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Paul Goodison World No. 1 Laser Sailor 18 Junior and Youth Sailing Programme 22 Matt Bridge Chief Instructor 14 Introduction 6
i can’t believe how fast 2007 went! Our community programme was the highlight of the year as we introduced over 1700 children to sailing and featured on BBC regional news by introducing 500 children to sailing in a week! For 2008 we will build on this success and a core team is in place with the aim of exceeding your expectations. We remain as flexible as ever and if you can’t find a course that suits, please allow us to tailor it to achieve your expectations. I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 venue, —neil coxon

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Sailing in a group is great fun — challenge each other.

Portland Harbour: A World-recognised Location it’s no coincidence that Laser chose the

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing

Ideal sailing conditions.

Academy as the home of the first Laser Sailing Centre. It provides the extremely safe sailing access to the challenging water beyond. And with its new multi-million pound centre, onshore facilities are the best available. conditions of Portland Harbour as well as easy


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Tailor-made Courses saillaser offers a comprehensive range of Royal Yachting

Association (rya) approved courses, most using video tuition to ensure you get the best training possible. Some of our opportunities include race training, bespoke corporate days, family packages, and individual tuition where your objectives can be achieved. You can even train to become a rya instructor yourself !




We teach wind awareness, speed control, manoeuvres.
tuition 8


4 5


match it up


Launching and recovery Collision avoidance 3 Sailing theory

4 5–6

Parts of the boat Capsize recovery 7 Rigging

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Don’t forget to duck! sail

First-class Boats improve your skills with laser, the sailboat

market leaders and the world’s favourite sailboat company. Our range of boats are designed for sailors of all abilities and experience. So as you’d expect at SailLaser, everyone learns to sail in the latest boats, maintained to the highest standard, by the best-qualified and trained staff.


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On and off the beach fun.

Approachable Experts having sorted out the best equipment
taken equal care in selecting our staff. Whether you’re a complete beginner of any age, or a seasoned racer you’ll find the best people coaching at SailLaser.

and location, you can be sure that we’ve


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Grow Your Sea Legs saillaser’s centre manager,
How do you motivate students?

Matt Bridge, tells us how he grew his sea legs, and how you can too.

By making it fun. Sailing a dinghy for the first time is a fairly alien environment for beginners because they are surrounded by water and they are totally reliant on the wind for movement. However, in saying that, I think the most common problem with beginners is over-complicating things. It is easy to get caught up in all the terminology, so I just make it fun and keep it simple.

There is literally something for everyone, sailing can be as relaxing or exciting as you want.
matt bridge
centre manager at saillaser

Why did you become an instructor? I love sailing and meeting people so it just seemed to make sense. I’m actually an instructor in several sports, I just like it. I think if I wasn’t an instructor I’d be a teacher. What motivates you to keep sailing? Enjoyment mainly, but I’m also really competitive, I think that helps as well. When did you start training? As a youngster I first sailed in a dinghy with my sister but she didn’t have the sailing bug quite as much as I did so after a couple of years (and I’m sure an awful lot of whining) I got my own boat. I raced and trained for several years with the majority of my instruction being in boats made by Laser. When did you start sailing and why? Since I was too young to remember – I have to thank my parents for that. It’s not been hard to stay into sailing though, because it’s such a versatile sport. I can teach all week in one boat and then still want to jump into a different one for a race at the end of the week. Or even work a whole season and still want to plan a holiday to go and sail on warmer waters somewhere else. There are so many ways to enjoy the sport and so many different places to enjoy it.


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instructor bio

time on the water is everything! Try and get out there as much as possible. No two days are ever the same, so you will learn every time you go out. Push yourself to get better and sample all aspects of the sport, because the better you get the more fun it is!

Three good reasons to start sailing

Take your skills to the next level.

1 It keeps you fit. Good for the stomach muscles and all that. 2 It gets you outdoors. Great for the tan! 3 It’s an exciting sport that can be enjoyed in so many different ways from cruising with friends to finding a picnic spot, to racing a single hander on the trapeze wire. There is literally something for everyone and it can be as relaxing or exciting as you want. Also, the social aspect of the sport, there’s a great social scene.


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instructor bio

Race Clinic with SailLaser the saillaser team are continually looking for ways

to improve your Laser Sailing skills. In addition to our Start Racing courses, we are running an Advanced Laser Race Clinic with coach and Pre Olympic Gold Medallist Paul Goodison on the 23–24 September. The challenging mixture of ‘on and off ’ the water coaching will push your sailing ability to the limit. The two day clinic will also include video tuition so Paul can give you expert advice.

To continually improve you need to push yourself and put yourself in more complex situations.
paul goodison
olympic gold medallist sailor

winning the start Starting is one of the most difficult aspects of sailing to be consistent at so there is always room for improvement. In this part of the race you will be closer to all your competitors. My best starts are made when I’m feeling the most confident; this confidence comes from practise and faith in my ability. It is also important to have a controlled level of aggression, as you need to be both calm in your mind but at times aggressive in your actions. pre start checks I get out to the racecourse with a minimum of 30 minutes to the start; I need this much time to become comfortable with the conditions and my rig settings. My pre start checks include: — Wind, tide speed direction — Transits, how reliable are they and how confident am I with them — Time and distance to the line — Which way do I want to go up the beat? — Choosing where to start

guru tip

What small steps can sailors take to continually improve their skills? To continually improve you need to push yourself and put yourself in more complex situations. The best way to do this is by sailing with people that are better than you as you can learn from them.

For detail on all the Race Clinics please go to the Courses Prices insert 18 +44 (0) 845 337 3214 19 instructor bio


Course Information

Monday–Friday School Holiday, Youth and Junior Group Courses

Saturday–Sunday Adult, Junior and Youth Group Courses

Thursday–Sunday Adult Group Courses

Saturday–Tuesday Adult Group Courses

Sailing Programme 20

tailor-made courses

Monday–Sunday Personal Tuition, Hire, Family Courses, Tailor-made Courses and Corporate Events can all be arranged during opening hours at a convenient time for you.

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Junior and Youth Sailing Programme
improvers rya Stage 3 2 Days rya Stage 4 2 Days rya Stage 3 + 4 5 Days start sailing rya Stage 1 2 Days rya Stage 2 2 Days
Combined courses also available

Students learn to launch.
advanced Youth Spinnakers 2 Days

Race Training 5 Days

rya Stage 1 + 2 5 Days
Combined courses also available

Course Progression

no matter what skill level, sailors will learn how to take charge of their own boat, and build confidence in courses that focus on helping students progress during and after the course. Beginners courses are tailored to help students understand the basics in a simple and safe way. Improvers courses help students increase their boat handling and confidence in more challenging and faster dinghies.
23 junior and youth sailing programme


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Junior Courses
8–12 years old

sailing should be safe and fun – especially for kids. Our courses for 8 –12 year olds offer a lively and varied introduction to watersports, through games and other activities, on and off the water. All are run by rya approved instructors with a 6:1 student-coach ratio to give kids a taste of the great fun and enjoyment they can have sailing in a safe environment. we have created special courses especially for the 13–16 age group with a 6:1 student-coach ratio. We select coaches who are especially good with teenagers (they have to pass a ‘cool’ test), who will keep them motivated and involved throughout their course. And knowing what teenagers are like, you can be assured that safety will be the coaches’ highest priority at all times.
improvers � � Combined courses also available Combined courses also available rya Stage 3 Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory. prerequisite Stage 2 standards duration 2 days equipment Pico Funboat rya Stage 4 Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques and manoeuvres in crewed boats, recovering man overboard. prerequisite Stage 3 standards duration 2 days equipment Vago 2000 Dart 16 rya Stage 3 + 4 Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory, manoeuvres in crewed boats, recovering man overboard. prerequisite Stage 2 standards duration 5 days equipment Pico Laser Vago 2000 Dart 16 Youth Spinnakers Everything you need to know about sailing modern asymmetric boat. This group course can be enjoyed on your own, or why not bring a friend to sail as a pair. prerequisite Knowledge to stage 4 standards duration 2 days equipment Vago 2000 Bahia Dart 16x Youth Race Training Boat tuning, sail setting, boat balance, starts, race tactics. prerequisite Stage 4 standards duration 5 days equipment Pico Laser Vago 2000 Dart 16 advanced � � �

Youth Courses
13 –16 years old

start sailing �

rya Stage 1 Launching and recovery, steering, parts of the boat, basic sailing. duration 2 days equipment Pico Funboat

rya Stage 2 Basic knowledge and steering ability. prerequisite Stage 1 standards duration 2 days equipment Pico Funboat

rya Stage 1 + 2 Launching and recovery, steering, parts of the boat, basic sailing, ropework, collision avoidance. duration 5 days equipment Pico Funboat


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junior and youth courses

Adult Sailing Programme

Course Progression

Special Courses are created for adults of all ages and every skill level. Beginners are introduced to sailing in a safe environment by skilled coaches. For those who have sailed before, and want to learn single-handed technique, we offer tailored coaching in boat handling and racing. If you want to sail with a partner, we can help you master double-handed sailing. All three courses aim to build confidence and teamwork.

Build confidence for expeditions and races.
rya Start Racing 2 or 4 Days Intro to Lasers 2 Days


single-handed Intro to Lasers and Racing 4 Days

Advanced Race Training 2 Days
(single and double-handed)

double-handed rya Level 2 2 Days rya Sailing with Spinnakers 2 Days

rya Seamanship Skills 2 Days

Advanced Double-handed Skills 4 Days

start sailing rya Level 1 2 Days

rya Level 1 + 2 4 Days
Combined courses also available


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adult sailing programme

Adult Courses
16 years old +

for most people, part of the fun of sailing is to be with a group of like-minded individuals. That’s as much the case when you’re learning, as when you’re a member of a sailing club, so that’s how most of our courses are run. We can offer personalised programmes if you want, but most people prefer to learn together – and laugh together – and whatever the group size, everyone receives personal training from our coaches. On all our courses, your safety is our first priority. All groups are supported by safety boats, and group leaders are always in radio contact with on - shore staff and rescue cover. We follow rya course guidelines, and offer rya qualifications with most of our courses. Whatever your skill or achievement level, you will find something to suit you at SailLaser.

start sailing � Combined courses also available rya Level 1 An introduction to the sport, covering the minimum knowledge required to get afloat under supervision. It will give you a basic understanding of boat handling techniques and background knowledge. duration 2 days equipment Pico Bahia Stratos rya Level 2 Becoming a competent sailor with an introduction to sailing techniques and manoeuvres, rigging, launching, safety, capsize recovery and basic rules of the water. prerequisite Level 1 standards duration 2 days equipment Pico Bahia Stratos rya Level 1 + 2 Becoming a competent sailor with an introduction to sailing techniques and manoeuvres, rigging, launching, safety, capsize recovery and basic rules of the water. duration 4 days equipment Pico Bahia Stratos

double-handed � Combined courses also available rya Sailing with Spinnakers Everything you need to know about sailing modern three-sail boats. Teaches you how to use an asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker. prerequisite Level 2 standards duration 2 days equipment Vago 2000 Bahia Stratos Dart 16x rya Seamanship Skills How to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems afloat. This will teach you to sail in a seamanlike manner and make seamanship decisions in moderate conditions. prerequisite Level 2 standards duration 2 days equipment 2000 Bahia Stratos Advanced Doublehanded Skills A combination of the rya Seamanship Skills and rya Sailing with Spinnakers course, to set you off on the right foot with your double-handed sailing. Covering how to handle a boat, solve problems and make seaman decisions afloat, then moving into asymmetric or symmetric sailing. prerequisite Level 2 standards duration 4 days equipment Vago 2000 Bahia Stratos


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adult courses

Adult Courses

single-handed � �

advanced � � �

Intro to Lasers Everything you need to know about sailing a Laser. This course will teach you the tricks to sail the world’s most favourite sailboat. prerequisite Level 2 standards duration 2 days equipment Laser

rya Start Racing The start line for enjoying club racing. All you need to know to get round the course and have the confidence, skills and knowledge to take part in club racing in good conditions. prerequisite Level 2 standards duration 2 or 4 days equipment Laser

Intros to Lasers and Racing Everything you need to know about sailing the Olympic class, then introducing aspects to racing to enable you to get involved with the local clubs. prerequisite Level 2 standards, no previous Laser single-handed experience needed duration 4 days equipment Laser

Advanced Race Training Starts, boat handling, sail setting, and tactics. prerequisite Regular Club Racer duration 2 days coaches Professional Race Coaches, including the gbr 2012 Olympic Team equipment Laser Vago Laser 2000 sb3


Personal Tuition

for people who don’t have a lot of time, or just need some brief and specific coaching, one-to-one tuition is the ideal solution. Our top coaches offer personal training (including video analysis) by the hour to help you improve a specific area of your technique, or just sharpen your skills – at a time that suits you. Before the course, we will send you a pre-course information sheet for you to define your objectives. Your programme will be tailored around these objectives, and to ensure that the best coach is selected to help achieve your goals. Whether you are a newcomer to sailing or a seasoned racer in single hulls or catamarans, personal tuition offers you the maximum opportunity to improve in the shortest possible time. For prices and booking please phone the SailLaser team.

Demonstrations � Boat Collection Service Demonstrations

when considering purchasing a new boat from Laser, why not try before you buy? One of our expert instructors will take you out onto the water here in Weymouth before you make your decision to purchase. We pride ourselves on putting the right people in the right boat to maximise your valued sailing experience. Please phone the SailLaser Team to book a demo: + 44 (0) 8453 373214

Custom Family � Group Courses

we know how hard it is in today’s busy lifestyle to get your family all in the same place at the same time. With that in mind, we have developed family courses that are tailored to meet your individual needs. We can customize any course at any time to ensure your family’s enjoyment. Each member of the family, no matter their skill level, will receive the best training for their needs. All course timings are the same so that you can arrive, enjoy lunch and finish the day together. Tailor-made courses are also available to groups, such as, scouts, churches, and friends. For prices and booking please phone the SailLaser team. for those of rya level 2 standard who want to enjoy the best facilities and boats available at a time that suits them, we offer a ‘ boat hire’ service. This option mostly suits people living locally or who love the area and want extra practice in the great setting of Portland Harbour. If your family is enjoying a course and you just want to have a relaxing sail for a couple of hours, why not let us do the hard work of rigging and de-rigging your boat. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing sail with our rescue cover at hand. For prices and booking please phone the SailLaser team. — Clothing / equipment included with hire — All facilities available to use on site, including changing rooms, restaurant, and parking — All fleet boats available to hire dependent on availability

Boat Collection Service saillaser offers the unique service of boat collection and waterside service by the manufacturer. We are completely set up to facilitate the boat handover, running through the checklist and ensuring your boat is secured, and ready to be towed. You will also be informed of our aftercare service and get answers to any questions you may have. Rig and Go Package buying your boat or moving into a different class can be a challenging experience for even an experienced sailor. The expert SailLaser instructors will teach you how to rig and tune your boat from the packaging and also provide useful tips that come with years of experience. After this has been completed we will take you sailing to demonstrate the essential skills and techniques required to ensure you get the best from your new boat. 1. Rig your boat with the experts 2. Tuning tips 3. Advice on going afloat for the first time 4. Essential boat handling skills 5. On the water boat tuning 6. De-rigging 7. Towing and car-toppable advice

Boat Hire


+44 (0) 845 337 3214


additional courses

Community Courses laser is committed to increasing participation in sailing through

our alliances with both local and national schools and charities. This allows us to reach out to those who may not otherwise be able to enjoy the sport of sailing as well as actively encourage those who show potential within the sport. All of this is done using the same high standard of tuition and world famous dinghies that all courses offer at the SailLaser facilities at Weymouth and Portland. Teachers and parents are also encouraged to take an interest as volunteers. Learning alongside children as well as attending a short course means they can gain qualifications to become an integral part of the children’s learning. SailLaser is an active supporter of ‘Sailability’, specifically assisting in fund raising and awareness. SailLaser is an all-inclusive centre which encourages disabled sailors to enjoy the sport of sailing in a safe, professional environment. It does this through the modern facilities of the National Sailing Academy and using our own staff that are specifically trained by the rya to understand their needs. Local and National schools and charities can all benefit from our resources. Our Community Sports Coach, Matt Bridge, can arrange tester days, scholarships and school activities for every budget. We have a commitment to the community and have subsequently put a structure in place to encourage you to get out on the water. For information and bookings, phone the SailLaser Team: + 44 (0) 8453 373214

Powerboat Training
We understand that not everyone wants to sail under wind power, which is why we also offer powerboating courses. You’ll learn seamanship, powerboat manoeuvres and high speed skills. You can also gain the International Certificate of Competence, required to drive powerboats overseas.
powerboat courses Powerboat Level 2 All you need to know for self-sufficient powerboating at a basic level. Course includes launching, mooring, anchoring and recovery plus all the boat driving skills required for basic competence in a powerboat. prerequisite None (Minimum age 13) minimum duration 2 days coach rya Powerboat Instructor Safety Boat Boat handling, rescue techniques for sailing dinghies, windsurfers, canoes, and tows. prerequisite rya Powerboat Level 2 certificate must be held prior to the course. ( Minimum age 16 ) duration 2 days coach rya Powerboat Instructor

Instructor Training
With the continuing boom in sailing, many people seek training in how to become an rya instructor. We offer a number of courses at SailLaser, all under the oversight of the rya.
instructor courses Instructor Pre-Assessment Practising and improving skills so that you should be able to complete the pre-entry assessment on the second day, weather permitting. The assessment will be done with wind strength of 11 knots or greater. prerequisite Solid Sailing Skills ( minimum age 16 ) duration 2 days coach rya coach assessor equipment Laser Stratos price £ 155 RYA First Aid Focused on working in a water sports environment. duration 1 day coach rya First Aid Instructor price £ 90 Dinghy Instructor Practising and improving skills so that you should be able to complete the pre-entry assessment on the second day, weather permitting. The assessment will be done with wind strength of 11 knots or greater. prerequisite Solid Sailing Skills ( minimum age 16 ) Powerboat Level 2 First Aid duration 5 days coaches Course is run by an rya coach assessor and in the last day moderated by a second rya coach assessor. equipment Laser Stratos price £ 325


+44 (0) 845 337 3214


additional courses

Course Equipment

One child to one adult / one child Car toppable A little Laser, a lot of fun! rya school approved Ideal for beach launching Adults and kids can sail and race them

Laser Full Rig
One adult Race programme Car toppable

Laser Radial

Laser 4.7

One to two adults Race programme

Vago XD


Three boats in one, two of which are Olympic classes World’s most popular adult racing class GXD upgrade options

Pushes the boundaries of dinghy sailing for the next generation of sailors Unique modern design allowing single-handed trapezing with the kite up Over 500 boats sold in 25 countries

Two children to five adults More than just a sailboat. It can be rowed, sailed, and motored Ultimate daysailer designed with stability, safety, and performance in mind

One to two adults / two children Race programme Europe’s top selling performance day boat Powerful with great stability Racing in comfort


Stratos Keel

Three to four adults Race programme Offers enthusiastic one - design and sports boat racing in comfort Fast growing fleet offering club racing, national and international circuit Keelboat that performs like a dinghy

One child to two adults So easy to rig, sail and go, an eight - year - old can do it It loves to be sailed off the beach Just see how much fun you can have on a Funboat!

Dart 16
Two children to two adults

Dart 16X

One adult / one child to four adults Making Sailing easier, more exciting and more appealing The keel inspires confidence and gives unbeatable stability Outboard option for a go anywhere boat

Britain’s best selling catamaran Dart 16 is easy to rig, own and sail Dart 16X is extra strong, light, and fast


+44 (0) 845 337 3214


course equipment

Corporate Events
SailLaser has successfully hosted Corporate Events for an array of diverse companies and brands from all sectors varying in size. Whether it is a blue chip company such as Volkswagen, a brand leader like Maclaren, or a governing body like uk sport. Whether building a brand or customer and employee relationships, many organisations are utilizing SailLaser’s facilities and expertise to reward their employees and develop team spirit. Sailing requires physical exertion, tactical awareness and team play, which make it ideal for developing team spirit and shared goals within organisations or among clients. Training is provided by expert SailLaser coaches within the beautiful surroundings of Portland Harbour, the corporate days are hosted in state of the art conference and leisure facilities, including Spinnakers Restaurant which can offer a complete menu or catering to suit your needs. If you want a sailing day for your employees, we have three off-the-shelf courses to choose from that include first class equipment to suit all abilities. We also specialise in bespoke courses, which are tailor-made to ensure your day’s requirements are met. rya qualifications can also be gained on these courses and video tuition is widely used to provide light-hearted debriefs at the end of the day. Please contact the SailLaser team to find out how we can make your experience in Portland Harbour a fantastic experience for all.

Corporate Partners

Accommodation Partners with SailLaser
looking for accommodation can be a tiring and disappointing process. SailLaser has taken the work out, by finding places that will suit any budget. We have partnered with the following establishments:

The inventor of the modern baby buggy and revolutionary travel system, continues its focus on travel technology by sponsoring a Women’s Laser sb3 team over the 2008 sailing season. Team Maclaren, the only all-woman team on the circuit, will compete again this year with one new team member who is ready to defend the team’s recent winning streak, most recently at Cork Week. Volkswagen For the forth consecutive year the Volkswagen Touareg is supporting the Laser sb3 class, following the successful partnership at Skandia Cowes Week in 2005 and 2006. In 2007 Volkswagen Touareg hosted the King of Cowes a one day champion of champions to find the overall winner of Cowes Week. During Skandia Cowes Week, the Touareg-supported Laser sb3 fleet was the biggest fleet in attendance with 98 boats that sailed under Touareg-branded spinnakers. Loders Toyota of Dorchester Loders Toyota is delighted to be supporting SailLaser with its community initiatives in 2008. The relationship between SailLaser and Toyota offers many benefits for both Sail Laser customers and Toyota customers alike. Loders Toyota offers new and approved used car sales, After Sales and genuine Toyota parts, all with outstanding customer service. t +44 (0) 1305 261 011

Moonfleet Manor Hotel Luxury Family Hotel The Moonfleet Manor overlooks the world famous Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon, which is set in the heart of one of England’s least discovered, pristine and picturesque countryside. t + 44 (0) 1305 786948 moonfleetmanorhotel.

Queen Anne House B &B Elegant English architecture, built by Thomas Gilbert in 1710. It lies in the heart of Portland within walking distance to SailLaser. t + 44 (0)1305 820028

Chandlers Hotel Especially couples and singles Intimate Victorian architecture complemented by contemporary décor. “ Every time you check into our hotel, we would like you to feel like you are our first guest.” Hosts: Colin & Debbie Sare t + 44 (0) 1305 771341

Bagwell Farm Camp Site At the heart of one of Britain’s most beautiful and celebrated landscapes and a great base for your sailing holiday. Open all year, for touring caravans, motorhomes and tents. You’ll find a warm welcome and all you’d expect from a four-star park. t + 44 (0) 1305 782575

Turnstones B &B A very elegant Victorian house overlooking Lyme Bay with first class contemporary accommodation and private parking, just a few minutes walk from SailLaser and the WPNSA. Luxurious double bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms, plus digital flat screen televisions, wi fi internet, and tea and coffee making facilities. t +44(0)845 3258801

Boscawen House Hostel Within a short walk of SailLaser, Boscowen House, the former Rear Admiral’s house has been converted and refurbished to provide comfortable, reasonably priced accommodation. Accommodation for up to 45 people is provided in rooms with three to nine beds on a self-catering or fully-catered basis. t +44 (0) 1305 866000

No 6 Albion Crescent Self Catering This 19th century Portland stone house is welcoming, spacious, well furnished and just 10-15 mins walk from SailLaser and the WPNSA. It is the perfect retreat after a hard days sailing with wireless and Skyplus. Plenty of storage for sailing kit. t +44 (0) 1305 824149 mobile +44 (0) 7738 567221


+44 (0) 845 337 3214


Corporate Events / Corporate Partners Accommodations

General Information


How do I book? Booking can be made either via telephone or by contacting us through our website. When booking, a deposit or full payment will be required (please see terms and conditions). Sailing Schedule The centre is open all year round Office Hours: 9 am–5 pm on the water hours 10 am–1 pm, 2 pm–5 pm evening on the water hours 5.30 pm–7.30 pm Hire available 7 days a week, including evenings High Season: 3 July–10 September Low Season: All other times General Course Itinerary 9.45 am: A member of the SailLaser Team will meet you at the SailLaser Office for introductions and any indemnity forms to be completed 10 am: Meet your instructor and have a briefing before going out onto the water 1 pm: Break for lunch 2pm: Meet back with your instructor for your afternoon sailing 5 pm: Depart* *At the end of the day under 16’s should be picked up at the SailLaser office and signed out (unless another meeting point has been pre organised and discussed with SailLaser staff ). All under 16’s will be supervised until your arrival.

Equipment SailLaser Provides — Wetsuits — Buoyancy aids — Spray tops — Dry suits (if needed) — Dinghy wetsuit boots for sale in the office — Sailing gloves for sale in the office You are welcome to bring your own wetsuits, spray tops and buoyancy aids if you prefer. What equipment do I need to bring with me? You will mostly be sailing in a wetsuit or possibly a dry suit if it is a really cold day. Please Bring: — Towel — Swim suit to wear under a wetsuit — Comfortable warm clothes for under a dry suit in winter months — For footwear, either an old pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet, or dinghy boots — Sun cream with spf (all year round) For personal safety reasons jewellery should not be worn during sailing We advise all clients not to take mobile phones, keys, or other electrical equipment on the water with them Meals and breaks Cafeteria provides a range of hot and cold food and drink options Alternatively you are welcome to bring along a packed lunch All under 16’s must remain on site during course hours They will be supervised by staff during all breaks All facilities are built for people with disabilities

When you arrive at Weymouth Take the a354 to Portland. This will bring you to the causeway linking Weymouth and Portland. Halfway along the causeway you will reach a roundabout. Turn left, we are sign-posted wpnsa. Please park in the car park and then follow the orange SailLaser signs to our office.

From Dorchester Take a354 to Weymouth From Poole and Bournemouth Take a352 to Weymouth From Bridport Take b3157 to Weymouth

SailLaser at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

A35 A35 Dorchester


A354 B3157 A352


Portland Port



Main Building

Sail Laser





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Physical Fitness All water sports rely on a level of physical fitness, however it is rare to find someone unable to cope with a course. If you are in any doubt about your own ability to participate in our activities, please feel free to consult us or alternatively talk to your G.P. Insurance You will be insured by a third party only under SailLaser’s insurance. Insurance against personal injury or loss or damage to personal kit is the client’s responsibility. It is adviseable to arrange your own personal insurance before attending the course. Certificates No certificate will be issued unless the pupil meets all the course requirements. In the case of a certificate being held back, an appropriate action plan will be discussed. Equipment All the dinghies and powerboats used by our centres are approved by the Royal Yachting Association as suitable for teaching. All buoyancy aids are of an approved design. Brochure The brochure is prepared some months in advance. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the facts contained in the brochures circumstances may arise where certain particulars have been modified. In these circumstances SailLaser will make every effort to provide suitable alternatives but will not be held liable for changes made by outside influences. Our staff are often asked for information not contained in the brochure. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all information given is correct, the company cannot be held responsible if this should prove inaccurate. Images From time to time authorised parties may carry out photography and/or video recording. You agree that we may use such images in promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright rests with such authorised parties. Indemnity forms Indemnity forms must be filled in before the course starts. This also applies to hiring a boat. If the student is under 16 a parent or guardian must complete the form. These forms can be sent in advance. If you are booking a large group course we may ask you to complete all the indemnity forms in advance. Booking To book, please call or email the SailLaser team with your deposit or full payment to SailLaser. Once you have received written confirmation of your booking, your place will be reserved. Payment of the course fee is required for any course booked less than 4 weeks before commencement of the course. A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required for courses booked more than 4 weeks in advance. The balance must be paid 4 weeks before commencement of the course. Crossed cheques should be made payable to Performance Sailcraft Europe Ltd. and sent to: SailLaser at wpnsa Osprey Quay, Portland Dorset dt5 1sa Credit / Debit payments are accepted (except American Express/Electron). Please arrange the full payment to be paid at a minimum of 4 weeks to the course date. The balance of the course fee will be automatically debited from your card no more than 4 weeks prior to commencement of your course unless otherwise advised. Cancellations All cancellations made must be received in writing. If you cancel over 2 weeks before the start of the course, you will only loose your deposit. If less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation is given, 100% of the course price will be retained. Transfer of course booking may take place 2 weeks prior to the commencement of your original course date. SailLaser reserves the right to postpone, or in extreme cases cancel a course, if external factors such as severe weather dictate. In the event of us cancelling a course, we will try to arrange a suitable date to reschedule. If this is not possible we will issue a full refund. Cancellations by the client must be made at least 4 weeks before the start date. In regards to Personal Tuition, if you are concerned about overpowering winds, feel free to call us. The course date and time can be re-arranged at no extra cost.

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First-class courses at Weymouth & Portland t + 44 (0) 845 337 3214 e

LaserPerformance Europe

Station Works, Long Buckby Northamptonshire, nn6 7pf, England t +44 (0) 1327 841600 f +44 (0) 1327 841601