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How to spot the difference between a terrorist and a journalist

It can be tough telling innocent hacks from violent insurrectionaries. Index on Censorship is here to help
By Index on Censorship / 21 February, 2014 To: All Govern en!s Fro : Index on Censorship Index on Censorship here" #e$ve no!i%ed so e you have had !rouble !ellin& !he di''eren%e be!(een !erroris!s and )ournalis! la!ely *yes, you !oo Barack: pu! !he Bla%+Berry do(n," -o (e !hou&h! as people (i!h so e experien%e o' !he )ournalis !hin&, (e %ould o''er you a 'e( handy !ips !o re'er !o !he nex! !i e you 'ind yoursel' as+in&: )ournalis! or !erroris!. /ave a loo+ a! your suspe%!" Is he %arryin& a, a no!eboo+ (i!h (eird s0ui&&ly lines on i!, or b, an 12G34" I' !he la!!er, odds on he$s a !erroris!" The 'or er. 5os! li+ely a )ournalis!" Those s0ui&&ly lines are %alled 6shor!hand7 8 i!$s (ha! repor!ers do (hen !hey$re (ri!in& !hin&s do(n 'or, er, repor!in&" I! i&h! loo+ a bi! li+e Arabi%, bu! i!$s no!, and even i' i! (as, !ha! (ouldn$! be a &ood enou&h reason !o lo%+ !he &uy up"

-!ill no! %lear. 9e!$s

A )ournalis! ove on !o !he 0ues!ionin& par!"

:ues!ionin& %an be di''i%ul!" ;our odern !erroris! (ill be hi&hly %o i!!ed, and !rained !o (i!hs!and even your s!eelies! &lare *and (ha!ever o!her !a%!i%s you i&h! use, eh. 9<9= #in+y - iley=," -o i! ay be di''i%ul! !o es!ablish 'or %er!ain (he!her he or she is in 'a%! a !erroris! by si ply as+in& !he " They i&h! even say !hey are a )ournalis!, (hen a%!ually !hey are !erroris!s= -nea+y= Bu! !here are so e (ays o' &e!!in& pas! !his deviousness" >oes your suspe%! have s!ron& 'eelin&s abou! unpaid in!ernships and !heir e''e%! on !he indus!ry. <r 6pay(alls7 and pro'i! odels. ;our )ournalis! (ill poun%e on !hese 0ues!ion in a (ay !ha! ay be 0ui!e s%ary !o (a!%h, and +eep you !here !al+in& abou! i! lon& a'!er you$ve !old her she$s 'ree !o &o" ;our !erroris! is no! as bo!hered by !hese issues, &enerally, !hou&h ay a%%ep! !ha! i! is very di''i%ul! 'or +ids !o &e! on !he !error ladder !hese days and nepo!is is no! an ideal (ay !o run a &lobal bo bin& %a pai&n"

A !erroris! As+ your suspe%! i' he spends !oo u%h !i e on T(i!!er: I' he &e!s de'ensive and says so e!hin& alon& !he lines o' 6;es, bu! !he 'a%! is i!$s )us!i'ied" -!ories brea+ on T(i!!er" I!$s no! )us! all hash!a& &a es and?7 *a&ain, !his %ould &o on 'or several hours, and (ill os! li+ely end up bein& all abou! hash!a& &a es,, !hen he$s a )ournalis!" @Ao!e: I' your suspe%!s see !o spend a lo! o' !i e &e!!in& in!o Twitter spats (i!h !he Israel >e'en%e For%e, !hey ay be a bi! !erroris!yB" >oes your suspe%! loo+ s!ressed. 9i+e, really, really s!ressed. 2robably a )ournalis!" Finally, )us! !ry sayin& !he phrase 6belo( !he line7" I' you &e! a sli&h!ly %on'used loo+, you$ve probably &o! a !erroris!" I' !here is a%!ual (ailin& and &nashin& o' !ee!h, )ournalis!" Ao( le!$s &o over (hy you i&h! be a+in& !his ix up" This is (here a lo! o' people &e! %on'used, so (e$ll be as %lear as possible, bu! do +eep up" Terroris!s &enerally hold 0ui!e ex!re e vie(s (hi%h, i!$s 'air !o say, os! o' us probably do no! a&ree (i!h" /o(ever, !his does no! ean !ha! anyone you disa&ree (i!h is a !erroris!" <r, i por!an!ly, !ha! so eone (ho$s spo+e !o so eone (ho you disa&ree (i!h is a !erroris!"

#e unders!and !ha! !his %an be 0ui!e a di''i%ul! poin! !o &e! your head around, so here$s an exa ple: I', say, a lar&e, in!erna!ional ne(s or&anisa!ion reports on things you’d rather they didn’t, in a (ay you don$! li+e, !his does A<T a+e !he a 6!erroris! or&anisa!ion7" The people (or+in& 'or !he are A<T !erroris!s 6broadcasting false news that harms national security” " -o e!i es, )ournalis!s (ill %over !he a%!ivi!ies o' !erroris! or&anisa!ions, li+e al3:aeda" This, ho(ever, does no! au!o a!i%ally a+e !he !heir 6 media man7" Ge! !his C you %an even in!ervie( e bers o' a !erroris! or&anisa!ion (i!hou! a%!ually bein& a !erroris! yoursel'" -i ilarly, i' so eone has so e!hin& !ha! you (an! ba%+, !ha! doesn$! ean you &e! !o use terrorism laws !o &e! i!, even i' you !hin+ !ha! !hin& is very, very i por!an!" And yes, even i' !hey in!end !o use !ha! !hin& !o (ri!e s!ories abou! you" Deep !hese basi% ideas in ind and (e %an al os! &uaran!ee you$ll never a+e !he e barrassin& is!a+e o' %allin& )ournalis!s !erroris!s a&ain" Any doub!s. Call us" #e$re here !o help" The Index !ea

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