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Sophie Morris/16.1.


After leaving fans speechless on Saturdays performance, at The ive Arena of !irmingham, " intervie#ed Maddie $ill at %irst &ecords Studio, 'o#nto#n ondon, #here she #as more than over#helmed and e(cited to tal) to me a*out her performance. Maddie $ill descri*es herself as, +An average 1, year old #ith a passion for singing.- She is a ne# and up.coming solo female artist of /014, #ho is sure to )noc) other artists right off their chart places and steam straight to num*er one1

She has *een singing and ta)ing part in competitions since an early age, and al#ays )ne# she #anted to pursue singing. Maddie never thought she #ould *ecome a singer, *ut as she gre# up and *ecame more and more passionate a*out singing, she #as eager to follo# her dreams and ma)e them happen. %rom there on#ards, she continued to perform covers on 2ouTu*e, until the #ell )no#n *and, 3'o#n. 4ard Steam discovered her covering one of their no.1 singles from 'ecem*er /015. %rom there on, their manager signed the young and spectacularly talented singer from !irmingham. +6nforgetta*le and the feeling #as out of this #orld, producing covers of songs is easy, *ut you have to have a uni7ue t#ist on the song to ma)e it your o#n style.- 4hen #riting her o#n songs, she stated it #as, +$ard to create a song #hich #as elegant, stylish and imaginative, and of #hich all needed to sho# my style and taste of music.-. "n addition, many thoughts and innovative ideas have to go into creating song lyrics. Maddie has had influence and assistance creating lyrics *y artists 3!rain 'ales and 3&yan %olles8, #hich are *oth themselves. Maddies first release, +9eep on :oing,- is #ritten and produced *y her. The song lyrics are said to *e, +;lose and personal and meaningful to recent occurrences.- Maddie #ants her music to portray the type of person she is. As for any ne# artist, it is al#ays difficult to fit in #ith artists #ho are already #ell )no#n and have a huge fan *ase, *ut for ne#comers they <ust need to get straight out there and as Maddie said, +" am up for anything #hich comes my #ay, !&"=: "T >=1-

"n her free time, #hen a#ay from singing and the cele*rity life style, Maddie dra#s and paints and " say there is talent there, too. $er painting is very uni7ue and dramatic, the same as her music. +"t is great to still *e a*le to carry on #ith my other passions/ho**ies, as #ell as *eing a Maddie #as as)ed, 3"f you could colla*orate #ith an artist #ho #ould it *e? $er ans#er, +" #ould love to colla*orate #ith many artists #ithin different genres of music, *ut my all time favourite person to colla*orate #ith #ould have to *e the legendary@ ady :aga. She is a*solutely fantastic, her music is e(7uisite and she is an e(tremely talented artist.-

Maddie feels gifted to *e one.step closer to her dream.come.true and to *e performing in front of, hopefully, thousands of fans soon. Maddie has had a moment of fame in her pastA she once featured on, 3Singer to Soloist, in /00B and reached the semi.finals. Maddie left the cro#d speechless after her spectacular performance at the ive Arena !irmingham. %or a support act, she did e(tremely #ell to grasp the audiences attention and to get them all <oining in, even #hen the songs #ere un)no#n to them. She did a phenomenal performance and " can tell you no#, it is still *eing tal)ed a*out. Maddie is all over social net#or)ing sites, such as %ace*oo) and T#itter, people t#eeting, OMG, she left me breathless,- and, Such an awesome performance from Maddie tonight, you smashed it! The most e(citing thing of all is that videos of her performance have *een uploaded to 2ouTu*e and have so far hit vie#s of C0001 ;omments left on the videos include, Where on earth did that voice come from, girl! %or Maddie to perform at the amaDing ive Arena, she had to do a lot of searching, hard #or) and persuading *efore actually managing to get in. 4ell finally, it all paid off and, #ould you *elieve it, she had to audition to *e a support act1 >ut of /0 long and pain.sta)ing auditions and 100 acts, she made it through. Maddie #as over.#helmed, *ut relieved that she got in. She said, +After 1E auditions " never thought "d ma)e it-, #ell loo) #here you are no#, on your #ay to stardom1 4e all loo) for#ard to seeing more of Maddie $ill in times to come and to get a chance to hear and *uy her outstanding singles and colla*orations. Fnd.

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