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Presently-Trade Manager, Habib Metro Bank Limited Previously-Operations Manager, Habib Metro Bank & Soneri Bank Ltd Junior sso!iate o" #nstitute o" Bankers o" Pakistan $J #BP%& #BP' Bran!( Management )erti"i!ation- #nstitute o" Bankers o" Pakistan

========================================================= )ell *+,--.-/-01,-..0%2..0-,12.,00 Land Line * +,--0--.34//4/.

Academic Qualification
Master in Business dministration $MB ' Ba!(elors in )ommer!e $B7)OM' 5irtual 6niversity o" Pakistan--22, 6niversity o" t(e Pun8ab--223

Professional Qualification
Junior sso!iate o" #nstitute o" Bankers o" Pakistan $J #BP%& #BP' Bran!( Management )erti"i!ation

Professional Career
Habib Metro Bank Limited
October 2010 till date
Trade Manager Operations Manager O!tober -2/.- Till date O!tober -2/2- O!tober -2/. O""i!er 9ange ## O""i!er 9ange ##

Soneri Bank Limited

February 2006 to October 2010
Operations Manager :inan!es #n!(arge 9etail Banking &epartments July -22,- O!tober -2/2 July -22;- June -22, :eb -22; < July -22; O""i!er 9ange ## O""i!er 9ange ### Management Trainee O""i!er

Job Responsibilities
As Trade Manager in Habib Metro Bank
)urrently (andling =>port Port"olio o" Four Billions and m!ort "ort#olio o# One Billion and responsible "or supervision o" "ollo?ing a!tivities@ #ssuan!e% Aegotiation o" Letter o" )redit as per #)) 6ni"orm )ustoms and Pra!ti!e "or &o!umentary )redits $6)P ;22' S!rutiniBing and Pro!essing o" #mport% =>port &o!uments as per Letter o" )redit Terms and )onditions mendments in t(e Letter o" )redit Terms and )onditions 3-- dra?n on ) &% & bases Lodgment and retirement o" P &$ Payment gainst &o!uments' Lodgment and retirement o" P& $ Payment gainst &o!ument !!eptan!e' &ealing ?it( &is!repant #mport% =>port &o!uments :ollo? up ?it( t(e Overdue and 6npaid Bills 9etirement o" #mport &o!uments t(roug( :inan!e :a!ilities :ollo? up ?it( Pass &ue !!eptan!e )ases 9e!on!iliation o" Aostro !!ounts o" Bran!( &ealing ?it( Bank Treasury "or Aegotiating =>!(ange 9ates Handling o" :inan!es gainst :oreign Bills% Letter o" )redit Supervise Trade Transa!tions and MobiliBe sta"" "or a!(ieving optimum produ!tivity )(e!k & 9evie? port"olio "or nnual udit Preparation $#nternal & SBP' Ceep an eye to !omply Bank & SBP pro!edures and take measures to se!ure Bank risk Provide servi!es to !lients up to t(eir satis"a!tion and also edu!ate t(em regarding trade produ!ts Business )onsolidation =>ports and #mports =ndorsement o" S(ipping &o!uments =-:orm #ssuan!e, )erti"i!ation and 9e!ord keeping as per audit reDuirement #ssuan!e and 9etirement o" Bank )ontra!ts #ssuan!e o" S(ipping Euarantees Handling o" dvan!e Payments against #mports and =>ports L%) dvising, Handling o" SF#:T Operations and Euarantees $ :oreign & #nland' 9eporting o" Mont(ly State Bank o" Pakistan Trade 9eturns

)olle!tion o" =>port%#mport Bills as per 6ni"orm 9ules "or )olle!tion o" )ommer!ial Paper #)) Bou!(er Ao7

As O!erations Manager in Habib Metro Bank $ Soneri Bank Limited

9esponsible "or overall operations o" t(e bran!( in!luding@ !!ount Opening Supervision )learing Supervision #n?ard%Out?ard Bills "or )olle!tion Supervision #n?ard%Out?ard 9emittan!es Supervision Term &eposits )as( Handling Supervision, )(e!king o" &eposits, Supervisions o" Lo!kers =nsures implementation o" Bank #nternal Pro!edures $SOPGs' Supervision o" team members 9e!on!iliation o" !!ounts% Eeneral Ledgers% Balan!e S(eet% #n!ome =>pense Statement Supervision o" Bran!( 9e!eivables and 9e!on!iliation o" &ebtorGs !!ount Supervision o" Bran!( Payables and 9e!on!iliation o" )reditorGs !!ount Settlement o" any "inan!ial entries in Suspense !!ount Bran!( udit Preparation o" Bran!( nnual Budgets

As Finances nc%arge in Soneri Bank Limited

Forked as in !(arge "inan!es departments "or . years and ?as responsible "or@ )redit limit Preparation nalysis o" "inan!ial Preparation o" 9isk Matri> as per Bank SOP &o!umentation & sa"e keeping o" se!urity do!uments Managing Sto!k reports o" parties =ngaged in Property valuation, Legal opinions o" t(e properties pledged against "inan!es Sto!k veri"i!ation o" pledged sto!ks &isbursements and monitoring o" loans

Career Achievements
ppre!iation letter and !as( re?ard in Soneri Bank Limited

)as( re?ards on be!oming sso!iate o" #nstitute o" Bankers o" Pakistan Be!ame Operations Manager o" Bran!( in s(ort span o" 0 years

Courses & Seminars

ttended various seminars on Marketing and Sales )ustomer Servi!es )omplian!e Operational and :inan!ial 9isk Management People Management Time Management Leaders(ip Skills Brand Management Human 9esour!es Management :inan!ial Management

Mi!roso"t O""i!e !ourses on Ms Ford Ms Po?er Point Ms =>!el

Personal Information
:at(er Aame )onta!t Aumbers "Bal (med B(atti +,--.-/-01,-..0%+,--..0-,12.,00

=-Mail ddress
Aational #dentity )ard Ao Skype #d &ate o" Birt( Marital Status Ao7 o" &ependents

.3-2/-,23;,/1-, alibina(med2/ /2t( January /,43 Married -

Fill be "urnis(ed as reDuested