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Asi a Paci fi c 2008
Al i gni ng strategy and tec hnol ogy for i mproved data qual i ty
29 - 30 April 2008
Crystal Palace, Luna Park
Sydney, Australia
1 May 2008
Vibe Hotel North Sydney
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Conference Dat es and Ti mes
29 - 30 Apri l - 8. 15am - 5. 15pm
Mast ercl asses, 1 May 2008
A & B - 9. 30am - 12. 30pm
C & D - 1. 30pm - 4. 30pm
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:ector: |nc|ud|nn hnonce, enernu, heo|th, FMCC, occount|nn ond
nouernment. 1he exper|ence ond hnow|edne of the pre:enter:
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1he teom ot Arh Croup Au:tro||o Þtu Ltd
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Arh Croup Au:tro||o Þtu Ltd
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Sydney, Australia
1 May 2008
Vibe Hotel North Sydney
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A i P i fi A i P i fi 2008 Q
DAY ONE – Tuesday, 29 April 2008
8.15 Registration and refreshments
8.45 Chairperson’s opening remarks
Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
9.00 International keynote address
Achieving IQ maturity: lessons learnt and best
As the information quality discipline slowly matures through a turbulent
ouoloscooco, ¬ooy orooolsotloos ñou too¬solvos cooblo to scccossIclly
tackle the high costs of low data quality. However, a small but growing
number of companies seem to have gotten it right and are enjoying
sustained superior information quality results. What are they doing and
how are they doing it? This presentation describes lessons
learned and best practices developed in organisations that
have achieved IQ maturity and success.
C. Lwanga Yonke, Information Quality Expert and IAIDQ
10.00 DeIiverinq business bene0|s |brouqb e||ec|ive
information capture and management
Developing a map of the functions of a business and its critical business
entifying the organisation’s intellectual assets and showing how they
e deployed to undertake those business activities
· Aligning the business information strategy to best manage intellectual
·· Implications of data integrity and quality for risk management,
performance management and business intelligence
James Price, Managing Director, Experience Matters
10.45 Extended exhibition break
11.15 Ensuring secure data transfer and data sharing
Balancing information security with the need to share data with
evant sources
cilitating data transfer through databases
ccessfully achieving data migration and merging similar data ssources
·· Improving access and reducing corruption
Craig Wright, Information Systems Manager, BDO Kendalls
4.55 Streams re-converge for wrap-up discussion
5.15 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of day one
Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
After the break, the conference will break into two streams, one addressing technology, and the other, strategy. We invite you to attend the
sessions that appeal most to your interest, and encourage you to move from one room to another to really gain the knowledge and information
that applies to your individual situation.
Technology Stream
Main Conference Room - Level 1
Chairperson: Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
3.35 Master data management and data integration
·· Data quality, data duplication and multiple, disconnected systems
aster data architectural patterns
ata integration: data semantics
stems of record, sources of truth, primary applications
·· Data capture and propagation: orchestration and choreography
Dr George Fernandez, Associate Professor, School of Computer
Science and Information Technology, RMIT University
4.10 Promoting storage capabilities through data
·· A melting pot of organisational data: realising the value of
arehouses in centralising data
acking changes and identifying trends within data warehouses
dopting appropriate technologies to manage warehouse data
·· usloo worooocso uoto to scpport oou loñcooco crcclol bcslooss
Bala Rasaratnam, Consulting and Innovation Manager,
National Australia Bank
Strategy Stream
Stream Room - Ground Floor
Chairperson: Geoffrey Vitlin, Director, Doll Martin Associates
3.35 Driving data quality as part of an ERP implementation:
lessons learnt
·· The importance of people and processes
·· Dealing with the “nuts and bolts” of data conversion
·· Aligning the functional needs of different departments
·· Delivering local solutions in a global organisation
Joseph Fotia, Business Intelligence (BI) Manager, Mars Australia
4.10 Advancing the status of data quality within the
·· Viewing data as an asset rather than a commodity
·· Moving from a reactive approach to a cultural strategy
·· Creating a data culture to integrate data quality
·· Programmes and services to optimise impact
oou oIñcloocy
Ken Self, MRD Strategy Manager, Shell Australia
12.00 IBM Data Quality Program: A commonsense approach to
data quality management
· How should an organisation get started with a data quality
· Woot rolo uoos uoto ocollty oovo lo sloolñcoot uoto lotoorotloo
projects like MDM, CDI or PIM?
Data quality technology options: categories of data quality tools that
o×lst, uoto proñlloo, uoto clooosloo otc.
Who within an organisation should really be driving data quality
Patrick Connolly, Strategy and Product Marketing Manager, Data Quality for
Information Integration Solutions, IBM

12.35 Extended exhibition lunch
1.35 Improving master data management and data quality
Paul Ormonde-James, Head of Group Intelligence, MBF Australia Limited;
and Australasian President, Data Warehousing Institute
2.20 The three “Rs” of data quality: reliability, resilience
and recoverability
·· Applying availability standards to data centre facilities design
(Uptime Institute and TIA942 standards)
· In-house or outsource: the business case for data centre hosting
· Designing resilient infrastructures to support data quality
· Architecting critical data systems for recoverability and
testability in the event of data centre failure
David McEwen, Director: Consulting, Roberts Weaver Group
3.05 Extended exhibition break and wine tasting by
Pepper Tree Wines
A i P i fi A i P i fi 2008 2008 QQ
DAY TWO – Wednesday, 30 April 2008
8.15 Registration and refreshments
8.45 Chairperson’s opening remarks
Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
9.00 International keynote address: The past, present, and
future of data quality
The last ten years have proven exciting for data quality practitioners, as more
and more organisations have come to understand the critical importance of
high-quality data. Many have made vast improvements, serving as role
models for others. The next ten years promise to be even more exciting
Leading organisations are coming to realise that data, just like capital and
people, are assets that must be professionally managed and leveraged in
the marketplace. One implication is that more data will be exposed to more
mers in higher-stakes situations. In this presentation, the Data Doc looks
backwards and forwards. He:
mmarises progress to date
cusses what “manage data assets” really means
scribes some of the more important implications, and
eculates on the future, ten years hence
Dr Thomas C Redman Ph.D., President, Navesink Consulting
Group; Co-Founder, IAIDQ
10.00 Panel discussion: Maintaining data
integrity and accuracy
This is your chance to gain an insight into the views of our data quality
experts and how they deal with data integrity and accuracy in their
Hear the thoughts and suggestions of experienced data practitioners on this
crucial subject and then have the opportunity to pose your questions and
gain a better understanding of the topic.
Craig Wright, Information Systems Manager, BDO Kendalls; Paul Ormonde-
James, Head of Group Intelligence, MBF Australia Limited; and Australasian
President, Data Warehousing Institute; Ken Self, MRD Strategy Manager,
Shell Australia
10.45 Extended exhibition break
11.15 Aligning technical and strategic objectives
· Examining the objectives of both sides of the data divide
·· Prioritising key outcomes and establishing a united front to
improve accuracy and frameworks
·· Creating a centre of excellence that integrates technology and
cultural perspectives
·· Situating data quality in a business unit that allows better
facilitation between IT and business
Phil Considine, Data Management Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
12.00 Auditing data to maintain integrity and derive business
· Ensuring availability of toolsets
· Identifying poor quality data and examining its cause
· Generating applicable results
· Applying audited data to organisational processes and projects
Alex Kemeny, Independent contractor currently consulting to Allianz
12.35 Extended exhibition lunch
1.35 Cleansing data to remove anomalous information and
improve consistency
· Recognising the need for testing of both clean and corrupt data
· Making the case for automated data cleansing
· Utilising algorithms to closely analyse and cleanse data
· Dotor¬loloo 'ñt Ior cso' uoto
Matthew Allison, Data Quality Manager, Veda Advantage
2.20 Cus|omer do|o quoIi|y ond CkM sys|ems bene0|s
· The value of customer information as a data resource
· Understanding customer data quality
· Assessing customer data quality
·· A Iro¬owor| Ior couorstoouloo CkV systo¬s boooñts
Professor Graeme Shanks, School of Business Systems, University of
3.05 Extended exhibition break and wine tasting
by Pepper Tree Wines
4.55 Streams re-converge for wrap-up discussion
5.15 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference
Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
After the break, the conference will break into two streams, one addressing technology, and the other, strategy. We invite you to attend the sessions that appeal
most to your interest, and encourage you to move from one room to another to really gain the knowledge and information that applies to your individual
Technology Stream
Main Conference Room - Level 1
Chairperson: Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7
The application of the audit framework for the purpose
of reconciling a data warehouse with its source systems
portunities and challenges for reconciling data between
rce systems and a data warehouse
requirements and logical design of the audit framework and
reconciliation process
sical implementation of an audit framework using SQL
ver 2005 BI suite
Zikic, Senior BI Developer, Australian Administration Services (AAS)
Utilising data quality metrics to improve water quality
orking with changing legislation
veloping a national water information database for use by the
eau of Meteorology
ng data quality metrics to monitor and improve information
hering and management
ting metrics and monitored Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to
nage data quality at the point of data capture
Grant Robinson, Information Auditor, Department of Water and Energy (NSW)
and; Vice President Web Services, IAIDQ
Strategy Stream
Stream Room - Ground Floor
Chairperson: Robert Arnold, Director, Doll Martin Associates
3.35 How to achieve better data quality though metadata
and business rules
·· Identifying and avoiding incorrect data
tilising metadata to improve data quality
nderstanding and implementing business rules
aham Witt, Information Management Consultant, Ajilon Consultants
4.10 Advancing data governance to create
improved data quality frameworks
·· Ensuring sustained ownership of data quality to cultivate cohesive
ideas and processes
egotiating policies and legislation that affect data use and
uoptloo oovoroooco orocps to urow oct bcslooss boooñts Iro¬
·· Creating and documenting data quality processes to create
accountability and clarity
Michael Axelsen, Director, Applied Insight Pty Ltd
the sessions that appe
y for
A i P i fi A i P i fi 2008 20088 QQ
9.30 - 12.30 Data quality: what senior leaders need to
Facilitator: Dr Thomas C Redman Ph.D., President,
Navesink Consulting Group
About the masterclass: This session looks at data
quality from the perspective of senior leadership. It
begins with a discussion of the connections between data quality
and business performance, with an eye toward helping the senior
leader assign data quality a proper priority. It then summarises
coouluoto opproocoos Ior l¬provloo uoto ocollty. ñouloo oou
ñ×loo orrors toot oovo olroouy booo ¬ouo oou provootloo oow
ones at their sources.
The emphasis is on elucidating the factors that senior leaders
should consider as they work out how to bring the best of both
approaches to bear inside their organisations. Finally, the
workshop explores the ten habits of those with the best data,
with special emphasis on the roles of senior leadership.
About your masterclass leader: Thomas C. Redman, “the Data
Doc,” is President of Navesink Consulting Group, which he
Iocouou lo l99ó. Dr kou¬oo wos too ñrst to o×toou ocollty
principles to data and information and he is the leading inventor
of practical techniques that help organisations improve. Prior
to founding Navesink, Dr Redman established the AT&T Bell
Laboratories Data Quality Lab in 1987 and led it until 1995.
Dr Redman has written dozens of papers and three books. Data
Quality: The Field Guide, is generally recognised as the leader.
His fourth book, tentatively titled 7XUQLQJ'DWDWR3URÀW is to be W
published by Harvard Business School Press in 2008.
Published works:
Data Quality: The Field Guide
Dr Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D
Boston, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001
Available for purchase at: http://tinyurl.com/28fecw
Data Quality for the Information Age
Dr Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D
Norwood, MA: Artech House, 1996
Available for purchase at: http://tinyurl.com/2atmaa
Data Quality: Management and Technology
Dr Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D
New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1992
Available for purchase at: http://tinyurl.com/ypqtdl
9.30 - 12.30 Building and growing a successful IQ
Facilitator: C. Lwanga Yonke, Information Quality
Expert and IAIDQ Advisor
About the masterclass: Successfully tackling the
tough challenges caused by poor data quality often
seems like an overwhelming and thankless task. Moreover, as
awareness about the importance of information quality grows,
information quality (IQ) practitioners are increasingly called to
tackle a myriad of complex IQ problems.
To be successful in the short and long terms, the IQ practitioner
must be equipped with a robust foundation deeply rooted in
proven best practices and applicable to various IQ efforts
including CDI, MDM, compliance, governance, data integration,
business intelligence, etc.
Drawing from lessons learnt at the frontline, this workshop
describes the fundamental components of successful IQ functions
and provides practical guidelines on getting started and
ro¬ololoo scccossIcl. lt wlll bo boooñclol to tooso l¬plo¬ootloo
new information quality programs and to those seeking to
re-energise or re-focus existing ones. Participants will leave with
tangible solutions to many of their toughest IQ implementation
About your masterclass leader: C. Lwanga Yonke is a seasoned
information quality and information management expert
and leader. He has successfully designed and implemented
projects in multiple areas, including information quality, data
governance, business intelligence, data warehousing and data
architecture. His initial experience is in petroleum engineering
and operations.
Ao A8O Cortlñou Ocollty |oolooor, Lwoooo oolus oo VßA
from California State University and a BS degree in petroleum
engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.
Lwanga is a founding member of the International Association
for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and currently serves
as an Advisor to the IAIDQ Board. He is also a senior member
of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a member of the
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and serves on the Boards
oI sovorol ooo-proñt orooolsotloos.
Mor ni ng Mast ercl asses
DAY THREE – Thursday, 1 May 2008 – Vibe Hotel North Sydney
Mast ercl ass A Mast ercl ass B
reover as a quality
Why i s t hi s event so rel evant t o you?
Joo l¬poct oI uoto ocollty wltolo orooolsotloos ls boco¬loo locrooslooly opporoot, oot ooly tocoolcolly oou ñoooclolly, bct olso
Improving the quality of organisational data is quickly becoming a major area of expenditure and the challenge for practitioners
is ensuring that the end results justify the costs and methodology involved.
Ensuring quality from the point of capture, establishing sound technical platforms and creating a culture of data integrity at all levels
of the organisation are paramount to achieve this, and maintaining the balance between these key areas is the main challenge
facing data stewards.
1.30 - 4.30 Maintaining the currency and accuracy of
Facilitator: Keith De La Rue, Knowledge
Manager, Telstra
About the masterclass: An interactive workshop, looking
at maintaining content by using an integrated management
program, based on the Telstra “KnowHow” model.
· A knowledge management toolkit approach to
maintaining content
· Developing and applying a currency management
· Setting up processes to identify when information is out of
· Inviting user engagement to assist with improving content
· Gottloo lt rloot too ñrst tl¬o. provootloo locorroct
information from getting online
· Building content management into standard business
· Joo boooñts oou rls|s oI oo opoo pollcy
About your masterclass leader: Keith De La Rue has worked in
Knowledge Management at Telstra for the last seven years. He
leads a team engaged in the transfer of product and solution
knowledge to Telstra’s enterprise and business sales force.
Keith is a committee member of the Melbourne Knowledge
Management Leadership Forum, and is a regular speaker at
conferences in Australia and overseas on a range of topics. He
is also an experienced blogger, currently blogging at delarue.
1.30 - 4.30 Breaking the limits of data quality
Facilitators: Dr. Shazia Sadiq,
Dr. Ke Deng, Prof. Xiaofang
Zhou; Data and Knowledge
Engineering Research Group,
The University of Queensland
About the masterclass: A fundamental issue in corporate data
management initiatives is the measurement and subsequent
ottolo¬oot oI uoto ocollty. loooroot lo tols lssco ls too uoñoltloo
of quality metrics, in other words, when is data “good enough?”
It has become increasingly evident in the recent past due to the
scolo oou ulvorslty oI uoto csors toot uoñoloo ooy obsolcto
ocollty oI uoto ls Ictllo. Doto ocollty ¬cst bo uoñoou os o
function of data usage.
This session will present state of the art in data quality research,
highlighting key innovations brought forth by the database
research community as well as from industry vendors from
last several years. An analysis of the proposed techniques,
tools and technologies will be presented in the light of data
usage, thus providing a clear understanding of limitations and
About your masterclass leaders: The session will be presented
by a team of researchers from the University of Queensland.
The team is part of the Data and Knowledge Engineering
research group within the School of Information Technology and
Electrical Engineering. Members of the team are leading various
projects of data quality research both within the business as well
os sclootlñc uo¬olo, oou oro olso ¬ooooloo too ootloo-wluo
Australian Research Council Network on Enterprise Information
Mast ercl ass C Mast ercl ass D
Aft er noon Mast ercl asses
DAY THREE – Thursday, 1 May 2008 – Vibe Hotel North Sydney
About the maste
www.kmaustralia.com wwwkmaustralia com
Moving forward with an enterprise approach to knowledge, information and digital cultures ta
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DO Asio Ioci0c 2008 deIeqo|es receive o 40¾ specioI deIeqo|e discoun|
Do|o OuoIi|y - 1rus|ed Do|o Across |be Ln|erprise - 2008
Author: Martin Spratt
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kostoro cooñuooco oou trcst lo yocr uoto. Jols roport rovlows o roooo oI ccrroot Doto Ocollty coolloooos, ro¬oulotloo strotoolos,
technologies and case studies to help your organisation measure and improve Data Quality initiatives.
Do|o OuoIi|y ond kecords Monoqemen| - Lnboncinq 1be Lnd-User L×perience - 2007
Author: Vanessa Osbourne
Price: AUD$495 + GST 495 + GST AUD$295 + GST
Doslooou spoclñcolly to oolp yoc luootlIy too rloot systo¬s Ior yocr orooolsotloo, soo oow bost to storo oou rotrlovo yocr loIor¬otlo
the integrity of the data that is so vital to your business and ensure the solution is embraced by end-users.
If you would like information on these or any of the other wide range of Ark Group reports available, please visit:
www.arkgroupaustralia.com.au/reports.htm or contact Laura Scully at lscully@arkgroupasia.com.
Aft er noon Mast ercl asses
Aft er noon Mast ercl asses
Asi a Paci fi c A i P i fi 2008
By Martin Spratt
Published by:
Data Quality – Trusted Data
Across the Enterprise
|ßM Doto Quo||tu Mononement 5o|ut|on::
|n bu||d|nn opportun|tu ond monon|nn r|:h, doto
quo||tu ho: become |ncreo:|nn|u cr|t|co| to bu:|ne::
operot|on:. A: the tupe ond uo|ume of doto
cont|nue: to exp|ode, ornon|:ot|on: ore :cromb||nn
to en:ure occurote, tru:ted |nformot|on |: ouo||ob|e
when ond where |t |: needed. v|thout th|:
o::uronce, the burden of comp||once renu|ot|on:
become: thot much nreoter-ond r|:h|er.
Cone too, |: the opportun|tu to |euerone
|nformot|on more effect|ue|u to |mproue dec|:|on-
moh|nn, no|n |n:|nht: |nto cu:tomer need:, ond
creote |nnouot|ue product: ond :eru|ce:. Vet wh||e
monu ornon|:ot|on: ore reodu to oddre:: doto
quo||tu |mprouement, |t ho: been d|fhcu|t to hnow
whot metr|c: ond :tondord: to opp|u.
Now, throunh prouen bu:|ne:: techno|on|e:,
co||oborot|ue method: ond be:t proct|ce:, |ßM
Doto Quo||tu Mononement :o|ut|on: con he|p
ornon|:ot|on: of o|| :|ze:, ocro:: o|| |ndu:tr|e:,
meo:ure, |mproue ond cert|fu the quo||tu ond
|ntenr|tu of doto.
For more |nformot|on ond |eorn how |ßM con
he|p uou net :torted on the poth to Doto Quo||tu
Mononement, u|:|t |bm.coml:oftworeldotol
|nformot|on or co|| Au:tro||o: tsOO sOs Oõõ or New
Zeo|ond: OsOO 111 tOs
|ßM Diamond Sponsor 5tond: s ond 9
£mborcodero 1echno|on|e:, |nc. de||uer:
profe::|ono| nrode dotobo:e too|: thot
compon|e: u:e to de:|nn, deue|op ond monone
dotobo:e: ond the doto theu conto|n. More
thon t2,OOO cu:tomer: wor|dw|de ond ouer
9O of the Fortune tOO re|u on £mborcodero':
cro::-p|otform too|: to reduce comp|ex|tu,
|mproue product|u|tu ond :trennthen :ecur|tu.
1he componu': ßon:h|p dotobo:e too|: |nc|ude:
£Rl5tud|o, DßArt|:on, Rop|d 5QL ond Chonne
Founded |n t991, £mborcodero 1echno|on|e:
|: heodquortered |n 5on Fronc|:co w|th ofhce:
|n Me|bourne, Au:tro||o, Mun|ch, Cermonu
ond Mo|denheod, Un|ted k|nndom. For more
|nformot|on, u|:|t www.emborcodero.com.
£mborcodero 1echno|on|e: Silver Sponsor
5tond 4
Informot|co de||uer: :oftwore ond :eru|ce: to
:o|ue o prob|em thot mo:t |orne ornon|:ot|on:
foce: the fronmentot|on of doto ocro:: d|:porote
:u:tem:. ve enob|e ornon|:ot|on: to no|n
nreoter bu:|ne:: uo|ue bu |ntenrot|nn o|| the|r
|nformot|on o::et:. |nformot|co': open, p|otform-
neutro| :oftwore reduce: the co:t ond exped|te:
the t|me to oddre:: doto |ntenrot|on need: of
onu comp|ex|tu ond :co|e.
|nformot|co ho: o prouen troch record of :ucce::
he|p|nn the wor|d': |eod|nn compon|e:. v|th our
:|nnu|or focu:, |nformot|co |: the doto |ntenrot|on
|nformot|co Corporate Partner 5tond 1
Asi a Paci fi c 2008
Exhi bi t or Li st
Matthew Allison
Mott A|||:on ho: worhed |n the cred|t bureou for ouer n|ne ueor:,
the |o:t hue of wh|ch he ho: :pent worh|nn w|th doto. He ho:
p|oued o centro| ro|e |n deue|op|nn ond rehn|nn the componu':
doto quo||tu, doto mononement ond doto nouernonce proce::e:.
He ho: o|:o :pent con:|derob|e t|me worh|nn w|th both |nterno|
ond externo| c||ent: to mohe po:|t|ue chonne: to the bureou
dotobo:e: |n both Au:tro||o ond New Zeo|ond.
Robert Arnold
Robert Arno|d |: o D|rector ond Þr|nc|po| of Do|| Mort|n
A::oc|ote:, o |eod|nn |nformot|on mononement con:u|t|nn hrm
|n 5udneu. He |: on |nformot|on Þ|onner, Arch|tect ond ßu:|ne::
Ano|u:t w|th more thon 1s ueor: exper|ence |n the |1 |ndu:tru,
who :pec|o||:e: |n the opp||cot|on of oduonced |nformot|on
mononement ond |nformot|on enn|neer|nn techn|que: |n |orne
ond :mo|| ornon|:ot|on:. Robert': focu: |: on the F|rm': proct|ce:
|n the opp||cot|on of |nformot|on mononement ond enterpr|:e
orch|tecture: to mo|or :u:tem: p|onn|nn ond de||ueru |n the pub||c
:ector. He wo: former|u o Mononer ot Ander:en Con:u|t|nn (now
Micheal Axelsen
M|cheo| Axe|:en |: D|rector of App||ed |n:|nht Þtu Ltd, prou|d|nn
bu:|ne:: :u:tem: con:u|t|nn :eru|ce: to c||ent:. M|cheo| |: o
CÞA (5pec|o||:t |n |nformot|on 1echno|onu) ond o member of
|5ACA, ond ho: o ßoche|or of Commerce (Hon:) ond Mo:ter:
of |nformot|on 5u:tem:, but :omet|me: connot hnd h|: cor heu:.
M|cheo|': oreo of expert|:e |: |n |C1 mononement ond nouernonce.
He focu:e: mo|n|u on the :tructured :torone of |nformot|on
ond comp||once w|th re|euont |nformot|on :tondord: ond
|eod|nn method: |n |nformot|on :u:tem: mononement. M|cheo|
mo|nto|n: o web:|te deuoted to the mononement of |nformot|on
ond |nformot|on :u:tem: ot h|: b|on, http:llwww.m|cheo|oxe|:en.
Suzette Bailey
5uzette ßo||eu |: o D|rector of 5en:oru1 Þtu Ltd, on |nformot|on
mononement con:u|toncu. 5he ho: ouer tO ueor: exper|ence
|n |nformot|on mononement, bu:|ne:: proce:: mopp|nn ond
c|o::|hcot|on of |nformot|on. 5he ho: o weo|th of exper|ence
tron:|ot|nn bu:|ne:: ond u:er requ|rement: |nto funct|ono|
dehn|t|on: ond de:|nn: for |nteroct|ue ond content-r|ch product:
ocro:: numerou: p|otform:. 5he under:tond: how to de||uer
:o|ut|on: thot beneht both u:er: ond the bu:|ne:: ond |: renu|or|u
o:hed to :peoh on top|c: re|ot|nn to |nformot|on mononement
ond |mprou|nn bu:|ne:: proce::e:.
Patrick Connolly
Þotr|ch |: the Þroduct Morhet|nn Leod for doto quo||tu ond
enr|chment |n |ßM': |nformot|on Þ|otform ond 5o|ut|on:
:enment. |n the |o:t ts ueor:, Þotr|ch ho: been re:pon:|b|e for the
:ucce::fu| de||ueru ond morhet|nn of enterpr|:e :o|ut|on: for £RÞ,
CRM, doto worehou:|nn ond |nformot|on |ntenrot|on. 1hrounh
th|: ronne of exper|ence, Þotr|ch under:tond: the cr|t|co| need
for o comprehen:|ue doto quo||tu opprooch to en:ure thot
the:e :o|ut|on: ore de||uer|nn tru:ted |nformot|on upon wh|ch
ornon|:ot|on: con mohe the r|nht dec|:|on:.
Phil Considine
Þh||||p |: on |1 Þrofe::|ono| w|th o |onn coreer ond deep
exper|ence |eod|nn mo|or pro|ect: ocro:: o|| focet: of |nformot|on
ond :u:tem: |ntenrot|on |n both the pub||c ond pr|uote :ector:.
He ho: deep exper|ence of doto ond |nformot|on quo||tu |::ue:
hou|nn port|c|poted o: o Leod Con:u|tont to monu of Au:tro||o':
|orne:t commerc|o| ond nouernment ornon|:ot|on:. Þh|| ho:
recent|u deue|oped |nformot|on quo||tu :trotenu for o mo|or
Federo| Couernment onencu ond w||| :hore the exper|ence: ond
|eorn|nn: o: we|| o: |n:|nht: |nto doto ond |nformot|on quo||tu
George Fernandez
Ceorne |: on A::oc|ote Þrofe::or (|nformot|on 5u:tem:) ot
the 5choo| of Computer 5c|ence ond |nformot|on 1echno|onu
ot RM|1 Un|uer:|tu (Au:tro||o), current|u teoch|nn enterpr|:e
orch|tecture ond d|:tr|buted :u:tem: enn|neer|nn. Ceorne ho:
more thon 1O ueor: of exper|ence |n comput|nn ond |nformot|on
:u:tem:, worh|nn |n ocodem|o, pr|uote |ndu:tru ond nouernment
ornon|:ot|on:. He |: on oct|ue re:eorcher, ond often pre:ent:
techn|co| :em|nor: |n ocodem|c ond |ndu:tru forum:. Ouer the
|o:t few ueor:, Ceorne ho: o|:o focu:ed on eLeorn|nn, ond ho:
o: o re:u|t, deue|oped o uor|etu of :oftwore too|: for ßex|b|el
on-||ne cour:e de||ueru, he |: the current |eod of the RM|1
vebLeorn pro|ect, o cotenoru |n wh|ch he rece|ued on ºAu:tro||on
Aword for Un|uer:|tu 1eoch|nn.º
Joseph Fotia
lo:eph |: current|u ho|d|nn the ro|e of ßu:|ne:: |nte|||nence (ß|)
Mononer for Mor: Au:tro||o. 1he focu: of th|: ro|e |: to :upport,
promote ond deue|op the effect|ue u:e of ß| |n the execut|on of
|t: :trotenu. 1he teom': pr|moru ob|ect|ue |: to enob|e o::oc|ote:
to mohe better dec|:|on: w|th |e:: effort. |n h|: |o:t ro|e, lo:eph
worhed on Mor: Au:tro||o': 5AÞ |mp|ementot|on pro|ect, o: the
ßu:|ne:: Þroce:: Leoder for Doto. More brood|u, lo:eph wo: (ond
cont|nue: to be) re:pon:|b|e for |eod|nn ond |mp|ement|nn doto
quo||tu |mprouement |n|t|ot|ue: ouer the doto mononement
proce::e: ond :u:tem: thot ex|:t throunhout the bu:|ne::.
Alex Kemeny
A|ex kemenu ho: 2s ueor: exper|ence |n |nformot|on techno|onu.
5|nce t99õ, he ho: worhed :o|e|u on bu||d|nn bu:|ne:: |nte|||nence
opp||cot|on:, encompo::|nn doto worehou:|nn, doto m|n|nn,
doto quo||tu ond front-end report|nn :o|ut|on:. He ho: been
|nuo|ued |n the de:|nn ond |mp|ementot|on of ß| :o|ut|on: for o
w|de ronne of ornon|:ot|on:, |nc|ud|nn A|||onz |n:uronce Croup,
1he Au:tro||on Red Cro:: ß|ood 5eru|ce, ve:tpoc |nue:tment
ßonh, Vodofone, Qߣ |n:uronce Croup ond Au::|e Home Loon:.
A|ex ho: port|cu|or expert|:e |n the oreo of doto oud|tob|||tu
ond the u:e of bu:|ne:: proce:: re-enn|neer|nn to |mproue doto
quo||tu, both |n front-end opp||cot|on: ond |n doto worehou:e:.
David McEwen
Dou|d ho: been |nuo|ued |n :trotenu ond bu:|ne:: co:e formu|ot|on
ond the :e|ect|on, de:|nn, con:truct|on ond m|nrot|on of numerou:
doto centre: ouer the |o:t ts ueor: both |n Au:tro||o ond obrood.
H|: exper|ence o: o 5en|or 1echn|co| Þro|ect Mononer ond
Con:u|tont couer: m|::|on cr|t|co| enu|ronment: for bonh|nn,
hnonce, te|ecommun|cot|on: ond nouernment doto centre:
ond o|:o |nc|ude: o uor|etu of bu:|ne:: cont|nu|tu ond d|:o:ter
recoueru |mp|ementot|on:.
Paul Ormonde-James
Þou| Ormonde-lome: ho: ouer 2s ueor: exper|ence |n the doto
worehou:|nn ond bu:|ne:: |nte|||nence he|d:. He |: current|u Heod
of Croup |nte|||nence w|th MßF Au:tro||o, one of Au:tro||o':
|eod|nn hnonc|o| :eru|ce: ond heo|th compon|e:. He |: o|:o
Þre:|dent of the Au:tro||on chopter of 1he Doto vorehou:e
|n:t|tute ond :pent tO ueor: on the ßoord of the 5oc|etu for
Compet|t|ue |nte|||nence Au:tro||o.
Asi a Paci fi c 2008
Speaker Profi l es
F aF aF a
James Price
lome: |: the Monon|nn D|rector of £xper|ence Motter:. H|: coreer
ho: been |n the |nformot|on mononement |ndu:tru, worh|nn for
hrm: |n hordwore d|:tr|but|on, :u:tem: |ntenrot|on, ond :oftwore
deue|opment ond con:u|t|nn. H|: exper|ence |: |n :o|e:, morhet|nn,
product mononement ond nenero| mononement.
Bala Rasaratnam
ßo|o ho: t4 ueor: of NAß exper|ence |nc|ud|nn ro|e: |n Reto||
ßonh|nn, ond ho: been worh|nn |n the C|obo| Doto vorehou:e
for the |o:t tO ueor:. 5he |o|ned the NAß C|obo| Doto vorehou:e
teom o: eor|u o: |t: formot|on |n t991, ond ho: been o port of
the teom throunh |t: uor|ou: :tone: of nrowth to |t: current
:tructure, be|nn £nterpr|:e |nformot|on Mononement (£|M).
Recent|u ßo|o ho: tohen on the ro|e of Mononer of the Con:u|t|nn
ond |nnouot|on 1eom wh|ch prou|de: the bu:|ne:: doto ono|u:|:
ond doto mononement competenc|e: ocro:: mu|t|p|e o::et: ond
:u:tem: |nc|ud|nn C|obo| Doto vorehou:e.
Dr Thomas C. Redman, Ph.D
1homo: C. Redmon, ºthe Doto Doc,º |: Þre:|dent of Noue:|nh
Con:u|t|nn Croup, wh|ch he founded |n t99õ. Dr Redmon wo: the
hr:t to extend quo||tu pr|nc|p|e: to doto ond |nformot|on ond he |:
the |eod|nn |nuentor of proct|co| techn|que: thot he|p ornon|:ot|on:
|mproue. H|: c||ent: often report from order of monn|tude
|mprouement: ond reop monu beneht:. Þr|or to found|nn
Noue:|nh, Dr Redmon e:tob||:hed the A1´1 ße|| Loborotor|e:
Doto Quo||tu Lob |n t9s1 ond |ed |t unt|| t99s. Recent|u, he ho:
turned h|: ottent|on to the |::ue: ond opportun|t|e: o::oc|oted
w|th monon|nn doto o::et:. Dr Redmon ho: o|:o wr|tten dozen:
of poper: ond three booh:, |nc|ud|nn Doto Quo||tu: 1he F|e|d
Cu|de. H|: fourth booh, tentot|ue|u t|t|ed 1urn|nn Doto to Þroht |:
to be pub||:hed bu Horuord ßu:|ne:: 5choo| Þre:: |n 2OOs.
Grant Robinson
Cront Rob|n:on |: o Noturo| Re:ource 5c|ent|:t worh|nn for the
Deportment of voter ond £nernu |n New 5outh vo|e:, Au:tro||o.
He ho: ouer 2O ueor: exper|ence ono|u:|nn ond monon|nn
|nformot|on, port|cu|or|u fore:tru ond woter re:ource doto.
After ueor: of :pend|nn t|me on doto c|eon:|nn ond reworh,
Cront now foc|||tote: o cont|nuou: |mprouement pronrom, thot
focu:e: on meo:urement, doto nother|nn ond mononement of
woter re:ource doto, underp|nned bu |5O9OOt cert|hcot|on. |n
other word:, nett|nn doto quo||tu r|nht the hr:t t|me| He :ee:
nood |nformot|on ond mononement proct|ce: o: cr|t|co| to :ound
dec|:|on-moh|nn for noturo| re:ource mononement. Cront |: o|:o
port of the N5v teom contr|but|nn to the Au:tro||on ßureou
of Meteoro|onu': effort: to :et not|ono| :tondord: for woter
Ken Self
ken 5e|f |: 5he|| Down:treom': Mo:ter ond Reference Doto
5trotenu ond Deue|opment Mononer. |n th|: ro|e he |: re:pon:|b|e
for |mp|ement|nn techn|que: to de||uer doto quo||tu to the
down:treom bu:|ne::. He ho: o|:o :pent t|me |n 5orowoh 5he|| ond
ho: recent|u returned to Au:tro||o ofter o :|x ueor o::|nnment |n
the 5he|| Down:treom heod ofhce |n London. He ho: ouer 2O ueor:
exper|ence worh|nn |n o|| oreo: of doto mononement |nc|ud|nn
doto mode|||nn, opp||cot|on: deue|opment ond prou|:|on of doto
mononement :eru|ce:.
Graeme Shanks
Croeme 5honh: |: o Þrofe::or|o| Fe||ow |n the Deportment of
|nformot|on 5u:tem: ot the Un|uer:|tu of Me|bourne. He ho: o|:o
he|d ocodem|c po:|t|on: ot Mono:h Un|uer:|tu ond Ch|:ho|m
|n:t|tute of 1echno|onu, Au:tro||o. H|: current re:eorch |ntere:t:
|nc|ude doto quo||tu, dec|:|on :upport, |dent|tu mononement,
conceptuo| mode|||nn, ond the |mp|ementot|on ond |mpoct of
enterpr|:e :u:tem:. Croeme ho: |ed o number of re:eorch pro|ect:
funded bu the Au:tro||on Re:eorch Counc||, 5AÞ, Noue|| ond
1e|:tro. Þr|or to becom|nn on ocodem|c, Croeme worhed for
o number of ueor: o: Þronrommer, Þronrommer Ano|u:t ond
Þro|ect Leoder |n :euero| |orne ornon|:ot|on:.
Geoffrey Vitlin
Ceoff V|t||n |: o D|rector ond Þr|nc|po| of Do|| Mort|n A::oc|ote:,
o |eod|nn |nformot|on mononement con:u|t|nn hrm |n 5udneu.
He |: o 5troten|c |nformot|on Þ|onner w|th more thon 1O
ueor: exper|ence ond o port|cu|or |ntere:t |n |nformot|on o: on
ornon|:ot|ono| re:ource ond o dr|uer of corporote :ucce::. Ceoff
ho: :ucce::fu||u |ntroduced new |nformot|on p|onn|nn ond
mononement opprooche: |nto o ronne of ornon|:ot|on:. H|:
exper|ence |n both the pub||c ond pr|uote :ector: |nc|ude: the
oreo: of hnonce ond bonh|nn: enu|ronment, noturo| re:ource:
ond p|onn|nn: educot|on ond tro|n|nn: nouernment operot|on::
heo|th, hou:|nn ond commun|tu :eru|ce:: |u:t|ce: pub||c :ofetu:
ond rood, ro|| ond tron:port.
Graham Witt
|n Crohom': 1O ueor: of |ndu:tru exper|ence, he ho: deue|oped
:pec|o||:t expert|:e |n |nformot|on mononement, requ|rement:
:pec|hcot|on, u:er |nterfoce de:|nn, dotolob|ect mode|||nn,
re|ot|ono| dotobo:e de:|nn, doto quo||tu, bu:|ne:: ru|e:, metodoto
ond CA5£. 1o en:ure :o|ut|on: meet bu:|ne:: need:, Crohom
ho: deue|oped |nnouot|ue method:, |nc|ud|nn o::ert|on mode|:
ond ob|ect c|o:: h|erorch|e:. Crohom o|:o co-outhored ºDoto
Mode||nn £::ent|o|:º w|th Croeme 5|m:|on. He |: on effect|ue |1
educotor, hou|nn deue|oped ond pre:ented doto mode|||nn ond
dotobo:e de:|nn tro|n|nn cour:e: for uor|ou: c||ent: |n Au:tro||o,
Conodo ond the U5.
Craig Wright
Cro|n ho: per:ono||u conducted |n exce:: of t2OO |1 :ecur|tu-
re|oted ennonement: for more thon t2O Au:tro||on ond
|nternot|ono| ornon|:ot|on: |n the pr|uote ond nouernment :ector:
ond now worh: for ßDO kendo||: |n Au:tro||o. He ho: de:|nned
ond mononed the |mp|ementot|on of monu of the :u:tem: thot
protected the Au:tro||on 5toch £xchonne. He o|:o deue|oped ond
|mp|emented the :ecur|tu po||c|e: ond proceduro| proct|ce: w|th|n
Moh|ndro ond Moh|ndro, |nd|o': |orne:t ueh|c|e monufocturer. He
|: o co-outhor of º1he Ofhc|o| CHF| 5tudu Cu|de (£xom 1t2-49)º.
C.Lwanga Yonke
C. Lwonno Vonhe |: o :eo:oned |nformot|on quo||tu ond
|nformot|on mononement expert ond |eoder. He ho: :ucce::fu||u
de:|nned ond |mp|emented pro|ect: |n mu|t|p|e oreo:, |nc|ud|nn
|nformot|on quo||tu, doto nouernonce, bu:|ne:: |nte|||nence, doto
worehou:|nn ond doto orch|tecture. H|: |n|t|o| exper|ence |: |n
petro|eum enn|neer|nn ond operot|on:. Lwonno |: o found|nn
member of the |nternot|ono| A::oc|ot|on for |nformot|on ond
Doto Quo||tu (|A|DQ) ond current|u :erue: o: on Adu|:or to
the |A|DQ ßoord. He |: o|:o o 5en|or Member of the Amer|con
5oc|etu for Quo||tu (A5Q), o member of the 5oc|etu of Þetro|eum
£nn|neer: (5Þ£), ond :erue: on the boord: of :euero| not for proht
Milos Zikic
M||o: |: o 5en|or ßu:|ne:: |nte|||nence 5pec|o||:t, who:e mo|n
competenc|e: ore doto |ntenrot|on (£1L) ond doto mode|||nn.
He ho: more thon tO ueor: of con:u|t|nn exper|ence on o uor|etu
of pro|ect: |n the he|d of doto worehou:|nn. Mo:t recent|u he
comp|eted o mo|or :upp|u cho|n pro|ect w|th|n Fo:ter': Croup o:
o Doto Arch|tect. M||o: |: current|u worh|nn o: 5en|or ß| deue|oper
for AA5 (Au:tro||on Adm|n|:trot|on 5eru|ce:), o |eod|nn :pec|o||:t
|n :uperonnuot|on odm|n|:trot|on.
Speaker Profi l es

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Available Exclusively to DQ Asia Pacific 2008 Delegates A il bl E l i l t DQ A i P ifi 2008 D l t
By Martin Spratt
Published by:
Data Quality – Trusted Data
Across the Enterprise
n with:
Data Quality - Trusted Data Across the Enterprise y p
Restore confidence and trust in your data. This paper reviews
current Data Quality challenges, remediation strategies,
technologies and case studies to help organisations measure
and improve Data Quality initiatives.
Author: Martin Spratt
Year Published: 2008
Pages: 250
Price: AUD $695 + GST $695 + GST AUD$400 + GST
Format: Hard Copy
|Inside Know ledge | |
The original knowledge management publication. T
As the world’s premier KM resource, Inside Knowledge magazine is written by KM A
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delivers on its promises and that your organisation sees a return on its KM investment. d
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Hard copy and Online : AUD $750 + GST
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Designed specifically to help you identify the right systems
for your organisation, see how best to store and retrieve your
information, maintain the integrity of the data that is so vital to
your business and ensure the solution is embraced by the end
Author: Vanessa Osbourne
Year Published: 2007
Pages: 114
Price: AUD $495 + GST $495 + GST AUD$295 + GST
Format: PDF
Data Quality and Records Management - Enhancing The End-User Experience ata Quality and Record y g g p
TRADEMARKS: IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Other company, product or services
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