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Role of PR


Company Profile

Clinique Laboratories, LLC. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and

marketers of prestige skin care, makeup and fragrance products. It is an offshoot of the

Estee Lauder Company. The history of Clinique was began in 1968, when a magazine

editor Carol Philips consulted with Park Avenue dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich

for an article titled “Can Great Skin Be Created?”. The doctor shared the products and

procedures that he used in his own office. The article caught the attention of Estee Lauder

and Dr. Orentreich was brought onboard to help create the first dermatologist developed

skincare line.

In the middle 1970s, Clinique began selling a line of fragrance-free hair care

products. This line includes shampoos (including an anti dandruff formula), conditioners,

and fixatives. Then in 2001, Clinique reformulated and repackaged the entire hair care

line. By 2006, the hair care products began to disappear from stores, and in 2007 Clinique

confirmed in was discontinuing the hair products altogether.

Clinique was developed to capture the type of customer who is asking for a

helpful program, more than a simple fragrance and cosmetics. Because of that, all

Clinique products are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. About the allergy tested,

Clinique does not test on animals. Clinique test its products for allergic reactions by

applying it to 600 people 12 times, with a standard of zero reactions. This guideline was

developed and controlled strictly by Clinique.

Clinique products have been designed to all customers regardless of skin type.

Clinique, with its unique line of skin care of products, seeks to customize its approach to

skin care, to the specific individual. Chemists and dermatologists at Clinique formulated

a skin care system, which is based on a 3-Step System of cleansing, toning and

moisturizing the skin. The basic assumption behind the Clinique method is the

maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness as the foundation of caring for all skin

conditions. As a Clinique customer you will be treated as an individual. After

scientifically determining your skin type (which can be accomplished either at a

department store cosmetics counter or by careful consumer questioning via survey), you

will be presented with a customized program for treatment of your specific challenge.

The method takes into account numerous skin types, eye colors, facial and lip types, and

other attributes.



Here are the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of

Clinique’s company.

• The strength of Clinique’s company is all its products are allergy tested and

100% fragrance free. They are also technically tested by experts and leading

dermatologist. There is no animal testing to Clinique products. Clinique is a

pioneer of dermatological cosmetics.

• In other side, the weakness of this company is they must spend high cost for its

product research. It is done to achieve high quality of products and fulfill the

customer need for safety cosmetics.

• Clinique is a brand that has credibility. People have already trusted Clinique as

their valuable cosmetics and sold in more than 135 countries and territories. It is

the outside opportunity of Clinique’s company that makes its products still exists

in the market.

• Otherwise, there are some outside threats. There are so many competitors, such as

Kanebo and Lancome. Beside that, there is lots of counterfeiting activity to make

the imitation products. Unfortunately, these illegal counterfeited products are

widely marketed in such many places.


Product Characteristic

As a credible cosmetics company, we can say that Clinique is absolutely success

in providing skin care products and make up with amazing qualities and great for every

people regardless their skin types. Recently, Clinique offers a Mineral Translucent Spray

Blusher that gives you a fabulous coverage and can be applied easily to your cheeks for a

healthy, radiant and long lasting rosy glow. Unlike many other mineral make ups in the

market, Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher is made by 100% pure crushed

minerals, such as gold, magnesium, aluminum, zinc dioxides, titanium dioxides and iron

oxides; and contains no irritants, such as lanolin, parabens, methylparaben,

propylparaben, bismuth oxychloride, salycilates, alcohol, talc or any kind of

preservatives. This brand new product is also completely free of fragrance, allergy tested

and never tested on animals.

Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher is a light, natural and non shiny

blusher that is originally designed for people with any skin types (including people with

highly sensitive skin). The texture is extraordinarily soft, so it allows your skin to breathe

and will not clog the pores. It is naturally hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-

acnegenic, anti-bacteria and excellent for covering any kind of imperfection without

irritating your skin. This product is water resistant and gives you feather light feel. So,

this blusher will be able to perform well while you are working out, on the move or even

when you are swimming. Beside that, a light reflection pure minerals are perfectly able to

minimize the appearance of fine lines which means this incredible spray blusher can give

you younger looking skin without heavy cakey look that you get from traditional make


Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher is an easy to apply blush on that uses

pure color pigment. The color pigment is formulated from pure rocks of the earth.

Clinique always wants to serve its customers individually. Because of that, Clinique

provides a complete range of natural shades to specifically compliment any skin tone.

The available colors are Pink Blossom, Sweet Orange, Sugar Plum, Natural Copper and

Deep Chocolate. For professional make up look, spray Clinique Mineral Translucent

Spray Blusher lightly on the cheekbones to give you a wonderful radiant look and

accentuate the shape of your face.


PR Consultant

INSIDE is the largest global independent public relations consultancy in

Indonesia with 118 fulltime employees. We are known for our ability in building image

for the world’s leading companies and brands. As a professional PR consultant, we

provide a complete range of public relations service, such as crisis communications

counseling; preparation and implementation; writing and editing materials including

press releases; and also a special event planning including press conferences, grand

openings and product launching. We always believe that a good communication needs an

effective media channel. Because of that, Inside has built a good relation with the media

in order to maximize media coverage for our client.

Inside Public Relations Consultant was first set up in November 2002 in Jakarta.

This PR Consultant company is named “INSIDE” committed to our main purpose to care

for the deepest part of customer needs & to dedicate our thorough service so customer

satisfaction is able to be built up comprehensively. This name can also be our guide to

keep our best and kind service to customers at all times. This Inside Public Relations

Consultant has got a motto itself: “Your satisfaction is our proud”, that states we always

keep on trying to provide our courteous and honorable service to satisfy our customers in

any time, because customer satisfaction is our main concentration in process of executing

our daily activities as a Public Relations Consultant indeed.

Inside Public Relations Consultant has already formulated its vision, mission, and

value. The vision is “customer satisfaction”. The mission consists of two points: by

always listening to customer needs and wants, and by always serving customers with our

heart and kindness. And the last, the value consists of some significant points, i.e.

honesty, loyalty, hard-working, self-confidence, and politeness. Based on those described

vision, mission, and value, our firm is always looking after all ongoing activities to make

sure all are done satisfactorily according to our vision, mission, and value in achieving

such a bright future of Inside PR Consultant. So, with the three vision, mission, and value

as our guide, we are then able to provide a trusted control which allocated to all

operational activities every time to make sure they are executed well.

Inside Public Relations Consultant also has some valuable experiences. Here are

our experiences in event organizing:

• Working with Unilever beauty brand “Dove” in “Real Beauty” campaign,

• Helping Coca Cola Company in launching Coca Cola Zero to Indonesian


• Creating Public Relations Program for Sunsilk repositioning,

• Helping Kanebo in launching its new product named “Testimo”, and

• Handling crisis management and crisis communication for HIT.

Inside Public Relations Consultant is expected to be the number one of PR

Consultants, because of that we are always trying to develop and increase our service and

definitely, its quality.


To create awareness of Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher in

consumers, community and opinion leaders by 25% by the end of March 2009.


Public who will be invited to the product launching event are segmented into:


Sex : female

Age : 22-35 years

Social grade : A-B

Education : college or university

Occupation : business woman and housewife

Marital status : single or married


Business women or housewives who live in Jakarta.

Family lifecycle : newlyweds, bachelor, married

Lifestyle : active, love shopping, trendsetter, fashionable and stylish,

concern with skincare and skin health.


In promoting Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher, we use newspaper and

magazine. Newspaper and magazine are considered as the most effective medias in

promoting this product.

Newspaper (Kompas)

Sex : male and female

Age : 25-35 years

Marital Status : single and married

Occupation : business man and business woman

Social Grade : A-B


Jl. Palmerah Selatan 26-28

Jakarta 10270

Tel: 021- 534 7710, 534 7720, 534 7730

Fax: 021- 530 2200

Contact Person : Lukas Widjaja

Website :

Magazines (Cosmopolitan)


Cosmopolitan readers are the vibrant young women of today, with a lot of dreams,

ambitions, and aspirations.

Sex : female

Age : 18-34 years

Marital Status : single and married

Occupation : Working & non working

Social Grade : A B to broad C+


PT. Higina Alhadin (Cosmopolitan)

Wisma Chita Kirana

Jl. Lombok No 73

Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Tel : 021-3152683

Fax : 021-3910892

Contact Person : Indira Wirjanto

Line of Business : Majalah

Website :

Radio (90.4 Cosmopolitan FM)

Listeners’ Psychographic

The listeners of 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM are women who have cosmopolitan life style,

modern personalities which are: open-minded, expressive, always be responsible, women

with loads of dreams, inspirations and ambitions. They seek the excitement, happiness,

and inspiration that will enhance her lifestyle and the relationships she enjoys.

Sex : female

Age : 28-38 years

Marital Status : single and married

Occupation : working and non-working

Social Grade : A-B


Sarinah Building, 8th Floor

JL. MH Thamrin Kav 11

Jakarta 10350

Tel : 021-3146546

Fax : 021-3146558

Contact Person : Andri R. Martasoebrata dan Rahmat Supriatno

Line of Business : Radio

Website :

Television (O’Channel)

Audiences’ Psychographic

Open-minded, sociable, pleasure-seeking, self-confident, decision maker, young at heart,

high profile, dynamic, full of energy, talented, dreamer, pragmatic, experimenter,

expressive, trend-setter.

Sex : male and female

Age : 21-49 years

Marital Status : single and married

Occupation : students, also working and non-working

Social Grade : A-B


SCTV Tower

Senayan City, 17th floor

Jl. Asia Afrika lot 19

Jakarta 10270


Tel : 021-727 82200 (hunting)

Fax : 021-727 82201 (hunting), 021-727 82244 (direct marketing), and

021-727 82144 (direct production)

Contact Person : Bpk. Rahmat dan Bpk. Praba

Line of Business : Television

Website :


Here is detail of the budget of product launching event:

• Venue

Balai Samudra

Jl. Boulevard Barat no. 1 Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara

Tel: (021) 4585 1721, (021) 4585 1724, (021) 4585 1725

Fax: (021) 4585 1722, E-mail:

Rates : Rp.24.750.000 (weekend, for 4 hours)

Capacity : 3000 people

Wide area : 2.268 m2

Facilities :

➢ Sound system

➢ AC

➢ Stage (8 x 24m)

➢ Electrical using for 10.000 watt

➢ Buffet decoration

➢ 2 set reception table

➢ 2 rooms for preparation

➢ Mineral water and soft drink

➢ Free parking for committee (50 cars)

➢ Parking area for 1000 cars with car call facility

• Food and Beverages

➢ Set up rates for sitting : Rp.250.000/ table (1 rounded table, 10 seat,

tablecloth, skirting, cover chair, and centerpiece)

For 600 guests : Rp.15.000.000

➢ Buffet : Rp.200.0000

For 600 guests : Rp.120.000.000

➢ Beverages : Rp.120.000 (free flow of juices, beer, and wine)

For 600 guests : Rp.72.000.000

• Decoration and lighting : Rp.35.000.000

• Sound system : Rp.15.000.000

• Entertainer (Glenn Fredly) : Rp.100.000.000

• MC (Andhara Early) : Rp.15.000.000

• Invitation

➢ For 350 invitations : Rp.8.750.000

• Press Kit

➢ For 100 press people : Rp.5.000.000

• Goody Bag

➢ For 600 guests : Rp.30.000.000

TOTAL : Rp.420.750.000

Unexpected cost : Rp.42.075.000

GRAND TOTAL : Rp.462.825.000


We will be held an event in order to launch this brand new product, Clinique

Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher. Here is the detail information about the event:

Title : Mineralique

Place : Balai Samudra

Jl. Boulevard Barat no. 1 Kelapa Gading

Jakarta Utara

Date : Saturday, 2 August 2008

Time : 17.30 till drop

This product launching event is held to create awareness about the brand new

product of Clinique and also to attract people’s attention for this new kind of blusher in

Indonesia. This event will give some explanation to the public in reference to benefits of

Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher.


Time 18.00-20.00

17.30-19.00 20.00-20.10

20.10-20.25 Sitting Buffet Dinner

Opening by MC

20.25-20.40 Foreword from the Managing Director

of Clinique

20.40-21.10 Foreword from the Product Director of

21.10-21.30 Clinique

21.30-22.10 Product explanation

22.10-22.20 Product demonstration

22.20-22.30 Product touching

Door prize

Event Closing






Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher

Available in 5 colors

Clinique Laboratories, LLC., a famous hypoallergenic cosmetics

manufacturer, will launch its brand new product named “CLINIQUE MINERAL

TRANSLUCENT SPRAY BLUSHER”, a new kind of blusher. In order to promote

this new product, Clinique will hold a product launching event at Balai Samudra,

Jakarta, to create people awareness about this brand new product. The event that will

be held on 2 August 2008 is expected to attract a lot of people especially business

woman and active housewives.

Christian Martin, the President Director of Clinique said “We are so proud to

launch this new product as the first concise blusher in the market”. He also adds “I

expect this new kind of blusher will be able to fulfill market need, especially for

active woman who loves simplicity”.

Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher is a luminous free of fragrance

blush on that gives radiant look with its glowing rosy blush. This brand new product

is made by 100% pure crushed minerals, such as gold, magnesium, aluminum, zinc

dioxides, titanium dioxides and iron oxide. It contains no irritants, such as lanolin,

parabens, methylparaben, propylparaben, bismuth oxychloride, salycilates, alcohol

talc or any kind of preservatives. This product also water resistant and excellent for

covering any kind of imperfection. Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray blusher is

available in 5 colors, so it will fit with any types of skin tone. The available colors are

pink blossom, sweet orange, sugar plum, natural copper, and deep chocolate. Clinique

Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher is made for active people who need instant make

up for simplicity. It uses sprayer in order to make consumer make up activity is easier.

Clinique is one of world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of prestige

skin care, make up and fragrance products. It is an offshoot of the Estee Lauder

company and was first launched in 1968. This company’s activities are

manufacturing, packaging and distributing compact powder, lipstick, blush on,

foundation, and also skin care product that are all allergy tested and 100% fragrance

free. Clinique is a mega brand and a market leader across the country.


Thomas B, Press Officer

Clinique Laboratories, LLC.
01749 376 564
For further information on Clinique products, please contact:

Customer Service Manager Tel: (021) 588 7345
Intiland Tower Fax: (021) 588 7346
Jl. Jendral Sudirman kav.25
Jakarta Date: 17 June 2008
12440 Ref: Clinique 019/ TB


There will be 100 packets of press kit that will be provided to the press people

who will come to the product launching event. The press kit will be including:

• Pen

• Exclusive notebook

• Clinique’s Magazines, which are content the company profile of Clinique,

annual report, products knowledge, branches of Clinique store in Indonesia,

and contact detail.


We will also provide 600 packets of goody bag for 600 guests. The goody bag

will be including:

• Pen

• Exclusive notebook

• Mug

• Watch key chain

• Cosmetic purse

Attachment 1

Place with decoration

Sketch of the place

Attachment 2

Logo of Clinique

Photo of product

Clinique Mineral Translucent Spray Blusher

Goody Bag

Watch Key Chain

Cosmetic Purse Mug


Exclusive Notebook