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This report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Computer Science (Database Management)


AtIantic Park Hotel Management System is develops to use by hotel staff and &in for better management of manage the hotel process. Jt is used to- give facility t o the user. It is also developed to replace the manual system that is used before. There have many problems during use manual system, like data redundancy, lost or damage. The scopes that exist in this system are booking online room, rent room, make payment using system, generate report for the hotel, make a checklist and make an ordering using system that provided in this hotel. Methodology Waterfall is use for develop this system. Software that provides to develop this system is Macromedia Dremvemer MX, which used for design intedbce and Xampp to run the system. Hardware that used to develop the system is processof, memoty, mainbarb, mouse and hard disk.

Atlantic Park Hotei Management System dibangunkan untuk digunakan oleh kakimgan hotel untuk perkhidmatan yang lebih baik dalam mengumskan sesebuah hotel. Sistem ini digunakan urrtuk memberi k e m u d a h kepada pengguna. S i s t m ini juga dibangunkan untuk menggantikan sistem manual yang digunakan sebelum ini. Terdapat pelbagai masalah semasst menggunakan sistem manual seperti berlakunya pertindihan data, kehilangan data atau kerosakan data, Skop yang terdapat dalam sistem h i adalah tempahan secara "online", sewaan bilk d a l m hotel, membuat pembayaran menggunakan sistem, mengeluarkan laporan untuk sesebuah hotel, membuat semakan barang yang terdapat dalam bilik hotel dan membuat tempahan makanan dengan menggunakan sistem ymg telah disediakan di hotel. Metodoiogi "Waterfali" digunakan untuk rnembangunkan sistem ini. Perisian yang digtmakan untuk rnembangunkan sistem ini adalah "Macmedia Dreamveawer MX" dimana perisian ini digtmakm untuk merekabentuk antarat muka a m "interfhce" untuk sistem ini and Xampp digunakan untuk melaksanakan perjalanan sesebuah sistem. Perkakasan yang digunakan untuk membangunkan sistem ini adalah "processor","memory" "memory", tetikus dan '?lard disk".




Project Background

Atlantic Park Hotel Management System i s one of the systems that wed to

manage the hotel management and the system is an online system. Before this, Atlantic Park Hotel use manual system to manage the hot4 process. There have many facilities in
the hotel which include spacious lift, filty air-conditioned, wail to waff Carpeting, deluxe fbmishing, TV, ample car park, fast food restaurant, telephone and courteous

service. Therefore, the system are to eff'iciently support a11 its subdivisions, whatever
multiple and specific might be and to provide for further business expansion possibility. The main function of this system is to give facility to the customer to W n g the room wing online system without going at the hotel. Function of this system is to make all p~ocess in current system is computerized and more systematic without wasting time and need high cost to develop. Some function wiH be added like report for what month that give more profit to the hotel, what type of room that are customer like to rent and profit for every year for the hotel.

T k e are a few probkms in the current system, that why the system are devetop.

The problem and weaknesses are difficulty t o obtain infbmation and data h m the
mama1 system. These works are stiffer when the information want to be sought that is

owner information. Manuat system like this takes a long time because it inconveniences

to check the manudIy in the fifes. Therefare, by uskg the manual system it can waste time the c u m which
want to rent the room in the hutel. The customer s W go to the hotel d book the

room and &e pfoeess farely can waste the customer's bbecause sometirrre the r o o m are not available.
Payment @fern

maybe can appear when payment information not enters the

system- Possibility to have a mistaken is containing when using manual system.

Besides that, infixmation security insecure while using manual system. In m a n d system, i n f m ' o n set aside in fite and anrrnged one to mother. W h e n
negligence happens o r fires all the people wit! tose and no idmation even l i v e . These forms and documents c d d Be misplaced or darnaged o r m i d . In that case, no
restriction b i t s t o freehcer atKi could find out all

information m .

There are objectives in Atlantic Park Hotel Management System, The objectives that have in this system are: 1.

To prevent information from lost, damage or cannot be achieve by the system.

This objective is to make sure that ail the data will be recorded in a secure

To ensure the i n b a t i o n secure &om any invasion.

This objective to errsure the system provides a higher security and secures all
information f r o m unauthorized user.

To make the system user friend1y

This o b w i v e to give s o m mvenience to the


those uses the system

because in manual system there have many prablms like redundant data.

Tornanagethepaymentprocess To avoid mistaken about payment calcutation when use manual system.


Ta anatyze infopmation abwt ordering that made by customer.

To give sme facility to customer when want to make an dering food f m

room without going to the restaurant.

There are two categories of scope in this system, which ane:



There are two users that use the Atlantic Park Hat4 Management System:
Customer can browse the system to see information about the hotei and at the
same time cttstomer can booking room that they want to rent using online

system. The customers just fill the f m that is atraikrble in the s y s t e m to booking

room in the hotel.

Staffs and admin can use the system to enter information h u t customer,

maintain m i update the system.



There are a few modules to develop the system whiih stated below:

This module is developing to give facility to customers that want to rent the

morn. This process more systematic compare than manual system and information about customer is safe from an u n a user-


Booking Room Module

This module use to give convenience to customer &at wmt to booking the room using online system. Customer must fill the f m inthe system to booking morn

and m u s t enter account number in the form t o confirm the W i n g Unauthorized

user just can view the information about the hotel and can not see private data in the system.

Payment Module

This moduk will calculate the payment based on how m y day the customer
rent the room and hod that the cusbmer orders.


Ordering Module

The customer can order fosd fiom room by use the system ordering f d s that

are provided in the room. The user must insert infmation about that the food
&at they want and send to the staff. Staff will deliver f h food t o customer's
m .


C k k l i s t Module
This module is developing to reduce loss consequent fiom lost or something

done that reduces the value or usefulness of the thing affected that available at
the room in the hotel. Deposit that paid after dteck in will be deducted if that

have item b s or damage in the mom.


Rqxwt Module This module win show profit fw month, how much customer in a month that rent
the room m this hotel and report that show profit and 1

for the hotel and profit

for every year for the hotel.

T h e Atlantic Park Hotel Management S y s t e m is developkg t o make a fxility to

custone~ that wants to rent the room in the hotel. This system is prefmed to customet,

staff and management in the hotel.

By using the system, customer can reduce time to booking the roam that
provided in the hotel without p i n g to the hotel because customers can
using online system that use in the hotel.


The system also can reduce any m i s t a k e n while payment process. S t f will key
in d f of the data about payment in the system and it can redace problms in the process.

The system also can reduce weaknesses in o h i n information and data fnrm the
system. Staff and admin will maintain and aIways update the process in the system. By

using the system, the warla faster and not take a long time to check any data and

The system is developing to secure all information in the system fiom

unauthorized user. Staff and sdmin that want to enter the system should enter the

password and username before can view database in the s m .

The s y s t e m wilt keeps

an dre data in the database that can be access or r n o d i w by &in and staff only.

1 . 6

Expected Oatptrt

This system can deriver an output which consists of rent mochrle, booking

module, payment module, ordering module, checklist modufe and report module.

1 . 7


A s a conclusion, it can be concluded that the system is develap te give some

facilities to the users. The Atlantic Park Hotel Management System consists of six main
madukes which are rent module, booking module, payment module, ordering module,

checklist module and report module. The main propose of this system is to minimize the
hotel committeejob.
Chapter II describe about literature review and project methodology which

describe about fact and findings, project methodology, pfoject requirements and project
schedule and milestones.


'Fhii chapter explains about the Literature Review m d Project Methodology. The
Lkrature Review discusses the database methodology acts as a mean to guide m the
Analysis Phase of the database system A literature rewiew can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an organizational pattern and combines both

summary and synthesis. It might give a new interpretation of old materid or combine
new with old interpretations,

Project methodology will be informed that these studies have been reviewed and
that redundant input will be kept to a minimum. Waterfall model are chosen to guide to complete each task in the system. The Database Life Cyek @ B E ) acts as a m a n to guide in the Analysis Phase ufthe database system.


Facts and findings

Fact itlKf finding is the method to state approach and related or passed research, references, case study and other finding that related project title. Along search some

source through on Internet.

2 . 2 . 1

Domain is some kind of territory and a field of study. The domain for this system

is management. This advantage for the domain in ICT is to make the work easier.


Existing System

The existing system for the Atlantic Park Hotel Management System is based on

manual system. Firstly, when the m s h m e r wants to rent the room, they must go through
to the hotel. Get have three system found. Three of the system is provide step to publish

the hotel management. The three systems are shown as 2.221 Laman Suria e-resort
Apartment, Portal M a u Fangkor and 22.2.3 Resort Data Processing.

Re+ma!ion Fn;m -.--...---.-----.-..*--.-p--


To register, fiH m your detaik b&w and c k k Mlbnrit Note: 'fcrrrc~mfactdcfciis u n ' : : be s e n t La t9e drJL.CYIw

Yes! I wish to register for Laman Saria e-resort upartmeat

. . . . . . . .- . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . .

I C No:
. ...

- . - ........

-. ....


Oftice Phma Wmbec

--.. . .-...........
. .

. -.


. - -. . ........

. . . . . . . . . .

.. -.. . . . . . ,

._ .

._ .. _.


-. . --. ................. - -.-. ... --. -...

- -.
. .


2.1: Registration form


2 . 2 . 2 . 1 Case Stndy 1: Laman Saris eresort Apartmeat (

Fire 2.2: Laman Sarh eresort Apartment

This system can show type of room that available in the resoh This resort gives
many facilities including swimming pool, chitdren wading p l , BBQ pits, changing
rooms, m u l ~ s M e I , convenient stores, 24-hour security and mosque.

The advantage fw this system is easy to cud-

that wants to rent the

apartment in this resmt. The customer just field f o m that provided in the onfine wet,
page and enter b u t t o n "Submit". The information will automatica'tty senct to the resort


The disadvantages for this online system is information about the resort is to
simple and customer do not know detail information about the resort. Therefore, the
online system not confirms whether customer can rent the apartment or not because

there have no account number for the c o n h a t i o n . Software that uses to develop the system is PHP and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

This system is deveioping to give convenience to customer that want to rent or buy the
a p a r t m e n t ,

2 . 2 3 . 2 Case Stwdy 2: Portal Pulae Pangkor @ttp://'.bfm)

w u m y ~ ~ e v d v w q ~ ~ rNm(imt c'uk

Tphk Galam % s o n
Tebk Ddan Resa b your w a d s o br dw sea ! i

The &U&(W

n e *



b m.dr m a n

feshrrss of ~ c M h ? rrs c ~fvnnhed n d ~ ~ h r ~ t o h s ( E . r M a a ~ m r t1 o t & c o d r t md W r r hl tm &hon to the%* ua 6 013Q92W -4s m e d suorrb f&U*s snd achithx 012-5WODM)

w -I

. .+

I -

i522 2 .-. -..:-.. -. -__- _.---

. r


14-18 TmunOash&er

o n

Paneor, Rnk t

~ < ~ ~ c

Figure 23: Main Interface for Teluk h h m R e s o r t



2 M

~ R # ~ I ' J ~ H :~ % ~ I .

s . O r r a F i M l M I ~ s.~i ~


{*?-.$$ F M fulGbard # I .w 4 .T:iGi<;.


W.4.775 uwmg

. .

- 3


_.; .. , r Y

053-1292b87 M) 0 12.5WKSO


-......-2 : r . L--

< . -

1 ! '

:! .

U W Pol

? ,

.. -.+. . , -




.,...,-. .


F i n r e 2.4: Interface for Chalet

For this system, it just explains information about the Teluk Dafarn Resort. Customer can send emaif to email address given to rent the room o r chalet in the resort. Therefore, customer also can contact the owner of the resort when they want to rent the

chalet. In this portal, information about the chalet is given i n Figure 2.4. There have
some features in the chaiet that given in the resort.

The advantage for this online portal is it shown information about the resort that
have in Pulau Pangkor and there have some package for birtist that want to rent the

chalet in the resort.

The disadvantages for the system is customer just send m a i l to the owner of the

resort if the customer want to rent the resort. The process is not systematic because there have no security for the c u m information.

2 . 2 . 2 3 Case Stddy 3: Resort Data Processing (http://www.resortdata.c0m)

Figure 2.5: Check In Record Figure 2.5 show the Check In record for customer based on customer name. This

record show customer's name, resewation check in, date arrive in tfre hotel, date
departure from the hotel, number of m , type of room d total of days living in the
The software that uses to devetop this system is Visual Basic.Net.This system

use to manage hotel management. Therefore, the system can make every process in the
hotei easier and efficient. Only authorized user can use the system which is staff in the
hotel. Hardware that provided to use the s y s t e mi s computer in the counter. M a or

record about customer will be stored to the database for the system.

23.2.4 Appmeb I: Camprison between PHP and A!3P.Net

ASP.NET is a programming framework that used to create enterprise-class Web Applications. These applications are accessibk on a gfobai basis leading to efficient information management. ASP offered the efficiency of ISAH applications along with a new level of simplicity that made it easy to understand and use. However ASP script

was an interpreted script and consisted unstructured code and was difficult to debug and
Also as applications grew bigger in size and became more compjex, the number

of lines of source cude in ASP applications increased dramatidy and was hard to

maintain. Therefore, an architecture was needed that wouM allow development of Web

applications in a structured and consistent way.

Advantages Using ASP-NET:

ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large

applications. ASP.NET makes development simpler and easier to maintain with an eventdriven and w e t - s i d e programming model. ASP.NET pages are easy to write and maintain bemuse the source code and
HTML are together.

The source code is executed on the server and the pages have lots of power and
flexibitity by thi approach.

The source code is compiled the first time the page is requested and an execution is fast as the Web Server compiles the page the first time it is requested.
The ETI'hK produced by the ASP.NET page is sent back to the browser. The
application source code you write is not sent and is not easily stolen. ASPNET makes fw easy deployment. There is no need to register components
b s e the cor&gufstion Information is built-in

ASP.NET validates information entered by the user widtout writing a single tine of code.
ASPNET easily wortcs with ADO .NET using data-binding and page formatting

ASP-NET applications run faster and counter large vohunes of users without performance problems. Disadvantages using ASP.NET

ASP.NET it's not a cross platform although there are third party solutions for
other platforms,

The limitation of any server side scripting language as these limitations are faced
by other scripting languages like PHP, JSP, Per1 etc.


PHP is a server-side scripting language k r creating dynamic Web pages. Unlike ASP or ColdFusion, however P W is Open Source and aoss-pltfom. PHP nms on
Windows NT and many W L X versions, and it can be buik as an Apache module and as a binary that can run as a CGI.

When built as an Apache module, PHP is especially lightweight and speedy.

Without any process creation overhead and it can return results quickly. in addition to
manipulating the content of pages, PHP cra also send HTTP headers. PHP can set

cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users. It offers exceIient connectivity to

many databases.

Advantages using PHP:

Speed PHP scores over ASP because it is written h C, which makes it compact

enabling it to Load and execute much faster.

PHP web site hosting offers a good balance. between speed, acceptability and
orher fxto~s.

PHP web hosting scores over rivals in terms of stability. PHP allows user to set the security at many levefs through the .ini file.
Maintenance of user site is going to be much simpler with PHP web hosting

PHP is rich in fundkus and allows wotking with external libraries.

PHP can nm atmost on any platform.

PHP can work with a variety of servers, including Apache and the b e s t part is

PHP is the most efficient with the most popular server Apache. PHP is free in that sense.
PHP giving advantage of more database connectivity.

The widespread wage of PHF makes it easy to maintain PHP cock because of
the easy availability of a large number of trained programmers.
There is large community of PHP rnwho can provide solutions to almost any
problem that have, even if it means writing code to modify your version of PEP. Disadvantages of PEP:

PHP is a hmework that is available for a number of operating systems and servers, not just WNIX. Approaeh 2: Cornparisom b e e n SSADM and W A D


SSADM (Strartnred Systems Analysis and Desiga Method)

SSDAM is a structwed set of procedures, technique and implementation standard

for the Feasibitity Study and System Analysis & Design phases of a system development
process. SSADM is a system development methodology that structures the system

analysis and design aspects. Other supporting environments stiff need to work with




M a n a g e m e n t , Quality PlanninglAssurance and

Impkmmt&ion/Opedon Support. Advantages Using SSADM: Streamlined to better practices

Better planning and control,

Assure system quality

Meet user requitements Avoid reliance on a few key persons

Independent t o hardware and software.



W A D methodologies fail into two basic types. The t m r y type Is the natural
evolution of existing s t r u methods and has three separate notations for data, dynamics, and process. The unary type asserts that because objects combine p r o c e s s e s

and data, only one notation is needed. The unary type is considered to be more objectlike and easier to learn from scratch, but has the disadvantage of producing autput &om

analysis that may be impossible to review with users.

Dynamic modeling is concerned with events and states, and generally uses state

r o c e s s modeling or functional modeling is concerned with transition diagrams. P

processes that transform data values, and traditionally uses techniques such as data flow diagrams.



The techniques can be divided into two which are kt-fmding and authentication technique. The fact-finding technique that identified is conducting research and interview. Authentication technique that identified for this system is online application.

Conducting Research
A usefit fact and finding is to research the application and problem. Computer

trade journals, reference books and the Internet are good sources of information. They can provide information on how others have solved similar problems, plus can lean
whether or not software packages exist to solve the problem. The advantages and disadvantages of using research as a fact and finding technique are.listed in Table 2. I ,

Tabk 2.3: Advamtages aed Disadvantages &using m a r c h as a fact-findimg technique based oe Database S d t t t b s book.


-Can save time if solution already exist

-Can be timeconsuming

-Researcher can see how others have -Requires access to appropriate sources of d v e d simihr problems or met similar information requirements

-Keep researcher up trr date with current -May ultimately nat help in solving developments problem because problem is not documented elsewhere


Conducting Interview
Based on interview that is conducted with staff in Atlantic Park Hotel, as a

person those have t o record new customer registration for rent toom.This hotel use
manual system, staffs just write customer name, address md phone number into book and give key room to the cltstomer.

Online Appfication Online have specific meanings with respect computer technology and

telmmmunication. The wmepts have however been extended from their computing

and telecommunication meanings into the area of human--hxaction and conversation. In

computer science too, an online algorithm is one that can process its input piece-bypiece, without having the entire input available from the start.

Therefore, the online application is chosen in the development of the system. Atlantic Park Hotel Management System has the ability to store all information about
m the database.

Project methoctobgy wiIl be informed that these studies have been reviewed and
that redundant input wiil be kept to a minimum. Model system that used in the system is

Waterfa! t model.

System Dwelopment Methodology

A c c d i n g from Ian Sommerville (2004), waterfall model are used to complete

each task in the system.

Figure 2.6: Waterfall M e 1

The waterfall model is a system development life cycle model. The waterfa11

model describes a development method that planning phase, analysis phase, design
phase and implementation phase. The advantage of waterfail development is that allows

for departmentalization md managerial control. Each phase of CIeveIopment proceeds in

strict order, without any overlapping.
According on the Figure 2-6, are the phases involved.

Planning Phase Befbre start built the system, problem must be analyze in current system and then

try to solve the problem that have in current system. At the same time, element
that been have in fhe database shwld be known. Try to find lot information about hotel management system t o improve the system and know how many entities should use in the database.

2 .

Analysis Phase
After planning session, the problem m u s t be analyze with make interview some

hotei to find the problem of the system. Information is gathered by asking the

person who involved in hotel management about the requirements to build the
system. Such as viewed file and document and observed working environment.


Design Phase In design phase, decomposition diagram and D a t a Flow Diagram (DFD) should be design to implement the system. DFD are C O using four (4) major components like external entities, data stores, processes and data flows, The
process represented by a rectangle, a data stare by an open rectangle, a data now

by an arrow artd an external entity by an ellipse.


fmplementatioe Phase
The deliverables the design phase wit1 be handed to the database administrator. Then, when the system complete the system will be tested to ensure that it performs as designed.

23.2 htsbase Life Cyck (DBLC)

According to Peter Rob and Carlos Coronel ( 2 0 0 4 ) , DBLC makes data entry,

management and reporting from database efficient. Therefore, DBLC gain control of the
management needs through quality user interface. Database Life Cycle (DBLC) contains six (6) phases that are dabbase initial study, database design, implementation and

loadins testing and evaluation, operation, maintenance and evaluation. Figure 2.7 shows
the mechanism of DBLC.

Based on Figure 2.7, are the phase involved in DBLC and the explanations for each of it:

2 . 3 . 2 . 1 Database Initial Study

Database initial study must discover what the company's operatiomi components, how they function and how they interact with each other. The organization's generai operating environments are tike management side manages financial state. Therefore, sstaff is a person who promotes the hotel to customers with
give good services.

The problem definition pmcess might first appestr to be unstructured. Company

end users are often unable to describe the larger scope of company operations perfect or

to i d e n w the red problems during company operations. To help solves at least the major problems identified during the problem

discovery process, defines the extent of the design according to operational requirements
and imposed by existing hardware and software.

2333 Dahbasedesign
The second phase focuses on the design database model that w i H support
company operations and objectives. It consists of three part as had been explains below:

Cmceptual Design Data modeling is used to create an abstract database structure. En this system, there have user password to manage security system. Beside that, the system can
produce the report, queries data and profit for annual salary for the hotel which

are calculated by system database generated. The system will be used by staff

and admin for eactr hotel to manage financial problem. Furthermore, the system

can be used to update the system.


Logical Design
Data Flow D i a g r a m (DFD) and decomposition diagram are design based on new system that wants to build. Microsoft Visio 2003 is used to design both of die diagrams. Befm identified the business rules, entities must be listed


Physical Design

This process is for selecting the data storage and data arxess chmxteristics of the
dabbase. The storage characteristics are a functiczn of the types of devices
supported by hardware, the type of data access methuds supported by the system

and the DBMS.

2333 Impferneatation and Loading

An Atlantic Park Hotel Management System database implementation reqnires
the creation of storage-related constructs t o house the end-users tables. In this system the database storage group should be created and at last create the tables. During the

implemmtatiort an8 W i n gphase, a d d m performanee, secnity, backup and recovery,

integrity, company standards and concummy control must be added.

223.4 Testing and EvaIuatiun

When the system is complete, the hotel management system should be tested a d
fine-tunes the database for perfornee, integrity, cbn-rrt,

access, and security

constraints. Database toots are used to prototype the applications during the d i n g of

the programs.
If the database implementations not get the criteria, several parts should be considered to enhance:
I. For performzmcwelated issues, m s i k finetuning specific system


Modify physical design Modify logicat design

Upgrade or change the DBMS software or hardware platform

233.5 Operation
When the database has complete and passed in evaluation stage, it is considered to be operational. At t i t k i part in the database, the s y s t e m should have complete

informatttion about its management, users and it is appii&


The operatima1 phase unfortunately starts with process of system evolution. In

any case,the demand for change is lead on phase maintenam and evolution.