-$ million and :oreign 6xchange 6arnings stood at *+. 0!lobal rank>-%1 up -%. tourism revenues are expected surge by (2' from 2))% to 2)-%.-. including transportation. "espite short and medium term setback. 2+3*45677 +839 T86 +3*456 3: . such as shortage of hotel rooms. The travel and tourism competitiveness report 2))% ranked tourism in India 6th in term of price competitiveness and 3.th in term of safely and security. activity facilities and other hospitality service provided for individuals or group traveling away from home. business and sports tourism. Tourism is the largest services industry in India. The expected to increase to *+ . It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical.( /inistry of Tourist is the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India and maintains the 0Incredible India1 campaign -. -6. India has one of the largest and fastest growing medical tourism sectors 2. 3wing to steady decade>long growth India@s share in world :oreign 2 +ourceA httpABBwikipedia.3*4 I<:34/=TI3< =+ :33T><3T6? In 2)--.'$ million :T=s in 2)-)?. retail shops.INTRODUCTION: Tourism is a collection of activities.% .' billion by 2)-$ at a .3 billion 2'. with a contribution of 6.billion.23 the national !"# and $..6 from previous year figure of *+. 3%'. The million annual foreign tourist arrivals and %() million domestic tourist visits. India@s rich history and its cultural and geographical diversity make its international tourism appeal large and diverse.%$ '..2)-2 . "ata retrieved on "ec.during 2))->-) out>pacing global average %. eating and drinking establishment. services and industries that delivers a travel experiences. total :oreign Tourist =rrivals 2:T=? in India were 6.%$ tourist industry in India to of the total employment in India. 2)) billion in 2))$ and that is annual growth rate. -2. 2+3*45677 +839 T86 +3*456 3: . India@s :oreign 6xchange earnings grew by an astonishing -(.6. India witnesses& more than generated about *+ .3*4 I<:34/=TI3< =+ :33T><3T6? =ccording to world travel and tourism council. entertainment business. -(. India will be a tourism hotspot -) year growth potential. accommodations.

digboi had a population of 3%-(3.6( in 2))2 to about -. "igboi has an average literacy rate $. The men began exploring more and in -$$. which is what the 6nglish told the laborers as they dug for crude oil. To identify the potential tourists spots of "igboi town. .3*4 I<:34/=TI3< . A$e% o t&e st!"#: "igboi is a town and a town area committee in Tinsukia district in the north> eastern part of the =ssam. found their elephants leg soaked in black mud that smelt somewhat like oil.. To determined the prospects of tourism industry in "igboi town. 3.A 98. -) =+ :33T><3T6? "igboi has always retained a Critish influenced culture year into independence. 2.3*4 I<:34/=TI3< =+ :33T><3T6? 94IT6 =C3*T T86 TITD6 3: .. 2+3*45677 +839 T86 +3*456 3: .' . =s of 2)).exchange earnings has gone up from ).)-.3* 8=E6 +6D65T6" T86 T3#I577 Objectives o st!"#: -.. golfing. In "igboi.%2 in 2)--. /ales constitute '( of the population and females (6 . swimming and tennis were lifestyles of most digboites since a long of the population is under 6 years of age. India. higher than the national average of '. India 2and =sia? obtained its first refinery in "igboi in the year -.3*4 +T*". /ale literacy is %% . The town&s history begins in -$6% when a small group of men the =ssam railway and Trading 5o. It is said that the town get its name from the phrase 0dig>boy>dig1. the 6nglish started a small oil installation. 5lub going. To identify the problems associated with tourism industry in "igboi town.India census. 2+3*45677 +839 T86 +3*456 3: .

"igboi was cemetery. 2+3*45677 +839 T86 +3*456 3: . The town consists of many sites like : "igboi club !olf. "igboi has been a treasure chest for the state of =ssam. The town was under Critish rule till Independence and also of great interest to them.time back. The travel agency will come to know about the drawbacks I the services provided by them to their visitors and also about the . The present study is expected to reflect the type of service provided by the travel agency. In addition to the innumerous attractions within the town. Indian 3il 5ompany 2then known as =ssam 3il 5ompany? runs it 3il refinery in "igboi F0The oldest refinery in =sia1. =s the town consists of many beautiful sites. there is visiting of more tourists which gradually increase the potential and prospect of the Tourism in the town. which will definitely add to the traveler experience. = list of all the maHor tourist places near "igboi has been given in the lines below.3*4 I<:34/=TI3< =+ :33T><3T6? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY: "igboi the 3il town of Tinsukia is believed to have derived its home the phrase 0dig>boy>dig1 which is what the 6nglish told the laborers as they dug for crude oil. there are a number of tourist spots located at some distance from the city. "igboi town is one of the most visited places in the upper Gone of =ssam. The lavish lifestyle of Critish has now turned out to be a boon for "igboi town in respect of tourism. The study will help the travel agency to understand the present tourism market prevalent in "igboi. <ational 3il #ark. etc. +ituated in Tinsukia "istrict. "igboi centenary #ark' "igboi centenary /useums.

This will provide the travel agency an opportunity to minimiGe or mitigate the drawbacks in their service to tourist. 2+I!<I:I5=<56 +83*D" <3T C6 53<:I<6" T3 T86 T4=E6D =!6<T+ 3<D.grievances of the visitors in relation thereto. /6<TI3< 839 T86 +35I6T. 2I*6+TI3<<=I4677? To make the study successful many visits to the tourism industry data and information for the study were collected from secondary data e. The data and information gathered to serve the purpose of the study is basically from #rimary +ources.. via internet and books related to tourism.? METHODOLOGY: The methodology adopted for the study is descriptive analytical.g. 5=< C6 C6<6:IT6" =T D=4!6 T843*!8 T8I+ #43#3+6" +T*". 28=E6 . :inally. The methods used for collection of data have been confined to direct personal interviews and discussions.77? . This study also tries to facilitate some suggestions to the Travel agency for improving their performance level so as to satisfy more visitors.3* 53DD65T6" T86 "=T= =D46=".

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