ro riately3 Furthermore, City staff has made arran$ements to meet 1ith 654 7ail and the City of 'tta1a in an effort to im ro)e information sharin$ and communications bet1een the t1o or$ani<ations3 The t1o letters /and accom anyin$ ne1s release0 ha)e been osted on the T%( 1ebsite3 5n their ne1s release, the T%( reminds all motor )ehicle dri)ers to exercise caution and slo1 do1n 1hen a roachin$ rail1ay crossin$s, and to ta#e road conditions into consideration3 %incerely,

Original signed by:
"ent "ir# atric# City Mana$er

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