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" T##hi$ %e$ive& #n '#(i$e )*&ee* C&i+e ,ni* HA--.)/,-0" June 30" 1023 - - State Sen. John Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Car on/!onroe" and state #ep. $arah $oohi% (#-Luzerne" toda& announced that the& have success'u%%& secured ().* mi%%ion in state 'unding 'or the +ttorne& ,enera%-s mo i%e street crime unit. $he 'unding. inc%uded in the ()/.01* i%%ion )230-34 state udget. 5i%% a%%o5 the o''ice o' +ttorne& ,enera% to imp%ement a mo i%e street crime unit that 5i%% disrupt and dismant%e crimina% gangs in 6enns&%vania. 7$his mo i%e street crime unit is important to send a message to gangs. crimina%s. and drug dea%ers 8 not here. not on our 5atch and not in 6enns&%vania.9 Yudichak said. 7$his specia%ized unit 5i%% give the too%s to %a5 en'orcement and to the +ttorne& ,enera%-s o''ice to 5ork 5ith %oca% po%ice departments to e''ective%& drive gangs out o' our schoo%s and out o' our neigh orhoods.9 $he +, !o i%e Street Crime Strike :orce 8 5hich 5as a top priorit& 'or +ttorne& ,enera% ;ath%een ;ane 8 5i%% e an e%ite unit o' high%& trained. high%& ski%%ed %a5 en'orcement agents that 5i%% team up 5ith the :<=. the state po%ice and %oca% po%ice departments to end crimina% gang operations across 6enns&%vania. 7$he gangs have een such a ig issue in >ortheastern 6enns&%vania and in the cit& o' ?az%eton. this mo i%e street crime unit 5i%% a%%o5 the +ttorne& ,enera% to come in and augment our po%ice protection.9 $oohi% added. 7@e rea%%& need the oots on the ground. and 5e rea%%& need them in ?az%eton. @e-re ver& eAcited that the program is coming to he%p the cit& o' ?az%eton.9 ?az%eton Chie' o' 6o%ice :rank De+ndrea said that he is thri%%ed that the %egis%ators 5ere a %e to 'und the mo i%e street crime unit 8 5hich 5i%% make a ig di''erence in the 'ight against

gangs. 7= am so grate'u% and gracious to three peop%e right no5 8 Sen. Yudichak. $arah $oohi%. and +ttorne& ,enera% ;ath%een ;ane. 5ho came up 5ith a phenomena% out o' the oA idea to attack a serious %a5 en'orcement issue across the Common5ea%th.9 De+ndrea said. 7Sen. Yudichak and #ep. $oohi% recognized ho5 important this 5as and 5orked so hard to success'u%%& get this through. =-m positive this is going to make a huge di''erence to the residents o' 6enns&%vania one to5n at a time and = %ook 'or5ard to eing a Chie' in the ,enera%-s arm&.9 Yudichak noted that there 5as strong ipartisan support 'or the mo i%e street crime unit. ?e a%so thanked +ppropriations Committee chairs Sen. Jake Corman (#-Centre" and Sen. Bince ?ughes (D-6hi%ade%phia" 'or making pu %ic sa'et& a priorit& during udget negotiations. Last &ear 5ith the he%p o' Senator Dominic 6i%eggi and Senator John #a''ert&. Yudichak and $oohi% 5ere a %e to spearhead the e''ort pass 6enns&%vania-s 'irst anti-gang %a5. CCC Editor's Note: Video reaction from Sen. Yudichak and Rep. Toohil is available online at httpD//555.&outu<#kn3-nG