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Kettlebell Finishers

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

You must get your physician!s approval before beginning this exercise program."
These recommendations are not medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only. You must consult your physician prior to starting this program or if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity. This program is designed for healthy individuals 18 years and older only. The information in this report is meant to supplement, not replace, proper exercise training. All forms of exercise pose some inherent risks. The editors and publishers advise readers to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits.Before practicing the exercises in this book, be sure that your equipment is well-maintained, and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and fitness. The exercises and dietary programs in this book are not intended as a substitute for any exercise routine or treatment or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by your physician. Don!t lift heavy weights if you are alone, inexperienced, injured, or fatigued. Don!t perform any exercise unless you have been shown the proper technique by a certified personal trainer or certified strength and conditioning specialist. Always ask for instruction and assistance when lifting. Don!t perform any exercise without proper instruction. Always do a warm-up prior to strength training and interval training. See your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program. If you are taking any medications, you must talk to your physician before starting any exercise program, including Kettlebell Workouts. If you experience any lightheadedness, dizziness, or shortness of breath while exercising, stop the movement and consult a physician. You must have a complete physical examination if you are sedentary, if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you are over 30 years old. Please discuss all nutritional changes with your physician or a registered dietician. If your physician recommends that you don!t use Kettlebell Workouts, please follow your doctor!s orders. Copyright © 2013 Athletic Fusion Fitness & Performance Consulting Inc

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

Layer 1: Strength through Density " Layer 2: Balance & Symmetry through Supersets " Layer 3: Conditioning through Finishers "

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How To Use This Manual" Single Kettlebell Finishers "
50 Shades of Swings " Bye-Bye Body Fat" Down The Vanilla Ladder" Dominant Overload " Old Faithful" 99 Pro(KB)lemz" Locked & Loaded"

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Kettlebell Abdominal Finishers "
The Gut Check" The Downtown ABby " Get Up, Stand Up " Washboard on the Shelf"

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Kettlebell CHALLENGE Finishers "
Manhattan Beach" The Pat Stream"

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Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

I Got 5 On It "


Kettlebell Upper Body Finishers "
Suns Out, Guns Out" Jersey Show" Shoulder the Load"

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The Minimalist Series "
Simple, NOT Easy " Snatch Test " The Armour Builder" Clean & Press "

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Double Kettlebell Finishers "
I Got It Made..." You Know My KBz" The Iron Man " Double Down " Double Domination " Double Dan" The Master Plan " Comfortable with Discomfort"

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Advanced Kettlebell Finishers "
The Wolverine " The Isaac Rojas "
Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT

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SFG2. CTT 60 60 63 64 64 67 69 71 77 78 79 5 .Kettlebell Finishers Punks GET-UP to Get Beat Down " Flex And Extend " 49 50 BONUS: Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Finishers " 51 Single and Complete " Metabolic Stimulation" The Scenario " Rucker Park" Bo Knows Squat " Push It Along" BUTT. It’s So Simple " The Mark Tyson " 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 The Exercises " Clean.KettlebellWorkouts. Squat & Press " Kettlebell Rack Walk " Kettlebell Overhead Walk " The 2-Arm Swing " The 1-Arm Swing " The Snatch " The Get-Up " Bear Crawl" Spiderman Crawl" Double Rack Hold" Chris Lopez.

CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.Kettlebell Finishers Double Overhead Rack Hold " Double Suitcase Rack Hold " Double Suitcase Hold" 80 81 82 About the Author" 83 Chris Lopez. 6 .

(Other than maybe the general phrase. What I do believe in is PROGRAMMING and Practice. But then. how do you know what you’re doing is working if you’re constantly changing what you’re doing everyday. That is. they look the same and nothing about their body has changed. The problem with random “workouts” is that there is no goal. So why is it that people think that if a program doesn’t work after 28 days.. that’s different for everybody. or even every month? Most overweight people . There is no mastery or practice. SFG2. I am a realist and being married. I think workouts are random acts of randomness that serve no purpose other than to get a sweat and to make you feel like you’ve done something. You’re just “working out”. Chris Lopez.didn’t get that way in a course of a week or a month. “I want to get fit”. having a goal and a clear and proven roadmap on how to achieve that goal. they give up on it and move on to something else? Then after another month they move onto something else and before they know it. or every week. Now in saying that. I DON’T BELIEVE IN “WORKOUTS”.) There is no progression.Kettlebell Finishers INTRODUCTION I’m going to blunt. If you have a goal that you want to achieve.. I’m also aware of boredom.and I’m not saying you’re one of them . goal-oriented program at least 3 days per 7 . I am going to assume that you are training/practicing with a regular. having 5 kids and running 2 businesses and coaching “on the side” I know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. CTT www. And while that’s all fine and good that you’re actually off your butt and moving.KettlebellWorkouts.

http://www.KettlebellWorkouts. You can watch that rant on YouTube HERE .com 8 . CTT Finishers I filmed a video that irked a lot of people because I basically said that “random” throwing a bunch of exercises together for the sake of variety .com/watch?v=d1083EqdIc&feature=c4-overview&list=UUE3S-Nf1YSgTlpfqS2lrkhg Chris Lopez.doesn’t work and there is no place for “random” in Goal-Oriented Fitness. SFG2. I called it “The enterTRAINment Trap”.

SFG2. -Pavel This is based on science and has been tried and tested on real world clients.KettlebellWorkouts. endurance .doing more and more work (while maximizing & maintaining tension) in a set period of time . when you are doing one exercise. Your goal is to be better each and every time you attempt the same workout. Chris Lopez. hypertrophy. efficiently. Supersets are done through using both density/timed sets and traditional set & rep schemes.fat better grow your container to the size of a swimming pool. Supersets allow you to accomplish more work. but you must be StrongFirst” We’ve talked about strength and how it is your container. CTT www. This is NOT cutting-edge. Using Density . Layer 2: Balance & Symmetry through Supersets Supersets are the foundation that Turbulence Training Fat Loss Programs have been built on. Layer 1: Strength through Density “You can be many things.. by alternating between noncompeting exercises with minimal rest periods in between. This is your test and how you will complete your fat loss training for the session. If you want it all .com 9 .. It is what carries all other physical qualities that you wish to possess. The foundation of this program is built on 3 layers that compliment each other and provide you with the best most efficient form of fat loss training available. “Cutting Edge” screams “unproven”.Kettlebell Finishers My programming consists of 3 Elements. Layer 3: Conditioning through Finishers The final layer is the one that seals the deal and that makes you feel like you’ve done how you will build strength in this first layer. you’re resting from another. Simply put.

CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.Kettlebell Finishers How To Use This Manual Since the Finisher Element is where we can incorporate Variety & Fun. but as stated earlier. More often than not. 3. SFG2. Finishers will not replace a program. 10 . structured program. you’ll find using a kettlebell one below your snatch sized bell will suffice (although that will depend on the individual). Chris Lopez. Honor your art and stay true to form and practice. 4. you can pick and choose which Finisher to use on any given day after your regular program. Just because these are now FINISHERS doesn’t mean that you sacrifice your form and go out and start chasing reps and “feeling the burn” or “the pump” or whatever phrase you want to rebirth from the 90s. Don’t chase numbers. 1. Enjoy the variety. All of these Finishers involve the use of a kettlebell. 2. Use any one of these Finishers at the end of you program for that day. These Finishers only work as an element of a larger. You can use the finishers on their own as a “workout”.

Infinite possibilities. For men that’s 24kg (or 53lbs) and women it’s either 12kg or 16kg (25lbs or 35lbs) depending on your weight. You’ll find that I refer to weights as your “snatch size”. Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2. This is the size that you would normally perform your SFG/RKC Level 1 snatch test (100 snatches in 5 minutes). CTT www.Kettlebell Finishers Single Kettlebell Finishers One 11 .

Type: Reverse Ladder Duration: 10 minutes or less Equipment: One single kettlebell . Your ability to master your swing will determine the success that you’ll have in any kettlebell program. CTT www.the swing is the most FUNDAMENTAL and IMPORTANT of all kettlebell exercises. You’ll perform 50 reps of various swing variations . The Truth? I dreamed this Finisher up while I was lying in bed and my wife was reading 50 Shades of Gray beside me.KettlebellWorkouts. 12 .snatch size or less Protocol: Snatch Left x 5 Snatch Right x 5 Clean Left x 10 Clean Right x 10 Swing Left x 10 Swing Right x 10 Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers 50 Shades of Swings If you’re up with popular media then you’ll recognize the name of this Finisher.

Type: Single Kettlebell Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell Chris Lopez.snatch size or less Protocol: Clean x 3 per side FSQ x 3 per side Press x 3 per side Row x 6 per side -Rest 90s -Repeat 3-5 rounds Watch this Finisher on YouTube .is a single kettlebell finisher that takes into account the ratio of Push to Pull when it comes to shoulder health.we’re always hunched over . SFG2.which was dreamt up by my friend Ray Finishers Bye-Bye Body Fat This Finisher .that in order to help our failing posture and our broken shoulders we should alway do more “pulling” movements than “pushing”.com 13 . we focus on doing TWICE as many rows than presses. owner of Bye Bye Bodyfat Bootcamps in Toronto .http://www. CTT www. So in this finisher. It’s said in many circles that because we’re an anterior dominant society .

Type: Reverse Ladder Equipment: One single kettlebell . CTT 14 . In this session.KettlebellWorkouts.snatch size or less Protocol: Clean L x 5 Clean R x 5 Press L x 5 Press R x 5 Squat L x 5 Squat R x 5 Rest 120s Clean L x 4 Clean R x 4 Press L x 4 Press R x 4 Squat L x 4 Squat R x 4 Rest 90s Clean L x 3 Clean R x 3 Press L x 3 Press R x 3 Squat L x 3 Squat R x 3 Rest 60s Clean L x 2 Clean R x 2 Press L x 2 Press R x 2 Squat L x 2 Squat R x 2 Rest 30s Clean L x 1 Clean R x 1 Press L x 1 Press R x 1 Squat L x 1 Squat R x 1 Chris Lopez. SFG2. you’ll go “down” a non-traditional ladder using 3 exercises that are the most commonly done with a kettlebell.Kettlebell Finishers Down The Vanilla Ladder It’s known in many kettlebell circles that the RKC (and later the SFG) train with ladders to get stronger.

Feel free to put the kettlebell down if necessary to complete the circuit before switching to the next arm. rest for 60s then repeat on the right arm -Repeat as many times as desired within the given time frame Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts. your midsection will take a beating as 15 . Type: Straight Circuit Duration: 10 minutes or more/less Equipment: One single kettlebell . SFG2. In addition to testing your grip. CTT www.snatch size or more Protocol: Clean x 10 Press x 5 1-Arm Swing x 10 Squat x 5 Snatch x 10 -Perform all reps on the Left arm.Kettlebell Finishers Dominant Overload This workout is meant to overload one side of the body forcing you to stabilize while you’re unevenly loaded.

would look like. guess what those 2 exercises would be. He said Get-Ups and Swings. I asked Pavel what I should do with in-season volleyball players to help stabilize their shoulder and keep them explosive while taking the pounding of playing long days 4 days per week. SFG2. explosive. CTT www.. Type: Density Circuit Time: 10 minutes Equipment: 1 KB snatch size or less Protocol: Get-Up Left x 1 Get-Up Right x 1 Swings x 10 -Rest as 16 . In October 2012 when I was certifying for my RKC Level 2.Kettlebell Finishers Old Faithful In October 2010 when I first met Pavel face-to-face I asked him what his perfect workout. If there were only 2 exercises that you should do to make sure that you stayed strong. if he had no time.KettlebellWorkouts. lean and athletic. repeat for duration Chris Lopez. He said Get-Ups and Swings.

Type: Kettlebell Challenge Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell . SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts. All kettlebell. This is a Challenge Finisher which means that your challenge is to not put the kettlebell down for the duration of the Finisher.snatch size or less Protocol: Snatch Left x 10 Snatch Right x 10 Row Left x 10 Row Right x 10 Goblet Squat x 5 Clean Left x 5 Clean Right x 5 Clean & Press Left x 5 Clean & Press Right x 5 Row Left x 10 Row Right x 10 Goblet Squat x 5 Swing x 9 Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers 99 Pro(KB)lemz 99 17 . CTT www.

The name of this worked is exactly what you must master in order to get the most out of your loaded carry training. Type: Loaded Carries for distance intervals Equipment: One single kettlebell . Same holds true for the overhead carry. You must pack your shoulder and focus on crush gripping the bell so that it stays in place and doesn’t waiver. SFG2. After cleaning the bell into the Rack.Kettlebell Finishers Locked & Loaded I love loaded 18 . you must be LOCKED in place throughout the entire duration of your walk with the kettlebell. CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.snatch size or more Protocol: KB Overhead Carry x 20 yds KB Rack Carry x 20 yds 2-Arm KB Swing x 20 Rest 90s -Repeat 4-8 times Chris Lopez. 19 .Kettlebell Finishers Kettlebell Abdominal Finishers Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts. CTT www.

snatch size or less Protocol: 1-Arm Swing (Left Arm) x 15 Mountain Climbers x 20 1-Arm Swing (Right Arm) x 15 Opposite Hip Touch x 20 1-Arm Swing (Left Arm) x 15 Side Plank Left x 20 seconds 1-Arm Swing (Right Arm) x 15 Side Plank Right x 20 seconds -Rest of 90s after completing. SFG2. The Gut Check is one of those Finishers. it’s one of the best athletic-performance based exercises and determinants of health there is. Type: Kettlebell-Abdominal Hybrid Duration: 8 minutes or less Equipment: One single kettlebell . Chris Lopez. CTT www. As much as that exercise is 20 . -Repeat the above protocol 1-3 times for a total of 2 to 4 rounds.Kettlebell Finishers The Gut Check One of the best things about Kettlebell Finishers is that we can incorporate abdominal training into them to get the best of both worlds.KettlebellWorkouts. Don’t be fooled by the basic “Side Plank” exercise at the end.

KettlebellWorkouts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised Type: Kettlebell .com 21 . basketball Protocol: Ab Wheel Roll Out x 15 Reverse Ab Curl x 15 Opposite Hip Touch x 15 per side Kettlebell Swing x 30 -Rest 60s between -Perform 3-5 rounds Watch this Finisher on YouTube http://www.snatch size or less.Kettlebell Finishers The Downtown ABby People don’t think that a Kettlebell Swing is an abdominal Chris Lopez. CTT www.Abdominal Hybrid Finisher Equipment: kettlebell . ab wheel or stability ball. but wait until you try the swings in this Finisher.

Abdominal Hybrid Finisher Equipment: kettlebell . Type: Kettlebell .Kettlebell Finishers Get Up.KettlebellWorkouts. Sit-up is one of those unassuming exercises that will train you how to use your abs properly.snatch size or less Protocol: Get-Up to Sit-Up Left Side x 5 Full Get-Up Left Side x 1 Get-Up to Sit-Up Right Side x 5 Full Get-Up Right Side x 1 Snatch Left x 10 Snatch Right x 10 -Rest 90s between -Perform 2-4 rounds Chris Lopez. SFG2. but being able to get up from a lying position to a sitting position is primal. The fitness industry has told us that doing sit-ups to get abs is useless. CTT www. This Finisher will train your abs AND stabilize your shoulders. Stand Up The 22 .

CTT www. Type: Density Circuit Time: 10 minutes Equipment: 2 KBs of equal weight Protocol: Goblet Squat x 10 Spiderman Push-Up x 10 Kettlebell Swings x 20 Mountain Climber x 20 Alternating Goblet Lunges x 20 -Rest 60s & repeat as many times as possible in 10 minutes Chris Lopez. SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts. That’s all I 23 .Kettlebell Finishers Washboard on the Shelf Don’t ask me about the name. I’m thinking that “washboard” is about how abdominal intensive this workout is and the “shelf” is what people call someone’s behind when it looks athletic.

Chris Lopez. SFG2.Kettlebell Finishers Kettlebell CHALLENGE Finishers Get your timer. CTT www. stop watch or Gym Boss out and get ready to challenge 24 .KettlebellWorkouts.

10s rest Clean & Press Left x 20s. 10s rest Goblet Squat x 20s. 10s rest Kettlebell Halo x 20s. Type: Timed Challenge Kettlebell Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell . 10s rest Snatch Right x 25 . SFG2. Each round will take you 4 minutes.Kettlebell Finishers Manhattan Beach Get beach ready with this timed Finisher. 10s rest Clean & Press Right x 20s. CTT www.snatch size or lighter Protocol: Snatch Left x 20s.KettlebellWorkouts. 10s rest Swing x 60s -Rest 120s between Finishers -Repeat 2-4 times Chris Lopez.

Pat contributed this Finisher (and you can tell that he’s been listening to me because of the minimalist approach).. but it was a contributor to him turning things around. CTT www. To learn more about Pat. then you should really get to know his and scroll down to read about his story and transformation. check out http://KettlebellWorkoutsForAbs.KettlebellWorkouts.. Then he found kettlebells and reclaimed his life. SFG2. A few years ago Pat was overweight and depressed. Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers The Pat Stream If you’ve never met my buddy 26 . I’m not saying that kettlebells were the reason that his life changed.

CTT www. SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts.Kettlebell Finishers I Got 5 On It Here’s a 5-minute Finisher that takes you from HIGH to LOW with your 27 .snatch size or heavier Protocol: Snatch Left x 30s Snatch Right x 30s High Pull Left x 30s High Pull Right x 30s Clean & Press Left x 30s Clean & Press Right x 30s Goblet Squat x 30s Swing x 30s -Rest 120s between Finishers -Repeat 2-4 times Chris Lopez. Type: Timed Challenge Kettlebell Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell .

Kettlebell Finishers

Kettlebell Upper Body Finishers
For the Meatheads - and I’m guilty of doing at least one of these Finishers every week.

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

Suns Out, Guns Out
I wrote this Finisher for your inner-Meathead. A set of great arms shows strength, confidence and that you’re not to be messed around with. It also sucks when the sleeves of your t-shirt are flapping in the wind because your arms aren’t big enough to fill the holes. Problem solved Type: Outdoor Upper Body Kettlebell Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell - snatch size or heavier & a towel Protocol: Get-Up Left x 1 Get-Up Right x 1 Lying Tricep Extension x 8 Towel Bicep Curl x 8

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

Jersey Show
Here’s another Meathead Kettlebell Finisher that focuses on both your arms and shoulders. You’ll need access to a pull-up bar as well. Type: Upper Body Kettlebell - Bodyweight Hybrid Equipment: Double kettlebells - snatch size or heavier & a towel Protocol: Close Grip Chin-Ups x Max -2 See Saw Press x 6 per side Towel Kettlebell Curl (single KB) x 10 Lying Tricep Extension x 10 -Rest 60s -Perform 2-4 rounds of this Finisher

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


Kettlebell Finishers

Shoulder the Load
My shoulders have always given me problems. It started when I was young trying to throw a curveball a long time before I should have (it was self-motivated, not parent or coach driven). Then when baseball didn’t tickle my fancy anymore I chose to play volleyball (which messed my shoulder up even more). It wasn’t until I started working with KBs on a full time basis that my shoulder started to feel normal. I owe that to Get-Ups. Get-Ups are the perfect exercise one of the only ones that incorporate every foundational human movement (push, pull, squat, rotate, gait/lunge). In this workout we work on strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder at every possible angle and at various speeds. Type: Density Circuit Time: 10 minutes Equipment: 1 KB snatch size or less Protocol: Get-Up Left x 1 Get-up Right x 1 Row Left x 10 Row Right x 10 Snatch Left x 5 Snatch Right x 5

Chris Lopez, SFG2, CTT


done for time or 32 . One exercise.Kettlebell Finishers The Minimalist Series The Minimalist Series is by far my favourite series of Finishers in this manual.KettlebellWorkouts. Chris Lopez. CTT www. SFG2. So simple and effective.

Type: On the minute pyramid Duration: 10 minutes Equipment: One single kettlebell . MIN 1 .com 33 . SFG2. Basically.8 snatches L & R MIN 7 .Kettlebell Finishers Simple. take you up to a peak and then bring you back down the “other side”. For this session. you will start your snatches when the clock starts at :00.4 snatches L & R MIN 2 . CTT www.4 snatches L & R Chris Lopez.5 snatches L & R MIN 3 .6 snatches L & R MIN 4 .5 snatches L & R MIN 10 ..KettlebellWorkouts.7 snatches L & R MIN 5 ..snatch size or LESS Protocol: Perform “on the minute” snatches using the following protocol.6 snatches L & R MIN 9 . Then you’ll rest for the remainder of the minute and won’t start the 2nd set until the clock reaches : 00 of the second minute.7 snatches L & R MIN 8 .8 snatches L & R MIN 6 . NOT Easy Pyramid training starts you at the bottom. you’re doing work at the top of every minute and resting the remainder of the time.

CTT www. Women: 8kg or 10kg Protocol: You have 5 minutes. candidates are expected to be able to practice what they preach. we will drop the weight down a couple of sizes.Men: 12kg or 16kg. In the instructor world. SFG2.Kettlebell Finishers Snatch Test The RKC and SFG are famous for this protocol. BUT.KettlebellWorkouts. Type: Density Challenge Duration: 5 minutes Equipment: One single kettlebell . Perform 100 snatches within that 5 minute 34 . Chris Lopez. Don’t think that this is any easy task though. The snatch test is a testament to both endurance and power. for Finisher purposes.

Chris 35 . Armour is also a nice thing to have when you want to take your shirt off at the beach. Type: Density for 8 minutes or for 100 reps Equipment: 2 equal sized kettlebells.KettlebellWorkouts.. Building Armour is a Dan John-ism and a concept that he’s used with his football players to train them to withstand the impact that they face during a game. SFG2. snatch size or one higher Protocol: Perform as many Double Cleans as you can within an 8 minute period -ORPerform 100 Double Cleans in as few sets as possible.. Here’s how you do it. Dan John a lot. you’ll know that I refer to Strength Coach.Kettlebell Finishers The Armour Builder If you read throughout this book. CTT www.. Building Armour simply means building the “meat” of your upper body so that you can take a pounding on the gridiron.

KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2. Again. Chris Lopez.snatch size or LESS Protocol: Perform 5 reps of Clean & Presses at the top of every minute (when your timer hits :00) for the full 8 minute 36 . One exercise done at the top of every minute. it’s simple. Type: On the minute Duration: 8 minutes Equipment: One single kettlebell .Kettlebell Finishers Clean & Press This Finisher is great the day AFTER an upper body workout or immediately following a LOWER body workout. It will enhance recovery by flooding the upper body muscles with blood giving you a bit of a pump. CTT www. Rest for the duration of the minute and repeat each time the timer hits the “:00” mark.

com 37 .Kettlebell Finishers Double Kettlebell Finishers After Minimalist Finishers. this is the next best. SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts. CTT www. Double the weight means double the results. Chris Lopez.

Kettlebell Finishers I Got It Made.. This is a Double KB Protocol that will melt fat off you like a jar of coconut oil sitting in the sun. CTT www. Type: Advanced Double Kettlebell Chain Equipment: Two kettlebells of equal size .com 38 .another tribute to a hip hop favourite by Special Ed . SFG2. This finisher .KettlebellWorkouts..snatch size or less Protocol: Double Snatch x 1 (then actively pull the KBs down into the Rack) Double High Pull x 1 Double Clean x 1 Double Press x 1 Double Front Squat x 1 -Repeat the Chain for 3-5 rounds -Rest 90s between each round -Repeat each round 5 times Chris Lopez.pretty much sums up someone who’s comfortable with their bells and has confidence to really put them to good use.

snatch size or less Protocol: Double Clean x 5 See Saw Press x 5 per side Renegade Row x 5 per side Double Rack Hold x 20s -Rest 90s -Repeat for 3-6 rounds total Chris 39 .KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2. CTT www.Kettlebell Finishers You Know My KBz Type: Reverse Ladder Duration: 10 minutes or less Equipment: Two kettlebells of equal weight .

KettlebellWorkouts. CTT 40 .snatch size or less Protocol: Double Rack Hold x 20s Front Squat ATG Hold x 10s Double Overhead Press Hold and Walk x 10s -Rest 90s -Repeat 4-6 rounds Chris Lopez. SFG2.Kettlebell Finishers The Iron Man Type: Advanced Double Kettlebell Isometric Duration: 10 minutes or less Equipment: One single kettlebell .

Press x 5 Clean. you’ll go “down” a non-traditional ladder using 3 exercises that are the most commonly done with a kettlebell.Kettlebell Finishers Double Down In this session. SFG2. 41 .com/watch?v=eip_a49NfZ4 Chris Lopez. Squat x 5 Clean x 5 -Rest 90s between sets -Perform 3-5 sets depending on how heavy your kettlebells are Watch This Finisher on YouTube . CTT www. Type: Double Kettlebell Reverse Ladder Equipment: 2 kettlebell of equal weight .KettlebellWorkouts. size or less Protocol: Clean.

Kettlebell Finishers Double Domination I call this one “Double Domination” because it’s a full body double kettlebell Finisher. Type: Double Kettlebell Chain & Bodyweight Hybrid Circuit Equipment: 2 kettlebell of equal weight .Circuit format. It’s in a Chain . CTT www. so you’ll do one rep of each exercise before starting the chain all over again and then do 2 more exercises to complete the circuit. 42 .KettlebellWorkouts.snatch size or less Protocol: 1a) (Double Clean + Double FSQ + Double Press) x 5 1b) Renegade Rows x 5 per side (alternating) 1c) Burpees x 5 -Rest 120s between -Perform 3-5 rounds Watch this Finisher on YouTube Chris Lopez.

Partner 2 is practicing Fast & Loose. Type: Density (do as many sets as you can within the given time frame) Duration: 10 minutes Equipment: 2 Kettlebells of equal size Protocol: Double Clean x 3 Double Front Squat x 2 Double Press x 1 Fast & Loose > 60s Chris Lopez. SFG2. logic and focus on mastery of the exercises is typical Dan John. The simplicity. I go” workout where while Partner 1 is working with Double KBs. For this workout you set up with a partner and did a “you go.Kettlebell Finishers Double Dan This one is dedicated to Dan 43 .KettlebellWorkouts. Master SFG and is a spin-off on my RKC Grad Workout back in October 2010 in Orlando. I loved this workout. FL. CTT www.

com 44 . CTT www. snatch size or HEAVIER Protocol: Double Clean x 10 Double Front Squat x 5 Double Military Press x 5 Double Swing x 10 -rest 90s between Complexes -Repeat the complex 3-6 times Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts.Kettlebell Finishers The Master Plan I was debating whether or not to put this in the Minimalist section or here. If you use heavy enough KBs you’ll know why. The truth is. SFG2. with kettlebell training . Type: Double Kettlebell Complex Equipment: 2 Kettlebells of equal size. The Master Plan is the #truth.especially DOUBLE kettlebell work .you don’t need to do a bunch of fancy exercises to get the right kind of metabolic or anabolic stimulation.

com 45 .Kettlebell Finishers Comfortable with Discomfort Geoff Neupert. Geoff’s work.KettlebellWorkouts. Type: Isometric Time: 10 minutes Equipment: 2 KBs of equal weight Protocol: Double Clean to Double Rack Hold x 20s Overhead Hold the rack for periods of time to get “comfortable with discomfort”. Rack Hold Right x 20s Suitcase Hold Right. when teaching doubles. Master SFG. SFG2. often has his students clean 2 snatch sized or heavier bells and just has them hold the KBs . Geoff’s bread and butter is teaching double KB drills. Here is a spin-off/tribute to my friend. Rack Hold Left x 20s Suitcase Hold Left. CTT www.. He is the master at this and is responsible for part of the curriculum in the SFG Level II Training Certification.. Geoff. has be my go-to resource for kettlebell training from the day I got certified with the RKC/SFG. Rack Hold Left x 20s Double Suitcase Hold x 20s Rest x 60s -Repeat 2 additional times for a total of 3 rounds Chris Lopez. I have yet to meet a smarter more “in the trenches” coach. Rack Hold Right x 20s Overhead Hold Right.Hardstyle “style” .

KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2.Kettlebell Finishers Advanced Kettlebell Finishers Chris 46 . CTT www.

Type: Advanced Kettlebell Bodyweight Finisher Duration: 10 minutes or less Equipment: One single kettlebell . SFG2.Kettlebell Finishers The Wolverine This is an Advanced Finisher for those of you that have Hardstyle Kettlebell Experience. We also introduce an advanced push-up variation called The Wolverine Push-Up which will work your abs at various angles and will do a number on your triceps. CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.snatch size or less Protocol: Bottoms Up Clean Left x 5 Bottums Up Clean Right x 5 Goblet Squat x 10 Wolverine Push-Up x 10 Swing x 20 Star Jump x 10 -Rest 90s between sets -Repeat 3-6 times Chris 47 .

It’s pretty awesome how much you have to overload one side of your body. SFG2. CTT www. Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers The Isaac Rojas Here’s an advanced Finisher sent in by one of my subscribers. Using the Jump Rope is a great form of active recovery as 48 .

com 49 . -Repeat on the right side -Repeat this protocol alternating side for a total of 4-6 rounds.Kettlebell Finishers Punks GET-UP to Get Beat Down I’m a HUGE 90s Hip Hop fan. In this Finisher we use “The Perfect Exercise”. CTT www. There is no other exercise that combines every possible human movement into one exercise. Rap music and lyrics just haven’t been the same since. Snatch x 1 Squat x 1 Clean x 1 Press x 1 Then Get-Down.snatch size or less Protocol: Get-Up Left Side (and stay up) x 1 Then while standing perform.. Chris Lopez. SFG2..the Get-Up. This Finisher is dedicated to the classic hip hop track by Brand Nubian in 1993.KettlebellWorkouts.. Type: Single Kettlebell .Advanced Equipment: One single kettlebell ..

In this workout we compliment the hip flexion and ab work of crawling with the explosive extension and posterior chain work of kettlebell ballistics. Crawling and it’s progressions are primal and are hardwired into our system as humans. Crawling is also an awesome metabolic activity if done properly.KettlebellWorkouts. Type: Density Circuit Time: 10 minutes Equipment: 1 KB snatch size or less Protocol: Bear Crawl x 20yd Snatch x 5 per side Spiderman Crawl x 20yd Swing x 20 -Rest 60-90s. CTT www. Chris Lopez. SFG2. repeat for the duration of the 50 .Kettlebell Finishers Flex And Extend Thanks to Geoff Neupert and SFG Tim Anderson I’ve been able to understand the fundamentals of reflexive stability and primal movement and how reprogramming your body to do what it was born to do is the key to gains in strength and longevity. It’s rare that you’ll ever meet a human who didn’t crawl before they learned how to walk.

KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2. CTT www.Kettlebell Finishers BONUS: Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Finishers Chris 51 .

Kettlebell Finishers Single and Complete Want a complete workout with a single kettlebell? This is the finisher for Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2.snatch size or less Protocol: 1a) (Clean + Squat + Press) x 5 per arm 1b) (Burpee + Chin-Up) x 5 -Rest 2 minutes -Repeat as many times as possible in 8 minutes for density Watch this Finisher on YouTube http://www. Type: Full Body Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Duration: 10 minutes if it’s a workout. 8 minutes if it’s used as a Finisher Equipment: One single kettlebell . then this is the one you should do. CTT www. If you’re ending a full body training session then this would be ideal OR if you’ve completely missed your workout and want something 52 .

SFG2.snatch size or MORE Protocol: Rack Walk Left x 20 yards Rack Walk Right x 20 yards Spiderman Crawl x 20 yards Sprint x 20 yards -Rest 90s between sets -Perform 4-6 sets total Chris Lopez. It’s a great finisher because it involves lots of abdominal work and 2 extremes of Primal Movement .Kettlebell Finishers Metabolic Stimulation I use this Finisher all the time with my #TorontoHardstyleKettlebellClub.KettlebellWorkouts. Type: Outdoor Kettlebell & Bodyweight Equipment: One single kettlebell .com 53 . CTT www.crawling & sprinting.

snatch size or less Protocol: 2-Handed Swing x 20 Burpee x 10 2-Handed Swing x 20 Close-Grip Push-Up x 10 2-Handed Swing x 20 Mountain Climber x 20 2-Handed Swing x 20 -Rest 120s between finishers -Repeat 3-5 times Chris 54 .Kettlebell Finishers The Scenario Type: Full Body Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Equipment: One single kettlebell . SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts. CTT www.

Kettlebell Finishers Rucker Park In New York City. Having been obsessed with Vertical Jump for most of my life. 55 . this Finisher is dedicated to the art of jumping. chin-up bar Protocol: Snatch Left x 10 Snatch Right x 10 Chin-Up x Max-2 Snatch Left x 5 Snatch Right x 5 Vertical Jump x 10 -Rest 120s between Finishers -Repeat 2-4 times Chris Lopez. Rucker Park is the famous basketball court where some of the best playground basketball players in the world graced the blacktop. It’s very “snatch” heavy. Type: Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Equipment: One single kettlebell . With the snatch. you project your energy vertically and therefore I believe the snatch is much better for vertical jump development.KettlebellWorkouts. When it comes to kettlebell ballistics.snatch size or less. CTT www. although the swing trains hip snap you are projecting your energy through the kettlebell horizontally.

He was known for having massive thighs that allowed him to be a world class running back for the LA Raiders.Kettlebell Finishers Bo Knows Squat Bo Jackson was one of my childhood idols.snatch size or less Protocol: Goblet Squat x 10 Prisoner Bodyweight Squat x 20 Press x 5/side Row x 5/side Goblet Reverse Lunge x 10/side Squat Jumps x 10 -Rest 120s between Finishers -Repeat 2-4 times Chris Lopez. Type: Kettlebell-Bodyweight Lower Body Hybrid Equipment: One single kettlebell .com 56 . a prototypical outfielder and leadoff man for the Kansas City Royals AND run the 100 metre dash in 10 seconds. SFG2. CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.

CTT www. Focus on moving through this finisher as fast as you can WITH GOOD FORM. Type: Full Body Kettlebell-Bodyweight Challenge Hybrid Equipment: One single kettlebell .KettlebellWorkouts. Time your first attempt and challenge yourself to beat your time each successive attempt going forward.snatch size or more Protocol: Perform the following Finisher to completion resting only when necessary between exercises. SFG2. Swing x 20 Push-Ups x 20 Swing x 20 Spiderman Push-Ups x 10 Swing x 20 Close-Grip Push-Ups x 10 Swing x 20 Off-Set Push-Up Left x 10 Swing x 20 Off-Set Push-Up Right x 10 Swing x 20 Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers Push It Along Another ode to 90s Hip Hop as this push-up heavy finisher will blast your upper body and get your heart 57 .

Type: Reverse Ladder Duration: 10 minutes or less Equipment: One single kettlebell .Kettlebell Finishers 58 . In this session. you’ll go “down” a non-traditional ladder using 3 exercises that are the most commonly done with a kettlebell. SFG2.KettlebellWorkouts.snatch size or less Protocol: Snatch x 5 Clean x 5 FSQ x 5 Press x 5 Reverse Lunge x 5 -Rest for 90s between Finishers -Perform 3-5 rounds of this finisher Chris Lopez. It’s So Simple It’s known in many kettlebell circles that the RKC (and later the SFG) train with ladders to get stronger. CTT www.

SFG2. CTT www. Here’s one from Mark Tyson: I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of this one.KettlebellWorkouts. it’s awesome. It can be considered an “abdominal” based finisher or a bodyweight hybrid Finisher.Kettlebell Finishers The Mark Tyson I had a Facebook contest on my Facebook Fan Page and asked subscribers to tell what their favourite Finisher was. Chris Lopez. Either 59 .

Squat & Press. To perform the Clean. then repeat. The important thing to remember when you do this exercise is that you want to make sure that there is a distinct “pause” between each element of the chain. ROOT and pause. 1) Clean the kettlebell. Chris Lopez. That means. ROOT and pause. 3) Press. pause. Squat & Press The “CSP” is another full body exercise that will have you really focusing on maximizing tension to get through the last few 60 ..Kettlebell Finishers The Exercises Clean. ROOT and pause. Set the kettlebell up in front of you as if you were about to perform a 1-arm swing.. 2) Descend into a squat.KettlebellWorkouts. push back up.. SFG2. CTT www.. pull the kettlebell down.

com 61 .Kettlebell Finishers Hike pass your Kettlebell between your knees.KettlebellWorkouts.and clean the bell into the rack position Chris Lopez.. SFG2. CTT www.... .

KettlebellWorkouts. CTT www. SFG2. Push into the floor and go back to standing. ROOT yourself and pause in the rack 62 .Kettlebell Finishers Brace your abs hard and ROOT yourself into the ground. Chris Lopez. Descend into a squat by pushing your hips back and pushing your knees apart.

Visualizing this will keep your joints aligned and will lock everything into place keeping your shoulder safe and healthy Kettlebell Rack Walk Watch it on YouTube . 63 . press the kettlebell by imagining that you are pushing your body away from the Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers Maintaining tension in your entire body. CTT www.http://youtu.KettlebellWorkouts.

CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts. SFG2. minimize tension and allow you to perform reps of swings until the cows come home (or for a very long time). To learn softstyle. It is a hip hinge exercise . There is also a SoftStyle swing which is meant to conserve 64 .be/MSZpn9qfnwc The 2-Arm Swing The swing is the foundation of all things kettlebell. front delt raise hybrid of an exercise. Chris Lopez. you will need to consult and AKC coach or one that is more versed in Kettlebell Sport (GS).Kettlebell Finishers Kettlebell Overhead Walk Watch it on YouTube . Now. let’s understand what the swing is NOT.and a very powerful one at that. we are talking about the HARDSTYLE Kettlebell Swing for which I am familiar with and am very comfortable teaching. First.http://youtu. The swing is NOT a sumo-squat. Back to Hardstyle.. The problem with the kettlebell swing is that hardly anybody does it right. This style (softstyle) is not the style or type of swing that I teach. It’s the exercise that made the kettlebell popular among the Big Box Gym crowd and probably part of the reason what kettlebells are so popular today..

Now you are going to bend (or hinge) at your hips and reach for the kettlebell with your hands. we’ve actively engaged your lats. Chris least the way that I will teach you. This is perfectly fine and in most cases necessary. The kettlebell should be an arms-length in front of you. SFG2. To perform the Hardstyle Swing. Now stand and “root” yourself (there’s that term “root” again . That means that only hips allow you to bend forward. So now you should be in what’s called a “Silver Back” position. CTT www. this is why people hurt their back kettlebell training.KettlebellWorkouts..Kettlebell Finishers What that means is that the Hardstyle Swing is likened more to a deadlift than it is to a 65 . If you’re able to understand that concept. It’s when your back becomes involved and your spine starts to move that people get hurt.I’m part of that “less-than-ideal-flexibility” group) will have to bend our knees slightly to reach down for that handle. Now we’re going to pull your shoulders away from your ears and “tilt” the kettlebell towards you.. not your back. Place a kettlebell on the floor in front of you. 1 Nine times out of 10. You are doing this without flexing at the spine. By pulling your shoulder blades down and away from your ears. then you’ll be better equipped to swing properly . 3 feet if you’re tall). Your knees are slightly bent.. You don’t actively “use” your back when you train with kettlebells.REMEMBER IT!) approximately 1-3 feet away from it (1 foot if you’re short. your hips are pushed back (waaaaay back) and your back is arched (not flexed) while you are holding onto your kettlebell with both hands.1 Most of us with less than ideal flexibility (notice how I said “us”..

Doing this will load your hamstrings even more like elastics bands. your back isn’t involved. CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.Kettlebell Finishers You will now “hike pass” the kettlebell through your knees . 2 Remember you are trying to stand up straight. Your goal is to find your “root” position at the top of each swing. Chris Lopez. This will lead to a back injury. SFG2.2 This creates float in the kettlebell and will drive it up. Finding the “root” means understanding that the kettlebell is a part of your body and NOT some form of external resistance. Once the kettlebell reaches its furthest point 66 .think about American Football and getting the ball to the quarterback as you snap the ball back. Rooting yourself means that you have perfect alignment when you finish each swing. NOT lean back. Remember. All movement occurs at your hips. you are going to STAND UP by forcefully extending your hips. Many people have a tendency to hyper-extend at their lumbar spine (lower back).

You’re going to set up your kettlebell on the floor much like you would before doing a 2-arm 67 . you are again going to hinge at your hips (and NOT bend from your back) and “hike pass” it between your knees. “Wait. but there’s a reason why you grab with 2 hands.. SFG2. So here are the nuts and bolts of the 1-arm swing. you may be asking. Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers The peak of the kettlebell should be guided such that it goes no higher than your chest.. Therefore. Repeat the movement for the required amount of repetitions. You’re also going to grab the kettlebell with both hands. You are directing the energy of the kettlebell horizonally. The 1-Arm Swing I don’t think I need to explain the significance or importance of the 1-Arm Swing. mastering the 1-arm swing is essential especially if you plan on following up this program with The #28DayShred. I thought this was a 1-arm swing?”. CTT www. Much like the 2-Arm swing.KettlebellWorkouts. it would make a hole in the wall directly in front of you. As the kettlebell starts to descend. you must imagine that if you were to let the bell go (please don’t do that though). It is.

let your left arm go of the kettlebell and bring it off and away to the 68 . CTT www. You should now be in your “silver back” position.Kettlebell Finishers We want to make sure that we’re balanced and parallel and therefore NOT leaking energy. Hike pass the kettlebell through your knees. So starting off by grabbing the kettlebell with 2 hands ensures that our shoulder and spine do not rotate allowing us to stay compact. Remember doing this will load up your hamstrings with potential energy like 2 slingshots. Now. Chris Lopez. keeping your shoulders parallel. SFG2.

That is. The Snatch If I only could do ONE single exercise. you are going to STAND UP by forcefully extending your hips. The most important thing to remember when you’re doing a 1-arm swing is to make sure your shoulder stays in its socket. CTT www. but I truly believe that and this is MY program. don’t let the kettlebell project your arm forward pulling your shoulder out of alignment.KettlebellWorkouts. Chris Lopez. Your goal is to find your “root” position at the top of each swing.Kettlebell Finishers Once the kettlebell reaches its furthest point back. SFG2. Keep your lat engaged and 69 . <= That may seem like a bit of an exaggeration. most-perfect exercise known to is the single. it’d be the snatch. There’s a reason why we test it in the SFG . so I’m going with it :-) Start the snatch in your standard hike pass position with your snatching shoulder “packed” into its socket.

CTT www.Kettlebell Finishers Hike pass the kettlebell through your knees with force trying to keep your body hinged as the bell goes through to its furthest point. SFG2. locking out your knees and bracing your abs. Once the kettlebell reaches it’s furthest point 70 . This will create “float” in the bell. Your job now is to guide the bell up your body and high-pull the kettlebell to a height above your shoulder. explosively extend your hips and knees by squeezing your glutes tight. Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts.

The Get-Up (For a more detailed explanation and video demonstration. One IMPORTANT word of note: Wherever your eyes go.KettlebellWorkouts. you are going to explosively “punch” the 71 . your kettlebell will go. Therefore. within the SFG. When done properly. CTT www. The Get-Up has evolved over the years and now.Kettlebell Finishers As the bell gets to your shoulder height. keep your eyes fixated on the kettlebell at all times. spearing the kettlebell handle and beating the kettlebell to the finish. in my humble opinion. see your “Hardstyle Essentials” Manual and Accompanying Follow-Along Video) The Get-Up. is one of the most perfect exercises in existence. SFG2. every possible human movement is covered in the Get-Up. Chris Lopez. Lock your elbow out and pause for 1 second before releasing the kettlebell. there is one ideal way to perform this exercise.

and bending your right knee so that your right foot is firmly planted on the floor.KettlebellWorkouts. With the kettlebell now at your stomach. Both your legs should almost be at a 45-degree angle to your midline. Set your feet by fully extending your left leg.Kettlebell Finishers Start in the fetal position laying on your right side with the kettlebell in front of you. Pull the kettlebell toward your belly button and as you’re doing this turn over onto your back. Chris Lopez. and that your shoulders are as far away from your ears as they can be. 72 . The bell should be in line with your belly button. (You’ll hear me refer to this a lot). release your left arm and place it on the floor at a 45-degree angle from your body. Grip the kettlebell with your right hand and then bring your left hand over top of the right to support. CTT www. one over the other. Make sure that your spine is straight and that your shoulders are stacked.

into your upper back (with squeezed shoulder blades) and through your supporting (left) elbow which is on the floor. VC: Sit-up to your hand and into “Post”. At this point you’ll be in a seated position with your left hand on the floor and your right arm overhead holding onto the kettlebell. You should have a straight line from the handle of the kettlebell through your right 73 . Press the kettlebell up using only your right arm. Brace your abs hard and elevate onto your elbow.KettlebellWorkouts. Grip the kettlebell tightly with your right hand and make sure your right forearm is vertical to the ground. SFG2. Be aware of your alignment.Kettlebell Finishers Verbal Cue (VC): Floor Press the kettlebell. VC: Sit-up to your elbow. Push your left hand hard into the floor. CTT www. Chris Lopez. brace your abs and get up so that you are supporting yourself with the left hand on the floor.

and elevate your hips with enough room to sweep your left leg through. Push into both . Your target is to get your left knee immediately under your left hip so that you create a perfectly straight line: left hand (on floor) in-line with left knee (which is above the left hip) in-line with left ankle/foot.left hand and right foot .Kettlebell Finishers VC: Sweep your leg through.KettlebellWorkouts. bring your upper body to and upright position. After your leg sweep. SFG2. Make sure your left hand and your right foot are firmly planted on the floor. Adjust your legs as necessary so that your are in the proper alignment (as if you were on cross country skis). CTT www. brace your abs hard to stabilize your spine and . The position you are in now is an awesome position for posture. VC: Go up into “Half Kneeling”.while keeping your right arm (which is holding the kettlebell) vertical. You should be forming a straight line through the ground from your right hand (holding the kettlebell) through your squeezed shoulder blades and right down through your left arm and down to your left hand which is on the floor. Chris 74 .

Chris 75 . Push hard into your right leg and now stand up with the kettlebell overhead. Rotate the left leg so that your left ankle is underneath the kettlebell.KettlebellWorkouts. please.) Step back and lunge with your left leg and put your left down onto the floor so that you are back to half-kneeling. CTT www. (The photo to the left is a reverse angle to show you the intricacies of the get-up and the various positions. VC: Now get down. SFG2. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DROP THE KETTLEBELL TO CHECK. That is. turn your left leg with your left knee on the ground so that if you were to accidentally drop the kettlebell. it would land on your left foot. Curl your left toes so that they are now on the floor. VC: “Windshield wiper” your leg This next step is VERY important to ensure proper spinal alignment and to eliminate any spinal lateral flexion.Kettlebell Finishers VC: Stand up from your lunge.

roll down to your left elbow.Kettlebell Finishers VC: Now. You are now trying to recreate the same alignment of handknee-ankle. You should now be in post. again maintaining the correct line of force. put your left hand down so that it forms a straight line with your left knee & ankle. Keeping your chest open. SFG2. VC: Sweep your leg back through and get back to “Post”. CTT www. Push your weight into your left and and right foot and sweep your left leg back into extension while bringing yourself down to rest on your rear end and your left hand. Push your hips back as far as you can and reach for the floor with your left 76 .KettlebellWorkouts. Chris Lopez. VC: Down to your elbow.

SFG2. Bring your left arm up to support the right arm and guide it down back to your 77 . crawl the required length. Brace your abs and elevate your knees an inch off the ground.KettlebellWorkouts. Turn onto your right side and back into the fetal position and rest the kettlebell on the ground. CTT www.Kettlebell Finishers VC: And back down to your back. Keeping your back flat (imagine that you’ve got a tray of glasses on your back and that you’re in a narrow alley). Bear Crawl Get into a quadruped/baby crawl position on the ground. Brace your abs hard and roll down to your back. Chris Lopez.

SFG2. Keeping your hips low.KettlebellWorkouts. “step” forward with your right leg and bring your right foot just outside your elbow. DO NOT over think this exercise. The groove to crawl is naturally hardwired into your system. Just crawl. CTT www. Spiderman Crawl Get into a push-up position on the ground . Chris Lopez.Kettlebell Finishers Crawling is 78 .hands & toes and brace your abs.

Hold for the required 79 . Crush grip the kettlebells. Double Rack Hold Clean 2 Kettlebells of equal weight into the rack position.Kettlebell Finishers Reach forward with your left arm and push off your right foot while stepping your left foot ahead to your left arm. SFG2. Squeeze your glutes tight. Repeat on the other side. Dig your heels into the ground. Fire your lats and pull your shoulders down and away from your ears. Keep your butt down and imagine that you are crawling inside a tube. Brace your abs like you’re about to take a punch. Pull you kneecaps up to your crotch. Chris Lopez. CTT www.KettlebellWorkouts.

Fire your lats and pull your shoulders down and away from your ears. Brace your abs like you’re about to take a punch.KettlebellWorkouts. Squeeze your glutes tight. Dig your heels into the ground. Hold for the required time. CTT www. Chris Lopez. SFG2. Repeat on the other side.Kettlebell Finishers Double Overhead Rack Hold Clean 2 Kettlebells of equal weight into the rack position. Press one kettlebell overhead while keeping you shoulder packed. Crush grip the kettlebells. Pull you kneecaps up to your 80 .

SFG2. Dig your heels into the ground.Kettlebell Finishers Double Suitcase Rack Hold Clean 2 Kettlebells of equal weight into the rack position. Crush grip the kettlebells. Fire your lats and pull your shoulders down and away from your ears. Squeeze your glutes tight. Brace your abs like you’re about to take a punch. Repeat on the other side. Pull you kneecaps up to your 81 . Chris Lopez. CTT www. Bring one kettlebell down to your side. Hold for the required time.

Dig your heels into the ground. 82 . Chris Lopez.KettlebellWorkouts. Hold for the required time. Crush grip the kettlebells. Brace your abs like you’re about to take a punch. Fire your lats and pull your shoulders down and away from your ears.Kettlebell Finishers Double Suitcase Hold Pick Up 2 Kettlebells of equal weight. Squeeze your glutes tight. CTT www. Pull you kneecaps up to your crotch.

Chris. Chris can be found in various downtown espresso shops. a former varsity volleyball player. when the recess bell rang and everyone had to get back to class. You can also find Chris on the internet at 83 . Chris probably wouldn’t have the drive today to want to get anyone in shape . These days. out of breath.let alone himself. Chris is a 13 year veteran in the fitness and strength & conditioning field getting certified as a personal trainer while completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph back in 2000. Chris . and writing for his personal blog at FitAndBusyDad.Kettlebell Finishers About the Author If you recall back to your grade school days… Playing out in the school yard. Now. listening to ‘90s hip hop in the park while training with kettlebells or"with his wife"carting their 5 kids around on his Opafiets (dutch for “Grandpa bike”) through the streets of downtown Toronto. If it wasn’t for the days when his mom would purposely “sauce up” the rice on his dinner plate with bacon fat to make him “healthier”. there was that one fat kid. That was Chris Lopez. CTT www. always ended up last in line. SFG2. sweat pouring down his forehead from the 40 foot sprint from the sandbox to the classroom door.KettlebellWorkouts. He is now an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. fast forward almost 30 years and Chris is one of the most sought after experts in the field of kettlebell fat loss training. The 1st Certified Turbulence Trainer and one of only two Level 2 StrongFirst Girya (SFG2) Kettlebell Instructors in all of Canada. is also an assistant coach with the Canadian National Beach Volleyball Team and a strength & conditioning consultant with Team Ontario Volleyball and the head strength & conditioning coach for the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence in Toronto.