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The cash vouchers are to be maintained for ______ years.

8 CRL stands for _________________________ Cash Retention Limit The vault is opened under which of the following instances 2 4 The vault eys are under dual custody of the cash officer and C!"# $s this true% &'! (etails of the mutilated note# the value paid or re)ected is to be recorded in which register% Register (*2 The cashier has to sort notes into ____ and _____ series notes. +andhi and ,sho a $dentification mar security feature has been introduced in all the +andhi series notes e-cept% ./ 0hat is a Cash !hroff Report% .214 ,ll the +andhi currency notes have the following security features# e-cept 2ptically 3ariable in , customer presents a bearer che4ue of Rs.4/#///. The balance in the account shows Rs.18#56/. The teller should Return the che4ue politely to the customer stating that the payment cannot be made because of insufficient funds ,s per *egotiable $nstrument ,ct# a che4ue is a 7ill of '-change drawn on a specified ban er and not e-pressed to be payable otherwise than on demand. True 7ranches are re4uired to impound the fa e notes and destroy them. false ,ny alteration in the che4ue li e change in amount# date of payment# name of the payee# etc.# which is not as per the mandate of the customer is called ____________ "aterial ,lteration

"r.Raghu has approached your cash counter for cash deposit# he is depositing Rs.6/// with denominations as 6//-./# the cashier while counting finds a forged note of Rs.6// in his cash# what steps will the cashier ta e% The cashier will inform the customer about the same and the note will not be returned to the customer and the remaining amount will be credited to the customer8s account.9$R to be lodged , 7ranch receives a che4ue for payment from a current account where the mode of operation is )ointly# there are some alterations made on the che4ue which are signed only by one person# can the cashier ma e the payment % *o# as the "2: is )oint any alteration has to be signed )ointly ,t the time of cash being placed or removed from the vault# the vault grill should be loc ed from inside The .2 digit ,ccount *umber comprises of the three parts. 0hat is the correct se4uence of the three parts% 4 digit 7ranch Code# 2 digit ,ccount Type# ; digit Running *umber $f a che4ue bears across its face# )ust 2 parallel line or words 8and company8 between the lines# the crossing type is called +eneral Crossing ,t the time of cash opening# 0hen the vault is being opened by Customer !ervice "anager and the main Cashier# where should the guard be posted% ,t the door of the branch 0hich of the statements below are true in the conte-t of branch vault and cash handling% .21 0hich places can cash received stamp be affi-ed% ,ll above $C"C stands for $ntegrated Currency "anagement Centre 7ait money is not to be paid in any cash payment transaction. !tate true or false% True 0hy is there a provision of Cash 3ault grill door to loc ed from inside % $t is re4uired as a security measure while removing cash at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day The following are e-amples of material alterations# e-cept

,lteration in the signature of the account holder , customer wants to deposit cash in his savings account in a non<base branch. 0hat is the ma-imum amount of cash that can be accepted% 6//// $n case of cash payment of amount Rs.6/#///=< and above# C!2 to enter the transaction and affi- which stamp before handing the voucher to C!" for posting and verification% 8:lease :ay Cash8 stamp ,t the start of day8s>shift8s operation the teller needs to transfer funds to his=her teller account from the main cash account. This is done after logging into _____________. finacle $n which of the below cases# it is mandatory to collect a letter from the customer mentioning the source of cash>reason of cash withdrawl% ,ll cash transactions of ./ lacs and above 0hich account is to be debited by the teller in $ core while remiiting cash to $C"C % $7.$7$T ,>c The cash received stamp needs to be fi-ed at _______ places across the pay<in slip. 1 $f 8!elf<Che4ue8 is presented by a third party# then it is to be treated as a third party payment. !tate true or false% true Two signatures are re4uired on bundles of Rs. ______ and above denomination. .// $f the account holder sign either on the face or the bac of the instrument indicating that the money is to be paid to anyone other than himself# it is called ______________ 'ndorsement 0hile tallying the physical cash balance# the value of mutilated note is to be ta en as per the face value of the note% 9alse "r. Ram wants to a ma e a 9( of Rs.8//// by paying cash# is it necessary for him to 4uote his :,* *o.% yes

The main teller wants to remove cash from the vault but Cash 2fficer is busy attending a customer. Can he remove the cash with dual eys without Cash officer8s presence% *o. The vault eys are maintained in dual custody and presence of both the official is necessary for cash to be removed. !oiled and "utilated notes can be e-changed at the counter after filling up a Currency '-change 9orm. false _______ ,re the store houses where ban notes and coins are stoc ed on behalf of the R7$. R:C== , customer has approached the 7an to deposit some soiled=mutilated notes. Can the ban accept it% &es. R7$ has given guidelines for all the ban s to accept soiled or mutilated notes from the customer and hence the 7an cannot refuse it. The vault is opened under which of the following instances 2.4 9or a cash payment transaction# the che4ue can not be Crossed che4ue (iscontinuance of re<issuance of 7an notes of Rs. 6// denominations .??; "ahatma +andhi !eries is a part of clean note policy yes :ayment against 2rder Che4ue re4uires an essential chec besides the other re4uired in case of any self>bearer che4ue payment. That is Chec the $d. :roof of the customer withdrawing cash _______ ,re the store houses where ban notes and coins are stoc ed on behalf of the R7$. $C"C Doubt The 3ault is also called as ______. !trong Room Call the customer for all third party cash payment Rs.6//// and above in !7 accounts and Rs..///// and above in Current account. !ate true or false% True 0hile verifying the identity of $C"C crew members#which of the follwing is re4uired %

,ll above 7ranch need to submit cash verification report online to the corporate office on a _____ basis. "onthly The movement of eys has to be recorded in which register% @ey Register 0hich of the following option is must while performing cash opening activity for the day in a branch% ,ll above 7ranch8s cash balance in different denominations held at any point of time can be retrieved from ___________________. Cash 7alancing Register $f a che4ue is crossed with the name of a ban # what is it called% !pecial crossing ,s per R7$ guidelines (( or 7C cannot be made against cash above an amount of Rs._________ 4????Ainclusive of all charges and service ta-B The last step in the cash payment transaction is stamp.... $n order to enter the cash payment transaction in 9inacle# the teller should select the ________________________ menu. Transactions "aintenance