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Forever -Happiness Street +62856-4201-9501 (SMS) Ujian Mid Semester enap !a"#n ajaran 2012$201% F&'U(!& S M&!& U2/ )"ara*ter +#i,din3a !45F(-,a"6 Masa7 !45/)S6 (e+i" je,asn1a ini se*tion8 Structure And Written Expression >e,ajar iman !ersera" semester +erapa6 3anpentin- masi" ma# +e,ajar H&./0 ! ( 2&M &n1time &n1time6 5ven in t"e midd,e o9 t"e ni-"t :;:

<.4 =/ S5M5S!5 .

?&'!U 5 Menit aja" 8 <5@ U2/ <a7 Fa1 &"med 8 (ats 0H6&(Ham+a &,,a")

/6 S!.U)!U.5 &@= ?./!!5@ 5A<.5SS/4@ <art & 8 Senten*e )omp,etion =/.5)!/4@S 8 5a*" senten*e in <art & is an in*omp,ete senten*e6 Fo#r Bords or p"rases0 mar7ed (&)0 (>)0 ())0 (=)0 are -iven +eneat" ea*" senten*e6 3o# are to *"oose t"e one Bord or p"rase t"at +est *omp,etes t"e senten*e6 !"en0 on 1o#r ansBer s"eet0 9ind t"e n#m+er o9 t"e pro+,em and mar7 1o#r ansBer6

16 !"e attorne1 to,d "is *,ient t"at;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a6 t"e1 "ad ,itt,e *"an*e o9 Binnin- t"e *ase +6 t"e *ase Bas o9 a sma,, *"an*e to Bin *6 it Bas near,1 impossi+,e to Bin t"e *ase d6 t"e *ase "ad a minim#m *"an*e to +e Bon +1 "im 26 4ne o9 t"e pro9essorCs -reatest attri+#tes is;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (&) B"en "e -ives ,e*t#res (>) "oB in t"e manner t"at "e ,e*t#rers ()) t"e Ba1 to -ive ,e*t#res (=) "is a+i,it1 to ,e*t#re %6 !"e +an7 sent a noti*e to its *#stomers B"i*" *ontained;;;; (&) a remem+ran*e t"at interest rates Bere to raise t"e 9o,,oBin- mont" (>) a reminder t"at a raise in interest rates Bas t"e mont" 9o,,oBin()) to remem+er t"at t"e interest rates Bere -oin- #p neDt mont" (=) a reminder t"at t"e interest rates Bo#,d rise t"e 9o,,oBin- mont" 46 ;;;;Bas t"e da1 +e9ore 1esterda16 (&) !"e Fran*eCs /ndependen*e =a1 (>) !"e da1 o9 t"e Fren*" independen*e6

()) Fren*"Cs /ndependen*e =a1 (=) Fran*eCs /ndependen*e =a1 56 /t Bas not #nti, s"e "ad arrived "ome;;;;;;;;;;;remem+ered "er appointment Bit" t"e do*tor6 (&) B"en s"e (>) t"at s"e ()) and s"e (=) s"e 66 eor-e Bo#,d *ertain,1 "ave attended t"e pro*eedin-s;;;; (&) i9 "e didnCt -et a 9,at tire (>) i9 t"e 9,at tire "adnCt "appened ()) "ad "e not "ad a 9,at tire (=) "ad t"e tire not 9,attened itse,9 E6 ;;;;re*eived ,aB de-rees as toda16 (&) @ever so man1 Bomen "ave (>) @ever "ave so man1 Bomen ()) !"e Bomen arenCt ever (=) ?omen B"o "ave never 86 !"e st#dents ,i7ed t"at pro9essorCs *o#rse +e*a#se;;;;; (&) t"ere Bas 9eB i9 an1 "omeBor76 (>) not a ,ot o9 "omeBor7 ()) o9 t"ere BasnCt a -reat amo#nt o9 "omeBor7 (=) t"ere Bas ,itt,e or no "omeBor7


eor-e;;;;"e *o#,d improve "is test s*ores0 +#t "e did not "ave eno#-" time to st#d16 (&) 7neB to (>) 7neB "oB ()) 7neB "oB t"at (=) 7neB "oB to

106 ;;;;;;"e Bo#,d "ave *ome to *,ass6 (&) /9 Mi7e is a+,e to 9inis" "is "omeBor7 (>) ?o#,d Mi7e +e a+,e to 9inis" "is "omeBor7 ()) /9 Mi7e *o#,d 9inis" "is "omeBor7 (=) /9 Mi7e "ad +een a+,e to 9inis" "is "omeBor7 116 (ee *ontri+#ted 9i9t1 do,,ars0 +#t "e Bis"es "e *o#,d *ontri+#te;;;;;; (&) one ot"er 9i9t1 do,,ars (>) t"e same amo#nt a,so ()) anot"er 9i9t1 (=) more 9i9t1 do,,ars 126 !"e peop,e o9 t"e part1 Bere Borried a+o#t 2anet +e*a#se no one Bas aBare;;;;s"e "ad -one6 (&) B"ere t"at (>) o9 B"ere ()) o9 t"e p,a*e B"ere (=) t"e p,a*e

1%6 FredCs 1ear,1 in*ome sin*e "e *"an-ed pro9essions "as;;;; (&) near,1 trip,ed (>) -ot a,most t"ree times +i--er ()) a,most -roBn +1 t"ree times (=) j#st a+o#t -one #p t"ree times 146 @an*1 "asnCt +e-#n Bor7in- on "er <"6=;;;;;;Bor7inon "er masterCs6 (&) sti,, +e*a#se s"e is 1et (>) 1et as a res#,t s"e is sti,, ()) 1et +e*a#se s"e is sti,, (=) sti,, B"i,e s"e is a,read1 156 !"e dire*tor o9 t"is or-aniFation m#st 7noB;;;;;;; (&) mone1 mana-ement0 se,,in-0 and a+,e to satis91 sto*7"o,ders6 (>) "oB to mana-e mone10 se,,in- "is prod#*t0 and +e a+,e to satis91 sto*7"o,ders6 ()) "oB to mana-e mone10 se,, "is prod#*t0 and satis91 t"e sto*7"o,ders =) mone1 mana-ement0 se,,in-0 t"e idea 9o +ein- a+,e to satis91 t"e sto*7"o,ders6

166<,atoCs tea*"in-s "ad a pro9o#nd e99e*t on &ristot,e6 &) dept" >) a99e*tion )) a99,i*tion =) in9,#en*e 1E6!"e s#perintendent Bas t"e prin*ipa, spea7er at t"e s*"oo, +oard meetin-6 &) on,1 >) main )) o#tstandin=) stron-est 186!"e *ampers "eard a stran-e r#st,in- in t"e trees6 &) stea,in>) pi,,a-in)) movement =) 9i-"t 196He Bas an eDemp,ar1 prisoner despite "is past eDperien*e6 &) mode, >) samp,e )) "onest =) "#m+,e 206 !"e "ote, mana-er +e*ame s#spi*io#s o9 t"ose peop,e B"o Bere ,oiterin- in t"e ,o++16 &) +#st,in>) s,eepin-

)) medd,in=) ,oa9in216?e de*ided to pa1 9or t"e 9#rnit#re on t"e insta,,ment p,an6 &) *as" and *arr1 >) pie*e +1 pie*e )) mont",1 pa1ment =) *redit *ard 226>o1sC ),#+s do not deprive poor *"i,dren o9 t"e opport#nit1 to parti*ipate in sports6 &) den1 >) retra*t )) improvise =) di,#te 2%6!"e s#pervisor di*tated a memo to "er se*retar16 &) ,etter >) note )) report =) resear*" paper 246 <i*asso Bas a Be,,-7noBn *#+ist painter6 &) artisti* >) *o,or9#, )) *e,e+rated =) 7noB,ed-ea+,e 256 !"e inG#ir1 *on*ernin- t"e a**ident Bas "and,ed +1 t"e *"ie9 o9 po,i*e6

&) -ossip >) inG#istiveness )) investi-ation =) re*ordin266 !"e department *"airman re9#sed to a#t"oriFe t"e reG#isition6 &) reG#est >) trans9er )) -rant =) proje*t 2E6 /t is imperative t"at t"e1 arrive on time 9or t"e ,e*t#re6 &) ne*essar1 >) s#--ested )) "oped =) intended 286 !"e *o#nter9eit +i,,s Bere a -ood 9a*simi,e o9 t"e rea, ones6 &) 9a*toria, >) reprod#*tion )) identi9i*ation =) simi,arit1 296 !"e Mont 9orts "ave de*ided to ta7e a *r#ised0 so t"e1 Bent to t"e trave, a-en*1 9or some +ro*"#res6 &) G#estion >) inG#isition )) pri*e ,ists =) pamp",ets %06 S*ott seiFed t"e opport#nit1 to present "is proposa, to

t"e dire*tor6 &) rea,iFed >) -rasped )) rendered =) de,ivered