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TRATON UPDATE: Taubman Sucks - Part II
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Through some basic research one can easily find that organizations with large egos or emotional leadership have tried to shut down "gripe sites" similar to Indeed, this is exactly the

AVI to DVD Creator bullying tactics that Mr. Mishkoff had to endure, as noted in the Easily convert your AVI files to movie previous Traton News article. Typically, these companies send DVD. Free to try!

threatening letters claiming that the "gripe site" is libelous or that the site infringes a trademark.

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In these cases, courts have almost-universally afforded First Amendment protection to the "gripe site," noting that those who vent on these sites are doing nothing more than publishing their opinion. High profile cases in the use of gripe sites such as and many others show that fighting against the web site will only hurt a company's business image. When a company sends a cease and desist letter to the "gripe site," that letter often finds a home on the website. Worse yet, the posting of that letter can generate substantial Internet traffic to the site, and increase the popularity of the site. This happened to Lowe's Companies, Inc. when they sent such a letter to According to some, "Lowe's is paying enough attention to pay lawyers to shoot off some letters, but not enough to actually fix their crappy install. Real classy, guys. Real classy." Examples similar to Lowe's abound. For example, Traton Corp. has expended countless hours of attorney time in fighting its own customer. Evidenced by court filings related to that case, Traton Corp. is paying enough attention to pay lawyers to shoot off some letters, but not enough attention to actually fix the swatch of damaged sod. For a small company, these "gripe sites" may sound the death-knell for the business. In 1996 EPS Technologies, an $80 million company went out of business. Reports identify significant revenue loss to four "gripe sites" sharing experiences about the lack of customer service by EPS. Unfortunately, because of the nature of their business, on-line customers searched the Internet for EPS' company information, but frequently came across these "gripe sites," which surpassed the EPS site in search rankings.


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S (1) TRATON COURT NEWS (1) TRATON ENTERTAINMENT (1) TRATON EXCLUSIVE (3) TRATON HEADLINE (26) TRATON NEWS (2) TRATON PREVIEW (1) TRATON REPRINT (4) TRATON SPORTS (1) TRATON STATISTICS (8) TRATON UPDATE (5) With the increasing importance of web-based information, having stellar customer service appears to be the best way to maintaining a complaint-free existence on the web. If a company has a history of horrible customer service, working toward fixing the issues and mending ties with the past customers may be the only solution to avoiding these sites and not losing millions of dollars in profits. Unfortunately, there will always be bull-headed companies, such as Lowe's and Traton Corp., who would rather fight a customer in legal proceedings than to provide outstanding customer service. Reporting for Traton News, Ingrid Ingram


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Anonymous said... It is unfortunate that companies will go to such lengths to hide their bad service and stifle customer opinions. The cease and desist orders are no more than a weak mob-like threat from a company trying to scare the upset customer. The truly amazing thing is that company leaders appear to believe that they are more powerful than the first amendment. Any company who takes this mob direction should suffer horribly through public opinion. Bankruptcy to all mob-like companies!
Friday, December 14, 2007 7:23:00 PM PST


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free speech 101 said... Whatever happened to free speech? Gripe site owners build a website to share their experience and free speech gets thrown out the window? Why is it that a company will tolerate news stories from CNN, MSNBC, AJC, etc, but have an issue when the news story comes from an upset customer? Appears that businesses that send cease and desist orders, refuse to talk to their customers, or even worse, sue a customer, are using a strong-arm tactic of intimidation to limit the truth. If intimidation is the method of customer service a company uses, I would recommend that future customers go elsewhere. Do not do business with a company, especially if you find that they are in the practice of refusing to talk to their upset customers and have ever sued a customer.
Sunday, December 16, 2007 6:20:00 AM PST

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Anonymous said... Perhaps the most important concept behind gripe sites is the spirit of informing fellow customers about the practices of these bad companies. Fighting a person’s right to communicate warnings is ridiculous. This is no different than telling a coworker not to eat at a restaurant because the food is bad.
Sunday, December 16, 2007 8:54:00 AM PST Post a Comment

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