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Brief graphical report Megha Investments & Research Team

DATE-12 OCT, 2009

NIFTY to make NEW HIGH ? rise TO 6900.

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Did you Earn 174% RETURN ???

…in recent market rally ???...

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It is said that “no one can enter at bottom and

no one can exit at the top of the market”…
…But it’s possible to enter NEAR a bottom and
exit NEAR top…!

…and….this is not something we’d say TIMING the markets But

rather TARGETING the markets…!
Earlier you were-Not allowed to invest in MAINLAND CHINA.

Now NOT even in BRAZIL?….Well, you’re

invited to TARGET-PMS!
You can’t invest in Brazil !…So invest in our TARGET-
PMS Equity PMS Service 8 stocks
Because only Brazilian stock-markets are close to our Target-
PMS Equity PMS stocks’ performance.….also the Indonesian markets rose even
more about 82.27 percent than Brazilian Bovespa but however we have used Brazil for the purpose of
this advertisement/performance report around.

…Yes this is the team who has credentials for saving several investors and
traders from the last stock markets crash from 21000 to sub 8000 levels. They were as
prompt in giving their upside target of Sensex-19013 when their bear target of 11192
was achieved spectacularly…

To put it in the words of Mr. Yogesh Raval, Manager of Megha Investments &
Research, “it’s not just about the perfection-yes of course professionalism too counts
when we think it in terms of advisory as a profession… (but) at the same time all
these should not mar the very spirit of creativity, confidence and boldness in trying to
precisely forecast the medium to long-term levels (or TARGETS as he reiterates).”

Back to back Mr. Deepak Amin, a Gujarat University ranker in international

banking and international finance subjects whose every article since the first sign of
US subprime debacle surfaced-carried distinct warnings regarding its horrible impact
on the global markets. His emphasis on discussing and mentioning the ‘financial
markets’ and the ‘real economy’ separately and distinctly-while talking on the then
hot issue of ‘decoupling’ where he several times spoke about ‘real economic’
decoupling rather than the ‘financial markets’ decoupling. Interestingly recently
financial markets icons such as MCX owner Financial Technologies Ltd.’s Mr. Jignesh
Shah said in a conference that we need to hedge the dollar/western funds flow. For
this we can attract and target the Gulf money or say petro-dollars. He added that we
need our own dependable financial markets “Thanks to my study of international
credit and liquidity at masters level” Mr. Amin points. He adds “…there’s got to be
signals that screams to run like hell…(and) its not that no one knew the last crash that
our team forecasted (some friends comic (that) we in fact materialized it by constant
hammering!) but the mass of retail investors are deprived of such opinions of those
who know. The reasons are obvious-vested interests and ‘maintaining internal secrecy
for mutual benefit at large participants level etc.”

Understanding that the TargetPMS 1 had risen more than 100% and the markets
risen to its year high level we have done further research and launched TargetPMS2
new afresh 8 stock portfolio with great upside and matching characteristics with the
TargetPMS1 portfolio. Those who have missed the recent market rally must join this
PMS 2.
This Target PMS concept is an attempt to give investors a push towards target
based, conscious investing and importance and power of Portfolio Approach/Strategy
towards investing into equity shares.

For better visibility of chart please find separate attachment or visit our blog site.

For more on this chart wait for our next research report. This chart is already published in public way
before the market rise. It is probably the first ever such target given in India just like we did in past
while giving 11192 and 19013 targets for sensex, although the theories used for forecasting differs in all
the three occasions.


Did you Earn 174% RETURN ???
…in recent market rally ???...

Read on…
Earlier you were-Not allowed to invest in MAINLAND CHINA.

Now NOT even in BRAZIL?….Well, you’re

invited to TARGET-PMS!
You can’t invest in Brazil !…So invest in our TARGET-
PMS Equity PMS Service 8 stocks

Because only Brazilian stock-markets are close to our Target-

PMS Equity PMS stocks’ performance.….also the Indonesian markets rose even
more about 82.27 percent than Brazilian Bovespa but however we have used Brazil for the purpose of
this advertisement/performance report around.

This year’s rise in INDIAN and GLOBAL Stock-Markets COMPARED With Our
PMS1 Service which is closed and PMS2 is already launched and open for
Subscription, so hurry before the train of PMS2 is missed:

Indian Rise in % Global Rise in % Our Equity- Rise in

Indices Indices PMS Service %
Sensex 72.59 Dow Jones 12.40 TARGET-PMS
USA 8 Stocks average
Nifty-50 67.11 Shanghai 58.63
composite (as on 10oct 2009 it has
Nifty Junior Nikkie 11.95 risen 174% )
CNX-500 Hang Seng 49.29
Hong Kong • Well diversified.
CNX-Midcap Jakarta comp 82.27
• High Quality
BSE-500 78.92 Bovespa 70.62
• Fundamentally
BSE-200 77.96 Straits Times 50.45 and technically
Singapore undervalued.
BSE-Midcap 94.77 Nasdaq 35.63
USA • This PMS1 is
BSE-Smallcap 123.05 FTSE 16.41 closed AND PMS-2
BSE Teck 91.96 S&P 500 17.38 is launched and
Index USA open for
BSE auto 163.91 NZX50 16.53 Subscription.
index New Zealand Investors should
BSE bankex 79.13 AEX 28.45
call and talk for
BSE Capital 98.06 more detail and
Goods index information.
BSE consumer 91.79
durable index
BSE fmcg 38.43
BSE 48.34
BSE IT index 91.96
BSE Metal 178.32
BSE oil & Gas 69.65
BSE Realty 93.05

The rise in various Indian and International indices is calculated on the basis of closing values
as on 31 dec 2008 to 9oct 2009. (As on Oct 2009 the average performance stands to
about-------. The detailed performance is available on
NOTE: Our TARGET-PMS 8 stock portfolio was launched on 1st January, although the prices are
calculated from the date when the individual stocks were actually recommended for buying for the
first time. Some of the international indices are not been able to be included due to technical or other
reasons such as unavailability of reliable information of unimportantness of it.


As you can see that compared to benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty’s sub 70 %
rise, the rise in our portfolio is MORE THAN DOUBLE than the SENSEX or NIFTY’s

The Sectoral Indices may give good returns…But…

Majority of the sectoral indices listed on the above table rose more than 50% in which BSE IT
and BSE Realty indices rose close to 100 percent. The staggering rise has been shown by BSE
Metal and Auto index where the Base Metal Index rose about 178.32% and the BSE Auto index
rose 163.91.

For a serious, sincere and intelligent investor or portfolio it’s an

insanity to bet on single sector like Bank, IT, Auto or Metal
only, and most will agree to this. And if some did so in this year
they got 163.91% return on BSE Auto Index, and 178.36% on BSE
Metal Index. Even otherwise-the our Target PMS-1 Portfolio beat
almost all the Sectoral indices by three Times !
Bet on Bse auto and bse metal index could have given you resembling returns but the golden
must-to-follow rule of diversification doesn’t allow one to do this.

And please mind there is no ETFs or other basket facility or Mutual Fund Index scheme which
might have helped investor to do the same even if some wanted to invest into those sectoral
indices only.

For your information there are 14 stocks in BSE Auto Index and 15 stocks in BSE Metals Index,
not many more indeed, We think.

For your even Further information We have one auto stock in Target pms-1 stocks with
458% rise which has already risen 100% from recommended price at the close price of 10
Oct 2009 and given rise of 159%. This phenomena is to us is saying us something like
‘Diversify with Confidence’
But any way our well-diversified-8-high-quality-stocks portfolio gave
UNCOMPARABLE return of 174%.

WHAT MORE? We tried to compare the Target-PMS portfolio with major international
stock-market indices we can put our hands on.

To begin with the developed markets such as the USA Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Europe
FTSE, the Japanese Nikkei all posted gains of around 15-25%, along with Australia.
This is better because in our last comparison the USA markets were completely in
negative zone with only Japanese Nikkei index gaining marginally. The Singapore
Straight times faired good around 50% which should be counted amongst the
developed markets.

Expectedly Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil and mainland China has fared very well
including India compared to the developed stock-markets.

Another glaring difference is the outperformance of Chinese Markets by Brazilian

markets. In our previous comparative review before three months or so the Chinese
markets was the biggest gainer of all gaining about 43.38% whereas the Brazilian
Bovespa Index gained 30.51%. But this time the Chinese markets rose only 58.63% y-o-
y and the Brazilian market out paced it by rising 70.62%.

Well ultimately it was only the Brazilian Bovespa Index that was around
less than half, and maximum amongst the comparison group close to our

The Brazilian stock-markets rose maximum amongst the world stock-

markets for about 70.62% during the current year WHICH COMPARED TO
OF 174% which is the average return of 8 Target PMS high-quality-well-
diversified stocks.
BRAZILIAN MARKETS, fortunately you have an option TO INVEST IN

So if you want to earn matching maximum return on your capital Megha

Investments & Research’s TARGET PMS EQUITY PMS SERVICE is perfect for
you, where researchers have set milestones in accurate TARGET Based
forecasting of individual stocks and indices as a whole market.

TargetPMS-2 is already launched…

What are you waiting for?


SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: 1 year fee is only Rs. 6000.

FREE SERVICES: Free HOTCALLS, NIFTY, Reliance Calls. And free existing
portfolio reshuffling, LifeTime Follow Up of the PMS. Get even more…

For more details and regularly updated performance

reports and other contents please CLICK following
For TargetPMSseries2 brochure Click Below:

For TargetPMS Equity PMS investment based Service’s standard brochure Click below:

For report of 1 free stock given which was Financial Technologies Ltd. at Rs.500-Click

For Performance comparison of TargetPMS-1 series portfolio with Sensex, Nifty,

Midcap, Smallcap indices as well as GLOBAL STOCK MARKETS-Click Below:

For the report of ‘TargetPMS beating 10 yr record of Sensex by rising 20.49% in a

single month’-Click Below:

For intimation given about launching the TargetPMS series-2 portfolio Click Below:

For article on ‘…and you thought Long-Term investment was always right!!!” by
Mr.Deepak Amin-Click Below:

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‘I am a regular investor and trader. It was when I joined ‘mygroupmeghai’

through a friend of mine that I began with started getting messages of market crash
and almost ridiculous downside targets of various stocks and Sensex. Importantly they
were coming every day. I thought if this is just rubbish then why would someone want
ruin their own reputation, name and business. It was the days of market euphoria.
Like every second investor I were also holding Reliance Petro following the
expectation of commissioning of new refinery and various analysts upside targets of
upto Rs.500. But fortunately I exited at 255 due to constant hammering of this
‘mygroupmeghai’ people that it will slip to 74 rupees. There boldness worked on me.
Today also I am holding shares of Reliance Petro but at the cost of 74 rupees a share
and not of Rs.60 a share that I bought in IPO that time. I booked my profit and still
hold shares, thanks to the team!

Mr. Ramnik Patel, Keshod

‘Whats best about them (megha research team) is that they are bold and never
leave lose ends. They repeat what they say and that too confidently-repeatedly’

Mr.Ramaraju, Trichy

‘As a sub broker I strongly suggest my clients to take at least the investment
based PMS Service which offers more than double returns when markets rise and
safety when market corrects. For traders I suggest hotcalls and reliance group service-
they are really affordable and quality”

Mr. Hemvadan Shah, Ahmedabad

‘I was not getting free messages from megha investments but fortunately I sold
off with a little profit before the markets crash. But then my friend suggested me the
PMS service in last February. Later on I also bought Financial Technologies Ltd.
shares. Then in march end I joined the TargetPMS1 scheme. I forgot everything
ranging from election results to union budget and recent quarterly earnings. Now
I am focusing on my business at the same time being assure of good returns on my
investments. I think every stock market investor should find their fulltime investment
experts-and I’ve found mine’

Mr. Ravi Patel, diamond merchant, Surat

‘As a portfolio manager I do research analysis myself. But the consistence

performance of the Megha Research Team attracted me to take their service. While
remaining in interaction with Mr. Deepak, I explored several obvious but insightful
things regarding investments and stock markets. I have started taking keen interest
into Behavioural Economics on his recommendation. Long positions in my clients’
demat accounts when the market rises and cash balances when markets are
correcting gives me great feeling.”

Khyati Khatri, Ahmedabad.

‘I was suggested by my brother-in-law to take intraday call. I was quite

satisfied with the intraday calls. But the investment calls that I used to receive along
with them were really unique ones. They were the companies whose names we didn’t
hear of, neither were they featured or recommended by any analyst on TV channels.
Many of them were MNC giant-debt free-century old companies. One day a chat with
the team’s manager convinced me about building a systematic portfolio of stocks with
full awareness of it. They reshuffled and help me clean up my old-messed up portfolio
and I invested fully in the TargetPMS stocks. Now I have recovered my losses, have a
great portfolio which is assured of beating the markets and happily doing my intraday
fun trading. Thanks to the team manager.”

Vikas Panchal, Bank employee, Mumbai

THANKS GIVING: we thank to those who have bothered to give testimonials.


NOTE: For searching about our past performance and other credentials such as constantly and
repeatedly giving Sensex target of 11192 and later on 19013, we request the readers to log on
to, a public website and free sms portal and search by using the search box
given on top right.
We are shortly coming out with a similar analysis report of our Target
PMS2 series portfolio and MidcapPMS portfolio series.


We have tried to be as much accurate as possible while calculations presented in this

document/report. Our clients, Deepak Amin and their family as well as persons related to Megha
Investments & Research holds positions in stocks/indices or any securities mentioned above.


Some or all of the research, concepts and contents provided in this document or
otherwise published on our various sites are not to be copied or republished in any
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