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Even the Ass Knew (Capricorn)

Is it in the night that your spirit moves? Spea ing in groans that wor!s cannot e"press #y!ro$!ynamic enough to stop regress %ith your mighty &in an! crushing hooves I !iale! me!iums' loo ing &or truths Cast a lot o& lots (etween &ear&ul (reathes )wo lovers' a !evil* con!emne! an! (lesse! An! yet' no one nows where the spirit moves +ne thing I now' I put a message in A (ottle an! as e! ,-o!' help me un!erstan!. I !on/t now i& that &low goes to the !regs Lethe' or a sea o& glass re&lection I/ll lay not a han! on &ate/s weaving stran! %here it goes' i& it swims or wal s with legs