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What is Game of Thrones about?

I'M Not Lucas asked 4 weeks ago last updated 4 days ago I am interested in the Game of Thrones series. I have watched trailers and I think I'm interested in it but I'm not sure yet. Without giving away any spoilers, can anyone explain what this series is like? Very briefly describe the plot, just enough for me to have a basic understanding without spoiling anything. Also, is it violent? Is it graphic? Just tell me whatever you can.

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Alister answered 4 weeks ago

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Okay so : Game of Thrones is an adaptation of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin which I recommend to anyone that likes to read. A Game of Thrones is a fantasy series which is set in an unknown land, divided in several continents. Westeros is the continent on which you will see the most of the drama. Westeros is a land referred as the " Seven Kingdoms " because it was once divided into several Kingdoms until a man, Aegon Targaryen came, invade, conquered and united these Kingdoms into one, which he ruled from the Iron Thrones. The Targaryens Kings and Queens ruled for around 300 hundred years, some where good King and some were less. One of these Kings, Aerys the Second was known as Aerys the Mad ( you'll get in the show why he was nicknamed the mad ). Aerys' son, the crowned prince Rhaegar Targaryen ( so the heir ) was technically a fine man, very beautiful and clever. He allegedly kidnapped Lyanna Stark, the daughter of Lord Paramount of North ( so a Lord which rules over all the lords of the northern region of the Kingdom of the Iron Thrones ). So the Lord Parmount of the North ( named Rickard Stark )'s eldest son, Brandon Stark, went to the King and basically told him that the prince had abducted his sister. The King as I said was pretty mad and he ordered Brandon Stark to be arrested and his father has to come to the King to answer the crimes. Mad he was, and obsessed with fire. Without trial nor anything, he burned alive Rickard Stark while his son Brandon was chained and had to watch, before he killed him too. Take it as a point of no return for the King, he was hated by many, both the nobles and the basic people. Here come Robert Baratheon, a son of the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands ( an other region ) who was betrothed to Lyanna Stark. He started an uprising, gaining many nobles to his side ( including the new Stark heir, Eddard, who was not happy by what happened to his father and brother ) and it became a civil war. The Mad King ends being killed by one of his own personal knight, a member of the Kingsguard named Jaime Lannister ( you will learn about him, he is a main character of the show ) and Robert Baratheon wins and is crowned King. The last Targaryen are exiled to one of the other continent, Essos. Some ten years later, King Robert's most trusted advisor, Jon Arryn ( the name of the post for the most trusted advisor is the Hand of the King, imagine it as a sort of Prime Minister ) dies in strange condition King Robert then calls his old friend Eddard " Ned " Stark, the Lord Paramount of the North to come with him to the capital and be his Hand of the King. There you have the show so I won't say more. People who compare it to the Lord of the Rings are quite wrong. Yes, both are fantasy stories but here it stopped. While in Lord of the Rings it is basically about the forces of the good against evil, you don't have that in Game of Thrones. It's more about the character's personalities and political plots and stabbings. I like both a lot, but except that they are fantasy, it's more or less just that. ( Martin, the author was often called the new Tolkien and he refused that because he considered both works to be very different, and I think he is right ).

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The show can be quite violent, there are graphic scenes and the first episodes may confuse you about who is who, why do they do that, where are they but it will be clearer with the episodes. Give it a try, if you like fantasy, plots,...Etc Don't expect epic battles like in Lord of the Rings though and despite being a fantasy world with fantastic creatures or events, the story had many " realistic " things in the way the world works. Rate

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Jared answered 4 weeks ago A rated R lord of the rings 1


Jason answered 4 weeks ago floppy weiners Rate

Mark answered 4 weeks ago Too much to tell. Just go on imdb and read the description. It is graphic and its also epic. One of the best shows on tv. Source(s): Series 1-3 2

Ryan answered 4 weeks ago similar to lord of the rings Rate

Once Upon a Time answered 4 weeks ago It's a period drama. Like Xena, Lord of the Rings, Hercules, Legend of the Seeker. Set in times where there were kings and queens. However this is based on fictional books. Basically the plot is that people from different lands play the game of who will win the throne and rule. It's very violent and graphic. Rated R!!! Rate

Historyguy answered 4 weeks ago It's an epic fantasy series set in the fictional land of Westeros. Most of the drama centers around the political and military conflict between various noble houses and factions as they fight for control of the throne. The series is a bit different from many high fantasy series in that it's got a lot more graphic violence (and on HBO, sex) and it takes an, at times, very cynical view of human nature. There's few traditionally heroic characters in the series and it's not, in contrast to many fantasy series, a story about a conflict between clear cut good and evil. Also, in contrast to many fantasy series, magic and non human races are very much played down and are, in fact, not believed to exist by most of the characters. Rate

nate answered 4 days ago Dragons, ice zombies, direwolves, betrayal, incest, war, revenge, murder, prophecy, espionage, marriage, politics, greed, power, life, death, belief, unbelief, hookers, sex, and yes, plenty of violence. Better than just about anything else on TV, and the books are even better. Rate