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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Rou Cristina Georgiana School: Regina Maria, Arad Class: 1st A, beginners Textbook: English with Nino Lesson: Revision Functions: - Students will consolidate their revious !nowledge about the arts o" the bod# and about nu$bers "ro$ 1 to 1%& - Students will e'ercise their s!ill o" listening and s ea!ing (the# will as! )uestions and will answer at so$e )uestions* the# will listen to a song and will sing it+ Aims: ,# the end o" the lesson u ils will be able: to use words describing arts o" the bod#& to read and ronounce ro erl# the words na$ing the parts of the body* to identi"# correctl# the numbers from 1 to 10 to associate the nu$bers "ro$ 1 to 1% with the ob-ects to as! and answer at )uestions related to arts o" the bod#

Skills: listening, s ea!ing Classroom interactions: grou wor!, individual wor!, whole class Audio-visuals: C. (English with Nino+, wor!sheet (/inger la#+ Assumptions: - 0u ils !now the words related to the arts o" the bod# - 0u ils !now the nu$bers "ro$ 1 to 1%& Teaching techniques: conversation dialog ethods : conversation observation e' lanation de$onstration Time : 1%2

Stages o! the Lesson

Warm-up: 3eacher greets the students and as!s i" an#bod# is absent& Introduction: 3eacher announces the Ss& that the# will listen to a song related to so$e arts o" the bod# that the# alread# !now ("inger, hands, e#es, ears4+ and with the nu$bers "ro$ 1 to 1%& 5nteraction: 3 6 Ss 3i$e: 1 $inutes Activity 1: resentation 6 whole class Ss listen to the song: Head, shoulders, knees and toes and when the# recogni7e the arts o" the bod#, that the# alread# !now, the# have to stand u & 3he Ss who recogni7e all the arts o" the bod# win& 5nteraction: 3 6 Ss 3i$e: 8 $inutes Activity 2: ractice 6 whole class, individual wor! 3eacher shows to the whole class a icture 6 the one with the bo# 6 and as!s Ss to tell the arts o" the bod# that the# see& Ss na$e the arts o" the bod#& 3eacher re eats with the whole class 6 9 ti$es 6 all the arts o" the bod#, than : or 9 u ils co$e in "ront o" the class and identi"# the arts o" the bod# on the icture& 3eacher shows "lashcards with arts o" the bod# and nu$bers, sa#ing the words aloud& Ss have to continue the activit# with the nu$bers 6 individuall# the# have to count their "ingers& 5nteraction: 3 6 Ss* Ss 6 Ss 3i$e: 19 $inutes Activity 3: listening; s ea!ing 6 whole class 3he "inger ga$e: Ss are divided into < or 1 grou s& A student "ro$ each grou ca$e in "ront o" the class and shows a nu$ber with his; her "ingers& Ss "ro$ his; her grou have to identi"# and to sa# aloud the correct nu$ber in English& 3he grou who identi"ies $ore nu$bers is the winner& 5nteraction: Ss 6 Ss 3i$e: 1% $inutes Activity 4: listening 6 whole class Sing and recite: Ss listen to the oe$ Ten little leaves "ro$ C.& Ss have to count the nu$bers the# heard on the oe$& 3eacher recite the oe$, than Ss recite it too& 5nteraction: 3 6 Ss

3i$e: 1 $inutes Activit# 1: individual wor! 3eacher announces the ne't activit# and e' lains to the Ss what the# have to do& Ss receive a wor!sheet (/inger la#+ and the# have to "ind the ob-ects "ro$ the wor!sheet and to $atch the correct nu$bers&