NEW FOR 2008

An intensive 10-day modular program covering the disciplines required to master technical analysis

Expert Program Director:
Ralph J Acampora, CMT

Choice of 4 locations:
• Chicago August 4 - 15 • New York Midtown April 21 - May 2 • New York Midtown December 1 - 12 • Stamford February 25 - March 7

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What do I get for my Investment?
The fee is $7,000 per student for the 10-day Program. You can choose to attend Module 1 only. The fee can be found on the Registration Form. FEE INCLUDES:  Instructor-led program  Technical Analyst Program certificate for each student receiving a 70% or better pass rate  Breakfast, lunch and refreshments every day  Networking at a drinks reception on the first evening  Complete course materials  6 FREE books  6-months COMPLIMENTARY subscription to The FT and grade of 70%

What previous Technical Analysis students have said about Ralph...
“Ralph's obvious experience and ability to provide real-life examples made this class very enjoyable. He took the subject out of the textbooks and made it real.” “The teaching - Ralph's enthusiasm was great, engaging, interesting instructor with useful and applicable data.” “A seasoned-pro teaching the class.”

• Modules do not have to be taken together at the same time i.e. you may attend New York Midtown Module I in April and Module II Midtown in December. • Module II can only be taken if you have completed Module I. • All students will be expected to take the exam on the final day of Module II. Note: You may choose to attend module I only. The fee for this module is on the registration form. • Students receive certificates on passing the exam with a minimum required

"Technical Analysis is not for traders only, you can use it for making your own long-term forecasts. You will also see that true research should incorporate all the disciplines of analysis: economic, fundamental, quantitative and technical"
Ralph J Acampora 2000

Course materials include:
The Fourth Mega-Market, now through 2011
by Ralph J Acampora

Technical Analysis – The complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians
by Charles Kirkpatrick and Julie Dahlquist

Intermarket Analysis: Profiting from Global Market Relationships
by John Murphy

Point and Figure Charting: Essential Applications for Forecasting and Trading Market Prices
by Thomas Dorsey

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
by Steve Nison

by Ralph J Acampora

The recent volatile markets have focused more interest than ever on technical analysis. These concepts and theories can be applied to any market: equities, fixed income, currencies, futures or options - domestic or global.

NEW FOR 2008

Your Expert Program Director
“Come and hear from one of the financial community’s most eminent experts on Technical Analysis”
Ralph J. Acampora CMT, a former Director of Technical Research at Knight Equity Markets, retired in September, 2007. Prior to this, he worked for 15 years at Prudential Equity Groups as its Director of Technical Analysis. Mr. Acampora is one of Wall Street's most respected technicial analysts and has been consistently ranked by Institutional Investor for more than ten years. He is regularly consulted for his market opinion by the major business news networks as well as national financial publications. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), a designation he helped create and which is now recognized by the National Association of Securities Dealers to provide an exemption from the analytical portion

of the Research Analyst Qualification Examination (Series 86). Prior to his employment at Prudential, Mr. Acampora worked at several of the financial industry's top firms, including Kidder Peabody and Smith Barney. With 40 years of experience, Mr. Acampora has been instrumental in the development of modern-day technical analysis. He co-founded the Market Technicians Association (MTA) in 1970, is a past president of that group and continues to be an active member of the society. He also founded and was the first chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), comprising over 4,000 colleagues around the world. Mr. Acampora continues to participate in the education of technical analysis, serving as a teacher and lecturer for the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) for the past 37 years and the Securitiy Industry Institute's annual Wharton seminars. He is the author of the book: "The Fourth Mega Market: Now Through 2011". Mr. Acampora is a trustee on the Board of the Security Industry Institute (SII) and currently is involved in the establishment of the Securities Traders Association University (STAU). He received his formal education at Iona College and St. Joseph's Seminary.


Principles and Theories
This five day program is an intensive introduction to technical analysis and its use as an integral part of market analysis. Methodologies for construction and interpretation of bar charts, point and figure charts and candlestick charts are covered in depth. You will learn how to best use and interpret results from software and subscription products that automate and facilitate certain aspects of technical analysis. All supplemented with assigned outside readings from textbooks that NYIF will provide.

Introduction • Background and Basics - Technical Analysis As An Integral Part Of Market Analysis - History Of Technical Analysis Constructing and Interpreting Charts • Tools – The Construction Of Four Types Of Charts What To Look For On The Charts • Trends • Support and Resistance Levels • Real Time Presentations at end of session • Moving Averages • Gaps • Volume • Comparative Relative Strength

Phases of Price Activity and Pattern Recognition • The Four Phases of Price Activity • Pattern Recognition On Bar Charts • Pattern Recognition On Point And Figure Charts - The Wheelan Method - The Cohen Approach • Pattern Recognition On Candlestick Charting • Real Time Computer Presentation Technical Theories • Dow Theory • Elliott Wave Principle • Fibonacci Sequence • Gann Analysis • Cycle Analysis Technical Indicators • RSI Indicator • Stochastics

• Rate Of Change (ROC) Indicator • MACD • Bollinger Bands • Moving Averages • Real Time Computer Presentation Sentimental Indicators • CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) • Put/Call Ratio • Bull/Bear Indicators • Dow's Psychology of Bull & Bear Markets • Insider Activity • Mutual Fund Cash Position Intermarket Analysis • Fixed Income • Currencies • Commodities • Foreign Markets • Real Time Presentation

Who Should Attend: Traders, portfolio managers, analysts, financial planners, brokers, individual investors, and anyone making or influencing decisions as to when to buy or sell securities. Prerequisites: Knowledge of securities markets.

CHOICE OF LOCATIONS: Chicago August 4 - 8 New York Midtown April 21 - 25 New York Midtown December 1 - 5 Stamford February 25 - 29


Introductory 36.0 $4,675

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Advanced Technical Analysis / Real Time Usage
This five day program is an intensive continuation of the “Principles and Theories” program. You will examine the top-down approach to external and internal indicators and undertake an in-depth analysis of U.S. and foreign equity markets, US Treasurys, currencies, and commodities. Emphasis will be placed on the use of software in creating and interpreting charts. An examination will be held at the end of the week. You will receive a certificate upon receiving a 70% or better grade.

The US Equity Market and Major Indexes - Top-Down Approach to External Indicators (Market Indexes) and Analysis of These Indexes - Dow Jones Utility Average - S&P 400, 500, 600 - NASDAQ Composite - NDX 100 - Philadelphia Semi-Conductor Index (SOX) - Russell 2000 Top-Down Approach to Internal Indicators - US Equity Market - Advance/Decline Lines (Breadth) - New Highs/New Lows - Upside vs Downside Volume - Ticks - TRIN - VIX Index - Insider Activity - Bull/Bear Ratings - Odd Lot Data - Seasonality - Cycles (Presidential and FourYear)

Intermarket Analysis - Fixed Income, Commodities, and Currencies - Ten-Year Treasury Yields - CRB Index - Continuous Commodity Index - Journal Of Commerce Index - US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Yen - Cross Currencies Foreign Equity Markets – - European Markets - Asian Markets - Latin American Markets - Emerging Markets Style Strategy and Sector Analysis - Large-Cap vs. Small-Cap - Large-Cap vs. Mid-Cap - Mid-Cap vs. Small-Cap - Growth vs. Value Group Analysis - S&P 500 Groups - Large-Cap Groups - Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Groups - Create a “Scorecard”

- Comparative Relative Strength - 100 Separate Groupings Bottom-Up Approach: Stock Picking on a Technical Basis - Real-Time Presentations - Create a “Scorecard” for Stock Picking - Selecting The Most Attractive Individual Stocks Within The Strongest and Weakest Groups – Potential Buy Candidates - Identifying The Unattractive Stocks Within The Strongest and Weakest Groups – Potential Sell Candidates Final Exam The final exam will consist of a variety of questions that will test the students' competence in technical analysis. Students must achieve a minium grade of 70% in order to qualify for the New York Institute of Finance Certificate in Technical Analysis.

Prerequisites: Technical Analysis - “Principles and Theories” program.

CHOICE OF LOCATIONS AND DATES: Chicago August 11 - 15 New York Midtown April 28 - May 2 December 8 - 12 New York Midtown Stamford March 3 - 7


Advanced 36.0 $7,000



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