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In the name of Allah, most Beneficent, most Merciful

Mother Knows Best

Written by Delida Allazze, Tahirrah & Aleah Keserci What is the Play About? Our play is about two Muslim families, the relationship between the mothers and their daughters and the necessity of listening to and respecting your mother. Presentation Time: Our play ta es appro!imately "# to $% mins. To deli&er including scene and costume changes. 'ntroduction (arrator: Asalamu ali um, ' would li e to introduce our play which is called: )Mother Knows Best* Scene one: (arrator: We are opening our play with our first Muslim family in scene ", where it is in the lounge room, with a daughter named Amira and her mother Tasneem. Amira walks into the lounge room, happily smiling and sits where her mother is sitting on the couch drinking tea and having biscuits. Amira sits next to her. Amira: +alamu ali um mum,.. Mother ": Walai umu +alam habibti, Amira: Wow, it-s much cooler in here than outside. Mother ": .es mashallah, it is,,Amira, habibti would you li e to ha&e a biscuit? There mummy-s best. Amira: Than s mum,- Amira takes a bite-,mmmm, what are in these? They taste so good, Mother ": Well ' used almonds this time for a change and a touch of honey. Amira: Almonds are nuts, aren-t they? Mother ": .es they are,..ou now, you did do well with your coo ing s ills this year. Amira: .es, Alhamdullilah, inshallah ' will become an e!cellent coo li e you.

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Mother ": 'nshallah you will. Amira: Mum, ' wanted to as you were does cheese come from. Mother ": 't comes from the mil of cows, sheep and goats,..ou now what we can do, is get some of your homeschooling friends o&er, and ma e some cheese/ Amira: Oh really you now how to ma e cheese, that-s so cool mum/ Mother ": Oh, how about we ma e pi00a tonight Amira: Oh yum, ' lo&e pi00a Mother": Well we need some cheese to ma e the pi00a,. 1abibti would you mind going to the shops to get me some cheese? Amira: .es, happy to do anything for you, mum. Mother ": 2emember, When you cross the road, to loo both ways and then cross the road carefully. Amira: .es mum Mother passes Money to Amira, Amira takes it, and walks off. Mother ": Oh and darling, if there-s any change you can buy yourself some lollies since your being such a good helper. Scene Two: (arrator: This is scene two with our second Muslim family, with a daughter named +ara and her Mother 3hadi4ah. Sara sitting on a chair reading a joke book. Mother $: +ara,-nice and calmlySara gnores her. Mother: +A2A//// - A little louder +ara: .5A1/? Mother $: .ou say yes mum when ' call you/ +ara: err,.es mum - Sara rolling eyes rudely Mother $: Today '-m ma ing some ebab and ' need you to go to the shops and get me some 6ebanese bread. Page 2 of 4

+ara: Oh mum, ' really want to read this, ' ha&e to try and impress this so called popular girl at school, with a better 4o e. Mother $: That-s &ery silly, and ' need you to go, now. +ara: Alright '-m going// - She runs to the door Mother $: (O/ Wait,firstly ' need to gi&e you the money and secondly, you need to remember, that when you cross the road to loo to the right and left, then right again. 7o you understand? !Mother emphasises" +ara: O ...... ' mean yes mum. Mother $: Please remember to bring home the change 8 She gives Sara the money.

Scene three: (arrator: Amira and +ara are now going to the shops for their mothers. Amira is at the crossing looking from side to side, like her mother had said. As the car stops, she crosses the road. Shortly followed by Sara who is chewing her gum, she runs across the road without looking, she trips, and gets hit by the car. The dri&er: Oh my god. '9m so sorry, .ou :ust ran in front of my car// .ou should ne&er run on the road. Why didn-t you loo before you crossed?/ 1uh? 7idn-t your mum teach you how to cross the road properly, or do you not listen to her? +ara: Mu;u;u;uM -screamingThe dri&er: ' need to call the ambulance - gets phone, dials the ambulance number The dri&er: - #n the phone - 1ello, um ' accidentally hit a girl, +he 4ust came out of no where, and ran in front of my car, ' had no time to stop, the girl is in se&ere pain and ' thin she has hurt her leg. ' am at 5li0abeth +t, Please come <uic /

Scene Four: (arrator: This is scene four, where +ara-s Mother is tal ing to her daughter, e!plaining what happened, and how she should thin about what she did and to always listen to mum. Mother $: 7on9t worry sweetie, you are going to be O ay, the doctor said to rest for three wee s, A(((7 that-s what you-re going to ha&e to do.

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Mother $: - Sighs - .ou now none of this would ha&e happened if you had 4ust listened to me. .ou should always listen to your mother. (arrator reads: According to a hadith narrated in =u hari and Muslim by Abu 1urayrah >may Allah be pleased with him?, The Prophet >Pbuh? was once as ed who amongst all the people was the most worthy of his respect and compassion. The Prophet >Pbuh? replied )your mother*@ the man wanted to now who should be ne!t, the Prophet >Pbuh? said )your mother*. The man en<uired, who ne!t? the Prophet >Pbuh? replied for the third time )your mother*, again the man as ed who ne!t? The Prophet >Pbuh? replied )and then your father*. Mother $: +o do you understand how important it is to be obedient to me, because ' now what is best for you and ' don-t want you to get hurt that-s why ' warn you about some things. +ara: What does obedient mean? Mother $: To do what you are told,. +ara: '-m so sorry mum, ' should ha&e listened to you, and ' will listen to you from now onwards - her mum gives her a kiss on the forehead -

The End

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