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How to use the Ultiglitch Tool.

It will only glitch cash on hand for ww and imobs. You will need the udid or adid associated with the account you want to glitch. So whatever id you made up for that account on pyros app or udid faker or any program you use to store accounts will be what you need.

Step one: Open the program. After you open it, just click attempt login. Simple. Step two: Choose the game you want to glitch and click open game. Very similar setup. You will set each game up the same way. The only difference is the buildings that are available. Step three: You will need to copy and paste the udid or adid of the game you want to glitch. Copy and paste it into the udid section. You can hide it or leave it visible. It doesn't matter. Once you paste it click login. If it is a good id it will pop up those two. Just click ok.

Step four: See what buildings you have available to glitch.

The higher the level, the more available buildings. It will take longer if you select one of the more expensive buildings, but you will gain the most money from it. The more cash on hand you have to glitch with the smoother it will go. Step five: Once you choose your building you will need to set the intial price. Click the (?) and go to the website it recommends. Once you find the building you want to glitch's price, put it in the field. It works the same for WW and any building you wish to use. Step six: Now set your cash on hand you want to glitch. Once you set the desired amount click the advanced settings page. On this page set your desired amounts as well. This is what determines how much cash on hand to use to glitch and the death count it will search for. I recommend no more than 80-85% coh and no less than 10k deaths. You can use what you like once you get comfortable with the program. Step seven: Go back to setup and click start glitching. Then click action log to watch it as it glitches. It will continue to buy, sell, and glitch that particular property until you either reach the desired cash on hand or you run out of hitlists for your daily limit. Once its done it will tell you it has reached or exceeded the amount desired.

Once it is done you can then use the Utlitool to glitch income by glitching the other properties as well. I like to use ultiglitch first and then glitch income with the Ultitool after. Keep in mind that the tools will work almost 99% of the time. There's no real way to tell if the person you list has been maxed or is already on the list except with the Utitool. If either of the conditions occur it will spend the cash on hand and you will have to start all over. The higher your account is the more hitlists you will have to use. It automatically does the buying and selling for you. You can do more than one account at a time. Use your judgement on what is too much. Storm 8 will ban if it looks glitched. What i mean by too much is putting 100tril on a level 20. etc. The cash on hand is easier to get away with than 3bil income on a level 30 etc. Any other questions just pm me on Pal or shoot me an email.

How to use the Ultitool: Step 1: Open the program, when the program opens, click run progam. Do not worry about a user name or password just click login. Usually you will hear it say access granted if your volume it up. Click ok. Step 2: Click on the storm8 tab. Heres where you can either use the udid for the account or click generate random. If you chose random you will need the storm8 id and pw to transfer it to this program. I find that transferring it to the program will get you better results because sometimes trying to use the adid or udid on the program will make it default to the skills tab when you try to glitch. step 3: Once you have your udid etc set you need to log in to the game you want to glitch. Once you have your game open, go into the settings tab. This is where you will set the program up to glitch income. I use a 3.0 delay and a death seeker between 12k-200k. The delay will vary and depending on your internet speed it may take a lower or higher delay. The bounty amount is different for WW. I use the default setting on WW. You can use automatic config and it will set all that for you, but I find these settings work great for me. Now click back to the game. Step 4: Click the proper tab for the game. click login. Once you login you wil need to go to the property calculator screen and then the buildings screen on your account. step 5: If you don't have any cash on hand you will need to sell any and all buildings to help you purchase buildings with the glitch. Once you sell as much property you can to get coh use your calc to see what you can buy. You will have to do it each time you glitch. Now go back to your imob tab. Imput the amount you can buy. Now if you try to buy more than you have coh it will not work. You can click on sell and hold the left click button and press enter repeatedly to sell more than one at a time. Thats why I hate using the udid to glitch because it will sometimes default to the skills tab.

Set your property value and then go to random. Once in random menu select find death chaser. It will look for the death count you specified. You will have to pick and choose because with this you never know if they are maxed. Once you find a target click add to hitlist. Now click random and click check if user is on hitlist. If not on list then click hitlist and glitch. The higher the death count the better in some cases(If you can find someone in the family or a friend with an account with 15k deaths that will help and take less time bc then you wont have to spend time searching for the proper death count.) It also helps to have more than one account you can use so that no one snitches to storm8. You will know if the glitch worked if your cash on hand didnt decrease. Long story short is you just keep repeating these steps. Just remember to sell the properties you glitched down to 0 to build cash on hand. Once you reach a desired income then you just stop. SOmetimes you can make a decent income with only 3tril cash on hand, but having more cash on hand will make it easier if the glitches fail.If you will use the ultiglitch to build cash on hand it makes using the ultitool so much easier. Just remember that sometimes the glitch will fail. This will spend your cash on hand and you will have to resell. It will take a bit of practice but you will get the hang of it. Just always make it look like you used a property calc. No repeated even numbers and try to make them a couple hundred apart.

Things that will cause the glitch to fail: 1. The user is maxed or the death count isn't high enough. 2. You hitlist the user but the income doesn't increase. This usually means you have tried to buy more property than what you have cash on hand for. Just reduce the amount of property you are trying to glitch by 10-100 and try again. 3. Your delay isn't set right. Internet speed, where you live, and several other factors affect if the glitch works properly. Most importantly, use common sense. Always use the 10x level income rule of thumb. There is an income guide for imobs that you can go by. Use it. If the account is a level 100 then 1 bil an hour is considered a safe income. The max amount of income really needed to fully arm a level 300 is 6.5 bil an hour. Alot of accounts are getting away with massive income on lower levels, you just have to be careful. Never forget to remind anyone you glitch that there is always a risk of them losing their account from glitching or any auto program use as its against storm8 s T.O.S. If they ask for a ridiculous amount of cash or income for their level warn them first and if they get banned its their fault and you don't own them anything. Just be patient and careful and you will never have any issues.

True Story

Just pm or email me if you have any questions. --------------------------------------------------------------Mission Glitching Guide Mission glitching is done similar to income glitching except the purpose is to either glitch loot (rings, talons most common) or mission exp. Mission glitching is set up the same way as with income, but some minor differences in the steps used. Step 1. Open your Ultitool and proceed to login and load the account as if you were going to glitch income, either via udid/adid, or transfer it to the program if you have the storm8 id and password. Step 2. Once you have the account loaded open your missions tab and locate the mission that you wish to glitch. Once you decide on a mission locate the random functions tab and look for Find Cat & Jid option and click it. Once you click it then go to the mission you wish to glitch and then click it. A notification should pop u and say, Jid: Cat: Would you like to configure bot to glitch missions? Click yes. Step 3. Click the settings tab located next to your Gamer tab and look for the Cat and Jid section. The numbers should match the numbers that were displayed when you clicked on the mission as in the previous step. If not, then repeat step two until the settings match. Step 4. Once that is set also make sure you configure your delay, death count, or any other settings necessary for glitching. If you intend to use a personal death chaser instead of the auto function still make sure your delay is set. The delay setting varies by internet speeds and where you live. If you arent sure then use the automatically configure data setting. Step 5. Once your settings are in place and your cat and jid is set, navigate to either your chosen account with the proper amount of deaths, or click random functions and then click Find Death Chaser(Crawl). This will automatically search for a target with the amount of deaths specified under settings that you adjusted with the sliders. If you have a link to a death chaser already then just access it and then click on add to hitlist. Step 6. When you have the account on the hitlist screen (especially if its a random account) its always a good idea to click the Check if user is on sanc/hl to make sure they arent already being listed. It will let you know if they are/arent currently on the list. Step 7. If they arent on the list click Random Functions and locate Hitlist and Mission. It will be underneath Hitlist and Glitch. This is the option that allows you to hitlist a target and do the mission with a chance it will not spend any energy. Similar to what the glitch option does with purchasing property.

If the mission glitch worked it will not spend the energy required for that particular mission and theres a chance you will loot an item if that mission has loot. There will be times that it will spend energy if the user you listed is either maxed listed, or someone lists them while you are listing them. You can repeat this as long as you dont A) lose or spend any energy, B) the target is maxed or already on the hitlist, C) you run out of the allowed hitlists for the account you are glitching.

Just repeat this process until you reach the desired results. Remember, you can loot rings for imob, or talons for World War using these steps. Mission loots arent always 100% successful and sometimes you will lose energy and have to wait or refill with favor points. Just be patient and take your time.