The eating habits of Spanish people have changed over the lasr few years, mostly due to the awareness of having a healthy diet and the prevention of certain diseases. Mostly people have changed their eating habits as eating more fruit and vegetables, avoid fast food and prepared food, avoid eating too many sweets and especially when we can choose local products and organic area. About my eating habits, during the week I eat food at home, cooked for me, based on to cook meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. For dessert I eat fruit or yogurt. For breakfast I drink milk tea and toast. At weekends I like eating out at restaurants, especially restaurants from other countries, I love oriental food, I usually go restaurant in san uan beach is not very e!pensive and I can en oy this kind of food. "n the other hand think it#s important when you need to go on a diet but controlled by the physician, as it is very common among the younger population, diseases like anore!ia and bulimia. The biggest problem is when we put on a diet without medical control and eliminate basic foods for our body, we can weaken and suffer malnutrition and sickness. Another ma or problem in our society is obesity, so it is important that schools and families have balanced menus, rich and varied. 19. THE INTERNET $ith the development of technology one useful tool was born that gave everyone the opportunity to comunicate to each other %uickly and simply, and that was the Internet. Internet is one of the most important invents in the late years and there are several reasons to think that. The first one you can keep in touch with old friend and make new friends with social networkings. The second one is the &information', because it(s probably the biggest

advantages tha Internet offer us. "n the Internet there is a huge amount of information about a lost of sub ects like market information, new ideas, technical support, and so on) you can find all of then through search engines like *oogle, yahoo, msn, etc. From my point of view, Internet saves us time and money, one e!ample is email. +mail is a essential communication tool, especially in business. $ith email we can send ab recive instant electronic messages) our message is instantly delivered to people anywhere in the world, unlike traditional mail that takes a lot of time. Also, email is free and faster compared to the telephone. Another advantage is that on the Internet you can find many online stores where you can buy anything. ,ou also can freely download software like apps, games, music, ...I mean that the Internet is the means to get unlimited fun. Furthermore, it provides us with many services like net banking, ob searching, book hotels,...and so on. "n the other hand Internet has a lot of disadvantages, the first one is tratament of personal information, other e!ample is addictionn on the Internet, i can talk about especial disorder, and one aspect very dangerous is children and Internet, family and government should control sites of Internet such as se! sites and other dangerous sites. And finally other negative aspect or cons is the copyright infringement or illegal download of music, book, films.... In brief I think the Internet makes our life easier, but we must make a responsible use of it. 20. SHOPPING Shopping is my favorite hobby and therefore a typical issue in my daily routine. In my town you can find many small shops, shopping centres and department stores. It is a tourist city and because it receives all year people from other countries and cities is very good trade in Alicante.

"nce a week there are small markets located in Alicante and towns. The people of the village or near the market will buy there because things are usually cheaper, there is much variety and above all a very personal with the seller. In shopping centers, often have many deparment stores, to buy almost anything, the difference between the markets is that it is much more e!pensive and less personal treatment. I love shopping and I used for therapy and rela! free time. I buy almost everywhere that I like. I admit I love street markets, especially near on the beach, I also like to buy little special things handmade. $hen I need to buy basic things usually go to malls because I#m sure there will find what I need. I have also made buying online, I usually buy books and stuff for my pet, I recommend not buying clothes online because you need try on and online it is not possible. Although this isn(t my cup of tea, i buy online and I believe is a useful tool. Another interesting aspect is the sales, now with the crisis and the competitive prices is very e!citing things in sales, but I recogni-e that I buy more than you need and we must be careful not to waste money

21. THE EDERLY IN OUR SOCIETY I think it(s the best I can develop and e!pose to you. The current life e!pectancy in Spain is around ./ years old, being female se! the oldest. Since the retirement income system 0Social Security1 depends on the population, it seems logical that if people die later and later, more than ever we should e!tend our period of work activity. It(s a fact that the world population is aging, and this is a serious risk to the pension systems. The statement of this topic indicates that the retirement age should be between 2/ and 23 years. I think this is an e!cessive figure, because although we live longer and longer, our health isn(t always maintained in good conditions after 4/ years. It seems a

difficult matter to make a decision, and I think it(s necessary to analy-e many factors to take it. +very time we live longer and better compared to our previous generations, but we must also think that early retirement may trigger serious problems in old age like depression or the feeling of being useless. In many families, people make the decision to intern their elders in homes for the elderly, but I think this isn(t always a good decision. It saddens me to hear people who claim that their ancestors are a burden for them. $hen they were young, did their parents leave them aside5 I don(t think so ... I think a home for the elderly should be the last option, and provided that the elderly agree, or when they need special care 0because they were sick, or they aren(t able to help themselves1. I wouldn(t want to end my days within four walls without having my family near. 6ut this is ust my opinion.

Some scientists predict that soon it will be normal to live up to 78/ years, even longer. It(s certainly a oy to see the coming generations may have a longer life, since they may en oy and learn much more than we do. 9owever, it scares me to think that these differences in life e!pectancy aren(t attached by medical advances that guarantee a minimum %uality of life up to the ma!imum possible age. From my position, life e!pectancy, and the inde!es that e!ist on births and deaths, which are dealt with in demographics, should be valued and heard by the people who don(t know about this. The %uality of life in the future depends on decisions we make today. I don(t think that any of us want our children to finish their days in misery, poverty and:or alone. So, I would ask you for some awareness about this kind of things.

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