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Canopy type

Silent type


8 6 -6-4


.4-3- +; -6-4

21 6 ) 2

8 6 -6-4


.4-3- +; -6-4

21 6 ) 2

8 6)/- ), 756 4

9)4 1 / ) 2

)1 5916+0

Generator Out put

8 6)/- ), 756 4

9)4 1 / ) 2

0 74 + 7 6-4

- /1 - 56)46

- /1 - 56 2

*-. 4- 56)461 /

1  9)6-4 +0-+ ) , .1
0 74 + 7 6-4 - /1 - 56)46

- /1 - 56 2

*-. 4- 56)461 /

1  9)6-4 +0-+ ) , .1

9)4 1 /
01/0 8

DON'T touch all the output terminals during operation.


),- 1



Model L W H









1300 ( 51.18 ) 670 ( 26.38 ) 920 ( 36.22 )

1600 ( 62.99 ) 700 ( 27.56 ) 950 ( 37.40 )

Model Canopy t ype Silent type Frequency meter AC voltmeter AC ammeter Generator cont rol p anel Ammeter select switch Volt age regulator Circuit breaker Pilot lamp Hour meter Fuel level gauge St arting key switch Engine cont rol p a nel Emergency stop button Water temp. Warning lamp L.O press. Battery charge High water temp. Protection system Low oil press. Battery charge Over current shut off trip 3-phase, 4-wire terminals Out pu t te rm i n a l Single-phase, 2/3-wire terminal Ground terminal Remote st art /stop system Others Automatic st art /stop system Tarminal for AMF/ATS p anels Wheel



Automatic Mains Failure Panel
Against power cuts in the commercial supply, the YEG can be set to start automatically when the power goes off, and stop when it comes back on. You know that you can trust the New YEG to do the work that is needed, and stop when you dont want it on.

Ta rminal for AMF/ATS panels

Control panel:YEG250PTHS

Note : All data su bject to alterat io n without not ice.

1-32, Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530 - 8311, Japan Tele phone :+81-6- 6376 - 6411 Facsimile :+81-6-6377-1243

Photog ra ph m ay show o ptional equ i pm en t.

Printed in Japan N 001H0-G00050 0810

Going Steady? Dependability and Economy that Carry On

Quiet, safe, clean and ready to use, the New YEG series generator sets are the top -quality, straight forward answer to your power needs.

L ifetime Economy
The Long -Life, Ult ra -Ef f icient G as Eng ine The Long S er vice Int er v a ls ( l g n it ion plu g, lu b e oi l,

lu b e oil f il t e r et c.)

Dependa ble Electric Power

Su per ior Gover nor Cont rol Bru shl ess wi t h D a mper Co il AV R
Canopy type

Quiet and Good to the Environment

The first t hing you not ice a bout t he New YEG series i s that t here is so little noise. Ya nma rs own CA E t echni ques have g auged the st iffness of materials just r ight and d amped radiant noise. The all- round people-friendliness is o bvious in t he exhaust data, too, t hanks to t he Yanma r GP g a seous eng ines. The New YEG series is kind to t he environment. Beside low noise and emissions, i t cont ains no as bestos, mercu ry, poly b rominated biphenyl, poly b rominated diphenyl et her or cadmium. The use of s afe mat erials was a core t heme from t he word go.

Fuel Thrifty and Easy to Run, Simple to Maintain

Ya nm a r h as developed a rema rka ble new sha pe for t he a i r flow of t he com bust ion cham ber t hrou gh a r i gorous process of experiment at ion a nd ana lysi s. It achieves g re at mix ing of fuel wi t h a ir t hat minimizes fuel consumpt ion. The convenience ex tends to eve ry a spe ct of u se and ma int en ance. You c an pu t t he l i g ht a nd comp a ct New Y E G almost anywhe re wi t hou t speci al foundat ion wor k, and a ll component s a re mount ed on t he sing le bed. S peci ally designed ant i -v i b ra t ion blocks e st a blish even smoot he r running. The various filters and bat t e ry a re loc ated on the same side as the inst rument panel for straight forward daily inspection and h andling.
Silent type

Canopy type Model*1 Silent type Frequency St and- by power rating Prime power rating Volt age Generator Current ( Prime) Phase and wire Power factor % Insulat ion class No. of poles Excit at ion Type Model*2 C anopy t ype Silent t ype mm lit. kW kW min-1 (rpm) 11.3/13.6 12.3/14.8 1500/1800 4 kVA kW kVA kW V A 12.6/15.2 10.1/12.1 11.6/13.9 9.3/11.1 380 17.6/21.1 3-Phase, 4 wire 80(lagging)

Model * 1 :SuffixC for canopy, and - S for silent type Model* 2 :SuffixC for canopy, and - B for silent type Natural gas = 8605, Propane gas = 21615 * 3 Fuel Heat Value ( NET ) kcal /m 3

YEG160NTLC YEG160PTLC YEG160NSLC YEG160PSLC YEG250NTHC YEG250PTHC YEG250NSHC YEG250PSHC YEG160NTLS YEG160PTLS YEG160NSLS YEG160PSLS YEG250NTHS YEG250PTHS YEG250NSHS YEG250PSHS 50 / 60 Hz 9.6/11.5 9.6/11.5 8.8/10.6 8.8/10.6 220 40.0/48.2 Single Phase, 2 or 3 wire 100 25.2 20.1 23.0 18.4 380 34.9 3-Phase, 4 wire 50 Hz 19.2 19.2 17.5 17.5 220 79.5 Single Phase, 2 or 3 wire 100 2 Brushless (with damper coil) AVR Vert ic a l, 4-cycle, wat er-cooled gas 3GP88-GB1NC 3GP88-GB1PC 3GP88-GB1NC 3GP88-GB1PC 3GP88-GB2NC 3GP88-GB1NB 3GP88-GB1PB 3GP88-GB1NB 3GP88-GB1PB 3GP88-GB2NB 3-88 x 90 1.642 22.3 24.5 3000 Spark ignition (full t ransistor t ype) Radiator Forced lu bricat ion by t rochoid pump Electric starting Natural gas Engine Radiator Tot al Ef fective lit. lit. lit. lit. V-kW V-A V-AH Nm 3/ kWh dB(A) kg dB(A) kg 58/61 565 0.338 0.167 71/73 430 68 0.338 0.167 Propane gas Natural gas Propane gas Natural gas Propane gas Natural gas Propane gas S A E 10W-30, A PI class S H grade or higher 2.0 1.2 7.5 2.0 12-1.2 12-15 12- 60 ( 75 D31R ) 0.338 0.167 81 0.338 0.167 3GP88-GB2PC 3GP88-GB2NC 3GP88-GB2PB 3GP88-GB2NB 3GP88-GB2PC 3GP88-GB2PB


Compact, Powerful and Long-lasting

Ya nm a r has a long t radition of p rodu cing worldbe at ing small, high- speed, ha rd-working engines.Their com binat ion here with super b 3-phase, 4-wire / single phase, 2 or 3-wire generators has been t ried and tested in many harsh working environment s. The GP a re Yanmars st ate-of-t he-a rt small g aseous engines, now even more du ra ble than ever due to enhanced block cooling, stiffer cranks and pistons, and finer jou rnal and ot her tolerance. The gensets have p rote ct i ve devices ag ainst lu brication oil pressure drop, exce ssive wa ter t emperature rise and f ault y bat tery cha rging. These a re gense t s t hat will cont inue to run and run.

All the Safet y of Yanmar

Full attent ion is given t o t he fine de t ails of s afet y a nd depend a b ilit y t ha t count for so mu ch. The ou t pu t t ermi na ls a re cove red a nd pla ced well w ay f rom t he i nst rument p a nel t o p revent ele ct ri c shocks et c. A n e a r t h te r mi n al i s i ncluded. Gas pressure safety switch is equipped to prevent any gas leak from either engine or fuel line.

80(lagging) Class F ( St ator, rotor )

No. of cycles - bore x st roke Displacement Continuous rat ing out put Rated out put Revolutions Combustion system Cooling syst em Engine Lubricating system S t art ing system Fuel Lu bricant Cooling water Lu bricant qty Starting motor Charging dynamo Battery (5HR) Fuel consumption (4/4 load)*3 Noise level (4/4 load, 7m) UNIT (canopy type) Dry weight

Silent bonnet

Gas pressure safety switch

Side view

UNIT (silent t ype)

Noise level (4/4load, 7m) Dry weight