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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Using Non – intrinsically Safe Equipment in Hazardous Location JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 40

Facility: Work Area / Equipment: Permit No.


PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Coverall, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves, Multi Gas Detector.

Presence of Flammable / Toxic  Ensure the worksite (where the non-intrinsically safe
Vapor or Liquid equipment to be used) is free from flammable / toxic vapor or

 Do not refuel while equipment (such as Mobile Power

Fire & Explosion Generator, Air Compressor etc) is running.
 Keep the fire extinguishers & fire hoses in ready condition.

Non – compliance of KOC F & S  Refer HSEMS Procedures - Doc. No. SA.KOC.004 “Permit to
Planning Regulations and HSE MS Work” and Chapter -15 “Power & Hand Tool” of KOC F & S
Procedures Regulations.

Unintended Shutdown of Facility /  Asses the risk & Identify the safety override (IR / UV Detector;
Equipment Flammable / Toxic Gas Detectors) required for the work.

Collapse of Equipment / Appliance  Ensure the equipment is placed on a firm & properly leveled

Unauthorized Work  Take a Hot Work Permit and other associated permits from
Asset Owner.

 Ensure the appliance / equipment (such as photography

Defective Tools / Appliance camera, portable power generator, air compressor etc) is free
from defect.

 Use properly insulated & suitably rated cables & extension wire
for appliance / equipment.
 Ensure the proper grounding for powered equipment.
Electric Shock
 Do not leave the equipment / appliance in unattended
 Switch off the equipment when not in use.
Work Execution
 Do not touch the hot portion (such as engine exhaust pipe) of
Injury or Burn the equipment.
 Use hand gloves

 Do not stand near the engine exhaust

Exposure to Harmful Smoke, Noise
 Use Ear Plug / Ear Muff if working in noisy area.

Leak & Spill  Switch off the appliance / equipment immediately in case of
leak / spill / fire at the worksite.

 Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.

Windup &
Scattered Material  The accessories (tools, hoses, cables & sockets / terminals)
not being used must be disconnected and stored separately.

Additional Hazards
(Other than indicated

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