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The sense of I is an illusion.

I recently sent a YouTube to a friend TKT, Hope you can access this version. Take a look at this video on YouTube: He replied: Thank You (^o^) Vince. The sense of I is an illusion. Here is my rejoinder to him: TKT, Exactly. I am glad you are able to extrapolate from what our neuroscientists are beginning to discover, to what it means in spiritual terms. This is what God is trying to tell us all along - Thou shall have no idol [ego of self] before me! That is why Adam's perception of an ego of 'self' is called the deceit of the web of Satan. Adam was not self-conscious until after he tasted the Tree of Knowledge, after the Temptation of Eve and the Serpent. Then when God cried out - "Adam, Adam, where are you"; Adam had to cover his genitals. Until then he was not conscious that he had 'balls'! That is what the Original Sin is all about! But when you contemplate more on this 'illusion', you will realise that the real Adam, the spirit son of God, is Adam son of man, only in his 'dream' i.e. Adam the Spirit is dreaming that he is Adam the Man! You see, with spiritual wisdom, you will note that Jacob's Dream is only an inversion of Adam's Dream. This is the so-called Mirror Trick. Jacob was dreaming he was an 'angel of God' ascending and descending the staircase to heaven. Adam is conversely dreaming he is a mortal 'son of man' ascending and descending through cycles of existence [that is up and down the snakes and ladders] seeking the way back to heaven. Adam the Man is continuing his journey, ascending and descending Jacob's Ladder, in his Adam the Spirit's 'dream', because Adam the Man continues to reap the karmic effects of what he sows. That is what the Parable of the Sower of the Seeds is all about! In fact, Adam, the eternal spirit son of God, the angel of God, and us, the eternal spirit sons of God, in our being as the sons of Adam, have never moved! How can you move eternal things and eternity? How can a human mind contemplate the eternal? It cannot! But the eternal mind can contemplate the temporal! A billion dimensional being can easily contemplate the three dimensional sphere. A dream is 'temporary' and transient! It is all in our spirit son of God 'mind'! It is all in our spirit son of God 'dream'. Our eternal being, as spirit sons of God, is having a dream! Impossible to believe! Impossible to grasp! Impossible to conceive! Now, next time you sweat and perspire in passion or in fear, travel to strange places and do unimaginable feats and invent incongruous things and come up with ideas new to the existing world, in your 'dream', you will see the power of creation in a 'dream'.

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We are 'lost' in a 'dream'! The 'sheep' in us, the spirit son of God in us, is lost in a 'dream'! We are 'goated' in our 'dream'! Vince Cheok

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